500+ Clever Name Ideas for Landscape Companies

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with creative landscaping company name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of landscaping company names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with landscaping business names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good landscape business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm landscaping or lawn care company name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Landscaping Company Names

These are the clever landscaping company name ideas for your inspiration:

  • All Around Landscaping
  • Country Gardens
  • The Landscape Gardener
  • Aura Landscapes
  • East Midlands Landscaping
  • Landscape Artist
  • Scale Light
  • Nature’S Palette
  • Land Canvas
  • Land Fred
  • Land Scape Creative
  • Big Touch
  • Smooth Gardens
  • Landscape Explore
  • Heritage Construction & Landscaping Limited

Lawn Care Business Names

Following are the coolest lawn care names for lawn care businesses:

  • Summit Landscapes
  • Garden Solutions
  • Original Landscape Design
  • Secret Garden
  • Ashlea lawn Care
  • Ramscapes
  • Land Scape Lords
  • Summerspring
  • Scents Of Summer
  • Viva Scape
  • Excellent Land Scape
  • Scapes Centre
  • Fruits And Leaves
  • Winter Spring
  • Winter Gardens
  • The Seeds

Lawn Care Company Names

Here are the best lawn care and mowing company name ideas:

  • Evergreen Cheshire
  • Island Landscapes
  • A-Z Landscapes
  • Urban Earth
  • Oak View Landscapes Limited
  • Open Spaces
  • New Horizon Horticultural Services
  • First Light Landscaping
  • Kingston Landscape Group
  • Urban Landscape Design
  • Scapezards
  • Glendale Services
  • Blooms Inc
  • Blossom Landscape
  • White Oak Landscaping
  • Verde Landscapes

Good Landscaping Name Ideas

Here are some of the best landscaping business name ideas:

  • The Landscape Company
  • Hard-rock Landscaping
  • The Garden Builders
  • Flawless Landscaping
  • Ayegardening
  • Garden Club London
  • Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping
  • Landscape Supply Company
  • Absolute Landscaping
  • Rosebank Landscaping
  • Country Scapes
  • The Urban Landscapes
  • Modern Landscapes
  • Expertise Scape
  • Landscape Genius

Landscaping Business Name Ideas

How to Name a Landscaping Business

The name you select for your landscape company is the vital marketing decision you ever made. The real good name will enforce your identity in the mind of your viewpoint.

Also, the right name can differentiate you from the competitors; also establish you as a leader in the new category which eventually leads to some of the favorable consumer perceptions.

Whether you are going to begin a new landscape business or considering a name change for your company; here is some guideline that can help you. But first, let us discuss what is landscaping business?

Generate Landscaping Name Ideas

Landscaping business is defined as a concern that may be operated to construct, install, or maintain laws, trees, related grounds, and other outdoor areas owned by others. This tends to modify the visible feature of the land including flora or fauna which is commonly known as gardening.

In other words, it’s an art and craft of growing plants having a goal of creating a beautiful and pleasing environment within the landscape.

Landscaping service providers have been registering since 2013 and steady growth has been noticed. The profitability of this business has increased by 50%.

Since lots of companies are already working in this market and your venture is going to face fierce competition in any given region.

To deal with the brand and drive customer attention towards your newly build company; a unique and simple name is the key component.

If the name can represent your brand; this is the only point that can help you give your new business a head start.

Consider these points to generate business name ideas for landscaping companies:

1.      Put your Niche in the Brand Name

Landscaping is all about delivering some specialized services since all sectors need to maintain the look of the surrounding areas.

They search for the companies which are experienced in working for the said landscaping niche. So make sure to hear about your company they know about your landscaping expertise.

For instance; do you provide services for Children Park, some medical institutions, or a job for managing Aqua Park?

Or maybe your company intends to target project builder; so forth and so on. When a niche is mentioned in the brand’s name, you don’t have to market to educate people about what exactly you do.

2.      Stand out from the Competitors

A successful businessman knows well how to stand out and he tries everything to be the one in its target market.

Globally recognized brand names are unique which one of the main reasons for roaring success is. So when thinking for a name, first of all, make a list of your competitors.

Have a look at their names, and try not to choose any name which sounds like their name or has some kind of similar words.

Whenever you think of a name, make it very clear that there is no connection between your and your competitor’s business name.

But it would be better for you to study and analyze your competitor’s name and know what makes them click.

And don’t forget that to establish a brand identity of any business, you have to be different in different ways including the name of the business.

3.      Name for Decades

All business owner dreams of making it big, but a professional company makes proper strategy to venture into bigger markets and hit the competitors.

As they grow, landscaping companies add new equipment and services to serve a different set of clients. So it means that a brand name must be relevant after decades when your business expands and see new market trends.

For example; if in your brand name there is a name of your town; you can change it once you start landscaping services in other towns as well.

Also, you can redesign your brand logo if there are some limits to your business; recreating a whole new plan is acceptable but you need to keep the original services and products so the customers can stick with you.

4.      Why not Your Name

If you are a sole proprietor of the company, it’s a good chance for you to consider a personal name to be the name of the company.

The personal name is very tempting for lots of company owners, and there is a potential chance of making the company name stands out in the competition.

However, you can use your name only if it is impressive and leaves a good name. Remember if your name is hard to pronounce for your customer; picking a name is a bad idea.

Not all business owners are successful in making a good business name; therefore think of using your name as a brand if it is unique, different, and easy to utter.

You can ask your visual artist to incorporate your name into a logo so this becomes a marketing tool and you can use it to present your brand.

5.      Simplicity is the Key

This old advice of keeping it simple also applies to name a business of any category. If people who are the target audience are not familiar with the words and sounds used in the name, they don’t like the company.

But a simple and easy to call name will linger in their memories and they will like to be a customer. Also, they can use this name while talking to their peers personally or on any social media platform.

Try to keep the name short rather than making it too long; shorter names are easy to remember, and anybody can type it quickly in the search bar to see some information about your company.

Therefore a short and sweet name for your landscaping business is always advisable.

6.      Brainstorming Session

Everybody has some friends, colleagues, and family members whom they can trust. They can help find some exciting and good name ideas for your landscaping business.

So talk to them, share your idea and vision behind the business and ask them to think about some naming ideas. Also, they can use notepads to jot down whatever comes in their mind.

You can start a communication, talk about some names with these people you have in your mind and ask them to speak their mind on names that emerge during a thinking session.

However, you can give an outline of those points that they have to ignore; could be your competitor’s name.

You will come back with something new and exciting stuff that can help find a name for your newly established business.

7.      Name must carry Brand

Your business is a brand for you, and the brand is all about the perception that customers have about your products or services.

A new company has a lot of points on which they can make some extra effort to build positive thinking and image of the services you are delivering.

8.      Don’t go for Generic words

Using generic words in your brand name is not going to make you sound different from the competitors and also would not help create a unique identity in the mind of your possible customers.

Quality landscaping, customized concrete, or Precision landscaping; all are terrible options.

9.      Avoid Abbreviations

Your landscaping is a small business for some specific area, and you don’t need to act like a corporate firm. IBM and UPS are known brands as they are working for a long ago and their advertising has driven them into our consciousness.

You don’t have that much of advertising budget, so don’t follow those big giants. People don’t have time to learn the full form of BDR or RJM.

So don’t make people confused about the brand name, make it simple and clear which completely shows the aim or purpose of the business.

It would be much better to skip corporate abbreviations. It’s your identity, choose wisely, and don’t forget the competitors. See if they are lacking in some of the above-mentioned points; use it.

10.  Check you Names on Google

Once you develop a good list of good business names, always go for an online search for those selected names.

This practice can save you from the heartbreak of finding out that the name you just painted on all the trucks and equipment is already taken by someone else.

So if you come up with some available name, better rush towards domain service providers and get the domain as soon as you can.

And now this is the best time to go for registering a trademark for your company officially.

11.  Social Media Handles and Web URL

When you are selecting a landscape business name; consider how it will be on the social media platforms.

Also, avoid being feeling embarrass by writing out social media handles and URLs on paper when the names of your business are pushed together. They don’t form an inappropriate or giggle-worthy word.

12.  Don’t present it to Committee

The only way to slow down the search of your brand name is to get opinions from too many people in the process.

The initial name hunting must begin with you or some of the necessary stakeholders like your business partner if any.

Once you got to finish the initial broad search, narrow down the list to a few of the potential names. Then you can go for additional opinions from employees, friends, or spouses to choose their preferences.

13.  Second Opinion

As you are too close to name a business, there is a chance that you may be preoccupied with a name that you like too much.

But if you take others’ opinions about the brand name you got after keeping the above-explained points; it gives you some hint of how your customers may respond.

Bottom Line

Landscape business should be named fittingly so the targeted customers can notice. Therefore it must be simple, unique, attractive, and easy to pronounce that stands out in a landscaping market.

Create a lawn care business name that sticks and that is your main goal. When a customer thinks of lawn mowing; they must not forget your name.

The same goes for when they decide to buy they will go to you. Hopefully, this guide helps in finding a name for your landscaping business.

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