860+ Sports Goods Store Names, Ideas and Suggestions

Sports stores, like other eCommerce stores, also need some aggressive marketing for a successful business operation.

But for this, you need a perfect name for the upcoming store. Your customers will get an image of what you sell as a company from your business name.

It can be done by a catchy, simple, and unique name that can even give your business identity. The business of selling sports goods has a strong potential to grow fast.

There is a selected niche of this group in sports, and they always remain in search of useful sports items. So be the one in finishing their quest.

Lots of sports business opportunities are waiting for your attention. You already have one such sector of sports in mind and rearing to take on the market.

So what about your sports store name? Are you done with the name or still to decided? If not, then make sure that the name is a perfect choice. Note that all successful businesses have great characters that clicked with the audiences.

Your potential buyers will get your brand message from the company name. The name will tell them about the market niche of your company. But naming a company is never easy so play safe.

However, the naming of a business is a difficult task. You have to through a naming process. Researching your niche, knowing the competitors, checking its availability as a trademark, and other steps are essential to choosing your company’s name.

Names for sporting goods stores

Your sports company must have a unique that can drive a customer’s attention. The following names might be helpful for you in opening a new store;

  • Paramount Sports
  • My Sports Shop
  • Sporting goods
  • Paragon Sports
  • Sport Valley
  • Escorts goods
  • Pro Sports
  • Spike Sports
  • Static Sports Club
  • Cosmicchase
  • Completestaduim
  • Fasweardoom
  • Double Edge
  • Whiteduck
  • Amber Sports
  • Below Parallel
  • Black Diamond Store
  • Budget Sporting Goods
  • Finish Line
  • Finish Strong Sports
  • First String Sports
  • Gulf Coast Athletic Supply
  • Hinterland Outfitters
  • House Of Hoops
  • Impact Precision
  • M2 Sports
  • Surfclothings
  • Tracteamwears
  • Cycloclothings
  • Boxbox
  • Finishline Clothings
  • Elevatewears
  • Rexwears
  • Betterstride
  • Offshore Sports
  • On the Run
  • Ryval Basketball Hoops
  • Shoe Palace
  • South Swell Sports
  • Sporting International
  • Sporting Journeys
  • Stealth Precision
  • Sullivan Sports
  • TAC Munitions
  • Ultimate Athletics
  • WF Athletic Supply
  • Athletic Charm
  • Beta Blink
  • Classic Raw
  • Hot turtle
  • Hellixer
  • Marne
  • Light Pixel
  • Ghetto play
  • D Morron
  • Superstone
  • Belt highway
  • Copper bust
  • Cosmic sports
  • Fluxwears
  • Gravitywears
  • Earthtrack
  • Fancysports
  • Fitwears
  • Hikingpack
  • Nexwears
  • Vivasports
  • Tonixwears
  • Aftershock Sports Equipment
  • Barcelona Sporting Goods
  • Dugout Sports
  • Fitness Depot
  • Just Her Sports
  • Legendary Cues
  • Rush Outdoor Gear
  • Soundwaves
  • SportStar Athletics
  • Steadfast Outdoors

Sport brand name ideas

Here is the list of catchy sports related brand name ideas:

  • YourTurn Sports
  • GamerHeaven
  • Liberton Sports
  • DoubleSpire Sports
  • PlayingWIngs
  • ThinkGeek
  • Curious Craft
  • NonstopZone
  • NorthAxis
  • Brunox Sports
  • RiseStar Sports
  • GameBrothers
  • TechGram Sports
  • FunCrown
  • RedWolf Sports
  • GameGlaze
  • SuperDive Sports
  • GamingEstate
  • FunSplitz Sports
  • StayPlay Sports
  • EliteWaves
  • StayFunn Sports
  • SecretAdmire
  • DragonTap Sports
  • JoySticks
  • SecondTap Sports
  • AlphaStreet
  • GameMonkey Sports
  • SportSpice Sport Goods
  • SportBracket
  • Movex
  • Ignitex sports
  • Escottis goods
  • Muller max
  • Static Sports Club
  • Empresso sports
  • Pro Sports
  • Gassa
  • Borvo
  • Tracker
  • Sports Slam
  • Sports HQ
  • yonex Sports
  • Two storm
  • Essenze
  • Happy Jack
  • Sportman’s spirit
  • High Sports Fashion
  • Vessley
  • Epic
  • Race
  • Serafinn
  • Gazza
  • Tracka
  • Happy Jeane
  • Circle
  • Tway
  • Dorreess
  • Funling
  • Hyper clax
  • 2 storm
  • Gravitee
  • Heist 1st
  • Enorfy
  • Bay Bug
  • Mad Club

Athletic store names

Have a look at these creative athletic store names to get an idea of naming:

  • PurpleFlame
  • YoungMore
  • CassaSport
  • SportoSense
  • LiboFly Goods
  • NorthQuest Sports
  • MotionStone
  • Pureplay Goods
  • Boy voyage
  • Brownberry
  • Sport Epistle
  • Emma Bland
  • Fenholic
  • Dreezy Flexy
  • Proton sport
  • Tropic Edge
  • QuestNeon
  • Cacada
  • Scottish Pro
  • Epic Eclipse
  • Gamawears
  • Aquawears
  • Vitalwears
  • Sprintcave
  • Shotshorts

Sports company names ideas

The following are the sports company name ideas:

  • Action Apparel
  • The Gifted Apparel
  • Game Day Apparel
  • Scoreboard Clothing
  • The New Team Apparel
  • Swing High Clothing
  • Pop Up Apparel
  • Fight Club Apparel
  • PentaSports
  • EliteMove Goods
  • UrbanStar Goods
  • SilverSurf Sports
  • Alpha Arvent
  • urban bay Sports
  • Sport Studios
  • Movex Sports
  • GreyNext Sports
  • SportFlirt
  • UrbanSwing
  • Escottis Goods
  • MullerMex Sport Goods
  • GoodSports Goods
  • Sportofista
  • Empressa Sports
  • PronoZane Sports
  • AstroAspire
  • Mountain Triumph
  • SportWing
  • SmithySport
  • CloseWynk Sports
  • PuzzleDude Sports
  • Sportstuff

Fitness clothing brand name ideas

Below are the fitness clothing brand name ideas:

  • CustomStix
  • EverMan Sport Goods
  • Trinity Sports
  • SportVista Sport Goods
  • Neondex Sports
  • SportCastle
  • Playing Threads
  • Aventen Sports
  • Orbin Sports
  • WestEagle
  • Essen Sports
  • RedForce Sports
  • RiverMoves
  • NorthEdge
  • AlertWolf Sports
  • SportElite Sport Goods
  • GrandMark Sport Goods
  • Accent Play Sports
  • EssenTrack Sport Goods
  • WishWood Sports
  • SportKnight
  • UPwise Sports
  • GreatGame Sports
  • HexaThread Goods
  • Tweggo Goods

Sport store name ideas

These are the great sports store name ideas ever:

  • Sport Ethics
  • Beta Sport
  • Sport Studio
  • Sport Planet
  • Mountenna
  • Rapid Vibe Sport
  • Grey Next
  • Spectron Sports
  • Red Sports
  • Triangle Sports
  • Sassy sports
  • Spike Sports
  • Difficult Sport
  • Sporty wear
  • fitness wear
  • Wolfer Sports
  • harmony wear
  • Gravity
  • Sporty Fashion
  • Sporty wear
  • Rocco
  • Jack Sports
  • Sporty
  • Macro Sport
  • Micro Sport
  • level Sport
  • Ready Set Sportswear!

Sports company names

These sports company names will give you more ideas:

  • Elevated Sportswear
  • Serious Sportswear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sporting Solutions
  • Sport Spot
  • Spotted Sportswear
  • Play Ball Sportswear
  • The Sportswear Report
  • Sport Report
  • The Sport Fort
  • Champ Camp Sportswear
  • Champion Sportswear
  • Winners Wear
  • Winning Sportswear
  • Super Sportswear
  • Sporting Game
  • Endless Sportswear
  • Sports Pitch
  • Game Of Life
  • Get ‘Em Games
  • Chasing Sportswear
  • Sports Style
  • Sportswear Academy
  • A-Team Clothing
  • The Sporty Ones
  • Sports Girls Apparel
  • The Sofa Boys Apparel
  • Yay Sports! Clothing
  • The Real Connection
  • Sporty Goods
  • Ball Up Apparel

Sportswear names ideas

Some of the best sportswear names ideas are:

  • The Sports Centre
  • Paramount Sports
  • Paragon Sports
  • The Basketball Shop
  • Western Sports Shop
  • Sports Spirit
  • Silver lining
  • Star Sports
  • Alpha sport
  • Urban BayClub
  • Rustic Sports
  • Beginner sports
  • Hexa Sport
  • Sports Wear
  • Custom wear
  • Clever bit
  • Circle O
  • Fashion Sport
  • Leisure Sport
  • Personal Sports
  • Mad Dash
  • True Sport
  • Players Club
  • Sportsman
  • Soccer club
  • Sports Good
  • My Sports Shop
  • Sports lovers shop
  • Play Glider club
  • Urban Sports
  • Urban Star

sports good store names

1.      Choose Simple Name

Generally speaking, when it comes to starting a business keeping things simple and straightforward is key. And that’s true when it comes to naming your business, too.

It’s because the moment you are hunting for a memorable name for your business, you have to make it easy for people to remember verbally to be an advertiser of your brand.

Using long and complicated business names in the first place will make it worse for your targeted market to recognize your brand in the first place.

So, it’s no surprise that the names of some of the biggest brands in the world are usually just one word long. They keep it simple because they want to be remembered.

2.      Easy to Pronounce Name

Your target audience will like the name if it is unique and straightforward. If the character has difficult words and sounds, the customers will be unable to pronounce it easily. Because of this, they may not take your business seriously.

Your sports business logo design, which is your company’s face, will also look impressive with a simple company name in it.

3.      Keep in Mind Future Growth

Sport’s store grows with time. You can add more sports products or services after a few years and enter new markets.

So, always try to go for a name that still looks relevant and covers your new market, products, or services when you expand.

Remember, with such a name; you do not have to recreate your logo when entering the new markets and services.

4.      Research Competitor’s Names

Please do some research about your competitors’ names and see what they sell and how successful they are. You can have an idea about the type of character your company should have.

It would help if you primarily researched your sports niche. You can also know the names that will stand out.

5.      Same Name for Domain

Usually, a .com domain name is what businesses prefer over others, such as as.net, .org, and .biz. And if .com is not accessible, someone has already booked a name similar to the store name as a domain?

You don’t have to worry. Instead, try to add or subtract some characters or letters to create a slight variation of the name and see if you can book it as a domain.

Your domain name matters for launching your sports store on the internet; so, before you create sports team logos or a website, get a perfect domain name.

6.      Communicate a Meaning

The name you select should convey some meaning or message connected with your sport’s store. A meaningful name matters much for the new sports company.

The potential customers can quickly pick the field of your business just by your name. Also, the name will appear in your custom sports logo design. That is also an advantage as the name itself becomes a marketing tool.

7.      Look for a Trademark

Hopefully, you have a proper name; think of registering it as your trademark of sports business. A trademark registration will protect your business and company from any infringement by your rivals.

No one can use your company name after the authority gives it to you as a trademark. Your visual artist will also incorporate the word into your company logo, making the brand even more critical.

8.      Pick A Catchy Name

People sometimes like catchy names just for fun. New sports companies can build a customer base if the target audience appreciates it.

You can create such names by playing with words. You can create one such name by twisting a trending phrase. When you create a logo for your sports business, a unique but catchy business name will look great on the logo.

9.      Get Feedback

Once you have finalizes three to four names, find out what people have to say about them. People’s opinion matters as they are the customers of your sports items or services.

Their perception of your business is the key to its growth. So, get feedback from everyone, including your family members, neighbors, and friends.

10.  Brainstorm

Sit with your store’s employees and others for some brainstorming sessions. It would help if you asked them to suggest appropriate names relevant to your company and business.

These sessions will help you shortlist a few names. You can also take some online business name generators tools to get a list of the sports company names. Discuss the pros and cons of those names.

These are the key considerations when you want to name your sports business. But the process takes time to yield the results. You may need to go through more brainstorming sessions. Therefore, patience is the key to settling for a perfect name.

After you have picked the right name, take all the necessary steps for brand promotion. You will also need logos, websites, mobile apps, brochures, and many other identities.


New sports store should have appropriate names that can spell out their core business. A simple and unique character is the key, but it should also be your domain name and registered trademark.

Go through several brainstorming sessions to come out with the names that stand out in your niche market. Consult someone if naming seems difficult.

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