500+ Creative Name Ideas for Marketing Companies

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with creative marketing company name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of marketing company names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with advertising business names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good marketing business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm marketing and advertisement company name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Marketing Company Names

These are the names of marketing companies to inspire your ideas:

  • Digital Destination
  • The Brandon Agency
  • Regex SEO
  • Octagon
  • Tweak Marketing
  • iCrossing
  • Bring Digital
  • Power Digital Marketing
  • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
  • BeCore Experiential Marketing Agency
  • Rock Candy Media
  • NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing
  • Ignite Visibility
  • Red Branch Media
  • College Marketing Group
  • Disruptive Advertising
  • Straight North
  • Wonderful Creative Agency
  • Impression Digital
  • iProspect
  • Active Internet Marketing
  • Socially Powerful Media
  • Accord Marketing
  • The Think Tank
  • Crafted
  • Tangent
  • Quantum Marketing

Advertising Company Names

These are the advertising business names you can get inspiration from:

  • Iconic Digital
  • Zazzle Media
  • Guerilla Communications
  • Link Digital
  • HOME Dockside
  • Blue Chip Marketing
  • Reflect Digital Limited
  • Further Ads
  • Whitewall Marketing
  • Wavelength Marketing
  • Silver Agency
  • RONIN Marketing
  • Discoverable
  • Envigo
  • Market Forever
  • Antler Agency
  • Carat Manchester
  • Shoo Social Media
  • Enchant Agency
  • The River Group
  • Drummond Central
  • Creston
  • Chime Communications Limited
  • The SEO Works
  • The Union Advertising Agency
  • Climb Online

Marketing Agency Name Ideas

Here are the catchy advertisement company name ideas and suggestions:

  • AMP Agency
  • Agency Entourage
  • The Media Captain
  • Uptick Marketing
  • Velocity Digital Advertising
  • M16 Marketing
  • Magnani
  • Influencer Agency
  • Performics
  • Red Spot Design
  • Perfect Search Media
  • Orange Marketing
  • Navitas Marketing
  • Redhead Labs
  • Source Explorer
  • Website Depot
  • Pace Branding & Marketing
  • Thinking Juice
  • Tactical Solutions
  • Digital Next
  • Mesh Marketing
  • Coast Digital
  • Mosquito Digital
  • Epiphany Search
  • Sherpa Marketing
  • Miramar Communications
  • MintTwist

Digital Marketing Company Names

These are the name ideas for digital marketing agencies:

  • Limelight Digital
  • Mediaworks
  • Zero Above
  • Reboot Online Marketing
  • Mongoose Sports & Entertainment
  • Carat UK
  • Branded3
  • Hallam
  • AccuraCast
  • SiteVisibility
  • Brainiac Media
  • Medialab Group
  • Create8
  • Rivmedia Digital Services
  • Target Public Relations
  • Parallax
  • Kindred Agency
  • Posterscope
  • Cognition Agency
  • Manning Gottlieb
  • Proximity
  • Shout Design Kent
  • PHD Media
  • HOME Gibraltar
  • Nice Agency
  • The Institute of Promotional Marketing
  • Blueocto

marketing company name ideas for inspiration

How to Name a Marketing Agency

Finding just the right name for your new venture is very important as this sets prospects expectations and reflects your culture by putting a virtual stake in the ground and say, “This is who we are”.

The best business names are simple, meaningful, and memorable; they excel in trends and project an image of what the owner has in his mind.

Picking the right name is crucial, and this is the only element that starts creating an image of the brand in the mind of potential customers.

Also, it shares the idea of what the company is about, and this would be an important keyword for internet-based searches.

If you select a bad or wrong name for your company, can set your company back by months if it doesn’t destroy it altogether.

And if you use a name which is already trademarked, means that you should be ready to bear the expense of rebranding; from development to research for new website and all graphical campaigns.

And the name which is excessively descriptive or contains too many common words; makes it pretty difficult to remember or looking for.

It’s more like an awful to ask of a few words so here we have outlined some of the suggestions that can help you in finding the right name for your marketing agency.

Before heading towards finding the best-known ways to name a marketing agency, it is better to first see what does a marketing agency does.

Marketing Agency

Also known as marketing firms; help clients implement and manage their strategies to achieve business goals for a longer-term.

Here is an overview of what marketing agencies do;

  • Identify valuable strategies
  • Implement marketing solutions
  • Evaluate results

Now you have got a big picture of the marketing agency’s role in this age. Some of the types of marketing agencies working efficiently;

  • Full-service marketing agency
  • Specialized marketing agency
  • Traditional marketing agency

Benefits of Marketing Agencies

  • Help you identify result-driving strategies
  • Help you manage and implement campaigns
  • Help you monitor results and optimize campaigns

As we have gone through and have an extensive look at the marketing agencies and their work. It’s time to move towards points that can be helpful in choosing a marketing agency name.

1.      Identify your Brand

Picking a name for your venture is a crucial decision as once if you select it, you would not be able to change it easily.

This will set the tone for the way people recognize your company, so work backward and decide what your brand’s identity is.

This must include your targeted audience, culture, and vision. Once you have figured out, you should prep yourself for some serious sort of brainstorming session.

This is how your brand name will directly and accurately reflect your company’s core values.

2.      Short & Unique

Just forget the descriptive names when developing a brand. The main point is that short and unique names are easier to remember, far better for social med and work perfectly for SEO winners.

Twitter limit character count and usually the descriptive name are already taken as handles but a short and unusual name is always available.

You will see your brand buried somewhere when you go and search yourself in Google, as there is too much competition and they have awesome names with a thorough study and research.

So there is nothing wrong with getting weird or at least a bit funky.

3.      Keep it Simple

Simplicity reigns in the world of marketing and this could not be a fact in naming a company or service/product.

It is widely believed that the company’s name can be creative but at the same time it should deliver a short and to the point message about the service your brand is offering.

It would be much better if you do some exercise-related to creativity but don’t forget the purpose of the brand, so the new customers won’t feel any confusion.

4.      Check Trademark Issues

Legal stuff is important to consider when naming a brand because trademarks matter a lot. It’s been seen that people change their company and product name just because of some impending lawsuit which could have been easily avoided by trade-marking their name upon researching upfront.

5.      Must be easy to pronounce

Naming a brand is by far the most critical but challenging part we have seen. The limited availability of possible names and URLs are the points that add intricacy.

What is missed more in some brands is the ability to pronounce names for some people. It’s a simple step; it should be easy to read and said, that’s it.

You can always make sure the chosen names to test with people who have not been in the name storming session so you can understand how understandable the name is.

6.      Keep in mind the Mission and Longevity

When naming a marketing agency, it is important to consider its endurance; how long your brand name will resonate with the target audience you defined in the beginning.

As time progresses and your marketing agency grow; that company name may be less associative to the public.

So it would be much better if you choose a name that accurately reflects not only the service your agency your brand is offering but the company you seeks to project.

7.      Take care of SEO

A little mistake in developing a business name is about how this is going to relate to the industry you are linked to.

You can go and check out the SEMRush and determine how popular the brand name is for both organic and paid searches.

Don’t forget to check the BuzzSumo for social hashtags; in both cases, if your name is highly competitive with the name dominating SEO; better some other name.

8.      Go for Non-Dictionary word

Try to create some new words that you can’t see in the entire dictionaries available. Then this would be a name that you can outright and help you highlight the differences.

Additionally, this new name will serve you in securing a domain name and social media handles; but make sure that the name is a catch so it remains memorable for the target audience.

linkedIn, Youtube, Zillow are all examples of those words that were not available in the dictionary.

9.      Tie your name with Story

We, humans, communicate in stories to build some interest; this is how effective marketing connects to the target audience.

When choosing a brand name for your marketing agency, the most frequently asked question is, “how did you get your name?”

If you answer, “it sounds cool or it explains our vision”; you missed a chance to be more memorable to your targeted niche.

10.  Consider Naming Structure

There are some strategies for naming a marketing company that worked well for some popular brands in the past. Some of the approaches are;

  • Hybrids;

Some branding experts call the most popular brand as a hybrid, developed by combining the two words.

  • Neologism;

Some businesses created their own names due to the difficulty in finding the original ones. Microsoft and Spotify are the examples; seems a real word now but they are made up.

  • Acronym;

Sometimes the name is too long; which needs a short form. IBM, AT&T is an example of those brands. Such acronyms are helpful in getting good repute from the customers.

11.  Brand Name sums up Everything

Some of the factors go into the perfect name, so thinking a brand name off the top of your head is not what exactly you can call as the best strategy for any brand.

There are a variety of emotional appeals during establishing a company name as a leader in their related industry.

Think of some of the largest names in the world; like Apple. There are some specific values and attributes attached to the name and the brand is still solidified because of these beliefs.

You need to think more of their products and their specs; and not about Steve Jobs, its security system and elegant design, and the like.

Bottom Line

There are ample of companies within any industry, even any new industry has gained traction and attracts lots of entrepreneurs which means that there is a potential in every single business.

Also, these are the companies that provide the same services or products to the customers and all of them are making their business; earning money to run their business.

But here is a question, why a customer chooses one company over another? It must be their name or branding which appeals and attract them to be a part of their journey.

In a shorter way, this is more than just a name. The brand name is the identity of the whole business and this deserves time and attention; and if you handle it properly it will change the business forever.

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