750+ Creative Travel Agency Name Ideas and Suggestions

After passion, courage, and a lot of energy, when you are all set to start a new travel agency, there might be a blank space for your business’s great name. You might be thinking of how to come up with name ideas for a travel agency. Therefore, we are here to help you out.

An appropriate name matters a lot, as it tells a whole brand story and let the people know about the services you are providing. Even though people perceive the company’s positive image by its name, sometimes, they make an opinion about a company by looking at its name.

In short, a unique and a proper name for your travel agency is as important as your whole business is essential to you.

Travel Agency Names

Following are catchy and crative travel agency names you can get inspiration from:

  • Up and Out
  • Total Trip
  • Terrific Travel
  • Making Memories
  • Wanderlusters
  • Be Boundless
  • First-Rate Flings
  • Corporate Coastline Travel
  • Guided Travel
  • Thorough Travel
  • Take A Trip
  • Outside Outfitters
  • Great Explorations
  • Explore More
  • Earth Tracks Travel
  • Peak And Find
  • Advance Adventure
  • The Travel Gurus
  • One Click Travel
  • TravelBliss
  • Travelsphere
  • Trinity Travel Trips
  • Clear Realm Travel
  • Mapstop Travel Agent
  • Jumbo Space Travel
  • Seafarer Travel Services
  • AirSea Travel
  • Noborders Travel
  • D Vacation Link
  • Atlantic Travel

Travel Company Names

These are the good travel business names for your inspiration:

  • Planet Vibe
  • Nexxon Tours
  • Travel Wnaderlust
  • PrideConnect
  • Fairy Thread
  • Magma Marine
  • Travel Village
  • Merlin Cloud
  • Purple wind
  • North Curves
  • Travel Threads
  • Travel Trails
  • White Myth
  • Corner Voyage
  • Quantum Sky
  • Celebreya Travel
  • White Venus
  • Tricton Travel
  • ExploreWorld
  • Paradise Palm
  • Surofly Adventures

Travel Agency Names Ideas

These are the catchy travel business name ideas:

  • Oceanic Ventures Inc.
  • Olympic Travel Agency
  • Pristine Vacation Planner
  • Sunshine Tours
  • The Travel Team
  • Viva Travel
  • Emerald City Suites
  • Fox Travels
  • High Adventure River Tours
  • Homeward Holidays
  • North Shore Travel
  • Open Road Travel
  • Resort Tour
  • Stellar Travel
  • Triponly Tours
  • Voyage Ventures
  • Eastern Engage
  • Elite Exposures
  • White Pegion
  • West Eagle Tours
  • Blue Cloud

Travel agency names

Travel Company Names Ideas

Following are the new names for tour and travel companies:

  • Global Grounds
  • Globe Trotter Travel
  • Now Boarding
  • Terra Travel
  • Captivating Journeys
  • Trailfinders
  • All Travel
  • Cache Travel
  • Clipper Vacations
  • Cruise One
  • Ensemble Travel
  • Insider Voyages
  • On-Time Travel Organizers
  • Aspire Down Under
  • Gem Vacations
  • Sea Turtle Travel & Tours
  • Anchor Rentals
  • Coastline Corporate Travel Co.
  • Detail Company Adventures
  • Five Oceans Tour

Travel company names

Tourism Company Names

Following are the tourism company name ideas:

  • Golden Ticket Guided Tours
  • Island Dreams & Tours Travel
  • Liberty Travel
  • River Sky Travel
  • The Cruiseman
  • Travel Micro
  • Ace Travel Services
  • Centravel
  • Dreamland Travel
  • Holiday Planners
  • Ocean Pacific Travel
  • Seacity Consulting
  • Travel Crafter
  • Bolt Bus
  • Forest Travel
  • Hi Sky Travel
  • High Blue
  • Link Travel Group

Adventure Company Names

Here are the catchy names for an adventure company:

  • Up And Away
  • Memory Travels
  • Travel Destinations
  • A+ Adventures
  • On Demand Vacations
  • Action-Adventure Travel
  • Lonely Route travels
  • National Joy Travel
  • Above n Beyond Travels
  • Jet Set Travel
  • Cruisers Seaside Travel
  • Spears Travel
  • All Around Seattle
  • Blue Orange Travel
  • The Smart Flyer
  • Breathtaking Vacations
  • Capricorn Travel
  • Grand Travel & Tour
  • Airborne Travel Agency
  • Hot Spot Travel Agency
  • Rebirth Travel
  • Penta Travel
  • Urban Aero Tours
  • Travel Spale

Tips to follow when naming your travel agency

The following are some of the essential tips to be followed when naming your travel agency.

1.      Communicate your travel niche

With innovations in various fields, the travel business has also modified and contains several niches. In today’s world, travel agencies usually have any or some of the following niches:

  • Adventure tours
  • Cultural travel
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Religious Tours
  • Culinary tourism and
  • Road travel and tours

It’s a good idea to convey your travel niche in the name of your agency. In this way, you’ll get help in targeting the market relevant to your niche as well.

2.      Don’t be a mysterious

Having a mysterious name of your travel agency may have a negative impact on the clients. People do not like or attract by the names which fail to convey the message or meaning straightforwardly. avoid the mysterious names which seem alien to the readers.

Mostly, agencies do so to stand out from one another. Doing so will leave a negative impression on your travel business. The reason behind choosing a mysterious name is to be quickly get noticed by the people. Instead, people find it awkward.

3.      Get suggestions from different people around you

Perhaps, it’s a good idea to have a brainstorming session with different people, you know. Tell them the relevant details regarding your travel agency so that they can come up with the best-suited name idea for your agency.

Gather different suggestions, shortlist the most liked names, discuss the various aspects of choosing the best name, and come up with the best out of all. Moreover, the logo will rely on the agency name as well, so you need to be more careful while selecting the name as the logo will be automatically impressive if the name will be outstanding.

4.      Know your competitors

The more you will know your competitors, the more you’ll have a chance to succeed in the market. To have a particular place in the market, you’ll have to focus on several ways. One of them is to name your travel agency uniquely so that it looks different from the competitor.

Get a list of names of your competitor agencies and make sure you don’t choose a similar name. A different name has more chances of a creative logo design than others. You’ll get to find many aspiring ideas in such a way.

5.      Create Mash-Ups

Creating mash-ups is another technique for naming your travel agency. Think about two or three words that are meaningful for your business. People go naturally for those names that have some uniqueness and hint at some hiddenness in them.

Combine the two or more than two words and give a perfect new name. Somehow, if there is only one company owner still, the term is merged with some other name related to business.

For example, TripAdvisor, Evernote (from “forever” and “note”)

6.      Reflect the brand personality

Your company should reflect the brand personality of your business. Even though your company is new, focus on its brand personality from the very beginning. Focus on how your customers are going to perceive your business. Whether you want a robust growth or a softer growth of your business?

Answer these and similar questions to know about the brand personality. Represent this personality of the company in its name. The brand personality will also reflect in the logo of your company. In this way, the message of the services provided and the values you follow will be apparent to your clients.

7.      Use of Acronyms

A lot of companies use this technique instead of using their names – it is easier to remember. It is a widely used technique that helps people in creating unique and catchy travel agency names.

So, I can say this is the easiest way to name a brand honestly. To create a name, you need to take the initiative of the terms of the company’s owner or the things that extensively include name.

For example, if your business is named as dream destinations getaways, consider it by DDG.

8.      Keep your future goals in mind

Start the business by keeping an end in mind. Your small startup will not remain small as it will keep on growing with time. Don’t name the company by keeping only a particular present niche of the business in mind. Instead, think of business expansion and name your company accordingly.

The name targeting the only specific location, market, and customers will end up a failure in delivering the right meaning once the business will expand. Hence, make sure to choose the right name for your travel agency having a flexible meaning to convey the future goals of the company as well.

9.      Choose a unique and simple name

A simple name is easily understandable by its readers. Customers tend to like and memorize the easy names quickly as compared to the difficult ones. They don’t find it difficult to pronounce and understand when the name is not complicated.

Keep in mind that in today’s world, people tend to search for every other thing on the internet. Therefore, whenever they need to find you on the internet it should be straightforward and easy for them to write the company’s name to reach you easily. Moreover, the logo designer will love to make a creative logo for a simple name, as such names generate impressive ideas.

10.  Use Perfect Grammar

Grammar can help you a lot when you are playing with words that will decide on a unique travel agency name. However, there are so many techniques that can be brought in use to give your travel agency a perfect reputation.

11.  Mythological Agency Names

Mythologies are the somethings that give a very sophisticated look and meaning to the brand when it is added to the brand names. As Nike is one of the most iconic brands, she’s the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

While naming your agency, the foremost thing is to grab the attention of your audience. So, for this purpose seeking mythologies is a good option for you. You have the opportunity to take travel agency name from the mythology and merge it with your name as being an owner.

12.  Use Foreign Words

Using non-native language can make your travel agency name more attractive.it is a beneficial idea for naming your brand. Some foreign words become a symbol of luxury and lavish brands; for example, Italian or French. will attract people towards its agency.

But, the foreign words attract people of your community when these words are well known and commonly used.

13.  Five tips to succeed in choosing the right name for your travel agency

  1. Choose a more superficial and easy name so that people make fewer mistakes while searching for your travel agency.
  2. Add your name or surname if you find it suitable.
  3. Combine different but relevant words to come up with an attractive name.
  4. Take the help of other languages by translating the name into other languages to reach foreigners as well. Select such a name that is common in various communities to be readily understandable.
  5. Ask for suggestions and different ideas from your dear ones. Many minds, when working together, come up with a creative idea.

Select the name that sends the right signals to your audience. Furthermore, check the legal availability of the company’s name as your trademark, social handle, and domain.


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