500+ Catchy Name Ideas for Makeup, Beauty, Cosmetic Brands

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with a brand name for your makeup, beauty, cosmetics business.

  • You’ll have hundreds of beauty brand name ideas to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with great cosmetics company names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good makeup business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm name ideas for makeup, cosmetics, or beauty and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Makeup Brand Name Ideas

Below are the best makeup brand name ideas:

  • Affa Corporation
  • Miramar Cosmetics Inc
  • Sally Beauty
  • Salon Centric
  • David Richard Gallery
  • COVERGIRL Store: Times Square
  • Alcone Company
  • Space NK Prince Street
  • Absolute New York
  • Giella Custom Cosmetics
  • Bluemercury
  • Innisfree
  • Kosette Beauty Market
  • Glossier Flagship
  • Inglot
  • Sesderma USA
  • Hemp Beauty Products

Makeup Business Names

These are the catchy makeup business name ideas:

  • Eternal Cosmetics LLC
  • Brickell Cosmetic Center
  • Delfogo Cosmetic Co.
  • Lady Burd Exclusive Private
  • Ulta Beauty
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Miami MUAH Salon
  • Neiman Marcus
  • G. Cosmetic Center
  • Evan’s Beauty Supply
  • DEX New York Cosmetics, Inc.
  • Credo Clean Beauty
  • Hourglass Cosmetics SoHo

Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

Here are the memorable cosmetic brand name ideas:

  • Dominican Beauty Room Salon
  • Vata Salon
  • Daniel Ross Salon
  • Bowie Salon and Spa
  • R Retreat Salon
  • Hosanna Beauty
  • Lethal Lash Beauty
  • Sorella Salon
  • 7 Wonders Beauty-AVEDA
  • Dupont Barber & Beauty
  • Flourish Beauty
  • Jax Salon and Spa
  • Javier’s Salon
  • Salon Bella
  • Addison Place Salon
  • Vann Studio Salon
  • Domino Beauty Boutique
  • Allusions
  • Brush Salon and Spa
  • MOD Skin and Body

Cosmetic Company Names

These are the cool cosmetic line name ideas for your inspiration:

  • Beauty Bond LLC
  • Chelly Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc
  • New Company Beauty Supply
  • TINte Cosmetics
  • Tatianne Cosmetics Inc
  • American Private Label
  • My Cosmetic Surgery
  • CG Cosmetic Surgery
  • Seduction Cosmetic Center
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Studio
  • NYX Professional Makeup
  • Cosmetic Market
  • The Body Contour Company
  • Alexis Renny Makeup Artist
  • Mio Bella Cosmetic Surgery
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Flagship Boutique
  • Affinity Cosmetics Store New York
  • NARS Cosmetics Madison Avenue Boutique
  • NARS Cosmetics Boutique Prince Street
  • Professional Makeup Artist Services
  • NARS Cosmetics Bleecker Street Boutique

Beauty Business Name Ideas

These are the cool ideas for beauty business names:

  • Moda Organic Salon
  • Bayside Beauty Salon
  • Erin Mac LLC
  • The Skin Care Lounge
  • Lovely Nails & Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Outlet & Beauty Supply
  • Seema Threading & Hair Salon
  • Daisy’s Salon
  • Beehive Salon West Seattle
  • Annastina Beauty Lounge
  • Kiona Creek Beauty Salon
  • Sola Salon Studios
  • Decarla’s Beauty Supply & Salon
  • Misbehaven Spa & Salon
  • Gary Manuel Aveda Institute
  • Hair Art Beauty Outlet & Salon
  • The Weight Loss Clinic
  • Ashley Hair & Nails
  • Ulta Beauty Salon
  • Benefit Cosmetics BrowBar Beauty Counter
  • All About You Hair Design
  • Karibou Salon
  • Maya Whole Health Studio

Beauty Brand Name Ideas

Following are the best beauty brand name ideas:

  • Jacques Janine Miami
  • Beach Hair Salon
  • South Florida Makeup Artist
  • Salons By JC
  • Sprezzatura Beauty Salon
  • Courtyard Salon
  • Angela’s Beauty Boutique
  • Hair & Sun Center
  • Vianey’s Beauty Salon
  • Carol’s Korner Beauty Shop
  • Ulta Beauty – Curbside Pickup Only
  • Aaina Beauty Salon
  • Perfect Look Salon
  • Beauty Nails
  • Z Place Salon Spa
  • Ulta Beauty
  • I AM Natural Beauty
  • Elements Salon & Wellness Spa
  • Swink Style Bar
  • WrightWay Beauty Supply
  • Queen Beauty Salon
  • The Beauty Bar
  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • Inner Wisdom Nutrition
  • Aveda Institute Portland
  • Unlimited Beauty Supply & Salon
  • Origin Salon Spa
  • Tabithas Timeless Beauty
  • SalonCentric
  • Gene Juarez Academy
  • Salon Six Four

beauty business names

Naming a Cosmetic Company

Cosmetics are plenty in any given city and starting a new business in this industry is a severe competition to face from both established and new ventures.

One of the most important factors to grab the attention of customers for a new company is to have a unique name with an effective marketing strategy.

But the right name for your business is the first and foremost thing that you must focus seriously and pay full attention to R&D.

Because naming a brand is never an easy task because this process requires investing significant time and brainstorming.

One can just casually name a company, but customers may not get the right message from your brand and this way you will end up losing customers to your competitors.

After all, people remember your business by its name, and naming your cosmetic and beauty business appropriately is important to succeed in this highly competitive environment.

How to Name your Beauty and Makeup Shop

Proper naming is the most crucial step of the branding strategy of business because the right name can take your business from scratch to million-dollars Company in a little time.

Lots of people make mistakes in choosing names for their makeup business but you should surely not repeat those old rigged mistakes to earn a good amount of repute and money from the business.

Before we go into details of naming a cosmetic company, let’s find out what does a good name mean;

  • It is short & simple
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Memorable
  • Doesn’t lead to the abbreviation

To name your cosmetic business following these basics and do the following points;

Go with a professional Name

If you are honestly an expert at your work people would like to visit you again and again but what they don’t even know who you are and how to recall you.

You should have to let people know that you are a pro in your field and bringing those customers for the first time is hard but to make them a regular customer depend on your communication and quality of services that you provided.

You will start getting a huge number of customers at the beginning of your business has a professional and a little different name from the rest of the businesses in your locality.

Keep it Short

You must be thinking about the long and successful business names after this point. The answer is Yes they exist. But the important thing is that large setups invest millions of dollars in promotion & marketing.

So what if I asked you, can you invest $100 instead of marketing or promoting your business?

If the answer then the name won’t matters at all, but on the contemporary, if you don’t invest money then long names don’t worthy for your business.

Whereas shorter names are simple and catchy, easy to remember, and that the reason they bring more traffic than long boring and hard to remember names.

Tell your Plus Points

So are you a skilled one in your cosmetic know-how and other skills, why don’t you add word expert in your cosmetic business name.

What if you are offering the maximum lowest possible rates in the whole market? You can make it your unique selling point and tell people that using your company names.

People want to know about your strengths from you, so think about it and come up with the one that can influence people and make them your potential customer.

Observe your Competitors Name

Know about your competitors and collect as much detail as you can. See whether their names suit them or not and are they happy with the business?

You can ask them for example is their business bringing them more customers than the market. If this is the case, better you learn something from them.

You must analyze their names and come with some unique idea which can cross the, and this is the way of getting more reach of customers to your business.

Key Tips for Naming a Cosmetics and Beauty Companies

1.      Brand Reflection

What type of cosmetic does your business specifically cover? This is a very vast industry and still evolving every single day.

Furthermore, this cosmetic industry isn’t restricted to women only; but men have also targeted customers of companies for some specific products.

So do your homework and make sure who your target audience is and what are their needs and wants. What sort of perception are you looking to create on people about the business?

What exactly the impression they must have in their mind about your business, products, or cosmetic stuff?

The name you select for your business should reflect a precise answer to all these questions. But make sure this name represents your brand personality.

Because mostly seen that cosmetic companies reflect the personality of women customers which is wrong in the current scenario.

Rather women come from different social and financial backgrounds; this doesn’t make any sense that it affects their liking and disliking about the cosmetic stuff.

So carefully hit the name that says something about women whom you are looking to target. Ad name which tends to express your brand personality and a message may appear in the logo and promotional campaign.

By doing so the logo can attract the audience even more due to the design, colors, and most of all the name.

2.      Get Domain Address

Lots of customers are used to buying cosmetic products from the online market, by visiting the company’s website to get some detailed information about the product and then go to their favorite company or brand to make the final purchase.

So it’s very important to have a proper and well-maintained website about your cosmetics. Don’t forget to create social media pages on different sites particularly Facebook and Instagram is used for selling such products.

This URL will work for you even when you are sleeping so put a thorough effort in getting a domain name and start working on and let it continues.

3.      Come with a solid Business Plan

A huge part of your business plan will be factoring in start-up costs and you will need to consider the cost of supplies to create products and insurances and marketing.

To know how much money you will be in need to start up a business, better start with the estimate of the first year of sales and the cost of those sales with the expenses you will incur.

These are the factors depending on the choice of products and how you intend to market them. For this is much better to do your homework to create the most accurate business plan.

4.      Research Existing Trademarks for your Cosmetic brand

A thorough trademark research process can give you higher chances of a successful application. USPTO can reject the application with some identical or similar names to an existing cosmetics trademark.

Once you get the name you like to use for your cosmetics company, now you have to research existing marks and ensure that your name isn’t already in use.

One more thing to keep in mind when choosing a trademark is the strength of the mark. As the USPTO provides almost no protection for weak trademarks that only describe a company they are connected with.

So you would not like to choose a brand name that simply tells customers that you only sell cosmetics, makeup stuff, or beauty products.

You need to add some modifiers to differentiate you not only from other companies but also from the mere description tag.

Whereas the strongest marks are those which are fanciful or entirely unrelated to the cosmetic stuff that you are going to market.

Suggestive marks are normally also acceptable to the USPTO, because those names may have some connection with the products you have.

So if you are planning to create such a trademark that you want to sell; a facial lotion. You have to choose some unique name that may give a connotation to the product but it’s just a descriptive.

5.      Submit Trademark Application

The very next step after you got a final name for everything which you are looking for; now is the time to apply to USPTO.

The application is where you will lay out the details of the mark your company is going to have and not only your name but how this will appear and sued the industry to identify the products you own.

6.      Know whether FDA regulates cosmetics?

The answer is Yes, FDA regulated cosmetics under the FD&C Act. Under this law, the cosmetic must not be misbranded or adulterated.

For instance, products must be safe for consumer use under customary conditions of use and they should be properly labeled.

Any color additives they contain must be approved for the use and some need to be verified by the FDA’s laboratory.

There must be no deception on packaging and labeling, and if you manufacture cosmetic there is a legal responsibility for safety and labeling your products.

And if your cosmetics are selling to consumers on a retail basis like in stores or by the online market or from door-to-door sales; they should meet ingredient labeling requirements under the labeling act.

Final words

New cosmetic business depends a lot on their names to stand out in a saturated market having ample new and well-established businesses of your industry. But the name must be simple and unique; able to convey the brand identity.

Creating a company is much easy but maintaining the name and quality is very hard. People are moving toward organic and pure stuff so keep in mind the customer needs and demands.

So if you want to be successful, better avoid losing the repute and quality of the goods that will at your cosmetic heaven.

Else do your brainstorm well and come up with something exciting ideas which you have to register a domain name and trademark.

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