700+ Catchy Online Shop Names, Ideas, Suggestions for You

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with catchy online shop name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of online store names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with cool shop names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good online shop name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm online shop name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Catchy Online Shop Names

Following are the most catchy online shop names to inspire your ideas:

  • Scroll Through
  • Coveted Clicks
  • Constant Shoppers
  • Keyboard Kiosk
  • Anytime Buys
  • Word Wide Wishes
  • Cybershop
  • Order Online
  • One-Click Picks
  • Retail Roundup
  • Budding Business
  • Crafty Commerce
  • Shoppable
  • Clicked In
  • Click To Cart
  • Business Bustle
  • Digital Thrifting
  • The Stockroom
  • Super Store Online

Online Shop Name List

Here is the list of cool online shop name ideas and suggestions:

  • Digital Emporium
  • Dollar Deals Online
  • We Care Online Store
  • Shopping Reimagined
  • Ride Online Shop
  • Mainland Store Online
  • Daily Shop Online
  • Online Boutique
  • A-Z Store
  • Fast Store Online
  • Deluxe Online
  • Click The Mall
  • Galaxy Store
  • E-Store
  • One-Two-Shop
  • Viva Store
  • Prima Market
  • One Click Shopping
  • Giant E-Store

Online Store Name Ideas

These are some of the good ideas for online store names:

  • New Wave Shop Online
  • Babes Online Store
  • E-Royal Mart
  • E-Trader
  • The Values Store
  • Shopinist
  • Discovered You
  • Commerce Cart
  • One-Click Pick Commence
  • The Merch Perch
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Lowdown Clothes
  • Shop Away
  • Vintage
  • The Closet Junkies
  • Dressed In Drapes
  • Tribal Gear
  • Shop Rags Online
  • Tesla Motors

Cool Shop Names

These are the catchy name ideas for shops:

  • Flash Stores
  • Boom Stores
  • Bloom Stores
  • The Flourish
  • Snap Buy
  • Shop Ease
  • Quick Shopping
  • Fastmart
  • Grace Stores
  • E-Seller
  • E-Xcel Stores
  • Coms Dot Com
  • Commercial Coms
  • Muning Cart
  • Commerce
  • Store To Source
  • The Hideaway
  • The Closet Flood
  • The Dumpster Dive
  • Nice Diggs
  • Urban Online

Best Store Names

These are the best names for an online store:

  • Take A Scroll
  • Always Open
  • Around The Clock Shop
  • Shop Around The Clock
  • Stitch Clicks
  • Mouse Muse
  • Cyber Storefront
  • Brick And Cyber
  • Curated Cart
  • Five Story
  • Finisterre
  • Egg London
  • Dowse
  • Dahlia
  • Condor
  • Caravan
  • Return To Cart
  • Website Wish List

Store Name Ideas

These are the creative store name ideas:

  • Internet Interests
  • Clickable Collection
  • Cookbook Village
  • Calm The Ham
  • Sunlight Store
  • One Purchase
  • VIP Online
  • Ullac
  • More To Your Door
  • Ready Online
  • Shopdrop
  • Add To Cart
  • Commence Commerce
  • Recommended Result
  • Better Buys
  • Virtual Victory
  • Open Limits
  • Creating Commerce
  • Sure To Shop
  • Click To Buy
  • Quick Ship
  • Clicked Picks
  • More To Store
  • The Merch Perch
  • Search For Merch
  • Digital Daily Deals

Online Shopping Company Names

Below are the cool online shopping company name ideas:

  • So Worth Loving
  • Rare Device
  • Super E-Mart
  • Traders Connect
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Fiercely Curious
  • Label Shop
  • Factory 43
  • Speed Transact
  • Sofast
  • Common Deer
  • Colossal
  • Best Made
  • Swift Trade
  • Autobuy
  • Emart
  • Go Shop Now
  • The Black Box
  • Taylor Stitch
  • Roden Gray
  • Rebel8
  • Pure Fix
  • Kutoa
  • KKW Beauty
  • Jackie Smith
  • Harper Wilde
  • Bremont
  • Bluebella
  • BlackMilk

best store and shop names ideas

How to Name Your Online Shop

Having a strong brand name gives you a good start when you make the business public. According to business experts, the right name is a brand’s most valuable asset and speeding acceptance.

But one wrong name can cost you millions and lost income over the lifetime of your company. It is very important to find the right name when setting up an online store to stand out in the crowd.

This is the digital age and almost 60% of the businesses have shifted themselves on the eCommerce platform just to be in demand as people have confidence using the online market.

What’s in a Name?

Finding a good brand name feels like a daunting task but this is a crucial task to put the time to name an online store.

That is how will acknowledge you; recognize and talk about your eCommerce store. But if by any means the name is too difficult to remember, you are going to miss out ample of the word of mouth marketing that would not cost you even a single penny.

Here we have shared some of the most important pointers about how to find a name for an online store.

Tips for Choosing a Catchy Online Shop Name

1.      Short and Simple

The short name is ideal for many reasons: it’s easy to pronounce, memorable, and easily fits in your online header of the webpage.

Though finding one name can be challenging. We have seen brands launch every day and the name which appeals to you; will undoubtedly appeal to others.

Luckily there is a room of creativity for everyone to date, so try your luck hard and come up with some trendy yet short and simple name.

Some strategies that you can try to get your gears to turn;

  • You can try different combinations of short words. Words that rhyme and are alliterative (like KitKat) are going to be remembered
  • Make a word yourself or tweak some existing ones. Brands like Google, eBay and skype are globally recognized even they are not real words
  • Use words that have some personal meanings. It might be a nickname for others but you can use it a brand name. If you use your name, it would be much easier for you to build repute on a personal level through online stores on personal names face difficulty in selling.

2.      Be different

Conduct market research and discover how your competitors have selected names for their online stores. You should try to come up with something entirely different.

But the challenge here is to come up with some name which reflects your niche and products that you are selling; as if you won’t be different, have zig when people go for zag.

For instance, if you are selling electronic stuff your competitors might have used the word “electronic” in their names.

It’s better to avoid using similar names; rather become a trendsetter.

3.      Online Presence

Once you shortlisted a few names for your online store, find out if your chosen name is available in ‘.com’ domain.

It is going to be a little difficult because .com is the most popular and top-level domain (TLD), so chances are someone might have already bought this.

Picking a solid name for your store as this is going to represent your brand from start, so decide while naming it pretty wisely.

Because getting a custom domain name is mission-critical though you should not let your search go for the perfect domain name.

In the future, you might also consider selling on Amazon, eBay, or another market place in addition to your eCommerce store.

Even this is not in the plan but it would be much better to check your potential chosen names on popular eCommerce site to make sure that name is available to you and customers don’t get confused.

4.      Creativity in Name

If your selected name is not available in the .com domain; don’t fret. There are many other TLDs available for you to try. There is no hard and fast rule of using only the .com domain.

The reason why .com is a gold standard because everyone knows it, trust and use it but this doesn’t mean that other TLDs have some less important or they don’t work as .com do.

Once your eCommerce store grabs some traction you can grab a .com domain. You can find lots of examples out there.

There was a store launched on Shopify with .ly domain but once it gets a good place in the market; they were able to purchase .com domain and now they are running their site with .com domain.

But some search engine experts say that Google is not friendly to the lesser-known domains. But you can rank more than .com domain if you gave a high-quality site with good user experience and less bounce rate.

There are some modifiers considered best to be used in online stores. Some of them are;

  • Shop (your brand)
  • Get (your product name)
  • (your brand) industry or category
  • (My / your) brand

TDLs to consider except .com

  • .store
  • .shop
  • .health
  • .clothing

5.      Be original

Be very careful and make sure that you are allowed to use the business name legally. Depending on the state, you can check your Patent and Trademark office.

They have a free database that could be somehow difficult for you but it would be worth the effort. Also, there isn’t any centralized national register so these trademarks can get registration somewhere else too.

Once you get to know that this name is available for your online store, go to the search engine and check if the name on your list shows up or not.

What are the chances of making it to the top of the first page? If the store name is pretty generic, you would be the one facing a problem while ranging it.

Don’t forget to check Facebook, Twitter, or all other social media platforms that you can use to expand your business.

6.      Look for some New Inspiration

If you don’t get a good list of naming ideas for your online business, you can go for themes and think something fresh from there.

Also, go for a translator and get some new ideas using different languages. Inspiration can strike anywhere. So don’t limit yourself when looking for something new.

Listen to people around you, get some ideas from their conversations, survey your local areas; don’t forget to notice body language, manners, and facial expressions.

7.      Use Descriptive Adjectives

Here is a simple three-step process for searching business name ideas;

List your product’s fundamental property. Say if you are going to sell shoes, these might be heels, soft feel, superior leather, etc; these can be used as a springboard for an eCommerce store.

Pen down your target customer personas and also assume what they value most. For your shoe business are they going to value some external factors like price, texture, stuff, or any other aspect?

Find those properties that overlap in both above-discussed points; these you can use in your store name.

8.      Don’t Use Negative Words

Have you ever heard about the BiC Company? You might have come across the pencils and razor made by this French company.

But the founder decided to not rack his mind and name it after himself. He wanted to create an international company, and he skipped ‘H’ from the company name.

This might sound fine in French but in English, this gives a rude impression to the customers. Ecommerce is an international model of business so you have to make sure that the store name doesn’t have any offensive meaning in some other languages.

This doesn’t mean that you start looking meaning in every language. Consider 5-10 most spoken languages including; English, Spanish, French, German, and so on.

9.      Don’t Involve many People in the Naming Process

This is the mistake that most businesses make when they are deciding a business name. When you are naming your online store, you need to be very sure that you don’t involve too many people in the process as you will get lots of opinions that will make you feel confused.

Instead, you should arrange a small group of discussion session here you share and ask online store names from your friends, colleagues, or your team members.

10.  Prioritize Branding

The first step you should take when choosing a domain name is whether you are going to prioritize branding or targeting a particular keyword.

To know the answer to this question, you have to decide how you plan to get traffic to your store in such a competitive environment.

If organic traffic is your target, you have to go for some keywords in your domain so the search engine shows your domain when people enter the keyword you used in the domain.

And if you are dependent on social media platforms, PPC advertising, or affiliate marketing; using a keyword in your domain is not that much important.

In some cases, a combination of both works best, but make it very clear that a name should explain what you are selling so people don’t get confused.

Concluding Thoughts

Branding is a vast and very complicated field, but those who come up with some brilliant business name ideas stand out in the crowd.

You need to understand your product’s built-in and extrinsic properties and what traits your potential customers value.

These few points will help you choose a short and memorable name that will help you create an online store and let it flourish in a few days.


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