700+ Salon Names, Ideas, And Suggestions for Your Shop

Figuring out a name for your new beauty salon? Here we suggest hundreds of different salon names to help you come up with a creative salon name for your beauty and hairline business.

In the end, you’ll also find out tips to generate unique salon name ideas on your own.

Salon Names

Here are the best beauty and hair salon names to inspire your ideas:

  • Stylin’ Chic
  • Hair Wizard
  • Spectrum Hair Salon
  • Hair with Flare
  • Feathered Flip
  • Walk-In Trim
  • Cutting Line Studio
  • Unique Creations Salon
  • The Makeover Place
  • Styles n’ Smiles
  • Brass Palace
  • Savored Salon
  • Om Salon
  • Salon De Snips
  • Sunshine Salon
  • Renewed Salon
  • The Hot Spot
  • Babe Salon
  • Baddie Salon
  • True Colors Boutique
  • Winners Circle Salon
  • Glitter Pop Salon
  • Pretty Her Salon
  • Angel Hair Salon
  • The Closeup Salon

Beauty Salon Name Ideas

These are the beauty salon and parlour name ideas and suggestions:

  • Shortcuts
  • Scissors N’ Razors
  • Under the Dryer
  • Lavish Locks
  • Tresses
  • Dying for Color
  • The Color Palette
  • Sweet Pixie Salon
  • The Colorist
  • Fly-Away Hair
  • Shears
  • Color Chic
  • Razor Sharp
  • Styles Studio
  • Strands
  • Undercut
  • Lather
  • Salon Solitude
  • Snip Salon
  • Sunny Side Salon
  • Pure Indulgence
  • Shampooed
  • Lovely Lather
  • Goodness Glamour

Beauty Shop Name Ideas

These are the coolest beauty shop name ideas ever:

  • Terrific Tresses
  • Hair Doctor
  • Keep It Cute Salon
  • A New You Boutique
  • Styles Salon
  • Queen Cuts
  • The Babe Spot
  • Divine Looks Salon
  • Pamper and Shine
  • A Cut Above
  • Red Carpet Cuts
  • Long Hair We Care
  • Cut or Dye
  • Shine Through
  • Clips N Cutz
  • Hairpot
  • Hair Republic
  • Style Emporium
  • Hair O’Clock
  • Hot Comb
  • Just Braids

Salon Name Ideas

These are the creative hair salon name ideas:

  • Angel’s Touch
  • Anointed Hands
  • Upscarf
  • Stylicle
  • Bouture
  • Coutured
  • Extravagants
  • Turban
  • Salonbonn
  • Divaza
  • Trimeth
  • Noir
  • Heads
  • Sharp
  • Lux
  • Blush
  • Salon Fringe
  • Hair Grande
  • Salon Zephyr
  • Style Focus
  • Head Case
  • wired hair
  • Cut Cube

Unisex Salon Names

Here are the most catchy unisex salon names:

  • Hair and Now
  • BillionHairs
  • Loveable Locks Salon
  • Charms Salon
  • Simply You Salon
  • Cuts and Nails
  • Style Paradise
  • The Indulgence Palace
  • The Only Salon
  • Your Style Spa
  • Sass and Class
  • Lock & Curl
  • Chic Palace
  • Lavish Hair
  • The Spiritual Salon
  • Bella Chick
  • Little Castle
  • Primed Up
  • Blonde Studio
  • Comb Blonde
  • Tousled Up
  • Hairline

Beauty Parlour Names

Here are the fancy and stylish name ideas for beauty parlours:

  • Flo Cutters
  • Hair ‘n the Hood
  • Hair Mary
  • The Second Combing
  • Majesty Hair
  • Mirrored
  • Pinpin
  • Serenity Salon
  • Infinity
  • Salon Divine
  • Femme
  • Stone Salon
  • Salon Opal
  • Marked
  • The Hive
  • Salon Bounce
  • Follicle Focus
  • Mane Effects
  • Hair Parade
  • Aria Salon
  • Styled
  • Vain Mane
  • Xilix
  • Swivel
  • Mane Locks
  • Kinky Curls
  • Prime Cuts
  • HairTrend

salon and beauty salon name ideas

How to Name a Salon?

Done with all the technical and practical issues to set up your business but having a hard time coming up with the perfect name? Boom! You’ve reached the perfect place for guidance.

While listing down all the technicalities for your business ventures before starting them, there are various pieces of puzzles that one may have to put accordingly to complete the jigsaw picture.

Similarly, special consideration must be paid on how to name a salon, as choosing a name for your salon startup is one of the toughest tasks, that require a lot of creativity, innovation and mind-mapping.

Branding is one the elements that should be done in-depth, focusing on different aspects, especially for the salon business. It includes listing down factors regarding how to name a salon, the creation of a brand-image, and building up of customer loyalty and relations.

This article will take you on a thrilling ride, full of creative and innovative ideas that you might want to consider or look up to, while thinking of how to name a salon. The names will conjure an element of expectations in the mind of the potential clients.

Before thinking about how to name a salon, you must first consider what you would want the salon name to reflect, and how the potential customers will perceive the name. It may range from giving off classy vibes, to creative or aesthetic ones.

While brainstorming on how to name a salon, note down the factors that are distinct about your salon. Then move on to deciding how you want your salon to be recognized. It might be a good idea to take feedback from your close friends or family.

The List of Options that can be considered

Coming up with the perfect ideas for your salon name can either strike in instance, or may take days and weeks. Do not get disappointed if it takes you some time to think of a name. There are various ideas listed down that will aid you in the process.

1.      Think of a Theme

This can be one of the most exciting and fun tasks to do while deciding on how to name a salon. It can simply be named according to a theme, and later on the interior of the salon could be designed accordingly. Thus, leaving the customers in awe of the salon.

The themes could range from vintage-style vibes, to a modern girly place. The thematic vibes could also be inspired by a movie, song or could simply have a traditional name and look. This could be utilized as a huge-selling point for your spa business.

There are countless themes that you can opt for, from countryside trends to pastels and pink, which give off a very soft, gentle and feminine touch. You can also go for floral themes and design it with different flowers to give the perfect cozy vibes.

In modern times, people tend to prefer the places on a basis of how they look and how they sound. It is really all about the physical look now. Thus by naming it after a theme, and making the set-up of your salon accordingly, you could gain customers.

The decor and name for your salon will establish a statement regarding what your salon is all about. This can be used as a tool on social media to market your salon efficiently, thus attracting the ideal customers and target audience.

2.      Decide what your salon niche is

If you plan on having a salon that will particularly deal with crazy and fun hairstyles, cuts, coloring and highlights, the name you choose should reflect the ideology that your salon, in particular, caters to those looking for hair services.

While if you want to go for a low-key salon and spa idea that will offer manicure, pedicure services and massages, then the name should have an aesthetic vibe and must manifest that your spa will offer these relaxing services.

Moreover, if you particularly plan on catering to the children, then you can pick up some simpler and cute names that would intrigue the children, like fringes, curls, and chick.

Makeup salons have a completely different dimension and are another story. If you aim to target the brides, provide bridal services and party makeup services, then you must keep highlight that while contemplating how to name a salon.

The name you choose will obviously reflect on your business and lead to the customers having a certain set of assumptions in regard to what your salon is about since even the salons offer different services now.

3.      Pop-rock culture

When it comes to the salons and spas, everything trickles down to the latest fashion and trend set according to the Bollywood or Hollywood industries. The trends are also set after being inspired by celebrities, bands, and pop stars that people look up to.

The name of your salon can be influenced by the entertainment or music industries. It will automatically make the clients be attracted toward the salon, out of their curiosity and love for the particular celebrity or band.

The names may range, based on movies, rap culture, some famous lyrics or simply the rock and punk music, if you tend to target the counterculture cults and youngsters as an audience.

4.      Check what is Trendy

While considering how to name a salon, keep in mind that the name must reflect a flare of creativity. The name can truly make up an image of the salon in customers’ minds. They will already be having a set of expectations when they come to you.

Make sure to be inventive while coming up with the perfect names so that people do not confuse your salon with your rivals’ or your competitors, in an already saturated field.

People typically have this view that salons should be up-to date with the fashion industry and must be aware of what is trendy. Thus, if you sound outdated to your customers, your salon might not appear to be appealing enough to them.

By keeping your target audience in mind, you can work on the trendy aspect. It is very essential to identify your potential customers in to order keep the socio-economic factors in mind while working on how to name a salon.

For instance, if you plan on opening a salon in a very cosmopolitan area of city, and your target audience is the upper class, keeping a sophisticated name would be the catch.

Whereas, if you wish to target the youngsters and teenagers, then going with, pop-rock themes, modish and chic options will give you an edge. Therefore, the ideal customers must be recognized before deciding the name for a salon.

5.      Spend some time to Brainstorm

It is one of the primary and foremost things that must be done and paid attention to, while you work on coming up with the perfect name for your salon.

It is highly recommended that once you list down the possible names, you check the pros and cons for them. Taking suggestions from some close family members or friends would be a good idea, which would surely enhance creativity.

You can also do some surveys on social media accounts like a poll on Instagram or Facebook. That will give you an idea regarding the preferences of people, and an idea in regard to what will be liked the most by the majority of the audience.

Surveying is one of the best strategies that will give you an idea regarding the views of the general public, and your target audience. You may also get some valuable opinion and amazing inspirational ideas from them due to these surveys.

6.      Pick up some French or Spanish phrases

French and Spanish are considered very catchy, attractive and boujie languages. A lot of French phrases sound very appealing and trendy. Thus, looking up some vocabulary in French might help you regarding how to name a salon.

These languages give a very luxurious and opulent aura. It adds on a pleasing layer to the name of the salon. Due to globalization, the world has become more of a global community and people love different ideas and names.

You can use some words from different languages that may rhyme with the name, or compliment the idea.

7.      Check the e-commerce aspects

Before naming your salon, it is recommended that you check it online on the websites to ensure that the name has not been taken up by someone else. It is vital to check on the Intellectual Property Office for trademark purposes.

As all the businesses around the globe are switching online, you may also consider to make a website or social media accounts in order to market your salon brand. After you decide a name, get a trademark registered to prevent any illegal issues in the future.

The relevant steps that you must take while deciding on how to name a salon must include, choosing what will make you stand out, checking the availability of URL, getting the trademark registered and making different social media accounts.

In the longer run, the e-commerce will really help to expand your business, and earn great business revenues. Hence, make sure to keep this aspect in mind during the phase of working on how to name a salon.

8.      Try out different logos with possible names

It is a highly competitive world out there. Your rivals may get an edge with only one minor factor that you may have overlooked, and not paid much heed to.

While planning on how to name a salon, it is crucial to make sure that the name does not only sound good, but also looks good. Try out the name with the help of different fonts, a mixture of numbers, alphabets and different colors to ensure the perfect name.

The logos and boards of your brand can make your salon look very attractive and may instill an urge among the customers to come and visit your salon. The logo will surely look more alluring with a fancy and wholesome name.

There is a high possibility that you come up with the perfect name, but when you get it printed for the sign-boards, it may not stand out, and sound very average. Hence, it is totally recommended that you try out with different logos as the sample.

Just keep in mind that whatever name you decide, it must really compliment well on the logo as well. Otherwise, your efforts might just go in vain.


Although the salon market is very saturated and competitive around the globe, luckily, the demand for these services never decreases, and it is a very flourishing industry.

It may be difficult to gain potential customers in the beginning, but with your own touch of individuality, you can not only attract the customers but win their loyalty as well, over time.

Lastly, it is highly important to note, that the catchy or trendy salon names would attract the customers and your target audience. Thus it is recommended that you should spend some quality time on deciding how to name a salon.

Before thinking of how to name a salon, just keep in mind that the name should reflect creativity, artistry and a vision.

It may be one of the biggest factors that play a role in commercializing your salon business. These amusing names and ideas might add on a multiplier effect towards the branding of your business, and building up customer-loyalty,

In the end, what will make the most difference is the fact that how you manage to keep your services up to the mark. If you successfully manage to satisfy your customers, it will instill a sense of customer loyalty among them, regardless of the name.

Just keep in mind that all the important factors while choosing how to name a salon, ensure that the name reflects the uniqueness of your salon and shows what’s your expertise in. It looks visually appealing for the clients. Finally, on your business.

If you have got some ideas, feel free to share them. We would love to hear out some more creativity while naming the salons!

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