750+ Fitness and Health Blog Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

So many people are trying to improve their lifestyle and health these days. And this is the actual advantage of building a health and fitness blog.

Despite the pleading of the idea, this is far too easy to get stuck on the first step which is finding health and fitness blog name ideas.

You can often feel like there are simply too many options out there from which you can pick any of your choices. Trying to find the perfect name out of literally millions of alternatives, well, that’s a pretty devastating task.

But the good news is that you don’t need to. A perfect health blog name simply doesn’t exist. How could it? The online world is constantly changing and new sites are being published every day.

The health blog name doesn’t matter as much as you might expect either. It is just a single factor in the ultimate success of your site and is far from the most significant one. But the content is much more important than the other factors, as is your style.

Health Blog Name Ideas

I have summed up with the best and top-notch health blog name ideas for your health blog. Here you go:

  • Fitness Fantastic
  • Fitness and Living
  • Health on the Road
  • Get Moving and More
  • Sports Fitness Goals
  • Ultimate Fit Lifestyle
  • The Fit Moments
  • Elementary Vigor
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Fast Fitness Training
  • Guru of Medicine
  • Health Palace
  • Healthnomic
  • Lion Health
  • HealthApple
  • Healthy Positive
  • HealthBone
  • Health Arrow
  • Health Search
  • Healthy Optics
  • Health Rabbit
  • Health River
  • Painless Health
  • Tiger Health
  • Health Brunch
  • Health Force
  • Health Lotus
  • Ancestral Health Coach
  • Total Health Coach
  • D Fit Health Coach
  • Relax Wellness
  • Evolve And Change
  • That Golf Body
  • Mindful Body Fitness
  • Chiseled Training
  • The Hustle Hut
  • Neoforce Gym
  • Fitness Interactive
  • All-Round Wellness
  • Reflex Training
  • Wholistic Health
  • 360 ° Wellness
  • Wellness Springs
  • Life Springs Wellness
  • Fitmob Wellness
  • Musclemize Wellness
  • Fitforce Wellness
  • Personal Fitness Exposed
  • Exercise and Life
  • Science of Health
  • Simple Body Fitness
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Get Better Health
  • Emergency Dentist
  • The Nursing Site Blog
  • Nursing Crib
  • Extra Care Medical Blog
  • Royal Medical Blog
  • Docs Opinion
  • Lost Medical Blog
  • Versatile Medical Blog
  • Street Watch
  • Medpundit
  • Doctors Guru
  • Youth Body Fitness

Wellness blog names

Here is the list of catchy wellness blog names and examples:

  • The Nerdy Nurse
  • A Balanced Belly
  • Wellness Begins Within
  • Insta Medical Blog
  • Healthcare Renewal
  • The Natural Doctor
  • Nurse Code
  • Right Patient
  • Heathrow Doctors
  • The Diet Dash
  • Healthcare Economist
  • My New Normals
  • Ora Wellness
  • Healthy Blogger
  • Fierce Health
  • Wake Run Conquer
  • The Protein Finder
  • The Protein Corner
  • Striving and Vibing
  • The Key is Balance
  • No Scale Lifestyle
  • Eat Love Exercise
  • Spreading Hummus
  • Ferocious Vegan
  • Active Happy Healthy
  • Good Carbs Only
  • Full Wellness Ahead
  • Prime Workout Time
  • Loving Healthy Me
  • Powering the Body
  • Health Wealth Gratitude

Fitness blog names

Check out these health and fitness related blog names:

  • The In Shape Mom
  • Yolked Out
  • Athletic Mom Club
  • Bench Press This Life
  • Sensible Protein
  • Nutrition Exposition
  • Spinach on Wheat
  • The Fitness Days
  • Witness This Fitness
  • The Fitness Coast
  • Organic Chameleon
  • Fully Fitness Mom
  • A Weight Lifted
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Think Healthy Thoughts
  • Beauty Redefined
  • Bliss
  • Boomer Cuisine
  • Born Fitness
  • Eat Drink Better
  • Eat Simply
  • Eighty Twenty
  • Fit Aspire
  • Fit Foodie Finds
  • Intuitive Body
  • Loving Fit
  • Mind Body Food
  • Wholesome
  • Mind and Body
  • Health and Beyond
  • Living Well
  • Vital Essence
  • Wellness Matters

Names that mean wellness

These are the names that mean wellness:

  • InstaVida Wellness
  • Healthy Vision
  • Alpha Foodie
  • FinerMinds
  • Lemon Stripes
  • Minimalist Baker
  • Mint Wellbeing
  • My New Roots
  • Panacea Drinks
  • Pick the Brain
  • The Fit Foodie
  • The Picky Eater
  • Very Well
  • Wellness Mama
  • Zen Habits
  • Spa Lifestyle
  • Health Fitness
  • Healthy Living
  • Inspire health
  • Calorie burn
  • Antioxidant life
  • Lifetime wellness
  • Health corner
  • Active wellness
  • Wellness Grow
  • Comfort Health
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Wellness Real
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Healthiest Cereal
  • Wellness Training

Health and wellness business names

The following are the creative health and wellness business names:

  • Health coach
  • Health lessons
  • Goodwill health
  • Shape up
  • Health advisor
  • Wellness consultant
  • Green health
  • Fresh and active
  • Fit for Stars
  • Fit and Wonderful
  • Fitness and Living
  • Fitness Fantastic
  • Keto Living Academy
  • Natural Health Space
  • Fit Without Limit
  • Fit and Simply Chic
  • Sports Fitness Goals
  • Ultimate Fit Lifestyle
  • Fit Mom Home
  • The Fit Moments
  • Elementary Vigor
  • Fit Well Wise
  • Well and Wholesome
  • The Fitness Scene
  • New Fit Mom
  • Active Training Fitness
  • Elite Fitness Society
  • Lean Fitness Now
  • Easy Fast Fitness
  • The Lion Fitness
  • Eat & Energize
  • The Yogic Zeal
  • Nutrition Rounds
  • Stamina Toned
  • Trim Treatments
  • Weight Welfare
  • Prime Physical
  • Mindful Nutrition
  • Pro Fitness Pilates

Wellness program names

These are the cool wellness program names to get ideas from:

  • Pure Balanced Fitness
  • Curative Wellness
  • Fitness Energies
  • Fitness Cleanse
  • High Tone Fitness
  • Body Trim Fitness
  • Home Relief Fitness
  • A Health Affair
  • The Health Eye
  • Good Health Link
  • Healthy Loaded
  • Health Savvy Life
  • Fit Divine
  • Offering Fitness
  • Fit Gals Life
  • Your Fitness Cafe
  • Pro Fitness Fusion
  • Natural Fitness Spice
  • New Fitness Goal
  • Free Gym Alpha
  • Fit Health Here
  • Upper Health Ride
  • Herbal Stamina
  • Fit Salad Spring
  • Care Fit Skills
  • Fit Fitness Toast
  • Daily Gym Trials
  • In Shape Outfits
  • Freedom Pushups
  • Forest Fit Life
  • Epic Shape Man
  • Active Youth Spirit
  • Even Health Life

Health blog names

These are the catchy health blog names and suggestions for you:

  • Real Peak Foods
  • The Underdog Fitness
  • A Fitness Aid
  • A Fitness Scholar
  • Power Fit Girls
  • Fit Squad Status
  • Fitness Thunders
  • Fitness Snaps
  • Reshape Better
  • Fit Gear Eagle
  • Fitness Bailout
  • Belly Flat Dump
  • Dig Deep Workout
  • Workout Glow
  • Blissful Workout
  • Well Life
  • Wellness Resource
  • Welcome Wellness
  • Warm Wellness
  • Wellness Search
  • Wellness Experts
  • Wellness Wagon
  • Deep Roots Wellness
  • Whole Body Beauty
  • Worthwhile Wellness
  • Achieving Wellness
  • Wholesome Care
  • Whole Body Care
  • Whole Solutions
  • Rational Wellness
  • Rejuvenate
  • Rapid Rejuvenation
  • Caring Wellness
  • Wholesome Healing
  • Be Stronger

health blog namesHow To Choose A Good Health Blog Name

The best place to begin your search is to think about your blog itself. Your audience, your inspiration, the topics that you plan to cover… These can all offer a starting place for a blog name.

There are also some general rules to consider when choosing a blog name. The first is to avoid copyrighted brands. It’s generally best to steer clear of any branded product or service that visitors will be familiar with.

Another ‘rule’ is to avoid confusing your audience. This involves trying not to use dashes, numbers, or odd spellings in your domain name.

To know more keep on reading this guide. Here we have piled up some of the best points to keep in mind while naming a health blog;

1.      Grab the Thesaurus

There is something about flipping through a good thesaurus which beats almost all other methods. The Thesaurus can be a goldmine of inspiration, especially if you want to say something in a little different way.

A quick scan of the word “Tips”, brings up suggestions such as buzz, hint, inkling, and pointer. All those which sound much more exciting to an ear that’s well-tuned to that more common phrase.

2.      Competitors’ Blog Names

This may seem like a no-brainer, but doing your research on the kinds of blogs you are going to compete against will give you an idea of what type of name will work for your blog.

It doesn’t mean that you are going to copy someone’s blog, yet it may just be the perfect nudge to get those creative juices flowing. A similar name is a fine way to go.

3.      Inspiration from Books

Whoever said you have to be conventional to rules when creating names for blogs or websites? Why not take help from the world’s greatest authors and use your favorite literature as inspiration?

With billions of books out there, all full to the rim with wonderful words, it won’t take you long to find something that inspires and delights and be a potential contender for your new blog.

4.      Consider a Different Language

If you’re looking to stand out in a saturated market, choosing a conceptual word or phrase in a language other than English can be a great way to draw attention to yourself.

A simple online translator such as Google translator will get you off to a good start. For a creative blog name, try choosing something short with fewer syllables.

This will help to keep your blog name easy to remember and pronounce!

5.      Play with Words

What happens if you’ve already come up with the perfect blog name, but it’s already registered elsewhere on the net?

It’s the point I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point and it’s extremely annoying but don’t write off your favorite name yet. You can find an available domain.

But there are lots of online tools that can help you in generating names by using two or more different words. It uses a range of methods such as suffixes, phonemes, and prefixes to name a few, to come up with alternative name suggestions that usually end up being even better.

6.      Try Alliteration

You may not realize it but by using this alliteration in your day-to-day life without even realizing it. It has an almost musical quality that allows a sentence to flow fluidly from one word to the next.

Try alliteration when coming up with your blog name, by using the same letter for each word in your name. A few ideas could be, “Business Blogging Basics” or “Blogging Blues Busters” – you can probably come up with something much more awesome.

7.      Use of Abbreviations

Take a moment to think about the companies you’re aware of and how many of them have an abbreviated name. I can think of at least ten off the top of my head and with a bit more thought I can probably think of many more.

Because the brand owners believe that abbreviations are beneficial because they keep things short and sweet, without removing your brand and identity.

You can abbreviate your whole blog name, or mix it up by half-abbreviating and use a word on the end.

8.      Use Your Name

If you’ve tried all the above methods and run out of domain name ideas for your blog, you could always default to your name to name your first blog. Many bloggers have become hugely successful with self-named blogs.

Not only do you get to attribute your name to the stuff you put forth on the web, but people will also be able to recognize you more easily as the word spreads.

Some Questions to ask when naming your health blog

Here are a few things to consider before naming your blog.

What is your blog going to be about?

If you’ve already decided on your niche, then the answer to question one should be straightforward. If you’re still undecided then now is the time to answer the question. Think about it logically.

Who is your target audience?

It’s important to consider your target audience when choosing your blog name.

How long you can take it away?

Blogging isn’t something that you do for a few days and leave it. But blogging is something that you need to be updated and keep your readers up to date with what is going around you.


Choosing an appealing blog name depends on your niche, audience, products, and services. Taking time to weigh-up your options now will pay-off over time.

Try a few methods and blog name tools. Play around with words and phrases. And, most importantly, get some feedback before finally deciding on your blog name.

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