110+ Fabulous Tattoo Business Names (2021)

If you are stuck at finding the name for your tattoo business then you are at the right place. Naming is such a critical part of every business. The name acts as a backbone for your business. A good name can have a very good impact on your business and a bad name can have devastating impacts. Thus, it’s very important to name your business critically, with proper thinking and planning.

Tattoo Business Names

Here are the creative tips for naming your tattoo business:

  • Tattoo Hub
  • Needle Knows
  • Body Artist
  • Black Degree
  • Rainbow Ink
  • Tattoo Craft
  • Tattoos Too
  • Skin Changers
  • Future Ink
  • Heart Tattoo
  • Black horse Tattoo
  • Tattoo Collective
  • Ink Point Art
  • Deer Tattoo
  • Pink Diamond
  • Rainbow Tattoo
  • Macarthur
  • Rivet Body Art
  • Inner Circus
  • Black Ink
  • High Level
  • Tattoo Angel
  • Tattoo Gallery
  • Tattoo Lab
  • Ink Inside
  • Mythology Tattoo
  • Vintage Tattoo
  • Ink City Tattoos
  • Needle And Ink
  • Kratos Tattoo
  • Tattoo Life
  • HydroTat
  • Vine tattoo
  • Black Diamond
  • Fire And Ice Tattoo
  • Tattoo Cafe
  • Ideas from Marcus
  • Inkspired Images
  • InkSpringer
  • Daredevil Art
  • Tattoo Sculptor
  • Needle Notion
  • Tattoo You
  • Rampaging Ink
  • Second Skin
  • Black Blink
  • Modern Tattoo
  • Temptation Tattoo
  • Tatoo Culture
  • Sleeve Art
  • Rainbow
  • TattooX
  • Permanent Art
  • Generate
  • Pink Logo
  • Tattoo Time
  • Tattoo Tailor
  • Dark Night
  • Tattoo in
  • TattooMan
  • InkAddiction
  • Decor Tattoo
  • Dwellers
  • Feed The Needle
  • Body Art
  • Injected Ink
  • True Ink master
  • Tatoo Essencials
  • Tone Tattoos
  • Proof In Pen
  • LadyLinks
  • Artist’S Needle
  • Black Magic
  • Upswink
  • Zeus Tattoo
  • ZinkZank
  • Tatwave
Tattoo Business Names

And to make this critical and tiring process easier for you we have listed all the tips and ideas on how to create an effective and good name for your tattoo business with examples.

Use your creativity

As a tattoo artist, you must be loaded with creativity and artistic tendencies. Using your artistic abilities and creativity will help you find the best name for your business. Think of the name as a piece of art and use different ways to create a creative name. You can combine two words, misspell the words, make acronyms of the words, and use many other creative techniques to create a very unique and creative name for your tattoo business. Here are some examples of creative names for tattoo businesses:

  • Zigzag
  • Upsway
  • Fantom art
  • Fink
  • Youth shadow
  • Dirty ink
  • Tattoo addict

Cool names

The tattoo business gives a very cool vibe therefore it’s important to consider this factor while naming.

Cool names are easy to remember as these stick into your audience’s mind. Even if you have a more professional sort of business you can use cool names. It doesn’t make your business name sound unprofessional rather gives a very cool and catchy vibe. Try to find cool names for your tattoo business. Find a name that is catchy and funky. You can use cool names such as:

  • Tattoo line
  • Ink addicts
  • Inborn tattoos
  • Needlepoint tattoos
  • Ink blender
  • Magic hands
  • Tattoo wave

Relevant name

Find a specific name for your business. The more specific the more unique. Think of a name that best defines your services. Brainstorm keywords that are a reflection of your business. This is the best way to give a specific and relevant name to your business. By reading the name people should understand what services you are providing. The best way is to use the word ‘Tattoo’ in the name as it is the most relevant keyword to your business.

  • Skin art studio
  • Trust tattoo
  • Tattoo cover
  • Showtime tattoo
  • Extreme needle tattoo
  • Tattoo gallery
  • Solid tattoo
  • Ink street

Short names

The short name is the key to a good name for any business. Whatever techniques you are using to name your tattoo business make sure that it is short. A good name is no longer than a five-syllable word. Keep your business name short and simple. People can easily remember short names. By giving a short name to your business you’ll fulfill all three criteria of a good name, as a short name is simple, catchy, and remarkable. You can use names like:

  • Star tattoos
  • Ink wolves
  • Tattoo cafe
  • Tattoo candy
  • Inkjet
  • Tattoo house
  • Body piercing
  • Ocean ink
  • Body art
  • Royal inks

Do competitors analysis

Doing competitor analysis can be very helpful in finding an effective and competitive name for your business. Check what kind of keywords and names work best for them. It’ll also help you find what sort of names are trendy and are used for a tattoo business. However, never copy someone else’s business name. It can destroy your business reputation.

You are just supposed to take ideas of what sort of names they use and how they use different techniques to name their business. So you can apply those techniques to create a competitive name for your tattoo business. Some popular tattoo business names are:

  • Ultimate tattoo supply
  • Worldwide tattoo supply
  • Tek tic tattoo
  • Helios tattoo

Create a memorable name

It is very important to create a remarkable name for your business. If people would remember your business name then there are more chances that they’ll visit your business again. Therefore create a catchy name that’ll not only attract your audience’s attention but will also stick to people’s minds. Use different creative techniques to create a catchy and remarkable name for your tattoo business.

  • Rainbow tattoo
  • Inks
  • TattooMan
  • Ink Man
  • Mr.tattoo
  • Inky
  • Mr.Ink
  • Old ink
  • Future ink
  • Tattoo Hub

Avoid hard-to-spell names

Keep your business name easy and simple. Most people think that using hard to spell names will make their business name sound more professional. But this is not true. Many world-famous businesses have very easy and simple names. When you choose a hard to spell name to make the name sound professional or unique it decreases the chances of turning visitors into customers.

If someone won’t remember your business name they won’t come back to your business again. Therefore, make sure that the name is easy and simple. Avoid adding numbers in the name. It would make it more difficult for people to remember your name. Here are some easy and catchy names:

  • Antique tattoo
  • Tattoo swipe
  • Art Master
  • Tattoos
  • Air ink tattoo
  • Black horse tattoo

Use your tools

Using your tool’s name as a keyword for your business name is the best way to create a specific name for your business. For tattoo business, you can use tool names as keywords such as ‘ Needle’  and ‘Ink’. Using your tool’s name is an efficient way to create a unique and specific name for a business. For example:

  • Perfect needle
  • Artistic Ink
  • Magic ink
  • Air ink
  • Pin the needle
  • Skin art

If your business is offering more specific services then you can use more specific names. Such as

  • Animals tattoo
  • Arms tattoo
  • Tattoo for adults
  • Tattoo ladies
  • Expert tattoos

These were some amazing ideas to name your tattoo business. Now let’s have a look at the process of naming:

1-   Determine your goals

The first step is to determine what type of business you want to establish. You must decide everything about your business services before creating a name for it. So you can choose a name that is a reflection of your business.

2-   Brainstorm ideas

When you know what sort of business you want to establish then start thinking of different keywords related to your business. For brainstorming the name ideas head over to all the tips and ideas mentioned above. Create a list of all the key keywords and names.

3-   Shortlist the names

Start omitting irrelevant names and the names that don’t qualify the criteria of a good name. Only keep names that are easy, catchy, and memorable.

4-   Get feedback

Get feedback on the names you have decided to make sure that the name not only sounds good to you but also appeals to your audience. Ask them questions like:

Does the name sound good or not?

Is it easy to spell?

5-   Check its availability

After selecting a name check its availability. The name is available for registration or not. If the name is available for registration then you are good to go.


Naming is a very important step for the establishment of your business.

By following the tips and ideas mentioned above you can easily find a good and effective name for your business.

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