750+ Finest Roofing Company Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

Choosing a good name for your roofing company can lead your business to heights of success. Naming is a very crucial part of any company or business as the name of your company tells potential clients about what you are and what services you are offering.

The name of a company is as important as the trademarks and logos of your company. It can help you get more clients and also supports marketing campaigns. But the name must be unique, memorable, and meaningful.

You might feel like all the good roofing company names are already taken but it is not true with some effort and creative thinking you can come up with the best name for your company.

The process of finding a good name can be challenging but all these efforts are worth it.  Here are some finest roofing company name ideas and strategies that’ll help you find the best name for your roofing company.

Roofing company names

Here is the list of catchy roofing company names, ideas and suggestions:

  • Healthy Structures Inc
  • Veteran Roofing
  • Cooper Roofing
  • Platinum Roofing
  • Apex Metal Roofing
  • Total Home
  • Roof Doctor
  • Slate Repair
  • Shingles Up
  • Local Shingles
  • The Roof Troop
  • Royal Roofing
  • Armored Roofing
  • Fierce Roofing
  • Eco Roofing
  • Hallmark Roofing
  • Arizona Roofing Solutions
  • Nations Roof LLC
  • The Home Crew
  • Restoration Roofing
  • Supreme
  • Paramount Roofing
  • Concrete
  • The Roof Medics
  • Century Contractors
  • EZ Builders
  • All-Weather Roofing
  • Kenray Roofing
  • Perfect Home Toppings
  • Graham Hill Roofing Limited
  • We Know Roofs
  • A-1 American Roofing
  • Peak Roofing Team
  • Exceptional Roofing
  • Top Hat
  • Proof In The Roof
  • The Architectural Roofing Company
  • Roof King
  • Ultimate Roofing
  • Roofing Experts Inc
  • Active Roofing
  • Roof Repair Specialists
  • ACS Roof Maintenance
  • Merit Roofing
  • Mobile Roofing and Construction
  • Budget Roofing

Best roofing company names

Check out these best roofing company names that will inspire you:

  1. Absolutely Construction
  2. Active Roofing
  3. Affordable Roofing
  4. All Roofing Corporation
  5. All Seasons Roofing & Solar
  6. American Eagle Exteriors LLC
  7. Anchor Roofing
  8. Bellaire Roofing Co.
  9. Bond Roofing
  10. Brewster Roofing LLC
  11. Century Roofing LLC
  12. Da Vince Roofscapes
  13. Eclipse Roofing Inc.
  14. Extreme Roofing LLC
  15. Faith Roofing Company Inc.
  16. Five Stars Roofing
  17. Fix a Roof
  18. Freestate Roofing LLC
  19. Guarantee Roofing
  20. Hallmark Roofing
  21. Heartland Roof & Gutter
  22. Home Solutions
  23. Innovation Construction Co.
  24. Lakeland Roofing Co.
  25. Midwest Diversified Inc.
  26. Netco Remodeling
  27. New Image Roofing
  28. North American Roofing
  29. Paramount Roofing
  30. Peregrine Roofing
  31. Performance Roof Systems
  32. Platinum Roofing
  33. Potter Roofing
  34. Precision Roof Crafters Inc.
  35. Roman Roofing
  36. Roof Mechanics Inc.
  37. Roofing Specialties Inc.
  38. State Roofing Company
  39. Sunflower Roofing
  40. Techline Roofing
  41. Total Home
  42. Town & Country Roofing LLC
  43. Tri-Con Construction LTD

Roofer company names

Some of the cool roofer company names are:

  • Metal Rising Construction Co
  • Tecta America Corporation
  • WeatherMaster Roofing Canterbury Ltd
  • Edwards & Hardy Roofing
  • Prowest LLC
  • Lakeland Roofing Co.
  • Mainland Roofing
  • Apex Roofing
  • Roof Masters US
  • Wolfy’s Roofing
  • Auckland roofing solutions ltd
  • A-R Roofing & Exteriors LLC
  • Air Capital Roofing & Remodeling
  • Topline Roofing
  • Stex Construction
  • Specialty Roofing
  • C C Restoration
  • Maximus Metal Roofing
  • Prestige Roofing
  • Roofcorp Of NYC
  • Hot Top Roofing and Repair
  • SeltroAces Roofing
  • HomePro Construction LLC
  • Cowperthwaite Roofing Ltd
  • Roofing Solutions
  • WideMove Roofscapes
  • The Metal Roof Outlet
  • Hamilton Roofers
  • Premium Roof
  • Lasting Roof
  • Metro Roofing
  • Beaumont Roofing Ltd
  • Riteline Roofing
  • Heartland Roof & Gutter
  • Distinguished Roofing
  • Aertona Construction
  • Custom Roof Ltd
  • Able Roofing
  • Value Roofing
  • Durable Roofing National
  • All Roofing Corporation
  • Potter Roofing
  • Northbay Roofing Co.
  • TotemPro Roofing

Roofing company name ideas

Check out these metal roofing company name ideas:

  • Midwest Diversified Inc.
  • Roofman Roof Manufacturers Limited
  • Heubern Construction
  • Queenstown Roofing
  • R&R Industries Inc
  • Perfect Peaks
  • Baker Roofing
  • Rite Now Roofing
  • Roof Worx
  • Crownex Roofing
  • Budget Roofing
  • Roofed Up
  • Elite Roofing Solutions Inc
  • AAA Roofing
  • Champion Roofing
  • Rooftops
  • Highabove Roofs
  • All Roofs, Inc.
  • The Roof Doctor
  • People’s Choice Roofing
  • North American Roofing
  • Metalmaster Roofmaster Inc.
  • WeGottaGuy
  • Shingle by Shingle
  • TrueSafe Roofing Co
  • Total Roof
  • ProRoofer
  • Ince Roof Repair Services
  • Royalty Renovation
  • Archer Roofing Ltd
  • ASAP Roofing
  • Midwest Roofing Services Inc.
  • Roof 2 Roof
  • Peak to Peak LLC
  • J. ‘LL DO IT
  • Foam Experts Co
  • All Things New
  • TrueSafe Roofing Co.
  • A-OK Roof Repair
  • Best Roofing
  • Elite Roofing
  • HomeCrew Construction
  • Dothan Awning & Exteriors
  • Roofing Works Services Limited
  • Metal Roofs Done Right
  • The Roofing Store Ltd
  • Atop of the Ladder
  • Roofing Rethought
  • Master Roofing
  • Roof Coating
  • Apex Roof ‘n’ Clad
  • Basement to Roof
  • Solid Roofing
  • Family Roofing
  • Expert Roofing

Roofing company name ideasRoofing company name ideas

Here are the creative roofing company name ideas to get inspiration from:

  • Speedy Roofing
  • Preferred Roofing
  • Element Roofing
  • Family Roofing LLC
  • Best Ever Waterproofing
  • Bayside Roofing
  • Finely Finished
  • Durante Home Exteriors
  • Falcon Roofing Co.
  • Tyson Roofing Ltd
  • Precision Roofing
  • TE Services Roof Busters
  • Perfomance Roofing
  • Roofing Made Easy
  • Washington Roofing Professionals
  • Trusted Cover Roofing
  • Titan Roofing Inc.
  • Master Roof
  • Advanced Roofing Solutions & Repair
  • Aspect Roofing
  • Renew Roofing
  • Big Apply Roofing Co Inc.
  • Christchurch Roofing Contractors
  • Four Seasons Roofing
  • Dynamo Roofing & Landscaping
  • Roofing Association
  • Sunland Development Corporation
  • Roof Mechanics Inc.
  • Texas Roof Management Inc
  • Any Weather Inc
  • Weatherproof Exteriors Inc
  • Complete Roofing Solutions
  • State Roofing Company
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Supreme Roofing Co.
  • Penny Enterprises
  • DCM Roofing Ltd
  • RoofMedic
  • Roof Proofs
  • RoofMaster
  • Century Roofing LLC
  • Hedgex Roofing
  • Fix a Roof
  • Finish Line Roofing & Landscaping
  • Choice Roof & Construction
  • Yugo Roofing
  • Sunflower Roofing
  • King Roof
  • Ultimate Roofing Limited
  • Rightway Roofing
  • Da Vince Roofscapes
  • Kidd Roofing
  • Bond Roofing
  • Shingle Master

Roofing names

Scroll through these roofing related words, names, and ideas:

  • Weathersure Systems Inc
  • Partners Roofing
  • Rooftop Genius
  • BestMove Corporation
  • The Roof Depot Inc.
  • Almighty Exteriors
  • Techline Roofing
  • Fiddlers On The Roof
  • Gafford Roofing
  • Quality Roofing
  • Brewster Roofing LLC
  • Grand Roofing & Waterproofing Co.
  • Choice Roofing
  • First Class Roofing
  • Roof Restoration Company
  • Golden Roofing
  • Possibilink Roofing
  • Skobiss Roofing Co.
  • Affordable Shingles For You
  • Innovation Construction Co.
  • Esteem Roofing
  • New Image Roofing
  • Super Roofer
  • Goodroofs
  • Extreme Roofing LLC
  • A-1 Roofing
  • Respectable Roofers
  • Umbrella Roofing
  • Brettbex Roofing
  • Royal Roofs
  • Black Spade Roofing Co.
  • Final Touch
  • Slate Master
  • TopPros Construction
  • Farnsworth Roofing
  • Water Tight Construction
  • NYC Roof Toppers
  • ProRoof Corporation
  • Supreme Roofing
  • Fabulous Shingle Roofing Company
  • Magic Metals Inc
  • Martin Roofing
  • Aeronex Roofing
  • Pro-Roofing
  • Trusted Roofers
  • Complete Roofing
  • Roof Masters
  • Roofing and Siding
  • Top Roofing Company
  • Caine Roofing & Repair
  • The Right Roofers
  • We Put You On Top
  • Roof Haven
  • Residential Roofing
  • The Roofer
  • Roof Repairs & Replacements
  • Triple R Roofing
  • Deluxe Roofing
  • American Eagle Exteriors LLC
  • Roof Medic
  • Reliable Roofing Solutions
  • Alphano Roofing
  • Zrexx Roofscapes
  • Ketcher & Company Inc
  • Home solutions
  • Worth Roofing
  • Roof Precision
  • Advanced Roofing Technologies
  • ShelterMac Construction
  • Screws, Nails And Shingles
  • All Seasons Roofing
  • Anchor Roofing
  • RedGreat Roofing Co.
  • Roof Masters of Texas
  • USA Roofing & Renovations LLC
  • Advance Roofing
  • Metal Direct
  • Roofable
  • Reed’s Metals
  • Rapid Roof Repair
  • Fearless Roofing
  • From Top To Bottom LLC
  • Pro Roofing
  • RoofIt
  • Storm Renovators
  • Principal Roofing
  • Roof Refresh
  • BestBuild Roofing & Landscaping
  • Rebel Roofing
  • Reliable Roofing
  • The Roof Boys
  • StormXpert Roofscapes
  • Bone Dry Roofing Inc.
  • Absolutely Construction
  • Lifetime Roofing

How to Name a Roofing Company

Here is how to name a roofing company:

1-   Use your name

Naming your company after yourself is a great way to create a unique and personalized name. Many roofing company owners use their names to name their companies. For example, ‘Williams Roofing and Drainage Ltd’.

Using a personalized name for your company will get more credibility to your company. People will reach out to you as they would feel a personal connection with your company. But there are also some hazards of using your name.

If your name is difficult to spell people won’t be able to find you easily. And if your name is very common or plain it won’t create that market buzz. These things can become hurdles for your business growth. That’s why it is important to use your name wisely.

If you think that your name won’t be effective for your company’s name then try using acronyms or make unique nicknames for your company using your own name. For example, instead of ‘Marry Nick Merrel’ your company as  ‘MNM Roofing company’.

2-   Use objects

Try to use the names of objects, colors, or animals in your company’s name as it’ll give a realistic effect to your name. It is the best idea to create a unique and catchy name for your company. For example,

‘Blue Star construction, LLC’,

‘Roofing monkeys LLC’,

‘Apple Roofing LLC’ and so on. A roofing company offers its services to the general public and using generic names for your company will help your audience feel connected to your company.

But you should use names like these only if you think that they fit the services you are providing. For example, if you are providing more specific services then it is better to use some specific names related to the services you are providing.

3-   Use the location of your company

Many popular roofing companies have used their location in their names. For example, ‘Wyoming Roofing’ and ‘American Roofing and Remodeling’. It is a sort of trend to use business location in your name. Using your location for your company’s name can also help your business rank better on search engines, increasing traffic to your business.

But using a specific location name can also restrict your business growth. People who are not located in your specific business area might think your services are not for them. And your company is providing services only to the people situated in that specific area. There’s also chances that in the future you might not work in that specific area or have to move on to another place.

Therefore, while giving a location-based name to your company use a larger context. Don’t use a specific area name rather use the city name or state name for your company. Using your country’s name is the best idea as it’ll also attract clients who are situated out of the main city.

4-   Try to avoid hardly spelled words

Your company’s name should attract people and it is only possible when the name is remarkable and catchy. Names that are hard to spell are not easy to remember which decreases the chances of attracting clients to your company. Therefore it is very important to use names that are easy to spell and pronounce. Easier to pronounce means easier to find.

According to Bright Local, 74% of consumers use voice for local search on their mobile phones which means using easy names can attract a big number of consumers to your company.

5-   Connect through emotions

As your company is offering its services to the general public it should have a name that people can feel connected to. Psychology plays a meaningful part in connecting with people.

More the people feel connected to your brand, the More are the chances of them becoming your regular customers. Try to add emotional words or stories behind your company’s name. Use words that incite a certain emotion or are sediments of a personal experience.

For example, ‘Values Roofing’, ‘Community Roof company’, ‘Smiling Shingles’ and so on. Using these types of names will not only engage clients but also increases the credibility of your company.

6-   Use a specific name

Try to add your special skill or service that your company is offering in your company’s name to get a unique and attractive name. It’ll provide people a better insight of your company. For example, ‘Direct Roofing and Waterproofing Ltd’ and

‘Precision Roofing and construction’. There would be many companies out there with the word ‘Roofing’ in their name, adding a specific specialty of your company in your company’s name will help you stand out from your competitors.

Adding a specific specialty can also restrict your business in certain ways so it is better to use these sorts of names if your company is well established.

7-   Try compounding

Compounding is the best way to create a unique name. Use two words and join them to create a new name for your company. Using two common words you can come up with a new catchy and unique name.

This trick is also helpful when you can’t find a short name, you can mix the words of your long name to create a remarkable short name. Many renowned roofing company’s names are created by using compounding.

For example, ‘ProTouch Restoration’ and ‘ProTechual home maintenance solution’. But try to make easy names, difficult compound words will be difficult to spell and pronounce making it difficult for people to find your company.

8-   Get feedback

It is important to get feedback. Most people think that they have come up with the best name and they don’t get feedback from anyone. The truth is feedback can be a game-changer in the process of naming. It is not important to get feedback only from experts, the feedback of your friends and family also matters a lot.

They’ll tell you how your name sounds. It is conveying your message or not. By reading the name they understand that it is a Roofing company’s name or not?

If your friends do not perceive your company’s name the way you want it to be perceived then you should think of another name. This process will help you a lot in choosing the best name for your company.

9-   Search through engines

After deciding and finalizing a name for your company, search for that name through search engines. This step is significant to make sure that the name you are using for your company is not already taken.

It’ll also help you check the availability of names for domain and registration. If you found that the name is unique and is available then all your efforts come to an end. Now you have the best and unique name for your roofing company.

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