700+ Creative Hair Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

The hair business is relatively easy to start, especially if you are licensed. The hair salon business can be started in your home or at any storefront location.

Hairstyling, coloring, cutting, and some more services that you can do at your salon. So if you are planning to start a new hair business, you should come up with a good name.

While establishing a new hair brand, a name you pick for your business will play an influential role in its hit.

So dreaming for a new personal hair salon or do you have the task of finding some unique names for the hair business? In this article, we have summed up the best way that can help you find the right name.

If you got stuck somewhere in your self-made hair salon plan; most probably it is the name that makes you confused.

But the most important thing is to have fun and keep it in line with your style and target market; own it. Now, let’s move on to the topic!

Hair business names

Following are the classy hair business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Beauty N Shine Salon
  • Creative Creations
  • Elite Hair Studio
  • Epic Looks Salon
  • Good Tress
  • Just Extensions
  • Mane Elegance
  • The Weave Bar
  • Total Hair Plus
  • Uptown Weaves
  • Wicked Weaves
  • Beauty Empire
  • Celeb Scene Weaves
  • Ever Curls Weaves
  • Hair Weaving & Braiding
  • House of Extensions
  • Lavishing Locks
  • Life’s Salon
  • New Hair System
  • Boss Status Beauty Bar
  • Hair Mogul Studio
  • The Weave Queen
  • Auto Weave
  • Divinity Salon
  • Glory Waves
  • Salon Lace Me
  • The Gallery of Weaves

Hair extension company names

Here are the best hair extension company name ideas:

  • The Hair Emporium
  • Total Look
  • Glam Suite
  • Mane Experience
  • Hair Trance
  • The Weave Stop
  • Barbarella Salon
  • Flo Cutters
  • Angel’s Touch
  • Belle Curls
  • Serenity Salon
  • Empress Hair
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair Cutlets
  • Clip Joint
  • Follicle Focus
  • Styled
  • Butch
  • NuLook
  • Xilix
  • Swivel
  • Focus

Hair salon names

These are the cute and cool hair salon name ideas:

  • Mane Suite
  • His and Hers Salon
  • Split Second
  • Red Carpet Salon
  • Time Shavers
  • Hair Endeavor
  • Daffodil Hill Salon
  • Caress
  • The Cowlick
  • Hairbot
  • Style Samurai
  • Hair SalonExpress
  • The Happy Looker
  • Clip n Shout
  • Today’s Styles
  • West Vibe Salon
  • United Hair Salon
  • Grasshopper Salon
  • Fox and Jane Salon
  • Diego Hair Salon
  • Creations Beauty Salon
  • Campus Barber & Beauty Salon

Classy hair salon names

These are the classy hair salon names for you:

  • Comb Together
  • Bad Apple Salon
  • New Wave Hair Salon
  • Scissors ’n’ Razors
  • Anointed Hands
  • The Kingdom Comb
  • The Second Combing
  • The Razor’s Edge
  • The Color Palette
  • The Dyeing Question
  • Fairytale Hair
  • Diva Style
  • Family HairLoom
  • Intertwine Hair Design
  • The Braidy Bunch
  • Lavish Locks
  • Vanity Hair
  • Beauty Unleashed
  • Big Hair We Care
  • Cutting Zone
  • Frizzy Palace
  • Shear Brilliance

Creative hair salon names

Below are the most creative hair salon name ideas:

  • A1 Expression
  • Her Imports
  • Pulse Salon
  • Hair Couture
  • Natural Hair and Extensions
  • Hair ‘n the Hood
  • Bishops Haircuts
  • La Bell Wings
  • Stella Wigs
  • Hill Country Weavers
  • Holly Woods Hair Bar
  • Sassy Celebrity Weaves
  • Unlimited Beauty Supply & Salon
  • Director’s Cut
  • By the Blade
  • Crisp Edge
  • Snip Dogg
  • Weave Plus
  • Crown Glory
  • Labellas Salon
  • Salon Therapy
  • Vivid Tress Weaving
  • Weave Studio

Brand name ideas for a hair extension business

Some of the best hair extension brand name ideas are here:

  • Prime Cuts
  • HiDef Hair
  • NuCreations
  • The Hair After
  • Transitions
  • Comb n’ Shine
  • Snips N Tips
  • Flourish
  • Cutting Room
  • Magnifique
  • Buzz n Bangs
  • Salon Q
  • Follis
  • Bobs N Waves
  • HairOne
  • Hedonistic
  • Platinum
  • Crowning Glory
  • Trio Hair Salon
  • The Color Room
  • Supercuts
  • D & H Hair Salon

Hair Business Name Ideas

Hair Instagram name ideas

Check out these Instagram usernames for your hair business account:

  • Split Enders
  • Style Studio
  • A Cut Above
  • Head Case
  • Hair and Now
  • Color Bar
  • Mane Locks
  • Hair Sensations
  • The Fix
  • Hot Heads
  • Hair Moguls
  • Hair Parade
  • Aria Salon
  • Mohican
  • Super Styles
  • head clipper
  • Cut Cube
  • Pangender Salon
  • Mod Salon
  • Kinky Curls
  • Stranding Tall

Top Trending Rules to Check Out Hair Business Names

  • It should be qualified to get the same domain name
  • Don’t ever think of the same name to your competitors
  • Target the right customers
  • Avoid obscure names
  • Focus on spellings mistakes

There are numerous existing hair salons in the market and this is the industry that is flourishing and remains in demand for centuries.

So if you are skillful in this cutting, styling art, or knows how to run a hair salon; establishing a new one is the best idea to generate money. But before all this, you need a name.

To help you out keep scrolling down and keep an eye on the list explained below.

1.      Think about your Audience

The initial point is to understand who is your target audience; whether males, females, or kids. Also, the hair salon can be for everyone, the choice is yours depending on your expertise.

Concentrate on their taste, listen to them carefully, and try to find some suitable name that fits both their interests and taste.

2.      What message your Business Name Convey?

Your hair business name is an important part of your brand identity. The name will appear in the logo, business cards, marketing & promotional materials, and pretty much everywhere to identify your services.

Your business is going to be a service-oriented business and it should consider whether it will be easy for their prospective customers to know which services are you providing based on the name.

So your business name will be the first thing that will address people and let them know about your services. Try to give them a clear message that you are the one taking care of their hair at your place.

3.      Brainstorm to Identify Possibilities

Once you know what you want your hair business name conveys, you must set aside some time to work on the naming process.

In this brainstorming session, you can think about words that describe your industry or the services you are offering.

Also, some words should be in your list that describes your competitors and other words that can differentiate between the services you offer with your competitor’s.

It would be much better if you choose some words that describe the benefits of using your services; most of all think about those words or phrases that evoke the feeling you want your clients to feel when they see your brand name.

During brainstorming sessions, it’s a must thing to look up Greek and Latin translation of your words. You will find some new ideas for doing this exercise. Don’t ignore some foreign words too.

This brainstorm session might be time-consuming but once you get some final name, it well worth your time. It’s a one-time investment, so do it honestly and religiously.

Moreover don’t forget to leverage resources, including a dictionary, thesaurus, and other sources that you think might be helpful.

4.      Keep it Short & Simple

Think about the companies that you admire, because of their names, marketing strategy, or any other point.

But remember to notice that they have shorter, simpler, easy to write, and remember names; for example, Google, Apple, Tesla.

Difficult to understand business names are normally difficult to write, utter, and harder to write. Moreover, the obscure names make it tough to create a logo design for the company.

It’s a huge problem as lots of start-ups or small businesses depend on word of mouth advertising and that’s is the successful form of marketing tactics for them.

What if your client can’t remember your hair business name or can’t spell it for others. This would be the end of marketing from person to person. This is how you will close a free marketing resource for your business.

Using some alphabets as alternatives might be tempting for you in the beginning but in the long run, this can let you bear some good loss.

Therefore avoid using a “K” as an alternate for “Q”, when naming your hair business company. These letter substitutes make name spelling very difficult to remember. So if you want a free business promotion, choose a simple and easy name for your business.

And most of all don’t forget to utilize the acronym of your hair company name. you may not be happy to use the acronym but your clients would love to call the acronym for your company.

ASS always goes for Apple Support Services; so why don’t you pick something interesting for your brand.

5.      Avoid Too Narrow or Too Literal Names

Just think about in a few years your hair company may grow over time and this is why you have to be very sure that the brand name should be evolvable.

So pick a name for your business in a way that can help people from other regions understand what your company is all about.

It should be simple and clear to remember and above don’t pick a name that might be having some offensive stuff in it, else you might lose your name.

6.      Avoid always Committee Decision

It seems always tempting to involve friends, family, and employees in finding a name for your company. Sometimes this works well.

But this is not sure that it will work every time, some people might get angry that you didn’t choose the name which they suggested.

Also, you will find yourself trying to go for consensus that can help you pick some great names. if you have to involve others, go for a small group of people who understand you and business things.

Once you collect a few possible choices, you should share them with your trusted people or customers as well to get accurate feedback about the name.

7.      Avoid Plain Words

Plain words can make it hard to differentiate your company from your competitors. It’s because most of the people don’t like to invest much time in the naming process.

For instance, there might be hundreds of business naming “Hair Styling Salon” around the globe. If you pick such a name for your hair business, you might confuse people while choosing you or your competitor.

8.      Be Careful with Geographic Names

Some businesses use their city, state, or locality in their brand name which is good to go. But this is for sure that this would be difficult for you to expand your business to other places.

This geographical name might hinder you later, so avoid choosing such names if you have a plan to expand your business as well.

9.      Don’t Go for Current Trends

Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, but this takes a lot of courage to do. So if you want to be a trendsetter in your specific niche, try to come up with something new and interesting.

While naming your hair business, don’t follow some late 90’s trends and also try to avoid the present trend as the trends are always changing in a blink of an eye. A name must be evergreen.

A name should be in trend for all the time, what will happen if, after 20 years from starting your business, your name sounds odd or weird as the time evolves in a moment.

So just don’t follow the set trends that people are blindly trusting and naming their brands. That’s the main reason why some brands are dead now.

You might not like to get your brand to die in a few years, so don’t go with the flow. Rather be the flow and let other people know that this is you who have the potential to change the trends.

10.  Take Advantage of Hair Related Verbs & Rhymes

Ask yourself some questions before naming your company; what will you do with your hair?

Few options might come in your way, for example, color, dye, cutting, trimming, and so on. This can be used as a way of naming your hair business.

Also, nobody can deny the value of rhyming; these are no doubt very catchy. So why don’t you use such words for your salon which rhyme?

This might attract more and more people, and also this will be easy to remember because people tend to rhyme things on their own.

Final Words

Having a new business is a dream for lots of people, so when this comes to your mind just start doing paperwork.

Make a strategy and set priorities, and naming should be on the top of the list. This is why when you share your idea or go for some meetings, you better have some name for your business.

So make your mind that this name should be short, easy, valuable, don’t hurt people’s feelings and above all unique, that appeals to people.

But if you find yourself stuck in the naming process, take help from online name generating tools. These are very useful in the hour of need.

You might not select one from these generators but you will get some best ideas from there, so don’t miss the opportunity.


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