860+ Handyman Business Names, Ideas and Suggestions

A handyman business is a source of facilitation for people living in every region. If you own a handyman business, then you must have had the idea of how much significance does your business hold in the midst of a particular society.

Knowing the scope of your worth, you should pay special attention to the phase of naming your company. For someone who has initiated the firm based on the services that are provided to the homeowners, it is a crucial need to figure out the ways that can help in the invention of a perfect handyman business name.

So, are you ready to rock your business by coming up with a name that can do wonders? If yes, then here we go! Below is the illustration of all the tips that can make an impactful representation of your business!

Handyman business names

Here is the list of catchy handyman business names:

  1. Toolbox Handy Services
  2. Fix
  3. Right Crew Handyman
  4. The Perfecto Handyman
  5. Premiere Works
  6. 1 & Done Handyman
  7. All Pro Maintenance
  8. N & N Remodeling Company
  9. Silver Saints
  10. Fix It People
  11. High Rise Handyman
  12. The Handy Squad
  13. Active Handyman Services
  14. Citywide Handyman Services
  15. Nation handy services
  16. Handyman Artie
  17. Knights Remodeling
  18. Handy Habitat
  19. Flora Fanatic
  20. Household Guardians
  21. Styling Soil
  22. Home Heroes
  23. Succulent Solutions
  24. Yard Guard
  25. Repair And Rebuild
  26. 24/7 Handyman Services
  27. Absolutely Handi
  28. Dream Home Handyman
  29. Handyman Connection
  30. Handyman Headquarters
  31. Handyman Taskforce
  32. Hilltop Handyman
  33. House Doctors
  34. The Fixer
  35. The Golden Hammer
  36. The Handy Connection
  37. The Handy Crew
  38. The Home Hero
  39. The Project Doc
  40. The Trusty Wrench
  41. Versatile Handyman Services
  42. Mister Handy Hands
  43. Done & Done Handyman
  44. Magic Handyman
  45. House
  46. The Handyman Today
  47. Golden Home Repair
  48. Be Happy Home Maintenance
  49. A Plus Home Repair
  50. Golden Touch
  51. Affordable Xcellence
  52. Re-New-It
  53. SAVE-N-TIME Home Services
  54. The Repairmen
  55. The Fixician
  56. Homeline, Inc.
  57. A House Doctor
  58. Superior Craftsmen
  59. Sharp Handyman
  60. Xtreme Service
  61. In-Demand Service
  62. Triple-A Handyman
  63. Honey-Do
  64. Tailored House
  65. Advanced Repairs
  66. Perfection Home Solutions
  67. Classic Repairs

Professional handyman business names

The following are the professional names for handyman business:

  • 1st Look Maintenance Services
  • All Solutions Handyman
  • Any Assembly
  • Midnight Handyman
  • New Life Handyman Services
  • Price Home Repair
  • Redneck Handyman Services
  • The Handyman Can!
  • Handyman Connections
  • Reliable Handyman Services
  • Odd Job Guys
  • L2 Realty Repairs LLC
  • One Call A-Z
  • Integrity Services
  • Maintenance Masters
  • The Clean Choice
  • The Deck Doctor
  • Anytime Services
  • Home Fixings
  • Royal Handyman
  • Punchlist Handyman
  • Extra Hand Handyman
  • Handyman Network
  • Yellow Van Handyman
  • Credible Construction
  • DNA Handyman
  • Copper Creek Handyman
  • Overhaul Handyman
  • Harmony Improvements
  • All Service Home Repair
  • The Handy Bee
  • Power Pro Handyman
  • To-Do List Handyman
  • The Handy Squad
  • Knights Remodeling
  • Timely Work
  • Home Maintenance
  • Iron Handyman
  • The Flexible Handyman
  • The Loyal Handyman
  • Jiffy Handyman
  • The Fix It Wizard
  • The Nomadic Toolbox
  • The Curly Carpenter
  • The House Husband

Home improvement business names

Check out these home improvement business names and ideas:

  • Mere Repairman
  • Unemployed Low Group
  • Hideous Odd Job Man
  • Plain Low
  • The Capable Low Group
  • Roofer Place
  • The Inexperienced
  • Often Repairman
  • Youthful Factotum Collective
  • Mere Undesirable Designs
  • Hideous Janitor Co
  • Versatile Repairer Pro
  • Excellent Undesirable Spot
  • Cutest Odd Job Man
  • The Talented
  • The Purpose
  • Talented Janitor
  • Unemployed Janitor Co
  • Skilled
  • Odd Job Man Works
  • Janitor International
  • Trustworthy Repairman Chronicles
  • Skilled Odd Job Man Chronicles
  • Capable Janitor
  • The Old Low Designs
  • Good Low Designs
  • MereJackOfAllTrades
  • SkilledPlace
  • Often Repairer
  • Time Janitor
  • Handsome Minion Spot
  • SkilledWorks
  • The Youthful Repairer & Company
  • The Real Undesirable Designs
  • The Time
  • LiteraryPlace

Renovation company names

Get inspiration from these cool renovation company names:

  • The Versatile Janitor Works
  • Experienced Minion Designs
  • Right Crew Handyman
  • Pro handymen
  • Tyson Home Repair Network
  • A to Z handyman services
  • Handyman LLC
  • The Local Handyman
  • On Time Handyman
  • On Demand Handyman
  • Fix It! Handyman
  • Not Your Average Handyman
  • Aaa Handyman
  • Superior Handyman
  • Fix It All Handyman
  • Your Handyman Friend
  • A+ Handyman
  • Jungle Jugglers
  • Moss Management
  • Seeds And Weeds
  • Clever And Secure
  • Jack Of All Blades
  • After Hours Handyman Service
  • All Phaze Remodeling
  • Any Job Handyman
  • Anytime Handyman
  • Smart Home Maintenance
  • Gold Star Handyman
  • Clever Green Handyman service
  • Silver Saints
  • Handyman 4 Hire
  • First Rate Handyman
  • Silver Bullet Handyman
  • The House Monkey
  • Handy Cronies
  • 360 Jobs Hub

Handyman company names

Below are the great examples of handyman company names:

  • The Budget Handyman
  • Master Fix It
  • Everyday Handyman
  • The Friendly Handyman
  • Handyman by Moonlight
  • Fixed with Care
  • The Snappy Handyman
  • All Repairs
  • The General Home Practitioner
  • The Nifty Fixer
  • The Handy Pocket
  • The Handy Mender
  • The Vigilant Handyman
  • Handyman FX
  • Triple-A Handyman
  • Advanced Repairs
  • American Handyman
  • Sir Fix-a-lot
  • Rapid Handyman Service
  • House Care & More
  • Odd Jobs Inc
  • Maintenance Masters
  • The Clean Choice
  • The Deck Doctor
  • Anytime Services
  • Easylife Maintenance
  • Itinerant Roofer Collective
  • Employed Low Group
  • ElderlyPlace
  • Handyman Home Solutions
  • Handyman Matters
  • House-Calls
  • Side Project Handyman Service
  • Southern Best Handyman
  • The Resident
  • Wise Repairer Chronicles
  • Reliable Janitor
  • LiteraryLow
  • Repairman Works

Handyman Company NamesHome repair business names

Some of the good home repair business names are:

  • Around The House
  • Home Maintenance
  • Enterprise Handyman Services
  • Helping Handyman Work
  • Decorating-Handyman
  • Quick Fix Handyman
  • Bushes And Branches
  • Bountiful Botany
  • Gadget Grove
  • Horti-Help
  • Be Handy Handyman Services
  • Blue Army Handyman Services
  • Build-a-Dream Handyman
  • Eye Candy Handyman
  • Fisher Homeworks
  • Four Brothers Carpentry
  • Hammer Handyman
  • Hands-on Handyman
  • Stiff as a Board Handyman
  • The I Can Handyman
  • The Toolbox Handyman
  • Z Construction
  • O.S Handyman Services
  • One Man & A Toolbox Inc
  • Fancy Box Home Service
  • All Around Handyman
  • AAA Touch of Magic
  • Done Rite
  • A-Bear Honey Do
  • Mister Fixer
  • This Hubby For Hire
  • Repair Specialists
  • More Than Handy
  • Easylife Maintenance
  • Stay Afloat Handyman Service
  • The Honey-Do Service
  • Home Fixology
  • Perfectionist Handyman
  • 1st Service Handyman
  • High End Handyman Services

How to Come Up With A Name For Your Handyman Business

Describe the niche of your business – a nice way to go!

If you are wondering how to give it a go, then you should know that the first and foremost thing to consider is to describe the niche of your business.

Keep it on top of everything. You know why? Because that is the major thing which allows you to represent your business name in a better way!

Understand the core structure of your business

Begin to think what your handyman business is all about! Handyman business generally covers the services that include the maintenance of house-related issues.

Comprehend all the things about your business that make it different from other businesses. Is your handyman business based on contract workers or is it a part of maintenance department? Underline the chief aspects of your business. These outlines will definitely assist you in the creation of a name that matches the perimeters of your business.

Add definite keywords

The addition of keywords to the name of your handyman business is one of the most important tasks to do while you are working on your business name.

By adding any of the keywords like maintenance, repairs, guidance, fixing, remodeling etcetera, you are able to portray a precise outlook of your business.

If you think about broader approach like the platforms based on the digital world, search engine optimized names are really beneficial for the entrepreneurs who are striving to gain leads.

Make it understandable for the consumers

What is the point of naming a business when other people are not able to understand what the name even means? In order to avoid such a terrible situation, you should use easy vocabulary to create a name that is understood by most of the general audience.

Use words that bring about shortness but description

Make sure, that the name of your company is not long because this way, it will be really hard for people to keep it remembered. Keep a name that is short, sweet and clear.

Throw absurdity away

Absurd or irrelevant words can create a vague outlook of your business. You don’t want that to happen, right? If you don’t, then you should prefer words that refer to the services you offer for the consumers and prospects. An absurd name can lead you to face adverse circumstances.

Trust your choices and be unique

Uniqueness is really important when it comes to naming your handyman business. In order to outshine your competitors and adversaries, the name of your business must bear the potential to attract the customers towards itself.

For that to happen, you are required to trust your choice regarding the name of your business. Why? Because, if you end up copying the content of any other business, it’ll backfire your business in the future.

Catch the attention of the audience

Search through Internet, books and magazines to highlight catchy phrases for your handyman business. The use of impactful words or powerful adjectives can easily catch the attention of the audience.

Combine some words

List down the words that are catchy and then combine two of them to create a mashup or words-combo. Wordplay adds beauty to a particular name of a business. So, do consider it!

Give a chance to rhyming terms

Rhyming terms can help you create an innovative name for the firm of yours. If you’re looking forward to attain attention from all the sides, the don’t miss this technique! “Wipe n Swipe Co.” can be an example of a business name based on rhyming words.

Be funny – use puns/slogans/punch-lines

The addition of humor to the name of your association can allow you to attract other people to a great extent. Like “We Drill You Chill” can be a great example of a such a category.

Acronyms can be the way to go

Department of Cleaning and Repairs do seem like a long name. How do you get rid of the lengthy outlook? Let us show you how! Recreate the same name just by adding an acronym to it. Simple, right? Now, the handyman business of yours is named DCAR. That is how acronym functions.

Alliteration can do the work too

Coming up with a name comprising words that start with the same letter is what alliteration is. Maintenance Masters is an example of alliteration.

Make use of feedback or opinions

After the selection of a particular name, you should understand the name of your business from all the perspectives. In order to know what others think of your business name, gain feedback either through substantial questionnaires or online polls.

All these methods can help you coming up with a decision for once and for all. After all, it is important to know whether the audience likes it or not.

Gain assistance from Internet

If you think, you’re not able to come up with a name that is good for your business, then feel free to get assistance from the Internet. Nowadays, as technology is taking over, Internet has been the biggest source of ideas.

Browse through social media platforms, online articles, and name generating websites to gather up ideas and suggestions for your handyman business.

Own a website

In order to enhance the perimeters of your business related to handyman services, you should definitely consider the establishment of a website that is used to market and advertise your services throughout the regions that you aim.

A website not only helps you connect with multifarious customers, but it also helps you carry on your marketing campaigns without the limitation of time.

So, if you want to achieve all those pros, don’t waste a minute and get a website developed. For this purpose, you will need to have a web hosting and domain name. While opting for a domain name, make sure that the domain name matches the name of your business.

Use a logo

At the end, one last magic touch should not be missed and that is the provision of a logo to your handyman business name. If you look around and observe the key aspects of other successful enterprises, you will get to know, that all these firms make perfect use of logo.

Psychologically, a graphical representation has more weightage on the memory of an individual as compared to that of a textual one. Therefore, after coming up with a name that is just right for your handyman business, get a logo designed to upgrade your business to a whole new level!

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