960+ Party Planning Business Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

Choosing a name for your party planning business can be a daunting as well as an exciting process. We want our business name pretty memorable, straightforward, and exciting.

One might not want to reinvent the wheel, but you must pick a name that tells people what you do. Here are a few exercises to help you get your process started.

But before heading, we want you to know the value of naming a business;

What’s in a Name?

Well, there is a lot! They say people make up their mind about a brand in less than 30 seconds, and that’s true. That’s not a lot of time, so make it count!

Whether you like it or not, your brand’s name is going to be the first impression your potential clients receive. You’ll want to choose a name that is relatable, punchy, or interesting enough to make people want to know more.

Party planning business names

Before you choose a business name, you need to establish your event planning brand’s values. Pick a name that fits in with your brand image.

Once you have a general description of your brand’s core values, you’ll be better equipped to make a shortlist of possible names. Here we have suggested some of the name ideas for your party planning business:

  • Decadence Parties
  • Just-In-Time
  • Party Crew Events
  • Elegance Planned
  • Organizing With Style
  • One In A Million
  • Party Maker
  • Happy Scheduler
  • Good Time Organizer
  • Party Professionals
  • Sparkle & Shine Parties
  • Memorable Creations
  • Premier Events & Decor
  • Seven Ivory Brides Wedding
  • Ocean Dream Parties
  • Wedded Occasions
  • Social Hour Productions
  • Inventive Events
  • Bride and Groom
  • Petals Promises
  • Platinum Taste Parties
  • True Dreams
  • Enchanted Events
  • The Graceful Groom
  • Groovy Weddings
  • Parties A’La Carte
  • Sapphire Bride
  • Marital Moments
  • One Bride
  • Ceremony Celebration
  • Wanted Parties
  • Lavish Vents
  • Rel-Event
  • The Creative’s Loft
  • Luminous Event Planner
  • Outstanding Occasions
  • 360 Degree Planner
  • Monumental Event Planning
  • A White Sand Parties
  • The Perfect Affair
  • The Posh Affair
  • Bixler Parties
  • Loved Vintage Treasures
  • Fairytale Parties
  • Posh Parties
  • Bloomy Parties
  • Blue Water Parties

Party name ideas

Here is the list of creative party related names ideas:

  • Immaculate Events
  • Tickled Pink Brides
  • 27 Miracles Parties
  • Wedding Staircase
  • Topnotch Parties Planners
  • Bloomington Parties
  • E-Vogue Photo
  • Event Horizon
  • The Bridal Helpline
  • Destination Parties
  • Gorgeous Galas
  • The Flower Cart
  • Starlight Event
  • One Sweet Slice
  • Amore Events
  • Beach Promises
  • Lotus Production
  • Black Tie Weddings
  • The Storybook Event
  • Phenomenal Parties Planning
  • The Dixie Bridal Guide
  • Choreographed Events
  • Checklist Conquered
  • Parties Emporium
  • Ion Events
  • Mammoth Parties
  • Award Winning Events
  • Snap Events
  • Noteworthy Events
  • Spectacular Parties Planning
  • Eccentric Parties

Catchy names for a party shop

These are the catchy name ideas for party shops:

  • Venue 650 Parties
  • Days Remembered
  • Unveiled Beauty Services
  • Bridal Aesthetics
  • Ice Occasions
  • Grand Nuptials
  • The Ordered Step Parties
  • Honeydew Events
  • Vibrant Events
  • Joyous Day Weddings
  • Party Productions
  • Petals Florist
  • Enchanted Gardens
  • Ceremaniacs
  • Bride’N Grooms
  • A Fare Extraordinaire
  • Divine Events
  • Dream Organizers
  • Empire Events Group
  • Events Unlocked
  • Memories Made
  • Party Pies
  • Premier Event Management
  • Shimmer
  • Staging Associations
  • The Impulse Group
  • White Frame Events
  • Choice Productions
  • Divine Party Planners
  • Encore Creative
  • Highlife Productions
  • Party Planning Mom
  • Premier Performance
  • Serendipity

Names for decorating business

Some of the best names for decorating businesses are:

  • The Parties Mania
  • The Parties Planners
  • Planning Gurus
  • Vintage Planning
  • The Party Guys
  • The Wedding Specialists
  • The Corporate Contrivers
  • Zeal-N-Pomp
  • Desire meet
  • Dark Roast Events
  • Alive Dreams
  • Mayflower Memories
  • Extended Occasions
  • Royal Occasions
  • Monumental Parties Planning
  • Star Spree Events
  • Purple Truffle Events
  • White Swan
  • Morning Frost Events
  • Winding River Events
  • Reflections Events
  • Opulent Events
  • Event Petals Events
  • Bamboo Grove Event Planning
  • Wedding Miracles
  • Royal Gala Events
  • Gorgeous Galas
  • Triple Time Events
  • Smashing Sparks

Party decorations names

These are the cool party decorations names for you:

  • The Royal Day Events
  • People merge
  • Sculpted Memories
  • Perfect Affair Events
  • Highwood Terrace Parties
  • Morningside Heights Events
  • Extraordinary Parties
  • Planning Pros
  • TheSharp Events
  • Grand Plan Events
  • Showtime Events
  • The Clever Countdown
  • White Fox Event Planning
  • Buttercup Parties
  • Center Podium Events
  • City Slick Events
  • Clever Countdown
  • CreativeCorner
  • Dancing Leaf Events
  • Eccentric Event
  • Effortless Events
  • Fiestas Galore
  • Gold Medal Events
  • Greenleaf Court Parties
  • Happiness Event
  • Helping Hosts
  • Hyde Park Event Design
  • Leather Club Chair Events
  • Log Cabin Event Planning
  • Lustrous Pearl Parties

Party event names

Have a look at these unique party event names and ideas:

  • A Flair to Remember
  • All Purpose Flower
  • Creative Outings
  • Cupcakes and Carats
  • Dream Creations
  • Effortless Events
  • Fast n’ Furious
  • Key Events
  • Little Bird Celebrations
  • My Princess Party
  • Right Hand Events
  • The Big Night
  • Unbridled Solutions
  • Wonder Weddings
  • Bliss Events
  • Charmed Events
  • Creative Corner
  • Dazzle Me Parties
  • Fab Functions
  • Party Curators
  • Steller Style Events
  • The Big Bash
  • Total Sound Productions
  • Touch of Elegance Events
  • Abbey Party Rents
  • Castles N Coasters
  • Dazzling Designers
  • Dream Team
  • Elegant Planners
  • Foxfire Events

Club party names

These are the great party club names to consider:

  • Go Team Adventures
  • One Touch Parties
  • Party Experimenters
  • Polka Dot Parties
  • Splendid Soirees
  • Strategic Event Design
  • The Manor House
  • Blue Goose Parties
  • Elevated
  • Fete n’ Fiesta
  • Revelry
  • Sparkling Events
  • Sunshine Events
  • True North Event
  • Vibrant Events
  • Checklist Event Planning
  • The Magic Touch
  • Ultra-professional Events
  • Classic Party Renters
  • Impulse Productions
  • Inspire Productions
  • InStyle Wedding Planning
  • Pacific Event Productions
  • Party Prep
  • Style Organizers
  • Timeless Event Planning
  • Untouchable Events
  • Vineyard Event Decoration
  • Event Wedding Planning
  • Evolutionary Events
  • Ideas Special Events

Party house names

Here are the fun party house names:

  • Moore Style Parties
  • Platinum Living Events
  • Sapphire Event Marketing
  • Stamp Event Management
  • The Parties Concierge
  • Mid-Century Elegance Events
  • Morning Frost Parties
  • Neighborhood Event Planning
  • Northern Lights Event Planners
  • Noteworthy Parties
  • Onward and Upward Event Planners
  • Orange Door Event Planning
  • Painted Desert Event Designs
  • Party Planning Deluxe
  • Inspired Parties
  • Formal Functions
  • Southern Events Company
  • Prime Time Entertainment
  • Enchanted Weddings
  • The Velvet Box
  • The Marriage Market
  • Fabulous Functions
  • Decisive Planners
  • Irresistible Parties
  • Bridal Bliss

Names for event planning company

These are the cool names for event planning companies:

  • Balloons N Ribbons
  • Birthday Blings
  • Down the Aisle
  • Forevermore Events
  • Last Moment Savers
  • Plan Ahead
  • Style Savvy
  • Top Notch Event Planning
  • 4PM Events
  • Belle of the Ball
  • Event Connects
  • Legendary Events
  • Ranch Events
  • The Event Firm
  • Unforgettable Events
  • 4 Diamond Events
  • Birthday Bash
  • Creative Catering
  • Let The Party Begin
  • Sidekick Events
  • The Go Game
  • Your Party Guide
  • Amicus Events
  • Calluna Events
  • Eventor
  • Palette X Events

Event planning business names

These are the best event planning business names of all time:

  • Event Emporium
  • Parties Expo
  • Eventive
  • Front Row Events
  • Gemstone Events
  • Gold Jacquard Events
  • Honored Guests Events
  • House Lights Event Planners
  • iDo Events
  • Luxury Parties
  • Eventrite Planners
  • Fervent Designs
  • Flawless Functions
  • Suncoast Weddings and Events
  • Wishing Well Barn
  • Bellview Events
  • White Tent Events
  • Couture Weddings
  • Bramble Tree Estate
  • Dynamic Entertainment
  • Radiant Weddings
  • Envisioned Events
  • En Vogue Events
  • Lone Star Parties
  • White Dove Memories

Event planning names

These are memorable event planning names that will inspire your ideas:

  • Brilliant Event Planning
  • Creative Event Planning
  • Elegant Occasions
  • Maximum Event Staffing
  • Table 6 Productions
  • The Conference Connect
  • CreativeCorner
  • AllSeasonWeddings
  • Affair Artistry
  • SparkleVenture
  • Eventful Events
  • Good ventura
  • Dazzleria Events
  • Occasiya
  • Skrimbo Events
  • Primo Events
  • Event Executor
  • Purple Peony Events
  • Day Makers
  • Simply Suited
  • Event Fling
  • Be Our Guest Events
  • Chic Cookie Event Design
  • Dare to Dream Events
  • Dark Roast Events

Party names list

The following are the mix of different types of party related names list:

  • Party People Rentals
  • Silver Lining Events
  • The Bliss!
  • The Newlyweds Parties
  • Adorn Your Occasion
  • Crown Point Catering
  • Parties Planners Plus
  • Good Time Design
  • Maximize Events
  • Variety Vintage Events
  • Your Planning Checklist
  • Birch Event Design
  • Bowtie
  • Enliven Production Group
  • FIRST Global Events
  • Inspired Connections
  • Sculpted Designs
  • Simply Gorgeous Events
  • Smart Associations
  • 5th Avenue Weddings
  • Endless Events
  • Knox Planning
  • Memorable Events
  • Premini Events
  • SWANK Productions

party planning business names and ideas

Steps to Consider While Naming a Party Planner Business

1.      Name-based on your niche

Before you choose a business name, it would be much better if you develop a few options based on what you do, your niche, and your favourite themes linked to your place.

Remember, you might not be able to register your first choice, so you need to select a few options.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • List the top three ideas based on the products or services you plan to provide
  • List down top three ideas in your particular niche (e.g. affordable event linens, exclusive invitation designs for small businesses)
  • Provide three good options combining a favourite theme with your particular niche: (e.g. Insta Party Business Product Launch)

2.      Making a Short List

There are numerous sources from which you can draw inspiration for a business name. Once you have an idea of the message you want to convey, start looking for words, phrases or names that get that message. Consider looking into:

  • Proper names
  • Words in other languages
  • Synonyms
  • Clichés or popular phrases
  • Names from books

Don’t limit yourself here. Be as creative as you want and write down every contender for your business name. Even if you come up with a ridiculously cheesy name, write it down.

It helps eliminate it from your thought process, and writing it down can inspire further creativity. You’ll probably find it’ll take about 10-20 names before starting to think outside the box and come up with some real winners.

Once your first list is made, go through it and eliminate the names you don’t like. Then, order the ones you DO like from favourite to least favourite.

3.      Find a list of companies.

For example, I am obsessed with the event planning company name “Save the Date”.

Here are some ideas to get you started professionally;

  • You can list three business names that you love.
  • List three words that resonate with you that might be used to describe your business

4.      Mix and Match

Once your ideas are flowing, I want you to try pairing different words and images from Step 1and 2 to create a list of names that you like.

5.      Evaluate your business name

Once you’ve found a right name, try completing an evaluation to see if it works. For example, have you checked search engine to make sure the same or a similar name is not already listed? Is your name available from a .com domain?

6.      Keep It Simple

Many business owners try to be ultra-clever with their business name. Unfortunately, this often backfires and leaves clients wondering what the business name means.

For instance; if you have to explain or apologize about your name to clients, you chose poorly. While you want your business name to convey your core values, you also want something that people will understand.

A business name needs to be short and snappy. Think about the top brand names out there today. Are any of them more than two words long?

Make sure the business name works FOR you, and not AGAINST you.

7.      Consider the Spelling

Do the names on your list contain unusual words or those that are commonly misspelt? Consider how that will affect your customers if they try to find you online.

This is especially tricky when you get into proper names or words from foreign languages. Even within the English language, there are variations between American and British English.

Examine your business capacity and know will you just be planning local graduation and anniversary parties? Then use your regional spelling variants. If you’re going to be doing international luxurious party planning, you may want to consider the countries you’re specializing in.

8.      Make it Internet Friendly.

By now, your list of potential business names is probably much shorter than when you just started. Online. Ideally, your website will be “www.YourBusinessName.com”.

If you can’t get your exact name:

Let’s talk about it that you have done your research and know for a fact that “Events” is NOT a trademarked term, so there are no legal restrictions to your using that name.

You find out that www.JreeEvents.com is already taken, but www.JamboreeEventsNewYork.com is available. Or, knowing that “.com” is accepted, you find that “.info” or “.ca” or “.au” or some other extension is available.

You can move forward and build your business website with these variants, but consider the side effects of doing so. Know you’ll always be competing with the existing website for visitors and traffic.

And you’ll have to put a lot more time and energy into your online strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition with the same name. Customers will also typically look for a “.com” first. If you don’t own it, some customers might inadvertently end up on someone else’s website.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we recommend that you pick another name altogether. It’s hard if you’ve already grown attached to a name. But don’t bank on the idea that having a similar name to another successful company is good for business.

It’s not! In the world of event planning, people want unique, personalized events. Why would they approach a company that doesn’t even have its unique branding and name?

Having potential clients think you’re a branch of an existing business that they’ve used in the past won’t get your working relationship started on the right foot. Instead, search for other top contenders on your list that you CAN register an easily-recognizable website with!

A final word of advice; at the end of the day, be sure that you choose a business name that you like!

More Names:

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