750+ Cool Lawn Care Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

With over 513,305 landscaping businesses in the world, what is it that makes your lawn care business different? Generating revenue of $93 billion every year and employing over one million workers, the landscaping industry is huge.

Such whopping statistics do make one gulp, especially when you are thinking of ways on how to generate name ideas for lawn care business.

How would you fit in? What makes you stand out among all those supergiants and successful landscaping companies?

The answer is simple: “Your Lawn Care Business Name”. Your business’s name has the power to make or break it. So out of innumerable businesses, this is what makes you unique.

Lawn Care Company Names

Some of the best lawn mower company names ideas and suggestions are here:

  • Premium Lawn-Scape
  • Green Lawn Doctors
  • Eco Mowing
  • Turf Yard
  • Eco-Lawn Care
  • Grass Scape
  • Turf Pros
  • Styled Lawns
  • The Lawn Guys
  • Green Gardening
  • Ace Lawns
  • A Cut Above
  • Lawn Solutions
  • Yard Masters
  • Nano Lawn Maintenance
  • Lifeline Yard care
  • Central Yard Maintenance
  • Natural Lawn Doctor
  • Highland Lawn Care
  • FloraScape
  • Yard Barbers
  • ViewPoint Lawns

Simple Lawn Care Business Names

Some of the simplest lawn care business names are:

  • Lawn N’ Go
  • Lawn Knights
  • Urban Foresters
  • Scape Man
  • Streamline Cutting
  • Seaside Gardens
  • Pacific Dreamscapes
  • Presidential Lawn Care
  • Spartan Lawn
  • Lawn Veterans
  • Clean-N-Neat
  • Simply Lawns
  • Cutting Edge Lawn
  • Triple R Lawn
  • Unlimited Lawns
  • Grass Ninjas
  • Grass Gone Wild
  • Pastures Landscaping
  • Green Acres Lawn Service
  • The Lawn Fairy

Coolest Lawn Care Names

Following are the coolest lawn care name ideas:

  • Grow n’ Glow Landscapers
  • Cut N Up
  • Cutting Edge
  • Lawn Connections
  • Restoring Roots
  • Huntergreen
  • The City Lawn
  • The Lawn Rangers
  • Tuff Turf
  • A to Z Lawn Care
  • Guardian Lawn Care
  • Outback Landscape
  • Central Land Care
  • King’s Gardening Services
  • Mow Rake Sow
  • Wiles Outdoors
  • Budget Lawn Mowing
  • Grassroots Lawn Care
  • Local Edge Lawn Care
  • Pro Lawn Care Service

Catchy Names For Gardening Business

These are the catchy name ideas for a gardening business:

  • Turf Terminators
  • Ultra Green Gardens
  • Shrub Solutions
  • Forever Fields
  • Planted Performance
  • Southern Green Lawns
  • Lonestar Lawn Maintenance
  • Spring Lawn Company
  • Top Choice Lawn Care
  • Trinity Lawn Movers
  • Conway Lawn and Landscape
  • Turf Specialties
  • Custom Edges
  • Summit Lawn Care
  • Sun City Lawn Care
  • Sunshine Lawn Care
  • Superior Lawn Care
  • Yard Doctor
  • Fine Lines
  • Shrub Specifics

Lawn Care And Snow Removal Business Names

These are the lawn care and snow removal business names:

  • Landscape Plus
  • Land Scape Lords
  • Blossom Landscape
  • Landscape Explore
  • The Urban Landscapes
  • Supreme Lawns
  • Lawn Genies
  • Opaque Snow Removers
  • Smooth Gardens
  • Naturf
  • GoldStar Lawn care
  • SeedPlow
  • Lawnster
  • Garden Insiders
  • Tru Green
  • Apex Lawns
  • Clear Cuts
  • Yard Pros
  • SouthSide Lawn Care
  • Vibrant Lawns

Badass Lawn Care Names

Following are the badass lawn care names for your inspiration:

  • Innovate Landscape
  • Sharper Image
  • Soft-N-Green
  • Wintergreen
  • The Drip Doctor
  • Yard Cut
  • A+ Lawn Care
  • Mow Masters
  • Turf Mowers
  • Yard Scapers
  • Ultimate Lawn Care
  • Lawn Edge Care
  • Yard Rangers
  • Amaze Lawn Care
  • Economy Stump Grinding
  • Sunrise Lawn Service
  • Ideal Lawn Solutions
  • Lawn Creations
  • Lawn Addiction
  • Cutting Crew
  • Distinct Solutions

Grass Cutting Service Names

These are the lawn mowing and grass cutting business names ideas:

  • Green Thumb
  • 1st Green Colorado
  • Statewide Grassing
  • Green View
  • Freshly Cut
  • The Yardist
  • The Lawn Barber
  • Horticulture Unlimited
  • Empire Yard Maintenance
  • Between the Edges
  • Dream Retreats
  • Crystal Springs
  • Above & Beyond Lawn
  • Backyard Services
  • See Weeds Landscaping
  • Weed Out Landscapers
  • Lawn Salon Landscapers
  • Mother Earth Yard Service
  • Green Earth Landscapes
  • MowTown Landscapers

Best Lawn Maintenance Names

The best name ideas for lawn maintenance are:

  • Groundskeeper
  • Forest Green Lawn
  • Solid Ground
  • Greenways Maintenance
  • Straight Line Lawn Care
  • Majestic Lawn Care
  • Treeline Design Group
  • Viewpoints Landscapes
  • High Hedges Landscaping
  • New Views Landscaping
  • Blissful Lands Landscaping
  • Splendid Sights Landscaping
  • The Great Outdoors Landscaping
  • Liberty Landscaping
  • Relaxation Landscaping
  • Customized Landscapes
  • The Green Market
  • The Outdoor Living Room
  • Scapezards

best lawn maintenance names

Lawn Mower Names Ideas

These are the most creative lawn mower names ideas:

  • Newland Landscape Associates
  • Green Machines
  • Scenic Views Mower
  • Opulence Lawn Care
  • Outdoor Art
  • Grand Outlook
  • Endless Vistas
  • A New Skyline
  • A Blue Horizon
  • Suburban Yard
  • The Edge Landscaping
  • The Urban Patio
  • Deft Scape
  • Peaceful Lands Landscaping
  • Turfed
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Nature Scapes
  • Backyard Kitchen
  • Country Climates

lawn care business name ideas

Why is Naming Your Business So Important?

  • It is the first thing your customers will see. Putting up a catchy name helps your target audience to remember you, in this way your business will retain customers. It helps you create a strong bond with them.
  • It states what it will provide with just the name.
  • It is a fairly distinct take on the targeted industry.

With that in mind let us delve into what should be the next steps into How to generate name ideas for lawn care business.

How to Generate Name Ideas For Lawn Care Business?

Lawn care businesses turn the face of your piece of land (front yard or backyard). It’s their responsibility to keep the floral and faunas alive and sprouting while keeping the bushes and grass clean and green.

Mostly well-off or elderly people are in need of this business with government properties needing maintenance every day. Your lawn care business will have the perfect chance for growth and profit.

But the problem arises, how will you find the perfect name to reap all these benefits? Here is what you should do. Your catchy and distinct name will help you grow and reach the heights of success.

Keep into consideration the following steps to make it easy for you to generate the perfect name for your lawn care business.

1.       Clearly Mention Your Niche in the Name

Clearly the globe has so many landscaping businesses to offer like

  • Lawn mowing or maintenance
  • Sod installation or hydroseeding
  • Weeding or fertilizer and/or pest control application
  • Landscape care or maintenance services
  • Landscape design or contracting services
  • Landscape architecture services

All these categories have distinct names for their businesses e.g. LawnStarter Lawn Care Company. The name clearly indicates the niche, what the business is all about. Moreover, your business should provide specialized services to customers.

So, keep in mind when your audience sees or hears your name, they know what exactly your lawn care business provides. When you put in the niche in your name, no other marketing strategy needs implementation to educate your audience about what services you provide.

2.       Study Your Competitors’ Business Names

Dive deep into competitor research. Take your time in scoping out the names of the competitor businesses. Study and analyze those names and think of why it clicks with the audience and how did they come up with that name.

Successful businesses do everything to stand out in their market with unique names being the reason for their sky-reaching success. So, when you think of a unique name, jot it down on a copy.

Don’t pick names similar to your competitors’, use different words than what they have. Remember that making your brand identity involves your business name as well and provides your business with added distinctiveness.

3.       Keep it Simple

While thinking of your business name, make sure to keep it as simple as possible. If people aren’t familiar with the sounds or terms of your business name then say goodbye to future potential growth and profits.

A short, easy to pronounce name stays on the tongue of your audience and helps promote the business when they talk to their friends or family. So, keep it short and simple.

4.       Highlight Your Brand

Your lawn care business will be a brand. This brand has the ability to develop the public perception about the services and products your business will provide. My suggestion is that you should put in efforts to build a positive thought process when the public thinks of your name.

Make the public know you’re all about quality services with quality products.

5.       Make it Future-Proof

Every thriving business wants to make it big. You will think of it too when you see your business reaching new summits. This means that you will most probably add new services and products for the expansion of your business.

While that sounds great, but if your name doesn’t relate then what’s the purpose? So, keep your name future-proof. Reflect on your services and consider what services you will potentially offer in the future.

6.       Visual Representation and Catchy Tagline

You must be thinking “Are we there yet?” Slow your horses because we aren’t. This hectic process requires constant development over time.

The next step to follow is to somehow give a visual representation of your business. Make an idyllic logo for your business. It’s a proven fact that visual representation results in attracting more people.

Take all the famous brands and businesses, they all have a catchy go-to line. Try to brainstorm a catchy tagline for your business as well. Highlight what you offer in it and that should do the trick.

7.       Trouble in Naming

When all else fails and you still couldn’t come up with a name, then search the internet. It’s a great source to provide you with numerous websites that offer unique names or help you build one.

8.       After you’ve Finalized the Name

Now that you have finally got a name for your lawn care business, it’s time to fill in the final and the most crucial steps in reaching our intended goal.

9.       Check for Trademark Availability

There are innumerable businesses that get a trademark check daily. It might happen that you thought of a name but after a trademark check, you come to know that it has already been taken.

The government doesn’t accept the same name or even similar-sounding names for registration. So, it’s better to check with authorities first.

10.   Check for Domain Availability

In this era of digital marketing, it is important to make an impact by providing your audience with a stunning website. But before you do that, make sure to check your business name domain availability.

It’s all about your internet presence to attract potential customers and highlight your services as well. But in case you don’t get your preferred business name availability, then opt for acronyms.


The time has come, you have your perfect business name. Now, it’s time to move, register, and legalize your perfect business name. And there you go, your business has an internet existence.

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