700+ Creative Software Company Names, Ideas, And Suggestions

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with creative software name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of software company names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with catchy and cool techy software company names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good technology company name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm technology, IT and software and related company names and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Software Company Name Ideas

These are the new names ideas for your software company:

  • Jupiter Programmers
  • Cosmic Software Solutions
  • Elemental Web Solutions
  • Beta Byte Techs
  • Cache Up Software Solutions
  • Quantic Solutions
  • Aspirion
  • TechnoStar
  • MicroTech
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Instructure Global
  • Infuse Consulting
  • InvestCloud
  • Foundry
  • Audacia
  • Microdesk
  • Hoxro Legal Management Software
  • Desert Rose Software
  • TechSphere
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Surefire Software
  • Sitemap Software
  • HyperWare Solutions

Technology Company Names

These are the futuristic tech company names to help you in naming your software company:

  • Nextware Technologies
  • Journal Technologies
  • Inlet Technologies
  • Intellectsoft
  • Alpine Interactive
  • Appetize
  • Originate
  • Oblong
  • ViewPoint Cloud
  • Vex Solutions
  • Simform
  • Symantec
  • Creative27
  • Magento
  • Futuristic Technologies
  • Foremost Software Systems
  • Custom Logic Solutions
  • The Trade Desk
  • LeadLocate
  • Softwire
  • TatvaSoft
  • Guidewire Software
  • Magora
  • sudosoft
  • Dynamo Software
  • Cast Software Ltd

IT Companies Names

Here are the names of IT companies to bring out more ideas in your mind:

  • SoftwareONE
  • Sapphire Systems
  • BrightEdge
  • Darktrace
  • Infosys Technologies
  • Hexaware Technologies
  • Finastra
  • Data Art
  • Bluefin
  • High metric
  • Alfa Financial Software
  • Netron
  • Headchannel
  • Teradata
  • InfoTrack
  • Fifteen Software Engineering
  • Tableau
  • Pubmatic UK
  • Temenos
  • MetaPack
  • Sigma Systems
  • Gainsight UK
  • Clockers Software Development
  • Autodesk
  • CyberArk
  • Re-Leased Software Company
  • Vector Software
  • Corporate Interactive

Creative Names for Software Companies

Here are the most creative software company names you can ever find:

  • Sigma Software Services
  • Parallex Solutions
  • Autobyte Solutions
  • Curation Software
  • Semantics and Services
  • Driver Services
  • Delta Diagnostics
  • Accelerated Analytics
  • Seek and Save
  • Software Suite
  • Studio Software
  • Cache-out Services
  • Tech Savvy
  • Orbilon Technology
  • Seer Technologies
  • Mindlinks Softs
  • Teeamo Software Co.
  • UrbalNeel Software Co.
  • PowerSoft
  • Greyline

IT Company Name Suggestions

Here are the coolest IT company name suggestions for you:

  • YellowWood
  • White Venus
  • Encode
  • MettleLeaf
  • Radient Spark Technology
  • Greenstone
  • Cerillion Technologies
  • CPA Global
  • Tikit
  • DataStax
  • Infinity
  • Fivium
  • Diligent Corporation
  • Amplience
  • Dotsquares

Tech Company Names Ideas

Below are the creative IT, software and tech company name ideas:

  • Stella Novus
  • Cyber Cloud Software
  • Wireframe Services
  • Serif Software
  • Applet Services
  • Soft Touch
  • PrimePlex
  • Silky Software Services
  • Seamless Software
  • Synergize Software Solutions
  • Hashtag Software Services
  • Subliminal Software
  • Select Software Services
  • Standard Software Technology
  • CyberWise Consultants
  • Tech Tock Bots
  • Organic Applications
  • Optimum Software Co.
  • Ozone Technologies
  • Constant Computer Techs
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Beta Space Technologies
  • Cluster Gear Technology
  • Renewergy Technology
  • Spectus Software
  • Interstellus
  • Vault Systems
  • Orange Sky Softwares

Technical Company Names

Following are the technical names for tech companies:

  • Sprinklr
  • Unmade
  • Space Ape Games
  • Frosmo UK Limited
  • Orbital Software Limited
  • Sequel Business Solutions
  • NaturalMotion
  • StatPro Group
  • FactSet Europe
  • Trintech
  • Pevara
  • Workshare
  • Thunderhead
  • Qualtrics
  • Luminance
  • Confirmit
  • Gravy Travel Technology
  • Ensemble Systems
  • Decibel Technology
  • Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Bluecoat Software

software, tech, IT company name ideas

Naming A Software Company

What’s in a name? A lot, particularly when it comes to small businesses.

The right name can make your company the talk of the town, whereas the wrong one can doom it to failure.

Ideally, the brand name should convey the expertise, values, and uniqueness of the service or products you have developed or offerings.

Some of the experts believe that best names are abstract and a blank slate upon which to create an image of your choice.

And others think that names must be informative so the customers know immediately what your business is about.

Some believe that coined names that emerged from made-up words are more memorable than the real names but some consider they are forgettable.

In reality, the name is effective if it’s backed by some strong and appropriate strategy. Here is what you need to consider seriously to give your business the most appropriate and effective name.

But when it comes to naming a software company, it might be something that needs some seriousness, as this is technical stuff.

You should have some good knowledge about the software houses which are working for more than a decade.

Know their company profile, services they are offering, and the niche they are targeting. Make a list of some software companies’ names and notice any relatable stuff there.

1.      Start with some Expert Help

Coming up with a good business name is undoubtedly a complicated process. You might need to consult some expert help.

Particularly if you are in a field in which your company name can influence your business’s success. Naming a firm has elaborated a system for creating new names and they know their way around the laws.

They can help you in choosing good names and stop you against bad ones, also explain why others are good. But they have a downside and its cost.

A professional firm may charge you as much as $50,000 to develop a brand name. But this usually includes identity work and graphic design as a part of the package.

Some naming firms can charge you as little as $50, but spending a reasonable amount of money early for expert advice saves your money in the longer-term.

So you need o start by deciding what you want your name to communicate. The name of the software house should reinforce the key elements of your business.

The work in developing a niche and a statement will help you pinpoint the elements you need to emphasize in your company name.

The more your company name communicates to consumers about the business, the less effort you put forth to explain it.

As per some naming experts, entrepreneurs should give priority to real words or a mixture of words rather than going for some fabricated words.

As people like those words which they can relate to and understand. That is the reason why professional naming companies criticize string of numbers or initials as a bad choice.

On the contrary, the company name should be meaningful. Some of the common pitfalls are generic or geographic-based, as some companies name them where they are operational.

What if the company someday wants to expand the business to other cities? What that name will mean to those people who are not part of their city.

There might be a question, about how a name can be meaningful and broad at the same time? Descriptive names tell something about a business; what it does, where it located, and so on is.

Suggestive names are more abstract and they focus on what the business is all about. So there is a wide range of choosing a name for your software house by keeping these two types in mind.

When choosing a business name, keep the below-listed tips in mind;

  • Choose that name that appeals not only you but also to the customers you are targeting
  • Choose a familiar name which conjures up pleasant memories so people can respond to your business on an emotional level
  • Don’t pick a name which is long and confusing
  • Keep yourself away from some cute puns that you can understand only
  • Don’t pick the word ‘Inc.’ after your company name unless your company is incorporated

2.      Get Creative

The time when almost everything in the language has been trademarked, the option of coining a name is getting some extra popularity. Some of the examples are Acura and Compaq.

Coined names can be more meaningful if compared with the real names. These names don’t have any dictionary meaning but the word suggests precision engineering just as the company intended.

Though these made-up words are not the right solution for every situation and every business. New words are complex and may create a perception that the company is complex which may be true to some extent.

Moreover, the naming beginners might find this kind of name coining beyond their capabilities. There is an easier solution and that is using new forms or spellings of existing words.

For instance, Compaq; it’s a computer company serving a new portable computer. The firm that suggests this name thought about the word ‘compact’ and came up with Compaq which they believe that it would be less generic and more noticeable.

3.      Services Name

Now for a service or product name, you need not be so generic. Short is still good, particularly if you know you are going to have a good marketing budget to explain.

We don’t have all the luxury of an unlimited marketing budget so having a short but descriptive name is what you are looking for.

It would be best if you keep a balance between descriptive and unique among searches. So that anyone searches for your product or service will find your website immediately.

But again this is not easy to work with. You have to try some web searches and see whether or not your proposed product name comes up with an awful lot of unrelated items.

If your product name brings up a dreadful lot of unrelated items, if your name brings up hundreds of pages of search results, so name it something else.

But when you are looking for some potential competitors; make sure that what you need to use as the name can’t be confused with other product names already in use.

4.      What your Brand Symbolize

Think about what your software house symbolizes, what does your brand stand for? One other way to think is to know your brand. What feel your brand evoke in your customers.

Symbolizing a brand is similar to brand personality; if your customers are asked to list down some of the words with similes for your company.  Check what they list out.

5.      Keep Your Audience in Mind

Before brainstorming on your own or hiring some firm to do the job, you must be clear about the niche and the target audience.

This will help you find some appropriate names and know who is your target market so you can keep them in mind and think as per their needs.

Being a software company owner, you might be developing software, applications, or graphical stuff. Be very sure who is this stuff going to be a part of life.

This can touch college students, corporate sectors, or some multinational companies. So you need to be pretty serious about it.

6.      Test your Name

Once you narrowed the field to four or five names that are memorable or expressive, you are ready to do a trademark search.

Remember, not every business name needs to be trademarked, as long as your government gives you the go-ahead and you are not supposed to infringe on someone’s else trade name.

You should hire a trademark attorney or at least go for a trademark search before to know that your company name is not going to breach on some other business’s trademark.

To know the risk you run if you step on another company’s trademark, you should consider that: you have a new business that is about to ship its first order when another company files a case that your company is hurting its trademark.

This is enough to engage you in a serious legal battle that tends to bankrupt your business and repute. This could have been avoided if you sought out some expert advice.

The extra money of hiring some legal adviser can save you countless hassles and expenses down the road and make you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

If you are lucky you will end up with few names which pass all of your tests. Now it might be hard for you to make a final decision and pick one name for your software company.

It would be better to recall your initial criteria; which name best fits your objectives and which one is accurately describing the concept of your company that you have in mind?

Some businesses arrive at the final decision by going with their gut or by doing some research with a focus group to see how their name is perceived.

You can doodle an idea of what each name looks like on billboards or business stationery. Try to read each name aloud, pay attention to the way it sounds if you anticipate radio advertising or telemarketing in your future.

You can use any or all of these criteria, but keep in mind that professional name firms devote some time to come up with the name.

You probably don’t have much time but plan to spend at least some time on selecting a name. Once you decide a name, start building over-enthusiasm for a new name immediately.

Your brand name is the first step towards building a strong company name identity, one which should last as long as you are in business.

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