850+ Artistic and Creative Painting Blog Name Ideas

For people who want to drive online traffic to their websites, and maintain a constant connection with consumers and prospects, there is the medium of blog.

On the medium of blogging, you can have the option to create content on a daily basis which is creative and informational for people who go through your blogs.

For painters and artists, blogging can be totally different. With the provision of views and perspectives related to paintings and pieces of art, you can allow other people to learn more about the aspect of art.

As art is a diversified category, there are a lot of people who want to know about it in depth. Knowing about the techniques used in a painting can be really interesting for people who are into art.

As a painter, you can set up a blog where you can review different sorts of paintings and pieces of art. Other content may include your writing about the core idea of painting. Keeping all these aspects aside, there is another thing that needs to be highlighted.

The mere aspect includes naming the blog as it holds the importance of its own. The naming part of the blog can not be skipped as it is the major factor which acts as a lead to the customers.

It provides consumers with a sense of recognition. Moreover, a blog name lets the viewers know what they are dealing with.

Painting Blog Names

Here is the list of catchy painting blog name ideas and suggestions:

  • Creative Crew
  • Think & Brand
  • Z Design Ideas
  • Visions and Variety
  • 360 Creativity
  • Creative Classic
  • Graphics Glamour
  • Real and Tangible
  • Stunning Studio
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Artistic Moves
  • Trending and Arty
  • The Thrilling Arts
  • Platinum Gallery
  • Art Stylize
  • Artistic Band
  • Ideas & Shapes
  • Boom Vibrations
  • Combine act
  • Crafty Clever
  • Creative dream
  • Dream Edit
  • Dream inspire
  • Dream Originate
  • Fashion Intellect
  • Fashion Mind
  • Flexible Paint
  • Punching Designs
  • Alpha Designers Club
  • Essence of Designs
  • Painting guru
  • Draw color academy
  • Painting portrait hints
  • Form Sculptor
  • Ideas Decorator
  • Improvised Beast
  • Ingenious Arts
  • Inspire Crisp
  • Mind artist
  • Mind Form
  • Modify Fantasy
  • Pioneer Think
  • Produce Inspire

Artsy Drawing Blog Names

These are the great artsy drawing blog names to inspire you:

  • Retro Fit
  • Unique Find
  • Unique Infusion
  • Vision Act
  • Boundless Ideas
  • Capstone Ideas
  • Crispy Vision
  • Goodness Graphics
  • Impact Input
  • Limitless Designs
  • Vision Victory
  • Complex Creativity
  • 4th Generation Painting
  • Elegance Home Painting
  • Imperial Painting
  • Vow Fun
  • Ambitious Agency
  • Bees are Creative
  • Build A Bang
  • Capital Creative
  • Communal Creativity
  • Creativity with Ally
  • Creativity Coalition
  • Creativity in Space
  • A Cool Strategy
  • Outside The Box
  • Solid Wall Designs
  • Above The Rest Painters
  • Array of Color
  • Best Choice Painting Improvements
  • Century Painting
  • Classic Home Painting
  • Dependable Painting Service
  • Distinguished Painters
  • Finish Painting Pro
  • House of Color
  • Perfection Painting
  • Prestige Paint
  • Sebastian Painting
  • The Painting Center
  • Underwood Painting
  • VIP Paints
  • Angel Painting
  • Artistic Painting Inc.
  • Best Painting

Creative Names for Painting Competition

These are the creative names for painting competitions:

  • Crown Ace Hardware
  • Deco & More Painting
  • Echo Painting
  • Elite Painting & Decorating
  • Liberty Painting
  • Moose Pro Painting
  • New Horizon Painting
  • Riddle Painting
  • Sharp Painting & Flooring
  • Skill Pro Painting
  • Thermal Paint Services
  • Vector Painting
  • Vincents Painting
  • AccuTaper Painting
  • Angel Falls Painting
  • Atlas Painting
  • Cole Hardware
  • Color Your World
  • Eleven’s Paint & Fiber
  • Fine Custom Painting
  • King’s Paint
  • Larkins Paint & Body Shop
  • Leach Painting
  • Painting Appeal
  • Painting with a Twist
  • Pearl Painters
  • Superior Painting
  • Swiss Master Painting
  • The Paint Guru
  • Wildcat Painting Company
  • Complete Home Painting
  • Glasshouse Custom Paint
  • JC Painting Contractors
  • Maverick Painting
  • New Life Painting

Painting Name Ideas

Some of the best painting name ideas are here:

  • Xtreme Paint Worx
  • Apple Painters
  • Astroblast Inc.
  • Atomic Painters and Remodelers
  • Coastline Painting Company
  • College Pro Painters
  • Paint and Glow
  • Painting Allure
  • Painting Chicks
  • Pass Painting Co.
  • Progressive Painting
  • Red Rock Painting
  • Tango Painting
  • The Hot Spot Painting
  • William I Painting
  • Abreu Paint
  • Agape Paint Co.
  • Avanti Painting Inc
  • Corporation Ames
  • Crash of Rhinos Painting
  • Da Silva Painting Services
  • Marlin Blue Painting
  • Mauro Painting
  • Maxitaty Painting
  • Painting and Vino
  • Painting Fine
  • Ponce Art Painting
  • Proline Paints
  • All Brite Painting
  • American Painting
  • Beacon Group Paint
  • Blue Springs Painting Co.
  • California Paint Company
  • Clark’s Painting Company
  • PaintGreen Professional Painters
  • Painting Precision Paint Pros
  • Panda Painting
  • Pro Painting and Sons
  • Pro Performance Painting
  • Specialty Paint & Supply
  • Super Pro Painting Steadfast Painting
  • Alexis Paint & Body Shop
  • Anderson Painting
  • Associated Painting Contractors
  • Phoenix Curb Painting
  • Progressive Paint & Body Shop

Artistic Blog Name Ideas

The following are the artistic blog name ideas:

  • World Painting Company
  • The Fool Dot
  • World Painting Company
  • Delta Painting
  • Pearl Painters
  • Panda Painting
  • Astroblast Inc.
  • Bravo Painting
  • Echo Painting
  • Tango Painting
  • Vector Painting
  • PrimeHues
  • Marvella Painting
  • WallFlora
  • Impressa
  • Illumina Painting
  • UrboGrid Painting
  • Paintoont
  • Forage Wall
  • Posh Palace
  • Sanctuary Paints
  • Stock Emulsions
  • Shack Paint
  • Matte Oil
  • Ace Emulsions
  • Color Emporium
  • Haven Wall
  • Ethos Painting
  • CraftWind
  • Alley
  • Wallry
  • Paintplaza
  • Forage Paint
  • Paint Verse
  • Tincture
  • Wallsy
  • Wallium

Sketch Blog Names

Have a look at these sketch blog names and ideas:

  • Wallorama
  • Work of Art Painting
  • Splash Painting
  • Spectrum Paintings Inc.
  • Sipping n Painting
  • Overeducated Painters
  • New Life Painting
  • Faux Design Studip Inc.
  • Elegance Home Painting
  • Color Me Mine
  • College Pro Painters
  • Blue Springs Painting Co.
  • Astroblast Inc.
  • Accent Painting
  • Gurney Journey
  • Dracula Of Painting
  • The Artist’s Road
  • Red Dot Blog
  • Daily Paint News
  • Colossal
  • Cass Art
  • Art Biz Blog
  • Fantastic Painting Blog
  • Painters’ Table
  • Art Blog
  • A Painting Blog
  • Lines and Colors
  • Artforum
  • Beast At Pain
  • The Jealous Curator
  • Open Space
  • Painting Blog
  • Daily Painters
  • Get Inspired
  • Art Bar
  • Rise Art
  • Inner Painting Love

painting blog names

Tips for Naming a Painting Blog

1.       Explore what you offer

Before you get to name your blog, you are required to analyze the function of your blog. For better enhancement and clarity of concepts, you are required to know what you have to offer to the digital world.

Is it your perspective regarding paintings? Is it your way of giving step-by-step instructions on how to come up with a stunning piece of painting? Is it your reviews on other’s artwork?

You need to know what you offer before you begin to think of ideas regarding how to name your painting blog.

2.       Highlight your skills

If you are a painter who aims to display artistic content to viewers, then make sure that you add those specific keywords which are related to art and painting, so that the viewers who are interested in artistic content, can get to know what your major skills are.

If you list down all of your skills, then you will be able to figure out the keywords which you need to add to the blog’s name n order to make it gleam amid the tough competition of different painters showing artistic content.

A blog name that highlights your skills and proficiency can provide you with multiple revenues as the potential consumers will be driven to your website where your painting blogs are published. This leads to the monetization of the website and hence the creation of dividends.

3.       Brainstorm ideas

When it comes to you naming your art blog, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. Brainstorming ideas refers to you gathering up different ideas that are connected to the niche of art and painting.

Think of those terms which are relevant to your niche which is painting. Such terms include colors, brushes, palettes, canvas, glitters, etcetera. Think of some puns which direct towards the major spot of your career. This technique produces a strong impact on viewers.

4.       Have a readability test

While you are in the middle of naming your blog, you should be aware of the factors which can make your blog’s name user-friendly. Having a user-friendly blog name refers to your blog bearing such a name which is understood by most of the people.

If you use such a word or a group of words that people are familiar with, then it will be easy for you to stay in the long run. Having long and odd names can lead to the readers being confused. Long names aren’t good, as the same name is used for the URL.

Therefore, it is not a good practice for you to keep a long or complex name as it will be hard for the consumers to remember it. This way, your blogs will not be reached out on a frequent basis.

In order to ensure whether the name of your blog passes the readability test or not, you need to ask yourself the questions which are as follows:

  • Does the blog’s name have commonly used words?
  • Does it depict simplicity?
  • Is it easy to be pronounced?
  • Does it stand out prominently?

5.       Use different tricks

While you are thinking about what to name your painting blog, you can have the options of using tricks that may add a sparkle to your blog’s name!

You can use words which look-alike, or the words which are twisted together to become a new single word. Using the wordplay, mashups, and rhyming words can quickly catch the attention of the reader.

Moreover, you can use words and terms which belong to literature or mythology in order to make your painting blog stand out as a distinct one among the competitive platforms of the Internet.

Another trick includes the use of one’s own name for naming the blog. If you think, that your name is suitable for your blog, then go for it! This way, you will have a cliental base of your own. Use one of these tricks to come up with a captivating blog name!

6.       Add a pinch of humor

A sense of humor is a real thing that works wonders! By using some of the humor in your blog’s name which is related to art, you can leave people impressed.

For instance, you can use the word “Yellow!” which may refer to the way of artists greeting each other in terms of sarcasm. Just like the given example, you can think of some other puns which may help you come up with a bright name for your art blog.

7.       Use websites

There are websites that work for enterprises and companies. Their prime purpose is to provide the novice businessmen with catchy and attractive business names which can be very useful for the branding of particular services.

You can use one of these websites if you think, you are not able to figure it out on your own. A name generating website will operate on a keyword specified by you by giving you multiple ideas.

8.       Gain reviews

If you are still not sure about whether your blog name stands out in a distinct manner or not, then you can ask other people around you. You can get an opinion from your friends or family.

In other cases, you can ask about it from your followers on social media platforms. This will help with you being clear about what is best for your art blog.

9.       Go for a matching domain name

After you have come up with such a name that matches all the aspects of your business, you need to pay attention to the creation of a website that requires web-hosting and domain.

You are required to bear in mind, that the domain you opt for should match your blog name as it will be easy for the consumers and prospects to reach you out.

Some more painting blog names that will help you brainstorm new name are:

  • A Painting Wizard
  • Clean Finish
  • Five Star Painting
  • Indigo Paint and Contracting
  • Spectrum Paintings Inc.
  • The Brush Bar
  • Caribbean Paint Co.
  • Delta Painting
  • Sharp Lines Painting
  • The Master’s Touch
  • Pallet Professional
  • Splash Valley
  • Vital Paints
  • Paint Decks
  • Colorant
  • Art Book
  • Lost Art Press
  • Spoke Art
  • The Art of Ed
  • Extra Brush
  • Being A Painter
  • International Paint
  • Reliable Painting
  • Sipping n Painting
  • The Paint Kings
  • Accent Painting
  • Blue Coyote Painting
  • Crown Hardware
  • Fine Paint Repairs
  • Finish Painting Clear
  • Paint My Place
  • Silver Star Painting
  • Sunbelt Coatings
  • Axel Painting
  • Fargo Painting
  • Paint ‘N Hang
  • Paint N Vineyard
  • Painting Green
  • Zulu Painting
  • A Classic Painting
  • All American Painting


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