500+ Creative Photography Studio Names Ideas

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with a good name for a photography studio.

  • You’ll have hundreds of elegant photography name ideas to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with creative photography business names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good photography business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm photography name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Photography Studio Names

These are the creative studio names for your photography business:

  • Shooting Photography
  • New Photography Studio
  • Oakbank cottages
  • The Point Studio
  • Curves Photography Studios
  • All The World’s A Studio
  • Paper Mill Studios
  • Cambridge Head Shots
  • PB Studio Events
  • Andy Carson Still Life Photography Studio
  • Carlo Mullen Photography
  • 69 drops Studio
  • Tribe7 Studios
  • Penn Road Studio
  • K W Photography Studio
  • Loft Studios
  • Vanity Studios
  • Bartley Portrait Studios
  • Photo Studio
  • Icon photography Studios
  • Calvert Studios Ltd
  • Ivy Rose Studio
  • Jewellery Photography Studio
  • Fisher Studios
  • Nemi Miller Photography
  • EyeMedia Studios
  • Backdropsource

Photography Names Ideas

These are some of the elegant names for your photography business:

  • Street Studios
  • Zoom Photography Studio
  • Rao Photo Studio
  • MO Studios
  • Boxed Studios
  • Studio 37 Photography Ltd
  • The Brighton Studio
  • Venture Photography Cardiff
  • Holborn Studios
  • Venture Photography
  • MUG Photography
  • York Place Studios
  • Venture Photography
  • Big Sky Studios
  • The Portrait Studio
  • Studio X Photography
  • STUDIO81
  • The Photo Studio
  • White Studios LTD
  • Milk Photography Studio
  • Faces Studio
  • Take My Photo Studio
  • Photolife Studios
  • Boutique Lifestyle Photography
  • Colour City Studio
  • New Lynn Photos
  • Smith Studios
  • The Family Photography Studio
  • Photospace
  • Nimmo Photography
  • Thievery Studio
  • The Best Passport Photo and Portrait Studio

Cute photography Name Ideas

Following are the cute photography business name ideas:

  • Heritage Studios Ltd
  • Photo Warehouse
  • LupinBay Photography
  • Chocolate Dog Studio
  • Century Film Studios
  • Photo Digital
  • Photolife Studios
  • Pixel Matrix
  • The Photo Studio Melbourne
  • Camperdown Studios
  • Monte Luke Photography Studio
  • Silver Shadow Photography Studio
  • Image Portrait Studio
  • PhoCo Australia Pty Ltd – Photo Studio Hire
  • Sydney Props Photo Studios
  • Cooper Studio
  • Live Photography
  • Studio1000
  • SUNSTUDIOS Melbourne
  • Nikita Photography Studios
  • Riley Street Studio
  • The Establishment Studios
  • LOOKYLOOKY Baby Photography
  • Milk Honey Photography
  • Working Proof Studios
  • Shutter Space Studio Canada
  • Magenta Photo Fairview Pointe-Claire
  • Studio Cozy
  • Mint Room Studios
  • Photos Unlimited Portrait Studios
  • AGI Studio
  • Studio By House
  • Westside Studio
  • Magenta

Personal Photography Names

Here are the coolest personal photography names:

  • JIS Image Studio
  • Asset Factory
  • A Beautiful Photo
  • Seddon Portrait House
  • Portraits by Design
  • Nelson Photography Studio
  • Studio 4 Photography
  • Lime Studio Photography
  • Courtenay Studios
  • Firefly Photography
  • Freestyle Event Photography
  • Headshot Studio
  • Profile Photos Wellington
  • Cactus Photography
  • Photo Hive
  • Jenna Young Photography
  • Timeless Images Photography
  • McRobie Studios
  • BlackBorder Creative Studios
  • Studio 541
  • Studio 9 Portraits
  • Acorn Creative
  • Tulloch Photography
  • Tara Sutherland
  • TreveImage
  • Anna Munro Photography
  • Azul Studios PhotoVideo
  • Sarahlee Studio
  • Hunter Studio
  • Marque Brand Studios
  • Kodak Express
  • Beverley Studios Limited 2011

photography business name ideas

How to Name a Photography Business

Photography is a fun activity but when this appears in a business form, it needs some ultimate seriousness towards it.

The hardest part for people getting their photography business is choosing their names, because in local photography marketing and creating your brand is not an easy task particularly when the market is very drenched.

There are two options when it comes to naming your photography business; you can name the business after your name or get some catchy phrase.

How do you Decide Business Name (if it’s not YOUR name)

  • It must be unique
  • Your client can easily remember it
  • Don’t misspell
  • Play with words (with no meaning also works)
  • Make sure it’s easy to pronounce
  • Must be classic that won’t change your mind down the road
  • Do go for technical words
  • Simplicity is the key component
  • It must be relevant to the photography type
  • Be you; get a name that represents your art.

So if you have decided to turn your passion to your professional business and didn’t come with some good name; look no further. Here we have compiled all the necessary details that will help you with the dos and don’ts of naming a photography business.

Characteristics of a Good Photography Business Name

When naming a photography business, you need to ask yourself some questions like;

  • What message you want to portray through business name
  • What are your priorities? Do you want to relate it to the products or services?
  • What you want people to think about your business name
  • What about the names of your competition
  • Any liking or disliking about the business name

Now we are heading towards a step by step process to get some perfect and good name for photography business, but generally, these are the characteristics that should be in mind before naming any business;

Show Personality

People used to hire other people which resonate with their values and likes so it’s very important to have a clear personality from the beginning.

It is far better to know what kind of photography services your business is going to pursue; whether going for a wedding shoot, or product photography or go for some brand shoots.

Whatever name you select, if it is going well together with your branding; including website, logo, fonts, tone. This makes sure in attracting the right clients towards your business.

Position of Photography Business

A good brand name doesn’t any extra effort to position your business and also helps in separating you from a long queue of competition.

For instance; “Portrait Photographer” immediately yourself as a portrait photographer and this gives you the upper hand compared to other photographers.

If the business integrity is depending on the name, then half of your marketing is done if you got the right name.

For this, take a look at the mission statement, business plan, and your USP (unique selling point); don’t forget to think about your potential target audience.

But this seems to limit oneself; as success in photography comes from being highly focused in one particular area.

Whereas a good professional photographer is often a specialist of all categories, so go for something which appeals to your client and don’t let them search for other photographers.

If you want to expand your photography; there is always an option to rebrand or start an entirely new business with some new thrilling name.

Lends for Marketing

Visualize how your business name will look like when it’s written on hoardings, business cards, or on social media posts.

Is there any option of writing a business name with a logo or is it short enough? Does it work well for a domain name? Also if you will be using Twitter or Instagram, you need to use the hashtag; so how it would be looking then.


Something which seems trendy today might comebacker after some years to haunt you. So this is again an important factor to choose some elegant name for your photography business that can stand the test of time.

Keep it Simple

Naming a photography business doesn’t need a month of racking your brain or paying for expert consultation to tell what works better for your business.

So if you are using a name other than your own, like any catchy word or phrase; try to keep it simple which means it is short and sweet.

These traits make it easy for people to remember and you don’t want people to get your name confused with.

Try to ask your friends or family members to call it or memorize it; if they happily call or memorize it there are chances that the client might not get confused or bored naming your brand.


Depth is one of that cool stuff that is hard to explain at first, but this comes apparent over time. Nike has depth; do you know Nike was the winged goddess of victory? I wonder that the wings can be some sort of inspiration for the “swoosh” logo.

The sports logo and you named it after the winged goddess of strength and victory; this in-depth you can grow into your brand.


What would be the “feel of the name”, can you run a Facebook ad campaign just based on a name? when people call a name, does it prompt them to know something more? Or that has something that people want to wear or try them on the spot when they got to know.

Avoid confusion

Remain creative when name a photography business is possible undoubtedly, but try not to go overboard.

Sometimes wordplay strategy only makes things more complicated for others to figure out what is the meaning of your name.

For instance; ICSnaps might be wordplay on “I See Snaps”, but unless you get a chance to explain a name to your clients most of the people won’t understand it and fail to get it.

So let alone figure out what your business is about. Also, it might be hard for people to find you online as there are chances to misspell these sorts of names.

Always put your brand name to the test by asking others to spell it.

Sounds Good

A name that sounds good when it is called aloud is perfectly easy to remember and tell others about it. This also prevents others from struggling with calling your name when going for meetings or interviews.

For photographers, a word of mouth is important and if people have to repeat themselves when sharing your name; they might stop doing so.

If possible, consider using an alliteration (words that start with the same consonants); like coca-cola.

Check Availability

If you find a good name for your photography business, it must be great if you could start using it for marketing or advertising purpose.

You can step further by registering your business name as a trademark if possible. But don’t use or modify any existing brand, this may lead you into some legal issues.

There are lots of free tools available to check if the trademark is available or taken. If the name is already taken by someone that has nothing to do with the photography it should be ok but this can make some clients confused about the product or service.

Naming Your Business after Yourself

While you can be very creative when naming your photography business, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best option.

In this regard, it makes sense to name your business after your name. this way you will be making yourself a brand.

You are YOUR OWN Business

The value of your business is you and there is no second option. It is your idea, your vision, your skills, and your creativity which sets you apart from others.

People hire others; by naming your business with your name this would be much easier for them to relate and feel some more professional stuff.

Referring You

When you are the name of your business, people don’t need to remember two different names. Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing channels for photographers which matters a lot for them.

Your known people including family and friends can be the biggest factor in the growth of your photography business.

They can refer to you as easy as possible for them because it matters what they tell others about you. So marketing a person and business is two different tasks but this is you who can elaborate them wisely.

Always keep your Options Open

The moment you identifying what you do as a photographer is a good thing; and keeping an option can also be full of advantages for you and your business.

By using your name, there is always the option of expanding your business into different types of photography later.

Probably Available

As we have gone through that the business name that you are going to select must be available for the domain name and social media handles.

Through one’s name is quite specific but there are chances that those usernames are still in someone else’s use. So come with more generic use and figure out whether it’s available or not.

Classic is a Key

Choose that name which stands the test of time, and try to avoid anything too trendy because five years now you may find that trend has passed and people associate your business with something outdated.

You must have answers to a few questions before finalizing a name; whether a name would appeal to all types of clients? Are you going to get a higher number of clients in the future with this name?

You might hate to rebrand your business name if something happens. If you only photograph a certain niche, so you should name after that specialty without any fear.

And if you decide to expand your business in the future; rebrand it or start a new business with a new name.

Set apart from the Crowd

Naming a photography business needs to set you apart from the crowd, as people have got a DSLR and they have started their work without having much knowledge about the profession.

Think of five words that describe you and your photography better and check where it takes you. What sort of client do you plan to work with?

Would those clients resonate with your brand and specialties or not; that’s what will set you apart. Do remember one thing that this is not all about you; you also have to appeal an ideal client by showing something extra.

Final Words

This is all about naming your photography business; using some phrases, catchy words, or your own name. By doing so you can definitely come up with some exciting names that can complement your business idea.

More Names:

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