750+ Record Label Names, Ideas and Suggestions

Looking for a record label business name for your new venture? We all know that naming a business is one of the most important steps for any entrepreneur.

But the business name should identify what your record label offers. You can start by using some of the online free business name generators to discover an array of record label business name ideas, or continue reading our quick guide to learn how to name your record label business.

If you’re ready to start your business, we also recommend taking this part of your business a little seriously. So let’s get started knowing what is best for naming a company. But let me explain what a Record label is if someone doesn’t know.

Record labels are companies, large or small, that manufacture, distribute, and promote the sound recordings of musicians. Record labels work to sell the brand of the artist and the products they create. Various departments within record labels work together to best sell their products and artists.

Record label names

Here is the list of cool record label names and suggestions:

  • Create Digital Record
  • Dancing Astronaut
  • Drowned in Sound
  • Elevator
  • Hip Hop Wired
  • Metal Injection
  • Noise Addicts
  • Obscure Sound
  • Heavy Blog is Heavy
  • Pigeons and Planes
  • The Boombox
  • The Curious Brain
  • The Line of Best Fit
  • This Song is Sick
  • Tiny Mix Tapes
  • Unreality Record
  • 615 Record
  • A Side Productions
  • Acoustics
  • Altar Bar
  • Apple Tree Productions
  • Archer Record
  • Bennett Alliance
  • Black Hole Studios
  • Black Sheep Studios
  • Blue Town Syndicate
  • Cash Money Records
  • Chaotic Records
  • Chopin Theatre
  • Copycats Media
  • Corner Stone Cues
  • CSP Record Group
  • Dark River Studios
  • Dead Game Records
  • Drury Lane
  • Dsign Record
  • Exquisite Productions
  • Extreme Record
  • Fall on Your Sword
  • Forward Media
  • Gemini Production Group
  • GOOD Record
  • Grandma’s House Audio
  • Green Production House
  • Miller Outdoor Theatre
  • Mind’s Eye Productions
  • Mixed Blood Theatre
  • Solomon and Peres
  • Sonic Phantasm Sound Production
  • Sound of Silence Productions

Record label names

Record label name generator

We’ve used AI based name generators to find record label name ideas for you:

  • Sound Rangers
  • Sounds Right Productions
  • Source Interlink Co Inc.
  • Spinning Wheel Studios
  • Springer Opera House
  • Spy Hop Productions
  • Stillwater Studios
  • Studio Center Total Production
  • Suburban Pro Studios
  • Sundays Entertainment
  • Takeover Entertainment
  • World Records
  • Singing Tunes Records
  • Air Horns Music
  • Chamber Music
  • Pop Aria
  • Fantastic Six
  • Boogie Land
  • Pop Anthem
  • Max Sax
  • Gem Records
  • Associated Independent Recording
  • Athenaeum Theatre
  • Audiomachine
  • Bayou Record Center
  • Beaird Record Group Inc.
  • Belt Record
  • Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
  • Bohemian Underground Movement
  • Bravo Record
  • Broken Records
  • Mask Records
  • Sidewalk Music
  • Track International
  • Mama Bear Music Group
  • Smile Entertainment
  • Drumbeat Music
  • Alloy Music
  • Opportunity Records
  • Passion Records
  • Oceanview Records
  • Spirit Music
  • White Rabbit Music
  • Matron Music
  • Track Distribution
  • White Feather Records
  • Third Dimension Records
  • Witness Records
  • Midnight Music
  • Ribbon Records
  • Echo Records
  • Fortune Music
  • Impulse Records
  • Mega Beats
  • Music Monsters
  • Music Rangers
  • Sound Blast!
  • Sound Blends Masters
  • Genius Music House
  • Mix Masters and

Label names

Check out these catchy label names and ideas:

  • Sound Engineers
  • Perfect Note
  • River Sound
  • Interstate Records
  • Emporium Records
  • Harmonized Records
  • Breakthrough Records
  • Jazz Sound
  • Blues Brothers
  • Blues Boys
  • Cyber Tune
  • Plainsong Records
  • Fusioned Tunes Records
  • Toned Records
  • Repoed Music
  • Atrium Records
  • Sprawl Records
  • Alphapop Records
  • Mastery Of Music
  • Bebop Babes Music
  • Folks Love Music
  • Broward Center for the Performing Arts
  • Creative Impulse Entertainment
  • Lion Record
  • Looking Glass Studios
  • Lucky Record
  • Lullaby Animations
  • Lumberjack Productions
  • Marsten House Recording
  • Mascot Label Group
  • Masterdisk
  • Mic Check
  • Mozart & Friends
  • Mystical Productions
  • New Star Record
  • No Slack Productions
  • Notes!
  • Off the Spectrum Productions
  • Orpheum Theatre
  • Parkwood Entertainment
  • Peace of Mind Media
  • Peak Promotions Inc.
  • Platinum Vocals
  • Poppin Productions
  • Presonus
  • Primal Scream Record
  • Pros Record
  • Red Productions
  • Red Zone Entertainment
  • Regulus Films & Entertainment
  • Revolution Pictures
  • Roc Nation
  • Roc-A-Fella Records
  • Rocking Horse Productions
  • Rockland Records
  • Second Motion Entertainment
  • Self-Inflicted Groove
  • Shadowville Productions
  • Signature Tracks
  • Sly Fox Multimedia Group
  • The Recording Conservatory
  • The Stage
  • Three Six Zero
  • Tips Industries Limited
  • Tonal Vision LLC
  • Toxicity Entertainment
  • TPAC
  • TwinSpasm Productions
  • Veneration Record Inc.
  • West 21 Record
  • White Lamb Productions
  • Wise Up & Co.
  • Worldwide Pants
  • Wrecking Ball Studios
  • YBNL Nation
  • Dexterity Record Label Company
  • Crystals Music Group
  • Coasters Records, Inc.
  • Nationwide Record Label
  • Classic Music Group
  • 90Degrees Record Label
  • Sunny Snipes Music Group
  • Independent Star Records
  • RetroMix Records
  • Record Player Label
  • Beatnik Records
  • Hit Mixer
  • Spot On Records
  • SingFace Management
  • Sweet16 Music Group
  • Renowned Record Co.
  • Orange Sofa Records
  • Paradise Records
  • Snowflake Music Group
  • Wonder Records
  • Red Poppy Recording
  • Old School Records
  • Rap Rock Rules Music
  • Hymms Lives Records
  • Hype Beasts Music
  • Swingtime Music
  • Song of Siren
  • Serious Music
  • Rockzzz
  • Let’s Rock
  • Road Song
  • Magic Brothers
  • Pizzicato
  • Double Rock
  • TryHards
  • New Century
  • A&B Records

Names for record labels

Below are the good names for record labels you can use:

  • Universal Records
  • Animation Music
  • Lightbulb Records
  • Spark Music Group
  • Top Charts
  • Chart Toppers
  • Trusted Tunes
  • The Music Machine
  • Music Machinery
  • Studio Supply
  • Unconventional Records
  • Absolute Records
  • Record Studio Records
  • Track Records
  • Discovery Music
  • Lucky Streak Music
  • Elegance Records
  • Memento International
  • Oceanview Records, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Records
  • Mic Biz
  • Record Royalty
  • Musical Machine
  • Perfect Records
  • Royal RecordsMusic Enterprises
  • Vocals Alive Records
  • In The Lab
  • Hit Lab
  • Chart Control
  • Business Of Bounce
  • Royal Records
  • Music Enterprises
  • My Own Music
  • Exceptional Enterprises
  • New Kids On The Block Music
  • Vynil Music
  • GuitarMan
  • Just Sing
  • DIY Music
  • RockLife
  • 360Degree Music
  • Sunshine Music
  • District Records
  • Dragonfire Music
  • Red Lightning Records
  • Repro Records
  • Record Century
  • Monolith Music
  • Signal Records
  • Midnight Records
  • Music Labs Studios
  • Musica Blends
  • Everlasting Sounds
  • Morbid Sounds
  • Sound Roost Productions
  • Summer Aria Recording
  • Lil Ditty Records
  • Platinum Productions
  • Hip-hop Masters
  • Deluge Music
  • Discovery Records
  • Chariot Music
  • Public Record Co.
  • Big Treble Publishing
  • Fretting Guitar Records
  • Happy Harmony Records
  • Tiny Tune Records
  • Retro Mix Records
  • Record Head Music
  • Magic Makers
  • More Magic Music

Record company names

These are great record company names and ideas:

  • Sound Systems
  • Real Music Now
  • Swing time Music
  • Love Music Records
  • Modern Modes Music
  • Live Life Records
  • Aired Out Music
  • New Chord
  • Artist Alliance Recording
  • Good Company Records
  • Vital Records
  • Record Gauge
  • Your Record Label
  • American Western Records
  • Serious Sounds
  • Record Accord
  • Music Lab
  • Hit Makers
  • Music Mastery Unlimited
  • Studio Doctors
  • Sound Supremacy
  • Super Studio
  • Hit Supply
  • Custom Curation
  • Bounce Biz
  • Folk Fusion Music
  • Voices Records
  • The Loft Music
  • Metered Records
  • Daily Sound Dose
  • Summertime Soundtrack Group
  • Magic of Music
  • Music’S Master
  • Well Recorded
  • Tuned in Records
  • Turnt Up Music
  • Perfect Record
  • My Own Music
  • Record RoyaltyMusical Machine
  • Studio Key
  • Soul Sessions
  • Harmonized Moans Music
  • The Classics Music
  • Black Jack Music
  • Heavy Vibes Music
  • We Make Music Records
  • Old Symphony
  • Country Road
  • MusiX
  • Harmony Record
  • Land of Music
  • Power Strings
  • Drum Masters
  • Polygon Records
  • Basement Records
  • Disc-Over Records
  • Delphi Records
  • Music Masters
  • Music Laboratory
  • Tempting Tunes
  • Music Doctors
  • Studio Magic
  • Supreme Sound
  • Sound Studio
  • Hit Factory

Record labels names ideas

Some creative record label names ideas are here:

  • Bounce Bounty
  • Music Men Records
  • Soulmen Records
  • Acoustic Cool Records
  • Classic Sounds Records
  • The New School Music
  • Piece By Peace Music
  • Gospel Gains Records
  • Jazz Jives Music
  • A Cappella Tunes Records
  • Rocked Out Music
  • Song Cry Records
  • Swing High Records
  • Girl Chat Music
  • 8th Note
  • Electric Guys
  • New Edge
  • Moon Records
  • Rhythm Corp
  • Next Door
  • Vocalus
  • Mix Tape
  • MusicMan
  • Iron Violin
  • Just Hear
  • Street Music
  • Adoration Entertainment
  • Full Moon Records, Inc.
  • Sound Boost Productions
  • HotBed Muxic
  • Syracuse Boom Sounds
  • Luminate!!
  • Loud House Music Studios
  • Acoustic Music
  • Güd Muzic Management
  • Penny Lane Music
  • Under Radar Records
  • Royal Descendant Records
  • First Dance Management
  • Saturday Drive Records
  • Recordeurs
  • Augustine Record Co.
  • Melody House
  • Dance Science
  • Last Note
  • Piano Legend
  • Sonata Records
  • Topbase Records
  • Newlife Music
  • Lab Doctors
  • Music Magicians
  • Super Sounds
  • Music Box
  • Melody Marvels
  • Souled Out Records

How to Name a Record Label Company?

1.      Determine Business

So how you want your record label business to be perceived by the public? Don’t you ever think of it? If not, better work on it.

A business name should be memorable and catchy, relatable to your customers, and set clear hope relating to products, services.

But make sure that you as an owner are aware of the desired target market, how you want to attract them, and the specific emotions you want your brand name to remind.

2.      Brainstorming

There are many ways you can brainstorm a business name for your record label. This part of the naming process can be a lot of fun.

Here we have shared some brainstorming techniques that you can use to get your creativity and inspire you to find the best brand name for your new business.

  • Write down a list of specific keywords for your record label business name.
  • Visualize the type of business you are trying to create and everything that comes along with a record.
  • Think of some adjectives which would illustrate your record label and theproducts you are offering.
  • Experiment with other branding strategies and brainstorming techniques.

The above-mentioned ideas are just a few general brainstorming tips. You need to keep on reading to know more creative strategies to get name ideas.

3.      Some Record Label Business Name Ideas

We have compiled some of the creative and catchy business name ideas for a record label.

Hopefully, these brand names will inspire you to come up with the best appropriate one for your own. Check out what we came up with below:

  • Excelsior Records
  • Breakneck Speed Records
  • Good Muzic Management
  • Penny Lane Music
  • Starlight Music Publishing
  • Pink Fantasy Records
  • Banknote Records
  • Summer Aria Recording
  • Lil Ditty Records
  • Red Poppy Recording
  • Under Radar Records
  • Royal Descendant Records
  • Renowned Record Co.
  • ATX Record Group
  • Northwest Music Management

4.      Add some Personal Touch

Since it is your record label, you may pick to name the business after yourself. If you plan on branching out into other parts of the music business, such as live music booking or video production, then using your full name may be appropriate.

For example, putting the words “production” or “enterprises” after your first name will be creating a professional-sounding record label name.

If you aim to stay with just being a record label then putting the words “records,” “artists” or “music” after your last name can be the best formula for your record label name.

5.      Use Specific Genre

Naming your record label after a genre is going to establish the name in the minds of record distributors and artists. If you intend to symbolize multiple genres, then experiment with word combinations from all of your musical segments to get your record label name.

For instance, a record label that represents hip hop and heavy metal could call itself “Heavy Hop Records” or “Metal Rap Music.”

Think of some word combinations within musical genres to find a name that you feel best represents your label.

6.      What You Stand For

In some cases, a record label chooses to represent music from a particular culture or cause rather than a genre. Native American music, regardless of its genre, may find a home on the same label.

Music was written to help the starving people of the world could be recorded all by the same label regardless of its musical genre.

Start putting together word combinations that best represent your label’s message to come up with a label name. Develop a name that is only three or four words, but best portrays what you and your record label stand for.

7.      Keep in Mind the Location

The name of your city is one of the great ways to brand your business and let your public know that you are open for business.

You can also think of some catch and funky nicknames defining what your city or state is well known for.

Also, you can use slogans or historical accounts that define your location. You can use these to your advantage when coming up with business names.

8.      Connecting Human Emotion

We all know that psychology plays a big role in connecting with people and people who feel connected to your business become loyal customers.

This is why words that tend to evoke a certain emotion, reminders of personal experiences, and travel memories may be good for business and branding.

Incorporating these experiences in a brand name can be a sure way to earn repeat customers for your record label business.

9.      Keep It Short

Short business names are usually easier to remember. Preferably, you want to stick to two to three syllables and hopefully no more than 25 characters total.

However, the shorter the name, the better will be the game.

With that said, there are exceptions to this, and it’s not a hard rule. But, when you think about huge, notable brands, which ones come to mind?

Nike, Apple, Target.

They’re easy to remember because they’re short, simple. There are exceptions to these rules. But typically, the shorter and simpler your name, the easier it is for everyone to remember.

10.  Avoid Hard to Hear and Pronounce Names

Voice to text and voice search is more popular now than ever before. So, it’s important to consider making your name easy to pronounce and hear.

To do this, avoid using:

  • misspelled words
  • Complex terms
  • Words that have several pronunciations
  • Homophones like to, too, and two

Consider Music Related Terms

Since you’re opening a record label, it might make sense to include common words used in the music industry, especially if you’re feeling stuck. It may help to start brainstorming terms, phrases, and words to get all your ideas down on paper.


Digital recording technology has made the goal of starting a record label within reach for more entrepreneurs. Starting a record label is hard work, and when you represent your business you want a name that people will remember.

Use different methods of creating record label name ideas to come up with a list of names to choose from.

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