700+ Catchy Jewelry Business Names That Will Inspire You

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with creative jewelry company name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of jewelry company names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with jewelry business names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good jewelry business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm bracelets, bling or jewellery company name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Catchy Jewelry Business Names

These are the catchy and quirky names for your jewelry business:

  • The Natural Sapphire Company
  • Elite Beads
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Precious Pendants Pot
  • Custom Fashion Jewels
  • Honolulu Jewelry Company
  • Pomellato Boutique
  • Imperial Pearl Company
  • The Fine Gift Company
  • Platinum Diamonds
  • Mayfair Jewellers
  • Jade Jagger Ltd
  • Antique Jewel & Gem Company
  • Reve – Diamonds & Fine Jewellery
  • Autumn and May
  • Elite Workshop
  • Zara Taylor Jewellery Boutique

Jewelry Store Names

Here are the catchy jewelry line names for your store:

  • Treasure Mounts
  • Trotters Jewellers
  • Premium Jewellers
  • Oceanic Jewellers
  • Jewellery Discovery
  • Fair Trade Jewellery
  • Keepsake Jewellery
  • Diamoon
  • Glisten Cart
  • Sprico
  • E Moji
  • Nightshine
  • Facial Vessiel
  • Stunning Jewelry Store
  • Diamond Nest
  • Facial Adorn
  • Classic Crystal
  • Tina Luxury

Earring business names

Some of the cool names for earrings businesses are:

  • Cerrone Jewellers
  • Volle Jewellery
  • Gemcraft Australia
  • Cerrone Earrings
  • Bevilles Jewellers
  • Francesca Jewellery
  • Windfall Jewellery
  • Goldmark
  • George Banks
  • PH Jewellers
  • Blue Yonder
  • Whittles Jewellers
  • Swarovski
  • Pandora

Bracelet business names

These are the catchy bracelet company names for your inspiration:

  • Posh Totty Designs
  • Classic Baggy
  • Premium bracelet Store
  • Paris Jewellers
  • Jewellers Vigilance
  • Paddington Jeweller
  • Sovereign Jewellers
  • Peoples Jewellers
  • Cutelook
  • Beautyland
  • Ultimate Look
  • World’S Trinket
  • No 13 Jewellery
  • Francesca Jewellery
  • Koro Fine Australian Jewellery
  • Zeetreasures
  • Jumpykin
  • Girl’S Adore
  • Exquisite Joyería
  • Best Bijo

Bling business name ideas

These are the best bling business name ideas:

  • Mandos Jewellery
  • The Diamond Ring Company
  • Bright Jewellery
  • Mano Bling Store
  • European Jewellery Company
  • Albone Jewellers
  • Blujade Limited
  • London Facets
  • Star Light
  • Sophin
  • Fabulus
  • Love Thy Accessories
  • Flawless Fine Jewellery
  • 777 Jewellers
  • Majesty jewellers
  • The Jeweller’s Box
  • Jewellery Repair Workshop

Paparazzi jewelry names

Following are the paparazzi jewelry boutique names to inspire you:

  • Motley
  • Asprey
  • Ernest Jones
  • House of Garrard
  • Regency Jewels
  • Beards Jewellery
  • Carlo Jewellers
  • Hancocks
  • Damiani
  • Koko
  • Rankins Jewellers
  • 360 Jewellery
  • Astley Clarke
  • Wartski

Jewelry Brand Names

Here are the jewelry brand name ideas for your company:

  • Shane
  • Boodles
  • Jooal
  • Bela Gems
  • Joubi
  • VANLELES Diamonds
  • Graff
  • Vamp London Jewellery
  • Vogue
  • Boodles
  • Raphael London
  • Pomegranate
  • tomfoolery
  • Heming
  • Monica
  • Briolette Jewellery

Names for Jewelry Boutique

Below are the catchy name ideas for Jewellery boutiques:

  • Monica Vinader
  • The Silver Company
  • The Vintage Jeweller
  • Voltaire Diamonds
  • Heera Diamonds
  • Posh Totty Designs
  • Azuni
  • Cartier
  • Merola
  • Heart of Diamond
  • Yoko Pearls
  • Maison Birks
  • Charm Diamonds
  • Ben Moss Jewellers
  • Wallace

jewellery business name ideas

How to Name Your Jewellery Business

Jewelry is not just a piece of metal but trails the heritage, culture, and history in every curve and curvature it enfolds.

In words aesthetically champion, Flemish Fashion Designer:

“Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewellery really interests me.”

-Ann Demeulemeester

The name of the business being the crucial instrument in portraying what business means should not be a hasty decision. In fact, it comes with careful consideration of inspiration behind the business, ideology, driving force and outlook of the ornaments.

Here are a few considerations to relish before making a final decision. I hope you indulge in the process and decide on how to name your jewellery business.

1.      Understand Your Niche

Jewellery is not a small term but unveils the large alcove comprising the era, the design, the inspiration and even the language it speaks.

Indeed, jewellery can represent eras without talking, and either it is antique or latest. Here are some eras in which jewellery is distinguished in:

The Georgian Era

Idyllically, Georgian Era was an extensively long time which spread over a century, and those were incredibly intricate designs, and very extremely delicate. Now, they sit as heirlooms in museums, but even today, the artist takes inspiration in the designs.

The Victorian Era

Notably, this era was led with the design specially crafted for Queen Victoria of England. The pieces evolved and design and cut reformed into more enhanced forms. Surprisingly Animal figurine jewellery was very chic back then.

Edwardian Era

Sadly it lasted for a minimal time but jewellery designs flourished and enhanced a lot. Platinum was also introduced in this era, while filigree and milgrain are also inventions of this era.

Art Nouveau

With a little inspiration from the Edwardian Era, the Art Nouveau Era celebrated free forms of the jewellery. There was no set symmetry or design structure in this Era. Not many pieces are available or preserved from this Era.

Art Deco Era

Followed by World War I, this era evolved significantly, and designs were quite different from the Edwardian Era. Designs in this Era were more Angular, symmetric and geometrical.

Retro Era

Markedly, tagging along the end of World War II, this Era transpired into an enhanced form of Art Deco Era, integrating bold designs. Bigger and bolder statement jewellery, white gold and colourful designs were delicacies of this Era.

2.      Deciding on Your Niche

The idea behind the discussion of these Eras has an apparent reason. To understand what Era your jewellery is inspired with. And, the name should be decided without deflecting on the Era.

Once you have figured out your niche, the naming process just became a little easier. At the same time, there are some more hops to jump.

3.      Ideology

Every business is formed on pillars of ideology, and ideology should be the fuel to the name as well. Clearly, this will help customers resonate with the concept and feel more intimate to your business and its philosophy.

4.      Tricks to Utilize in Naming

While you are thinking of the name, some tricks can make your brand name even better with little or no effort.

  • Playing with words: Indeed, words always play an essential role. With little care and shenanigan of alphabets. Playing with sounds of alphabets, A little change of C with a K, or maybe a similar-sounding word with the name can add much of weightage to the name overall.
  • Simplicity: While unique names do flourish, but a name that is hard to pronounce is a turn off for the consumer. You don’t want the consumer to get flabbergasted by the name that is not easy to pronounce. On the contrary, a fancy name which is easy on the tongue is a Win-win!
  • Poll: You can always create polls on internet forums, or social media platforms, and gather which name people feel more accustomed too. You would be surprised with ideas, and feedback consumers may bring.
  • Match the package: Sure; you don’t want a salad, that has carbohydrates and sugar in it. Similarly, you want a brand name that echoes with the brand slogan and logo. A consideration of this element will elevate the brand game significantly.

5.      Delve into Contender’s Ideology

Now, it’s time to stop romancing with your idea and get the reality check. Yes, it’s vital to see what contenders are doing. And, if many people are following the same pattern, then it sure means a successful formula.

Meanwhile, understand the naming process of contender’s businesses and what went behind the whole process. Sometimes being ostentatiously unique can cause trouble.

6.      Difficulty in Naming

If you are having trouble finding the name, there are many websites, name generators, that may be of great assist. And, if you want to have a more organic and intimate process, indulge with your family and friends.

Another important factor could be asking the target market on the internet or maybe malls through a poll, or suggest a name.

Uniquely, I believe you will find yourself flustered with choices, and you will not only get a name the audience chose, you naturally involve them in the process for added attachment to the brand before it is even physically there.


All the while, the name should also be so meaningful and easy to cling to tongue that consumers remember it always. In this way, the word would spread around faster. If your ornaments resonate with Edwardian style jewel, something with Edward always sounds fancy.

Check the Meaning

While you may have decided on the name, it’s not “it” yet. Clearly, a very crucial step is to check for meaning and association of the name in other cultures and languages.

Sometimes, the name you may have selected is harmless and sweet, but, in other languages, it can mean something very crass and provocative.

Give Scope to Expand

Lastly, always think of how you wish to expand the brand in future. If your jewellery store names, Elizabeth Jewels, and you start selling modern age jewels in future, it will be quite a contradiction. Hence, a name should not be putting you in a hole but giving you the room to develop.

7.      Domain Name

Now comes the process of branding, and this involves adverts, website and printing material along with it. But, before we get carried away, one we need to check if the name is available for the domain in the world of the internet.

Since the internet is going to be a powerful element for your business to succeed, the emphasis on having the same name as a domain is a must. This is the reason people often think of two to three names to avoid roadblocks.

8.      Check for Copyright

For a business always aiming to grow and expand, and what you may have started as a small Jewellery Business, can become such a success that you can take it globally. With the internet, everything is plainly in the palm of our hands, so going global is quite effortless.

But, when you go expand your business in other countries, you may coincide with other brand names, in the same niche. Hence, it can hamper your growth or end up in a lawsuit.

So, to avoid such instances, one should take extra care, and before deciding the name, check archives of the internet for the name is uniquely yours.


Now that you have gone through this tedious process, and you have emerged victorious with a name that passed through all the tests mentioned above, it’s time to take the next step. Nonetheless, it is time to focus your energy on business and how to keep the ideology flowing.

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