960+ Funky and Catchy Nail Salon Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

Nail salons are the place offering nail services like manicure, pedicure, and everything else related to nail care.

This body part has faced so much negligence that nobody can even imagine. We like to pamper and take care of our whole body except nails.

But thanks to the nail salons, they have taken this initiative and started taking care of our nail and beautifying them.

Many women are crazy about their nails as they want it beautiful, neat, and painted. There is a lot of fun too because they offer ample of designs for nails also.

That’s why every entrepreneur ready to set up a nail salon looks for a stylish name for the salon to capture the attention of people who hear about them.

Catchy Nail Salon Name Ideas

Here are the catchy and unique nail salon name ideas:

  • Gloss Nail sea
  • Infinity Nails
  • Island Nail Bar
  • Pure Nail Salon
  • Rich Nails
  • Ten Beautiful Nails
  • Blossom Bee
  • Eclature Nail Salon
  • Platinum Nail Salon
  • The Nail Garden
  • File N Style Nail Salon
  • Mantrap Nails Salon
  • Sin City Nails
  • Space 07 Salon
  • Diva Beauty & Spa
  • Dream Nails
  • Elegance Nails
  • Enigma Nails Spa
  • Express Nails
  • Fantasy Nails & Beauty Salon
  • Genesis Nail & Spa
  • Harmony Nail & Threading Salon
  • House of Nails
  • Hygiene Nail Spa
  • Idea Nail
  • Imagination Spa Nail Salon
  • King Nails
  • Precious Nails
  • Royal Nails
  • Super Nails
  • Glamour Girl
  • Richmond Nail Salon
  • Sugar Nail
  • Sweeties Nails Salon
  • Bottom Nail Salon
  • Pinkies Nail Salons
  • Sunday Nail Spa
  • Fresty salon
  • Trendified Girls
  • Adorna Moon
  • Mad Click
  • Faboon

catchy nail salon name ideas

Funky Nail Salon Names

These are the funky nail salon names:

  • Nail Delights
  • Polish Palace
  • Nails Galore
  • Nail Gallery
  • Main Manicures
  • Sparkle Nails Polish
  • Radiant You Nails
  • Flash Nails
  • Red Freedom Salon
  • Lavish Sphere Salon
  • Model Nails
  • Nail Lovers
  • Raise a Hand
  • Pinky Nail
  • Dream Nails
  • Fantastic Nails
  • Forever Nails
  • Harmony Nail
  • Ignition Nail salon
  • Home Nail Services
  • Elegant Star
  • Lovely Sheen Nail Polish
  • Marble Nail salon
  • Greenhouse Nail salon
  • Babylon Nail salon
  • Sunnyside
  • Diamond Nails
  • Elite Nails
  • Fantasy Nails and Spa
  • Harmony Nail
  • Salon Esprit
  • Sin City Nails
  • Sunday Nail Spa
  • Martinis and Manicures
  • Phenomenails
  • Vida Salon
  • Blink and Polish Nails Salon
  • Creative Touch Studios
  • Glamour Girls Nail Spa

Nail Shop Names

Below are the nail shop names for your next venture:

  • Bossy Nails
  • Holy Nails!
  • Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
  • Nail Swag
  • Elite Nails
  • We Love Tips Nail Salon
  • Infinity Nails
  • Dream Nails
  • Sin City Nails
  • Fantastic Nails
  • The Nail Box
  • Nail Art
  • The Nail Garden
  • Polished And Proud
  • Proudly Polished
  • Pampered Nails
  • Long Lasting Nails
  • Relaxation Station
  • Happy Hands
  • Happy Fingers
  • Glamorous Nails
  • Nail Nation
  • Nail Knowledge
  • Holding Hands
  • Dainty
  • Dream Nails
  • Your Nail Tech
  • Babe’S Nail Salon
  • Deep Wave Nails
  • Envy Nails Salon
  • Touchdown Nail salon
  • Robo Nail salon
  • Awakening Nail salon
  • Americas Nail salon
  • Diamond Nails
  • The Nail Room
  • Deluxe Nail
  • Royal Nail
  • Hope Spa & Nails
  • Polish and Pour
  • Pamper Nail Salon
  • Four Season Nails
  • Pinkies Nail Salons
  • Girl Gossips
  • Nail Cast Saloon
  • Regal Nails
  • Nail Indulgence
  • Nail Necessities
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Splash Nails

nail shop names

Nail Polish Company Names

These nail polish company names are inspiring:

  • Polish Off
  • Elegance
  • Fancyloft
  • Angelic Nail spa
  • Graffiti Nails
  • Starlight
  • Paint Pot
  • Nails Galore
  • Nails Crib
  • Nail Artist
  • Astute Nail Fixes
  • Nail Shelf
  • Mac Nail Spa
  • Depot Nail salon
  • Hexagon Nail salon
  • Monument Nails
  • Sparkle Nails
  • Dazzle Nails
  • The Gel Bar
  • The Candy Vault
  • Atlanta Coast
  • Spectrum Nail Spa
  • Miracle Nails
  • Royal Nail
  • Coco Nail
  • Luxe Nail
  • One Stop Salon
  • Cuticle Salon
  • Studio Boom
  • Blue Bliss
  • Purelux Salon
  • Curio Curl Salon
  • Lavish Sphere Salon
  • Nail Maestro Pallette
  • Grand Slam Nails
  • Spit and Polish
  • Polish Place
  • All Nails
  • Glitters Nail Salons
  • Sublime Nails
  • Allure Nails
  • Newland Nails
  • Pretty Bloom
  • Mad Click
  • Filed Away
  • Girl Gossips

Nail Names For Instagram

Following are the creative name ideas for a nail salon Instagram account:

  • Tranquil Nail spa
  • Divine Nails
  • Vivid hue Nail spa
  • Nail Cast Saloon
  • paper Dash Nail Salon
  • Angel Touch
  • Paper Front
  • Minute Desire
  • Voila Way Spa Nail
  • New Wave Nail spa
  • StayElite Nail Salon
  • GreyDot Nail Salon
  • AdornAve Nail Salon
  • Nail Indulgence
  • Nail Necessities
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Organic Nails
  • Nail Doctors
  • Nail Nurses
  • Prim And Polished
  • Relaxation Station
  • Decorated Digits
  • Passionate Pedis
  • Nautical Nails
  • Splash Nails
  • Dream Manicure And Pedicure
  • VelvetTHings
  • SilverShade
  • PaperFab Nail Salon
  • PaperVibe Nail Salon
  • ZipFLip Nail Salon
  • LoveClap
  • The Candid Nail Salon
  • Flemben Nail Salon
  • THe Hennce
  • LOve Inches
  • Pedi Pros
  • Toe Pros
  • Pampered Pedis
  • Nail Regale

Nail Business Names

Have a look at these classy nail business names:

  • Monet Nails and Spa
  • Creativ Trail
  • Rare Flair Crafty
  • Fairy Craft
  • Craft Sense Crafty
  • Nova Crafty
  • Motive Stone Nail Salon
  • Rock stable Nail Salon
  • Thread Quest
  • Castle Crew
  • Mixxen Nail Salon
  • Fabelle
  • Crafty Affair
  • Crystal Prism Nails
  • Venus GLow Spa
  • Enamelle
  • Plush Pinkies
  • Fancyloft
  • Spring Circle Spa
  • Lushify
  • Opullent
  • Missbliss
  • DoodleCraft
  • VisionThread
  • BrownOwl
  • DesireWave
  • MoodSpace
  • Carle Clip Nail Salon
  • GoodGlaze
  • UrbanMinutes
  • HexaDots Nail Salon
  • Craft junkie

Nail business names

What’s in a Name?

Every business person who will start a nail salon needs an excellent attractive and catch the name. There are some essential factors to keep in mind before choosing the best name.

We hope that you will get maximum help and information about opening and picking a nail spa name in this article.

Like any other business, choosing a name for the new coming venture is crucial for the business in such a saturated market.

Because a thumb of the rule in naming a business, it must be able to clarify what your business is all about.

Qualities your business own and quality your product or services will deliver; everything should be in a name.

Say, for example, a nail spa should have such words that can be easily relatable to nails, and just because this is going to be a creative business, it must have a fun and creative name to make people think and trust that it offers quality creative services.

Furthermore, most women want to see nail design online before going to the actual store or shop. So this is another opportunity for you as a salon owner to have a domain where you can show what you will be offering them.

Here is the list of nail salon names and suggestions:

  • Thi Spa & Nails
  • Tippity Toe
  • Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
  • Vertigo Nail Salon
  • Bleu Nails & Spa
  • Cute-icles
  • Get Nailed!
  • Happy Feet Nail Salon
  • Holy Nails!
  • Little Piggies Nail Spa
  • Manis and Pedis Salon

nail salon names

Some Amazing Naming Options

One should keep in mind some of the key marketing aspects while naming a business name. Similarly, there are lots of things to avoid.

Here we have some of the best points to keep in mind when you are naming your nail spa and salon.

Start from the START

Some business and marketing experts encourage owners to start by answering some very basic questions about the development to get some specific branding.

Questions might be;

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the services or products we are going to offer?
  • Which brand image are you trying to convey
  • Who is your competitor?

Once you got answers to such questions, there are 100% chances that you will come up with some fantastic targeted brand ideas.

Naming a business is much like constructing a load-bearing wall; if this is poorly built; the entire building could come crumbling down.

So you have to make sure that the chosen name is strong enough to represent you and your business and the one who can stand firm at the time of the test.

Overall, you can say that a solid framework and planning is the key. So don’t forget it and try to work accordingly.

Having your nail salon will be a fantastic achievement, and the name you choose will be with you for a very long time. Therefore you need to consider when naming your business?

Here we go with some ideas to never skip;

1.      Image of Nail Salon

The name of your beauty or nail salon needs to summon up the image of the business’s nature in your client’s mind.

You might have seen lots of brands connected so well their product/service with their business name.

They become an identity that once someone calls their name, people can understand without putting some second thought about the calling name.

Names and words have a substantial impact on people’s minds; they capture their senses. And If they got some good experience, they will be your potential permanent customers.

They can trust your business before they have walked through the door or even met you. A brand name can allure a client to try you, but can equally dampen them without having ever met you.

2.      Competitors

Look around you and see what other salons name themselves and what are the services they provide. You must not name your spa something similar to their name.

Doing so can be a major point of creating confusion, which would not be good for a new emerging business.

Rather I would suggest before deciding on your brand name, better go and check on Google whether some other business or your industry has this name.

3.      Trademarks

Following the last point, check the availability of the name you selected for your spa with the IPO that picked name is not taken and trademarked for some businesses within or outside the industry.

Don’t forget to check the pending applications.

You might not be in favor of bearing the expense of a billboard, salon sign, website, graphics, and whatnot. So to avoid a battle ahead of you, keep this point in mind and check it out.

4.      Be Unique

You have the experience yourself that there are hundreds and hundreds of salon names like; Beauty Box, Beauty By….., or Beauty Salon.

There isn’t anything wrong with these names, but billions of such named businesses didn’t very inventive.

5.      Make it Interesting

Whatever name you choose, you want it to be the best of the interesting but with no difficulty or confusion.

Names that come up with a combination of letters and numeric are just that, like Rejuven09 or NVHTG2. These names can be appealing and attractive to people.

Unless you make it too clumsy that people can’t even remember the sequence or the whole name. So be very clear that you have to ease their lives and not spoil it.

Simplicity is often the best option.

6.      Location

You can name your salon after your city, town, or place where you live. Even you can also specify your address. This is fine as long as you never plan on relocating!

Final Thoughts

In business, there is one golden rule; if you fail, try again and again. Don’t be afraid of changing your business name if that doesn’t work for you.

But before that, you do your homework properly; it’s not an easy thing to do. So naming a brand is all in your hands.

Owners must also establish credibility early on. When you are just starting, it’s important to have a brand that establishes you as a credible business authority.

Customers should feel like you are the expert, and they can trust you.” If a new owner has years of experience as a professional in the nail world, he or she should emphasize that.


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