750+ Interior Design Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Setting up your business is a crucial step. It demands blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices to put your business on the track to success. But let’s rewind and pause.

The first and foremost point in starting a business is thinking of a name for the company. Brainstorm new and unique interior designing business names while you’re reading the below name ideas.

It’s a crucial point and takes up hours, days, and sometimes even weeks trying to get the right business name. Your business should have the perfect name to generate the best ROI, have loyal clients, and gain profits.

Interior design business names

Here is the list of catchy interior design business names and ideas:

  • Urban rays shine
  • Window vogues
  • Wish spark design
  • Xing interior design
  • Zircon interiors
  • Trending décor
  • Interior era
  • Prime fate interior
  • Omelet architect
  • Reinspired homes
  • Advent square
  • The dream studio
  • Dazzler architectures
  • Endless architect
  • Involve design
  • Modern intrno
  • Neon interiors
  • Nextcraft
  • Zspace
  • Interior acre
  • Nature irene
  • Pure cassa
  • Woodrelics
  • A classy new look
  • Deco design
  • Olde world interiors
  • Park place interiors
  • Room resolutions
  • Decorate rich
  • Design source
  • Hillcrest interiors
  • Rouge Designs
  • Serenity Designs
  • Set the Stage
  • Style My Space
  • Style Bites
  • Supra Max
  • Unusual Interiors
  • Urban Ranch General
  • Visual Create
  • Workspace Interiors
  • Your Eminent Domain
  • Zero Degree Design
  • Studio Gold
  • Design Doctor
  • Daring Designs
  • The Inside story
  • Brick & Stone Designs
  • Grand Rooms
  • Culture Concept Interiors
  • Design Factor

Interior design company name ideas

Brainstorm new names while going through these interior design company name ideas:

  • North Valley Interiors
  • Align
  • iCrave
  • Janet Grey
  • Lux Interiors
  • Manifesto
  • Nth Degree
  • Ora Designs
  • Premise Design
  • Home Place
  • Rework-D
  • So Vibrant
  • Unispace
  • Norwood Interiors
  • The Design Shop
  • Turn Key Interiors
  • Classic Interiors
  • Designer Solutions
  • Inspired Interiors
  • Knob Hill Design
  • Redefined Design Home Staging
  • Ambiance Home
  • Foliage Design Systems
  • Sanctuary Concepts
  • Savvy Snoot
  • Scarlett Sense
  • Seed Planning
  • Tasteful Trends
  • The Green Room Interiors
  • The House Connoisseurs
  • Town Center Interior Design
  • Vivid Essen Interior
  • Interior Enhancements

Interior design names

These are our all-time favorite interior design related names:

  • I Design Interiors
  • Navigate Design
  • A Houck Designs
  • Array Design Studio
  • Coco Interior Design
  • Design Solutions
  • Metaphore Design
  • Natural Element Interiors
  • Rose Shields Interiors
  • Spaces Design Group
  • Swope Design Group
  • Collaborate Interiors
  • Lion Interior Design
  • Metropolitan Design
  • The Crump Firm
  • i5 Design Group
  • I-Deal-Lifestyle
  • Interspace Limited
  • Intexure Architects
  • Clements Design
  • White delta
  • Willow House
  • Our Home Decor
  • Design Vidal
  • Italian Design
  • Infinite Spaces
  • The Big Reveal
  • Patina Designs
  • Majestic Designs
  • Golden Arrow Interiors
  • Remodel Works
  • Past Time Interior
  • Reflections of You
  • Design Works Interiors
  • Fixture World Designs
  • Interior Systems
  • Interiors Unlimited

Design business names

Have a look at these design business names:

  • Design Harvest
  • Basic Designs
  • Interior Elements
  • Creative Consulting
  • Personal Staging
  • Land 3 Designs
  • IGO architecture
  • Artville Design
  • 22 Interiors
  • Prime Fette
  • Ann architectures
  • The Design House
  • Avenue Interior Design
  • The Design Team
  • My Design Days
  • The Castle Design
  • Cadence Design
  • Homely Haven
  • House Trends
  • House Upgrade
  • Hymn Design
  • International Design Concepts
  • Iron Gate Interiors
  • Material Environment
  • Matters of Space
  • Medley Design
  • Olde Rustic Homestead
  • Olde World
  • Pure Design Interiors
  • Real Space
  • Reggae
  • Scarlett Designs
  • Dominion Interior Supply
  • Elegant Options Inc.
  • Finishing Touches
  • Genesis Planning & Design

Interior design firm names

The following are the cool interior design firm names and suggestions:

  • Internal Exhibition
  • Ready Interiors
  • Designer Rooms
  • Inner Renos & Design
  • Inside Style
  • Chic Solutions
  • The Space Stylists
  • Room Elements
  • Implied Design
  • The Fab Furniture Firm
  • DeCore Design
  • California Closets
  • Galaxy Design
  • By Design Interiors
  • Creative Interior Design
  • Custom Design Basements
  • Interiors by Designs
  • Lighthouse Interiors
  • My Design Guide
  • Interior Louvers & Design
  • Interiors Unleashed
  • Moving Mountains Design
  • Decorating Den Interiors
  • Design House Interiors
  • Desired Space
  • Joy Interior Designs
  • Level 3 Design Group
  • LUSH Interior Design
  • Modiano Design
  • Castle Design
  • Nova Studio
  • Peacock Decor Inc.
  • The Interior Design School
  • Helen Green Design
  • Cave Interiors
  • Casa Forma
  • Total Interiors
  • Ten Design
  • Turner Pocock
  • Wall Art
  • Lowlands Design
  • Decorative Interiors
  • Design Resource
  • Align Ideas
  • Ambiance Design

Names for decorating business

Below are the good names for decorating business:

  • Angels Interiors
  • Astra Design
  • Avantgarde House
  • Bella Interiors
  • Blue Designs
  • Advance Design Company
  • Design Studio
  • BlueBay Interior Design
  • Bright and Roomy
  • Cactus Art
  • Chandra Stone
  • Cottage Interiors
  • Country Spire
  • Creative Touch Interiors
  • Eastlake Studio
  • Elegant Domain Interiors
  • Eleven Design Studio
  • Elite Decor
  • Furniture and More
  • Gibson Design Group
  • Grey Hunt Interiors
  • Elements Design Group
  • Iconic Design Studio
  • Refined Design
  • Imagine Walls
  • Impressive Interiors
  • Inside Design Group
  • Inside Illusions
  • Interspace Design Group
  • Libretto
  • Little Ray

Interior design name ideas

These are the best interior design name ideas to help you come up with new ideas:

  • Majestic May
  • Operetta
  • Ornate Room
  • Outdoor Elegance
  • Powerhouse Colors
  • Quintus Interior Design
  • Red Leaf Interiors
  • Reflections
  • Rich Interiors
  • Rock Soft
  • My Room Resolutions
  • Sapphire Pear
  • Space Factor
  • The Studio Red
  • Substance Creative
  • Symphony Design
  • Star Architecture
  • Ten Penny Designs
  • The Artsy Home
  • The Fabric House
  • The Iron Gate
  • The Orchard Group
  • Timeless Home Style
  • Tiny Little Pads
  • Today’s Interiors
  • Twin Interiors
  • Twintern Design
  • Urban Elements
  • The Urban Pride
  • Urban Crescent

Interior design business names

Perfect Tips to Name Your Interior Design Business

We have assembled these easy yet thought-provoking tips to make sure your naming process goes smooth.

1.  Simple is Memorable

Remember that your interior design business should be memorable and recognizable. Don’t fill your head with words that are hard to pronounce or remember. People should be able to remember it and store it in their memory. People might try to Google your interior design business, but if the name is hard to remember, then what will they do? Your business won’t get exposure.

2.  Name Should Highlight Your Business Services

People should be able to guess what the services your business provides by merely telling them the name. If they can easily recognize the services your business offers just by the name, then it’s a successful name. Most companies use “Interiors” or “Interior Design” in their names- it’s precise and clear.

3.  Carryout Competitor Analysis

Carrying out a competitor analysis will save you a lot of time and will let you know which names to avoid, how your competitors’ have named their interior design business and the vision behind it. This will help you greatly in forming the perfect business name.

Think about these questions when analyzing your competitors:

  • The business values they convey in their name and its working.
  • Is there a trend or a pattern in their business names? If so, avoid going with the flow.
  • Which one is the best? Search their history and how they came into formation.

4.  Availability

You chose the perfect name for your interior design business only to find out someone has it already. Before that unfortunate event arises, Google search the name you decide to see if any other interior design business has taken that name.

If it is taken, then move on. You can’t pick that name- it won’t be authentic and unique. Think of the potential customers you will lose when consumers search for your business name only to end up hiring some other similar-named interior design business.

After that, check for domain availability. The most preferred is the “.com” domain, and the internet world has many ways to check domain availability. Then simply buy that domain as soon as possible because you wouldn’t want anyone else purchasing it.

5.  Opinions Matter

Take your friends, family, and outsiders’ opinion on the name you choose. Look out for their reactions. Take note of accents as well- the accent of your targeted audience can alter the spelling and pronunciation of your interior designing business.

Ask people what they understand when they hear the name and if it makes sense to them. Take note of the information they provide you with and then incorporate them in the name.

6.  Don’t Opt for a Weird Name

Most probably, the worst thing you can do to yourself and potentially damage the reputation of your interior design business is by coming up with a weird name. People will never understand your interior design is and will not pay any mind to it. Be smart and clear instead of being overly imaginative.

The naming process can be overwhelming because you are trying your best to be as creative as possible. But sometimes it makes us frustrated for either not coming up with the best name possible or thinking of creating a name that will be impact-worthy, and that is when we understand that we are not word slingers.

Coming up with a name such as “Dusty Buns Decor” might sound funny, but after some time, it will become a cause of your embarrassment- especially in the interior decor industry.

Interior Designing Business Name Ideas and Examples

After the tips, let’s discuss some interior design business name ideas with examples to make it easier for you.

1.  Your Name in the Business Name

It is prevalent for people to name a business after their name, and the same goes for the interior design industry. Dig in, and you will find numerous companies starting with their initials or name, and why so? Because it works. It keeps the business profile simple and makes it obvious what you do.

The only problem with this method is that at times it becomes hard to grow as people want to work with you directly. This way, you can’t hire other designers easily, but other interior design brands manage this hurdle perfectly.

For example;

  • Chris Smith Interior Design
  • TAZ Interior Design
  • FT Designs
  • James Interior

2.  Different Prefix in the Name

If using your name is not your cup of tea, or you think people might not pronounce or spell it correctly, then choosing another prefix with the name idea tip mentioned above can be significant. Use adjectives- the ones that fit perfectly with your business and define it while staying unique and attractive.

Why complicate it when we can keep it simple? Think of the best adjectives and rest assured there are a handful of names out there still awaiting your attention.

For example;

  • Metropolitan Interiors
  • Elegant Designs
  • Mortar Interiors

3.  Make the Name Fully Branded

Do you not want your name in your interior design business name? Worry not- you have the perk of making your business fully branded with a name like no other. With great power comes great responsibility!

Though you have this perk, you have to make sure that the name doesn’t exist anywhere on the globe. If you don’t do that, you will never be on the top of Google search if people will be searching for your brand.

With that being said, you will have to link the name in some way with your dedicated industry.

For example;

  • Blueprint Walls
  • Whimsical Designs
  • Style My Space
  • Envisage Decor

With a perfect guide laid out in front of you, it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with a unique and attractive name that turns heads when heard. All-in-all, the interior design business name shouldn’t keep you from starting your business. Hire professional service if you can’t decide the name for yourself. The road of profits and success is just around the corner.

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