1300+ Creative News Channel Name Ideas and Suggestions

As an entrepreneur, naming your channel is the most important thing to do. However, naming is a difficult process. You have to be very careful while naming as the name of your channel has a great impact on the growth of your business.

The name should clearly describe what your news channel offers. It should be a reflection of your channel’s services. By reading the name people should eventually understand what your channel is about.

Therefore, in this article, we have shared the best tips to name your news channel. That’ll help you find unique and remarkable names for your news company easily.

However, make sure that the name you are choosing is easy and people can relate to it. Extremely long and difficult names can become a barrier between your audience and your company. Hence it is better to go for short and sweet names.

In order to give better understanding of how to name your news channel, we have enlisted hundreds of news channel name ideas to inspire you and your ideas.

News channel names

Here is the list of cool name ideas for news channels:

  • Fast News
  • News Browse
  • Channelya
  • Local Morning
  • Comment Group
  • News Bee
  • The Independent
  • Gazette Weekly
  • News Answers
  • Mass
  • News Doozy
  • The Paragon Tribune
  • Media Boss
  • Times Picayune
  • Lift
  • Statesman
  • News Cause
  • Important News
  • News Browser
  • News Centric
  • Mirror Today
  • Sentry
  • Newstastic
  • Surge
  • News Display
  • News Flow
  • News Foster
  • Newsville Observer
  • News Crawler
  • VidVenture
  • Watch2rewatch
  • Help Tale
  • Bulletin Sentinel
  • Prime: Morning to Evening
  • The Paris Words
  • Real One
  • News Express
  • Record
  • Zeitung
  • Mosquito
  • Channel Assembly
  • Morn Record
  • DIY Everyday things
  • Channel Bravo
  • News Ave
  • Disclosure
  • Trust
  • Free Spirit Media
  • Tribe Channel
  • Beat Story

News station names

Some of the catchy news station names are:

  • News Boards
  • Channel Saga
  • Current
  • News Hype
  • News Atto
  • News Word
  • Between Lines
  • Bright Report
  • Data Loop
  • Miami Herald
  • News Ark
  • On The Spot
  • Group Beat
  • Channel Mix
  • Banner
  • Channelverse
  • Tide
  • News Complex
  • Channel Trigger
  • Debate
  • This morning
  • Channelella
  • Instant Monitor
  • Republic
  • Detroit Free Press
  • YouTubelia
  • The Northern Herald
  • Spotlight
  • Globe
  • News Breezy
  • Citizen Record
  • Channel Arrowhead
  • Novel
  • Forum
  • Story Media
  • News Reader
  • Look Back Daily
  • Channel Wise
  • Ticking News
  • Constitution News
  • Accord Channel
  • Ark
  • Century Records
  • News Crafts
  • Today
  • News Caster
  • Horizon
  • Vibrant News
  • Culture Voice
  • Talk Edit
  • News Bonus

News show names

These are the creative tv show names and ideas:

  • Bulletin Mirror
  • Only Truth
  • current News
  • LocalAnchor
  • It happens Now
  • News Chart
  • Blog News
  • Explorer News
  • Assembly YouTube
  • Channel Allied
  • Call
  • Sky News
  • Local Voice Times
  • Bulletin Board
  • Channeln
  • News Advisor
  • Camera Crazy
  • Bugle News
  • Morning , Afternoon and Night
  • Bolzo
  • Channel Ignite
  • YouTubeium
  • Meditation 4 you
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Discovery
  • News Boost
  • Channel Point
  • Camera News
  • Enterprise Time
  • News Crowd
  • News Broadcast
  • News Answer
  • News Basement
  • Variety
  • Link Magazine
  • World Compass
  • Stream Jet
  • Vanguard
  • News Gazette
  • News Limitless
  • Constitution
  • Courier Reformer Newspaper
  • Channeladil
  • Blog Advice
  • News Details
  • Capitol Times
  • News Pulse
  • Capital Daily
  • Tabloid
  • The State Times
News Alliance Morning Breakfast
News Control Capital Observer
News Trigger Break of Day Chronicle
Word Media Tribune
News Now Shared Experience
Core YouTube Channelporium
News Comparison Lime
Young Radio Islander
Dare New York Times
Link Tale Seaside Signal
Everything Changes Zenith Daily
News Dish News Archive
Channelx News Core
News Master Channelocity
News Century Community Time
Channel Power Citizen Times
News Elevate News Capitol
News Aegis Express
Trendy News Newsopolis
Newsable Loud
Denver Post News Spark
Daily News Cover Source
Question Hour News Concept
Point Media UnLeakable
Live desk Live Network
Guide Daily Life News
Angles without wings Appeal
Carpe Diem Journal Blackout
Bulletin News Mirror News
Content Time Dallas Morning News
News Eden Morning Watch Times
Mix Teach Me Anything
News Azure News Dollar
News Fixer Alliance Daily Newspaper
guarding News Orange County Register
Channel Plug Business Press
Daylight News News Absolute
News Delight Loop
Tribune Daily Newspaper News Inside
Events Update News Play
News Favorite Apex News
daily Mirror Monitor
Public Record The Nova Journal
Capitol Mirror News Blackout
the Next chapter Flash Cover
News Redux TV-UnMe
Channel Voice Channel United
News Bloom Beacon Times
The National Tribune Leader
News Major Mirrorless
News Bargains The Sunrise Tabloid
Pantagraph News Novel
Post Report Channelorama
Link Stories Minneapolis Star Tribune
Report Forum News Alpha
Eye News Buster
Look Back Morning Heritage News
Rave YouTube News Citizens
Global Evening News Channel Stance
Inside Press Capital Now

News channel name ideas

Inspire your ideas with these creative news channel name ideas:

  • Filed books
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Community News
  • Voice
  • Arrowhead
  • Visionary
  • Union Daily
  • Push
  • News Drip
  • News Cent
  • Arrowhead YouTube
  • Moon Times
  • Morning Lodestar
  • Flash Fresh
  • The Bird
  • Seattle Times
  • Channel Change
  • Al Jazeera
  • Tweety Little
  • Just Eat It
  • Channelonus
  • Apex Channel
  • Record Morning
  • News Publish
  • Best News
  • Sentinel
  • eagle News
  • News United
  • Editor Channel
  • News Collective
  • Assembly
  • Commetify
  • reunion
  • News Aurora
  • News Downtown
  • Channel Aware
  • Crack of Dawn News
  • Loud YouTube
  • Picayune
  • Believe it or not
  • News Horizon
  • Miss Morning Brief
  • Zillenial Channel
  • truth tree
  • The Paragon Chronicle
  • News Camo
  • Live Link
  • Local Press
  • And these are they
Published Pixels Exclusive Blog
Channel Variety News Aware
News Buys Young Mix
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Examine News
Headline Press Union
News Faqs FashionFavs
Vlog the Globe Beyond the Pole
News Clubs the Circle
regional News Dispatch
The Ruby Bulletin First Light Tribune
Weekly Capital News Inspire
Channel Insight Music Love
Channel Novel Echo News
Video Magic Diem Press
News All-Star Daily Bulletin Review
Al Arabiya Real time News
Channel Sage Children time
Virtual Voyage the Great Farce
News Forum Still Watching
Media Jets Extra Time
President Class Young News
News Angel Truth Unfolds
The Thinker News Accord
New news Planet
Bold YouTube Shout
News Anything Channel Dime
News Born News Cloud
Star News Horizon Media
Avant-Garde Tribune Talkingly
Modest News Channel Master
Citizen Time Stream
Hot Local News Connection
Media Vibes Times Business
News Articles Morning Leader Newspaper
Channelly Huckle & Elm
Shock Full Channel Flight
News Brig Vocal for Local
News Mass the Big cabin
Pointless Media News Ethos
News Asset CNN
Eye for News News Collect
Metro Now OnDemand News
It’s Late News Collection
No point Media News Essential
News Wise Sunrise record
National News 1st News
Sun News Discovery
News Daub True Confessions
News Brief Critical Times
News Frisson The News of tomorrow

News channel name generator

These news channel names are picked from naming tools:

  • Buffalo News
  • Herald
  • Daily Reporters
  • Citizen
  • Channel Verse
  • Life Daily Newspaper
  • Media Library
  • Kansas City Star
  • Aware YouTube
  • The Content Factory
  • Voice Up – Rise Up
  • Info Boom
  • News Classic
  • As time goes by
  • Alex Herald
  • News Czar
  • Rag
  • Daily Headlines
  • Channel Push
  • News Clone
  • Inspire
  • Morning Eyewitness
  • Flight
  • Bulletin Observer
  • Borderless Media
  • Global Morning
  • Silence Please
  • News Ignite
  • NewsZiffy
  • Daily Alerts
  • St Louis Post Dispatch
  • Say it Loud
  • Eye Opener
  • Headline Daily
  • Made
  • Channelish
  • News Curb
  • News Active
  • News Demand
  • Who am I
  • Monday News
  • The Plain Dealer
  • News Circles
  • News Avatar
  • News Ground
  • Target Story
  • Paper Place
  • News Dr
  • Citizen Portal
  • Star

Media company name ideas

Check out these media company name ideas:

  • Channel Heart
  • New to News
  • City Scoop
  • Sunday News Newspaper
  • Divide
  • News Certified
  • Youth News
  • News Ahead
  • Channel Hype
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Omaha World Herald
  • News Compass
  • News Akin
  • News Anytime
  • Some Answer ?
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Text Hype
  • Buzz Street Times
  • Pioneer
  • Weekly
  • Ledger
  • United Channel
  • Newsology
  • Camera
  • Channel Spotlight
  • Time Square Newspaper
  • Eyewitness Daily
  • Channel Stream
  • the most important
  • Variety Channel
  • Newsprism
  • Connection Evening Express
  • Flow
  • Epoch Daily
  • First Able News
  • News For All
  • News Grand
  • The Great News
  • Newsque
  • Weekly World
  • News Click
  • News Catalyst
  • News Centers
  • Blackout Channel
  • World Story
  • News Charter
  • Business Time
  • News Arrowhead
  • Channelhut
  • Channel Honor
  • Praise
  • Prime Time
  • Bravo
  • Mix Channel
  • News Blessed
  • The Last word
  • Watchmen
  • Channel Inside
  • Inside
  • The Golden Star
  • News Craft
  • News Stance
  • Capitol Weekly
  • Read Update
  • Life-Up News
  • News Champion
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Bold
  • news for kids
  • The US Tribunal
  • News Cities
  • Channel Surge
  • Live Spy
  • News Agents
  • Channel Inspire
  • Newsadil
  • YouTubenetic
  • News Case
  • New York Post
  • Honor
  • Link Post
  • News Companies
  • Advance News
  • Bugle
  • First Light Time
  • Best posts
  • Atlanta Journal & Constitution
  • Chat Daily
  • Universe
  • News Ace
  • Still, Watching?
  • Youth Feedback
  • Channellytical
  • Channelque
  • Channel Lift
  • Sun-News
  • News Den
  • Lodestar Weekly Herald
  • Master
  • Record Daily Newspaper
  • Voice Channel
  • Echotic

News names ideas

Scroll through these news related names ideas:

  • Bon Voyage
  • Independent Morning
  • The News Wave
  • News Bucks
  • Life
  • Pivoital News
  • World
  • Forum Network
  • Local News
  • News Direct
  • News Bow
  • Channel Praise
  • Pioneer Daily
  • World Today
  • Intelligencer
  • Courier News
  • News Trust
  • Mercury
  • News Cavil
  • Interactive News
  • Dispatch News
  • USA Today
  • Today in 60 minutes
  • News Division
  • News Blaster
  • Advance Bulletin
  • Regional Star Daily
  • The News radar
  • Press Events
  • Happens often?
  • Brief
  • Discover YouTube
  • News Wave
  • Flight Channel
  • News Flight
  • News Charm
  • YouTubex
  • Nose for News
  • Post
  • Rave
  • BBC News
  • Change your lifestyle
  • Local Journal
  • Recorder
  • humbug
  • Build to Last
  • Daily Capital
  • Prime Morning
  • News Heart
  • Morning Watch Press

NEWS Channel Name IdeasFake news channel names

Some funny and fake news channel names are below:

  • YouTubesio
  • Inside Journal
  • News Check
  • God Channel
  • The Northern Mirror
  • Observer
  • Global Daily
  • Eyewitness Financial Times
  • News Guide
  • News Crown
  • Channelzen
  • News Project
  • Stance Channel
  • Talks2Follow
  • Press Room
  • Insight YouTube
  • Express Daily Dispatch
  • Influenza
  • Time Smart
  • Category Express
  • Channel Trident
  • Press Reports
  • News Box
  • News Lift
  • Discover the truth
  • First Light News
  • Young Team
  • News Argent
  • The Saturday Reporter
  • Phoenix Chat
  • The National Post
  • Ride
  • Channel Play
  • Broadcast
  • Metro Observer Daily
  • News Archives
  • Hour 25
  • News Choice
  • Examiner
  • Daily
  • Advance
  • Great Post
  • Channel Share
  • Daily Capital Review
  • NewsVDO
  • inquirer
  • Hype
  • The State Tribune
  • News Crimson

News website names

Below are the examples and ideas for news website names:

  • Fox News
  • For the Country men
  • News Loud
  • Channel Wisdom
  • Weekly Unity Newspaper
  • Supercar Dude
  • Courier
  • Carpe Diem Gazette
  • Beacon
  • News Cost
  • Radical Point Media
  • Boston Herald
  • High Rises
  • Stoddert Times
  • Channel Cause
  • Slightly Speaking
  • News Disclosure
  • News Change
  • News Drive
  • journal
  • Minute Mirror
  • The Ultimate
  • News Debate
  • Giggle Groves
  • Arizona Republic
  • Crowd
  • YouTubezen
  • Day Break News
  • Open Forum
  • Euronews
  • Power
  • Accord
  • Media Coalition
  • Direct News
  • Channel Lime
  • Independent Daily
  • News Charts
  • News Forums
  • The National Herald
  • News Clutch
  • News Saga
  • News Loop
  • Carpe Diem Daily
  • News Efficient
  • Voice of the Culture
  • News Sage
  • YouTubeomatic
  • News Awards
  • Epoch News
  • Prime Daily Sun Newspaper
  • Chronicle
Inside Tribune San Jose Mercury News
News Blink Channel Split
The World Today Break of Day News
Day Break Daily Box Cover
News Fortune New year News
The Sun Record Project Channel
News Ague Business News
News Checker Oregonian
News Buyer Explorer Record
Digital Telegram Sunup Sentinel
the True News Featured Group
Dissient voices The Forum
News Prosper Banner News
News Axis Witness Morning
Washington Post Enterprise
World Press Anonymous
News Share Citizen Records
News Catcher Global News
Citizen Now The Twenty Questions
The World t 7 Mix YouTube
News on the Go Vindicator
Channel Spark Prestige Standard
Borderless News Channelium
Top News of the day News Faro
News By Hour Chicago Tribune
News Crossover Bulletin
Vibez Media News Ammo
News Insight Whigs
Repository News Days
Los Angeles Times Laugh Network
Play Channel News Create
Peer 2 Peer News Made
Morning Watch Time YouTubeify
News Balance News Cupid
News Ride Channel Tide
Prime Evening Exponential News
Globe @ 1pm Challenges of the present
Radio The News Glory
Soar truth Current Trends
News Apex Cause
News Care News Delta
The Sun Bulletin Channel Scribe
Ticking Bomb Time Trail
News Plug News Crafter
Fort Worth Star-Telegram VTalks
YouTubery Bulletin Daily
The Dayspring Times The New Journal
Telegraph Daily Liberty Media
Local Flash calling nation
Boston Globe The Observer Mirror
Business Harald Dime YouTube
Discover Live Vibe
Pioneer Time Newspaper Lift YouTube
News Begin World Report
Foundation Times the National News
Observer News Discover Channel
News on-demand Play
Columbus Dispatch YouTubelance
Review The National Journal
Enquirer Daily Newspaper News Axen
News Conscious Forum for News
News Digest Network Flash
News Aura Daily Prime News
Effectus Media News at Sunrise

How to Name a News Channel

Here is the five steps process for naming your Channel:

1.   Determine your goals

Before getting into naming set your goals. How do you want your channel to be perceived by others? What services will your channel provide? How do you want your news channel to be perceived by people? Make sure that you are familiar with your target audience. So you can name your channel properly.

2.   Brainstorm Ideas

Once you have determined your goals start brainstorming name ideas. Make a list of keywords related to your channel and think of names related to those specific keywords. For example, for your news channel use keywords like media, news, daily and create names using these keywords.

3.   Shortlist your ideas

When you finally have a big list of names it is time to shortlist your ideas. Only keep short, remarkable, catchy, and relevant names. Omit all the irrelevant names and the names that are extra long or hard to spell and pronounce.

4.   Get Feedback

Now is the time to shortlist your shortlisted list. Means remove more names from your shortlisted list based on people’s feedback. Get feedback from experts, friends, and family. And choose those names which are well perceived by people.

5.   Final step – Check Availability

The final step is to check for the availability of your chosen names on search engines. Make sure the name you are choosing is not already taken by any other news channel. Also, check its availability for domain and registration. If the name is available for registration then start working on the logo and other things of your channel.

6.   Unique names

For your startup business always go for unique names. Try to add alliterations or puns to create a unique name for your news channel. For example:

  • Hivemedia
  • Onemedia
  • No old news
  • Spread the news
  • Read About it
  • Talkbuzz

Giving a unique name to your channel will make people remember your channel. Registration of such names is also easy.

7.   Short names

Sometimes using just a one-word name can make your channel’s name look more professional. Think of the adjectives that best describe the services you are offering, for example, news, information, or updates.

Also, think about how you want people to perceive your channel’s name, for example, they should feel informed, aware, or empowered. Here are examples of short names for your news channel:

  1. Enriched
  2. News Network
  3. Top-Notch news.
  4. Immediacy
  5. Newsday

Not only do short names sound professional but are also easy to spell and pronounce making it easy for people to remember your channel’s name.

8.   Connect through emotions

Try to choose a name for your channel that evokes a certain emotion in people. This strategy is very helpful for creating a personalized name. People will feel connected to your channel. However, don’t choose a very typical name. Keep in mind that the basic purpose is to tell people it is a news channel. Choose a name that is related to news and also plays with human emotions. Here are some examples:

  • Trusty News Network
  • Honest News Hub
  • Delightful Dose daily
  • Drama Today

Using adjectives like ‘Trust’ and ‘Honest’ will make people believe that they can trust your channel for authentic news.

9.   Use location name

Using your location name for your business is a very good strategy to get more people to your business. However, for your news channel, it is not a good idea to use your specific location.

Your news channel will provide news from all around the world using a specific location name like ‘Melbourne News’ will restrict the criteria of your offers. People might think that you are only giving news about Melbourne. That’s why, instead of using names of specific location, you can use some general names like:

  • Island News Co
  • News from Afar
  • Expedition daily

10.                Word-combination

Word-combination is the best way to create unique and catchy names. A lot of people use this technique to name their business. You can also try this to come up with a remarkable name for your news channel. Make combinations of words that best define your services. For example:

  • Recordayy
  • Trustformationn
  • Relia-news
  • The A-wareness

But make sure not to create very difficult names. Make word-combinations that are easy to spell and pronounce.

11.                Use Acronyms

Use acronyms for naming your news channel. It’ll make your channel’s name sound more professional. These sorts of names will be easy to spell and pronounce making it easy for people to remember your channel’s name. The world-famous news channel “BBC” has used acronyms for its name. You can make acronyms by using the first letters of your names, Your location name, or any other name you’ve come up with. For example,

  • DDN (Daily Dunya News)
  • NT (News Today)

Using acronyms is an easier way to come up with a short, unique, and remarkable name.

12.                Make it sound professional

If you are starting a news channel, then you might begin newspapers and channels as well. Therefore, it is very important to make the name sound professional. It should impart a serious impact on your audience. The name should not only look professional but also sound professional. Write the name on a page and pronounce the name several times and make sure that the name is easy to pronounce and sounds professional. Also, ask your friends to pronounce the name to make sure that they find the name professional as well.

Don’t rush

Naming is an exciting process but be patient to get it right. Don’t just rush for it. Even if you think you have come up with the best name don’t just name your channel.

Get feedback on your choice to make sure people also find it best otherwise your abrupt step can cause problems for your channel in the future. Name your channel after thinking carefully as you won’t be able to change your name again and again.

Make sure you enlist your favorite news channel name ideas and then, gradually remove the names you do not see fit.

So, these were some tips and tricks that we have shared to help you find the best name for your channel. No matter what name you choose it should be easy, attractive, and memorable. Follow all the tips mentioned above to come up with a good name.

No doubt naming is a long process but it is all worth it. A good name will impact your business in a good way.

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