960+ Catchy Painting Company Names, Ideas and Suggestions

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Or in other words; what’s in a name?

One cannot represent his company to the fullest with just a name, but a name would help make a reputation among the target market.

There are more than 2 million painting companies just in the US alone, so there isn’t any surprise setting on a unique name the moment starting a painting business is pretty hard.

Choosing the right business name gives your targeted market an idea about the business you are running. It creates an excellent first impression and finally helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Painting Business Name Ideas

Here is the list of catchy painting business name ideas:

  • Neighborly Painters
  • Friends Painting Enterprises
  • Paint Pals
  • Proficient Painters
  • Blue Fox
  • The Italian Job Painting
  • Paint Chimp
  • Painters Helping People
  • All Care Painting
  • Your Contractor
  • Exclusive Painting Service
  • Laguna Painting
  • Level 10 Painting
  • Liberty Painting
  • Russell’s Painting
  • TNT Painting
  • Top Painters
  • True Colors Painting
  • West Coast Painting
  • Brush Bros
  • The Paint Professionals
  • Exterior Services
  • Painting with Pride
  • A Lady & A Brush
  • Hue Got It
  • Affordable Painters
  • Paint Perfection
  • Brush + Color
  • Pro Paints
  • Benchmark Painting and Carpentry
  • Fresh Coat
  • A Stroke of Perfection
  • Budget Painting
  • Complete Home Painting
  • Prime & Paint
  • Splash of Color
  • Choice Painting
  • Pure Painters
  • The Right Hue
  • Comfort in Color
  • Hue House
  • Color Me Happy
  • Esteem Painting
  • Polished in Pigment
  • Painting Plus
  • Expert Painting & Roofing
  • Distinguished Painters
  • Colorful Visions
  • Color Made Easy
  • Classic Colors
  • Apple Painters
  • Able Painting
  • Classy Coats
  • Deluxe Painting Services
  • Stroke of Genius
  • Colors United
  • Extreme Contracting
  • Elite Wallpapering
  • Master Piece
  • In Full Color
  • Refresh
  • AAA Painting Services
  • Painters Extraordinaire
  • Painting Precision
  • Exceptional Painting
  • The Coating Company
  • Work of Art Painters

Catchy painting and decorating names

These are the catchy painting and decorating names:

  • Family Painting Services
  • First Class Painting
  • Five Star Painting and Decorating
  • Four Seasons Painting and Siding
  • Freshcoat Painting
  • Gold Medal Painting
  • HS Plastering & Painting
  • Preferred Home Painters
  • Prestige Painting
  • Reliable Painting
  • Renew Home Painting
  • Royal Painting Company
  • Supreme Painters
  • Ultimate Painting
  • Value Painting Services
  • Whole House Painting
  • Woman’s Touch Painting & Decorating
  • Xtreme Painting
  • Wall’s Paradise
  • The Decorative Walls
  • Painted Lady Mural
  • Walls Adorned
  • Brightest Design Mural
  • Favorite Wall
  • Building Tattoo
  • Structurally Painted
  • New Images Mural
  • Divine Mural Painter
  • Narnia Mural
  • Mural Profound
  • The Largest Canvas
  • Scale Art Murals
  • Universe Mural
  • Big Wall Stories
  • Walled Style

Paint company names

The following are the best paint company name ideas and suggestions:

  • Murals of Giants
  • The House Painters
  • Clean Cat Painting
  • Precision Painting
  • Grays Fine Finishing
  • Fantastic Finishes LLC
  • Energy 1st Exteriors
  • All Star Drywall & Painting
  • Mr Affordable Painting
  • The Master Painters
  • Sagebrush Paint Co
  • Rent Painters
  • Liberty Painting
  • Davinci’s Painting
  • Millennium USA Painting
  • Beautiful Home Services
  • The Brush Brothers
  • Paint It Right
  • Brush Hour
  • Choose My New Tones
  • Color My Life
  • Coats of Quality
  • True Colors
  • Strokes of Genius
  • Tasteful Tones
  • Brush Up My Home
  • Paint Without the Pain
  • Color Magic
  • Renew My Walls

Painting company names

These awesome painting company names will inspire your ideas:

  • We Paint Your World
  • In a Rush to Brush
  • Timeless Tones
  • Creative Colors
  • We Paint Your Town
  • Subtle Strokes
  • Paint palette
  • Funky Paints Painting
  • The Professional painter
  • Paint Shed
  • Paint Works
  • First Call Painters
  • Painted Dreams
  • Serious Strokes
  • Classy Coats
  • Paint America
  • Colour Charade
  • Wares N Inks
  • Curated Coats
  • Comfort in Color
  • Color Collection
  • The Paint Guru
  • Professional Painters For You
  • Polished in Pigment
  • Colour Cribs
  • Practical Paints
  • The Paint Kings
  • Hoffman Painting Services

Painting company name ideas

Professional paint company names

Pick brandable words from these professional paint company names:

  • Color Castle
  • Splash!
  • Color Castle
  • Paint Green
  • Dyes N Art
  • El Pintura
  • The Paint Professionals
  • Timeless Tones
  • Paintex
  • Color Corral
  • Vintage Painting
  • Sipping n Painting
  • Etch And Art
  • Color Creators
  • Room Renew
  • Colorful Corners
  • Craftsman Painting
  • Brush Hour
  • Coloursome
  • Pulse ‘N Paints
  • Bold Borders
  • Artsy Days Painting
  • Paint Shack
  • Fleet Painting
  • Latest Masterpiece
  • Painting Absolute
  • Forage Paint
  • Paint Solvers
  • Color Me Bold Painting
  • Colour Contrast
  • Paint Fun!
  • Baker Painting
  • Picture Perfect Painting
  • Acme Cleaning
  • Classic Colors
  • Crown Colours

Paint store names

Here are some of the best paint store names you can use:

  • Can Of Color
  • Colors United
  • Precision Painters
  • Color Care
  • Paints Heart
  • Painted lady
  • The Paint Marketplace
  • Paint Wind
  • Bravo Painting
  • Colorful Coats
  • Nut Paints
  • Handy Brazilian Painting
  • Consolidated Paint
  • Swiss Master Painting
  • Renew My Walls
  • American Quality Paint
  • Colour Me In
  • Area Painting
  • Country Boys Painting
  • Room With A View
  • Stroke Pros
  • Precision West Painting
  • Give Me Colour
  • Colours for Life
  • Precious Paint
  • Color Closet
  • Cole Hardware
  • Brush Bros
  • Caribbean Paint Co.
  • Masterpainters
  • Subtle Strokes
  • Careful Coats
  • Appetit Paint

Painting names ideas

Below is the list of the best painting names and ideas to get inspiration from:

  • Proper Paints
  • Coveted Coverage
  • Colour Line
  • Full Coverage Painting
  • Crafts Paints
  • Paint Me In
  • Pure Painters
  • Angel Painting
  • Paint Perfection
  • All Brite Painting
  • Art Pro
  • Paint Springs
  • Palace Paint
  • Paint Verse
  • Strokes of Genius
  • You Call We Paint
  • Metro Mates
  • Society Paints
  • Best Painting
  • Paint Chip Co.
  • We Paint For Less
  • Paint Chimp 1 Day Painters
  • Grand Prix Paint
  • Painteo
  • Pro Paints Painting
  • The Painting Fam
  • Matte Oil
  • Fine Paint Repairs
  • Colour bars
  • Rocking Rollers
  • Beautify Walls
  • Colour Bytes
  • Art Boys
  • Hue Hubs

Painting business names

These are the catchy painting business names to help you out:

  • Sunrise Paints
  • Cutting Edge Painting
  • Comrade Paint
  • Wallry
  • Sharp Lines Painting
  • Matte Oil
  • CraftSHield
  • In & Out Auto Body
  • Champion Painting
  • Tincture
  • Painting Clear Cut
  • Splash Painting
  • Bombay Paints
  • Overeducated Painters
  • Indigo Paint and Contracting
  • House of Color
  • All American Painting
  • Paint Green
  • Moose Pro Painting
  • Old Paint Records
  • Posh Palace
  • Sanctuary Paints
  • College Pro Painters
  • Miller Paint
  • Ace Emulsions
  • Clean Finish
  • Forage Wall
  • Global Coatings Inc.
  • Underwood Painting
  • Sharp Painting & Flooring
  • PrimeHues
  • Haven Wall
  • Supreme Paint Company
  • Paintoont
  • Trempen
  • Paintline Painting Company
  • Precision West Painting
  • Wallocity

painting business name ideas

So what do you think, are all good painting company names have been taken by your competitors? How do you come up with creative expression, and what would be the legality of using a word?

Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer to those questions, let me tell you that you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn some essential tips for choosing the perfect painting business name and how to make sure your favourite choices are available across the board.

Let’s dive in!

Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Painting Company Name

If you’re struggling hard to choose a business name for your painting company, one of the best things to do is start brainstorming.

Once you go through these tips penned below, you should make a list of words, phrases, and terms associated with the business.

Now you can narrow down the list and cross off ideas you don’t like. Once you have several top considerations, we’ll walk through how to make sure you’re allowed to use them.

1.      Consider the Services You Offer

There are different types of business which painting companies are providing to people, so this is entirely worth considering services you plan to offer.

Might be possible you want to focus just on residential painting or commercial painting of bridges, monuments or plazas etc.

Perhaps you’re considering offering other speciality services, like a mural painting business or concrete painting. Add the different types of services you want to provide to your brainstorming list.

Remember to avoid anything limiting your business’s future growth if you decide to go in another direction down the road.

2.      Location-Specific Terms

Several painting companies are working around us that are specific to a geographic service area. So, if that’s true for your business, consider adding a location-specific term to your business name.

You can consider things like:

  • City nicknames
  • Neighborhoods
  • Regions or states
  • Descriptive terms

Nonetheless, consider what happens if you expand outside your intended service area. Does the name become limiting? If so, it’s best to avoid it if you plan to expand or change directions later.

3.      Avoid Hard to Pronounce, Hear, or Spell Names

Despite the technological advances of voice search, assistants like Siri and Alexa struggle to understand some out of the reference and slang words as they are enough to confuse people.

This could limit how often your business shows up in voice (and text-based) search if your name is hard to spell, pronounce, or hear.

Because of that, it’s essential to avoid all complicated words, jargon, and using numbers in place of letters. While having a unique painting company name is good, being too unusual may not be so good.

Keep your business name as simple and easy to remember as possible so potential customers can easily find you.

4.      Consider Rhyming Words

Rhymes are catchy and easy to remember for most of us. Because of that, they make for great business names.

It is believed that it’s not always easy to come up with them. Start with choosing a few of your favourite words from your master brainstorm list. It can be time-consuming, but it’s an excellent place to start.

And don’t forget to add any exciting finds to your brainstorm list while you’re at it. Try not to overthink the names you come up with during this stage. Just write them all down as some of the more interesting ones may spark better ideas later.

5.      Maneuver Clear of Initials

Initials of any or your name are hard to remember, so they typically don’t make great business names. They can also be challenging to pronounce and confusing for voice search as well.

Furthermore, there are 325 different two-letter combination possibilities in the English language. And the odds of your potential customers remembering the specific letters you chose are pretty small.

6.      Metaphoric Words

Another consideration when brainstorming name ideas is whether there are industry-related words that could also lend themselves to be used in a logo.

Like, a painting company could use an image of a paintbrush or dripping paint and focus the name around the image. A solid idea can work well when added to business cards and marketing materials.

7.      Still, Struggling? Try your Name

If you’ve made it this far and are still struggling to find the best name, you can always consider using the business owner’s name.

Many painting businesses will use the owner’s last name when coming up with the painting business name. Doing so works well if the owner also plans to be the face behind the business.

Something to keep in mind is that using the owner’s name as the business name can make it more challenging to sell the business in the future.

8.      Is your Name Available to Use?

At this point, you should have several top considerations to choose from. And the best way to narrow it down further is to check each one for availability.

This step is vital because using a name that someone else is using could be very costly, time-consuming to rebrand your business, and possibly embarrassing.

There are several places to look to check whether a name is available to use, so let’s walk through each one.

9.      Trademark Search

Trademarks are the most critical, so we’ll start here. If a name or phrase is trademarked, you’re not allowed to use it in a similar capacity. So, run a trademark search for each business name you’re considering and cross off those that aren’t available.

10.  Make Use of Colors

Painting is generally about applying colours to houses, buildings, and other establishments. Hence, one smart way to name your business is by making use of your favourite colour, or a shade that you can associate with your business.

For you to be creative, try to not to use just the common names for colours and add some twist to these like Blanched Almond, Dark Slate Gray, Jet Black, and a lot more.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now have a shortlist of good name ideas for your business. Once you have this list narrowed down to just a few and researched that they are all available, start asking friends, family, and potential customers their thoughts to get feedback and then pick your perfect painting company name!

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