950+ Interior Designing and Home Decor Business Names

Naming a business is one of the super exciting yet overwhelming tasks which you have to do in any case as an entrepreneur.

Name is the first introduction of your business to the people, the first-ever thing that come out of your mouth the moment you pitch.

It’s the one word you hope people will remember after your talk to them about your company. Not only it’s the first impression but also, generally speaking, a lasting keystone of your business.

One can iterate on your business strategy, marketing tactics, and graphical presentation; virtually any part of the business but once you are set on a name; you would like it to stick.

Home Decor Business Names

Following are the catchy business names for home decor:

  • Every Inch
  • Dazzling Decor
  • Daylight Decor
  • Hipster Home Decor
  • Mid-Century Decor
  • Fairytale Home Decor
  • Glamour Home Decor
  • Flashy Furniture
  • En Vogue Home Decor
  • Inside Styles
  • A Personal Space
  • Rustic Home Stylings
  • The Pampered Home
  • Beachside Home Decor
  • The Finishing Touch
  • Home Unlimited
  • Woody Dots
  • Home Attire
  • First Impression
  • The Treasure
  • Selling Edge

Home Decor Brand Names

Here are the best home decor brand name ideas:

  • The Iron Gate
  • Tiny Little Pads
  • Urban Elements
  • Country Spire
  • Inside Style
  • Sapphire Pear
  • Cactus Art
  • Blue Designs
  • California Closets
  • Deco Design
  • Elite Decor
  • Daffodilly Design
  • Dixon Designs
  • Clements Design
  • Grey Hunt Interiors
  • Interior Enhancements
  • Align
  • Nest Design
  • Revival Interiors
  • Limelight Design
  • Pure Insight
  • The Big Reveal
  • A Home Within

Home Decor Name Ideas

These home decor name ideas will help you brainstorm more names:

  • Remodel Junction
  • The Inner Stone
  • Infinite Spaces
  • Dot Design
  • Urban Pride
  • Urban Dots
  • Visions Realized
  • Decor And More
  • Tailored Chic
  • An Inside Project
  • A Special Touch
  • A Step Above
  • An Intimate Arena
  • Alternate Scenarios
  • Bluedash Interiors
  • Zero Degree Design
  • Reed Interior Design
  • Xing Interior Design
  • PentaGram
  • Revamp Renew

Decorating Company Names

These are the creative name ideas for decorating business:

  • Well Walled
  • Imagine Every Inch
  • Beyond Vision Designs
  • Layered Brilliance
  • Outside In
  • Illusion Studio
  • The Elegant Loft
  • Inner Reflections
  • Opus Design
  • Front Door Decor
  • Sparkle And Shine
  • The Indie Home
  • Sunlight Home Decor
  • Visionary Home Decor
  • Farmhouse Home Decor
  • Craftsman Home Interiors
  • Fairyland Furnishing
  • Uplife Design Group
  • Home Dynamics
  • Remodel Works
  • The Inside Project
  • The Dream Studio
  • Home Evolution
  • Sunrise Home Design
  • UrbanRays Interior Design
  • The Design Hype
  • Quintus Interior Design
  • Operon Interior Design
  • Personal Perch
  • Home Decor Mystique
  • New Look Home Decor
  • The Home Decor Vision
  • Domestic Interiors
  • Fresh Interiors
  • House Appeal

decoration company names

Interior Design Business Names

These are the catchy interior design firm names for your inspiration:

  • A Classy New Look
  • Cottage Interiors
  • Design Studio
  • House Dressing Interiors
  • Mansfield Monk
  • Scarlett Designs
  • Serenity Designs
  • Castle Design
  • Eleven Design Studio
  • Hillcrest Interiors
  • Navigate Design
  • Space Factor
  • Within Interior Design
  • Lighthouse Interiors
  • Polk Decorative Center
  • Reveal Interior Design
  • Collaborate Interiors
  • Peacock Decor Inc.
  • The Crump Firm
  • Interspace Limited
  • Norwood Interiors
  • Redefine Design on the Avenue
  • The Orchard Group
  • Limitless Layout

Interior Design Company Name Ideas

Have a look at these interior design company names to get more ideas:

  • Room Resolutions
  • Seed Design Planning
  • Decorating Den
  • Twin Interiors
  • The Fabric House
  • Unimax Creative
  • iCrave
  • So Vibrant
  • Unispace
  • Galaxy Design
  • Imagine Walls
  • Arrange
  • Dominion Interior Supply
  • Olde Rustic Homestead
  • Panache Interiors
  • Serena Interiors
  • Inside Design Group
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Rose Shields Interiors
  • Cabana Home
  • i5 Design Group
  • Eastlake Studio
  • Refined Design Home Staging
  • 22 Interiors
  • Reflections
  • Savvy Snoot

interior design company name ideas

Wondering how to name a Business?

I know it’s not easy; is it? Most probably you want to pick just the right name and sometimes you are not even sure what you have to pick as this isn’t the decision to be taken carelessly.

Choosing the right name for your business doesn’t have the decision that you have to keep all through the rest of your life.

It’s a company name and it can be changed anytime down the road if you need to as you discover more about your business.

Name a Decor & Design Company

If you are aggressively committed to finding a perfect name now; you should take some time to think and relax.

You can hire a copywriter to help you flesh out your ideas. If you are bootstrapping this, then time is in your court and you can choose the super-easy way. Go for your name.

Some well known Interior Business Names

To keep an eye on your competitors in a competitive decoration and design company, this is crucial to pick some attention-grabbing name for your company.

For those who don’t want to use their name as a company’s name. There are times when you have not been blessed with easy to pronounce or spell names.

It’s okay, everyone has some personal choice. But there are again some options that you can choose from them.

Like if you can shorten your first or last name, just try it. For example, Gary Vee can be used for Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • If you still are in doubt then go and read Sophia a flower design studio
  • Ginger has a Tropical decor
  • Blanche designs bedrooms

We have some of the top listed unique companies listed collected for you;

  • Interior Shine
  • Design your Space
  • Creative Interiors
  • Quality Decor
  • Majestic Concepts
  • Modern Crafts

Let’s have a look at how to find out some good business name ideas for decoration and design company:

1.      Identify Target Audience

When it comes to any business, what matters most is known as a client. Consider the people you can foresee hiring you and they become your target audience.

The tempting logo can also play its part in attracting spectators. Know before starting working on a name hunt, whether middle-aged families looking for a home look or are the young people expect a minimalist and chic look.

Conduct surveys, talk to people, visit some showrooms; all this can be helpful for you in knowing the customer behavior towards your niche.

Branding strategy usually based on the intended audience. This makes it more critical for the business name to be more engaging and memorable for the people.

It is not about business or brand only but also the audience you want to connect with. Every single decor designer has his style which decides their specialty.

Those people who have an interest in interiors are the potential customers. Once you got to know about your audience, go for those names that could be memorable to impact your sales to the maximum.

2.      Future Goals of the Company

As the owner of a Decoration Company, you should have to keep an eye on the prize at every stage. Though your goal might be to turn it as an interior decor company but think about the futuristic approach.

As time flies and your brand become successful, you might plan to be a part of the retail space deal with home accessories.

Also, you might have a plan to expand your business by opening more branches inside or outside the city or set up franchises. That’s why avoid using location name or your name for respective scenarios.

A name that stays true to future expansions is the best choice always. So if the long term goals are already a part of the entire business strategy, it can help you zero else it’s cautious to pick a name which keeps your options always open.

3.      Go for Different Combination of Words

After you compiled a list of good relevant words, time to go for some brainstorming sessions, and coming up with different combinations. It’s a fun activity.

If you don’t like any word or combination, just keep it and don’t discard it. Make a comprehensive list where you have compiled all possible combinations.

Again mix some of these combinations to get some new potential naming options. This exercise can be dull but this one is crucial in creating some unique and most of all original names.

4.      Look for Some Identifying Words

Some names stand out in the crowd while staying important to the design and decoration industry. One of the most popular factors is the use of those words which help the clients make a connection.

There is nobody who knows y our company more than you. Until and unless you become sure that this particular name can do justice to the dreams that you have in your mind for this business; it won’t work.

The main factor is to make sure that you are not going for those words that add weight to the brand’s name but also with which you can easily relate to.

After all, this is the name that will form a foundation for your and the company’s identity, so be very careful about it.

Your company name should sing for you to be in line with the personality you would be breathing into the company. Read those people who read books written by people who built empires from the ground up.

5.      Shortlist Best Names

You may end up with various potential names by the end of the last phase. This is where you can remove those names which didn’t cut.

This might seem dull but this step is important in determining which names are going to stay with you. Choose the top five names from the list; less than five make it hard to decide which name seems better.

The best way to shortlist these names is by including your friends or staff in the entire process. Your human resource drives its operations and proves to be a substantial factor for the company’s success.

Making them part of your decision creates a sense of belongings and loyalties from the get-go which will be fruitful for you and the company.

6.      Get Feedback from Trusted Circle

As you finalize 3-5 names, ask your friends or family person to get feedback about the company. Ask them for honest opinions and if possible get detailed feedback and suggestions.

To calculate the feedback of each name received, you can rate them from one to five. One more option is that you can ask them to fill the form and describe whatever they feel about.

Also, both methods can be used together to get some extensive picture of how each brand name finalist performs.

7.      Check Names for any Red Flags

Before moving on and make your decision regarding the business final name; go get and check the names for any red flags.

You can put each name under microscopic inspection to avoid any problem down the line. It is up to you to make sure that no other company, trade union, or shops have your chosen name.

Even if some other industry business is using that name, you will face trademark concerns shortly. To avoid that hustle, do your homework with a thorough concentration.

Once you get satisfied with the name availability, this would be the best time to check domain availability in ‘.com’ extension.

If it’s available, go and grab it without wasting any moment. So you can start working on your graphical visuals like logo or stationary.

Final Words

Looking for a decoration and Design Company’s name would be your identity. And choosing a name is a nerve-racking task, but this is a crucial task nevertheless.

Lots of companies are there end up spending a hell of money to rebrand themselves. If you work properly on time, this can save on the makeover costs later.

The point is to remember that if you spend your time and energy mannerly while naming, you will save your time, money, and energy after a few years.

It is a positive sign if you have a user-friendly website, aesthetically refined logo design, and so forth to be successful in the decor and design business.

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