Mart Name Ideas: 700+ Grocery Store Names to Inspire You

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with catchy grocery store name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of grocery store names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with creative grocery store names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good supermarket business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm grocery store and mart name ideas and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Grocery Store Names

Following are the creative grocery store name ideas to help you:

  • Costcutter
  • The Grocery
  • Whole Foods Market
  • The Circle Store
  • GreenBay
  • Giddy Grocer
  • New Loon Moon Supermarket
  • Centre Point Food Store
  • The Food Centre
  • The Food Market
  • Seelans Superstore
  • American Food Store
  • Taj Stores
  • Bulk Market
  • Portlands
  • SeeWoo
  • Planet Organic
  • As Nature Intended
  • Hello Kitchen
  • Sun Foods

Supermarket Names

These are the names for supermarket to inspire you:

  • Pick ‘N Save
  • Minamo Foods
  • Sunrup Cash and Carry
  • Green Valley
  • The People’s Supermarket
  • Triple A
  • Caribbean Delight
  • Spark
  • Danfe Store
  • Iceland Foods
  • Taal Food
  • Morrisons
  • Food 4 Less
  • Tesco Express
  • Kenton Superstore
  • Belmont Superstore
  • Safeway
  • 99 Cent Store
  • New Earth Market
  • Urban Roots

Convenience Store Names Ideas

Following are the names ideas for convenience stores:

  • Bulgarian Food Shop
  • Atlas Halal Meat
  • Zagros convenience Centre
  • Polmar Supermarket
  • V G Food Stores
  • Asian Food Centre
  • Dollar general
  • Prime Time Nutrition
  • Dollar Tree
  • Fresh Cove
  • Target Grocery
  • Power Market
  • 7-Eleven
  • Circle K
  • Home Storage Center
  • Blue Oval Food Mart
  • Speedway
  • Walgreens
  • Chico Pops
  • Save Mart Pharmacy

Mini Supermarket Names

These are the good mini supermarket names ideas:

  • Global Fresh Market
  • Budget Foods
  • Dollar Pantry
  • FineChoice Grocery
  • Nature Coop
  • NewNatural
  • Organic Aisles
  • Mealscale Superstore
  • Finer Foods
  • Finest Foods
  • Gracious Grocery
  • Gogo Grocery
  • Goodness Grocery
  • Grocer’S Goodness
  • Freedom Foods
  • Better Bites
  • Savory Shop
  • Meals Shelf Grocery
  • GreenGourmand Grocery
  • Patch Picked
  • Food Festive
  • Fresh Food Marketplace
  • Rancher’s Grocery

Mart Name Ideas

Here are the catchy mart name ideas you’ll ever find:

  • Rite Aid
  • Sierra Market
  • Save Mart Supermarkets
  • Chevron
  • Donut Nook
  • Kmart
  • Chevron Power Mart
  • Panera Bread
  • SAV•MOR Foods
  • Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores
  • Bimbo Bakeries
  • Mooney Farms
  • Nutrishop
  • BevMo!
  • Holiday Market
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Best Buy

Indian Shop Names

Here is the list of Indian shop name ideas:

  • Kalinka
  • Red Rickshaw
  • Garcia’s Food
  • Bianca Mora Shop
  • Tesco Metro
  • Sonal export import
  • Turkish Shop Center
  • Gokul Food & Veg Retail
  • Healthy Food Supplements
  • Woolworths
  • Zer Food Center
  • Better Way
  • Vaneice
  • Budgens of Sudbury
  • Sriram Cash & Carry
  • Amman’s Food Centre
  • Exotic Food Direct
  • Savewise Supermarket
  • South Harrow Fruiters
  • Vinu Supermarket

Mart, supermarket, grocery shop name ideas

How To Name A Grocery Store

If you are going to open a grocery store, you need a catchy name for your upcoming store. Existing brands and their classifications may help you make the right choice without putting too much energy.

Naming a business is one of the most important steps for a businessman. Because quality business names should identify clearly what are you going to offer people.

So are you ready to find a food and grocery name for your new start-up? If yes, we recommend you to keep reading this comprehensive guide.

Because in this article, you will find some important strategies of naming and examples of already existing that can help you and give you some idea.

Step 1: Determine a Goal

How do you want your grocery store perceived by people? As we have heard the grocery store name should be memorable and catchy; relatable to the customers.

Set clear expectations for products or services. But be very clear of the targeted market, and work properly on the strategy about how you can appeal to people.

Step 2: Brainstorming

There are ample ways you can brainstorm names for grocery stores names; in fact, this process of naming can be fun.

In this article, we have shared some unique brainstorming techniques that you can use and get some creative ideas that would be enough to inspire you for finding the best names for the grocery store.

  • Pen down a list of specific keywords when thinking a grocery store name
  • Think about the type of business you are trying to create and everything comes along with; bring some business idea
  • You can also think of some catchy adjectives that would describe grocery store and different types of food products for inspiration
  • You should do some experiments with other brands and brainstorming since any good name will set you apart from the basic names

These above ideas are just a few points of brainstorming and getting names using some creative strategies. Move on further to learn some other approaches to generate catchy names.

Some of the appealing and captivating business name ideas for grocery stores; hopefully, these would be helpful for you in finding a name for your store. Check them out;

  • Stocked Grocer
  • High-Grade Grocer
  • Kitchen Food
  • Crunchy Munchy Market
  • BuckMark Things

Breakdown of Creative Approaches

Naming ideas for grocery business is usually endless once you put on your thinking cap. The main aim is to come up with some amazing strategy which works for you and your brand name.

The following are some helpful tips for you to find a perfect grocery name relevant to you and your industry and stand out in the saturated market.

Capitalize Business Location

Name of your city, town, or area is one good way to brand your grocery store and let your people know that you are open for business.

Also, you can use names that define any area known well for or any historical accounts that define your location.

Connect through Emotions

We all believe that psychology plays a big role in connecting people with people and those who feel any connection with your company and business name; become loyal to your brand.

This is why those names which evoke certain emotions, remind of some personal experiences, and travel memories can be good for a grocery business name and branding.

Using these experiences in a brand name can be the best way to earn customer’s trust and conviction for your newly build grocery store business.

Word Combination and Alliteration

Name options for grocery store names should not stressful or dull factors when building a brand. Various methods can be used to create some perfect name.

You can create puns, combining two relevant words or concepts. Also, use a letter and pick its related sound.

This is the best creative way to find some catchy and interesting grocery brand name.

Short and Clear

Using simple one word for a grocery store can be more powerful and engaging in most of the cases. It is suggested to carefully consider your brand name and come up with some catchy synonyms which elaborate your business idea in a better way.

Like if you own a grocery stock, ask yourself how you would explain what you are selling. It can be quality customer services, food, and other edibles.

Name Game

Naming a grocery brand can easily as just using your name though there are still some creative and unique directions that you can use.

You can go for some celebrity names, public figures, or associate your mentor or friends and family member.

Remember to not miss the track while selecting a business name as this has to be a long term model. If there is some confusion after narrowing down some unique name but it’s hard for you to decide on one; don’t forget to take a second opinion from your people.

Since your new business would be describing the products and stuff that you have at your store. But make it clear this should be a positive brand name that you and the customers will proudly own it.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

The first thing before launching a business model is to keep an eye on your competitors so you know what is going on in the market and you need to do.

If your competitors are lacking somewhere, it is going to be a point for you to take advantage of it and offer this missing option through your business strategy.

So never neglect such kinds of opportunities; as customers are always looking for better and convenient stuff so you should make up your mind and let them know how important they are.

You should also think about competitors; what product or value they are giving to their business names and how does it work for them?

Is there any trend in naming a business; just try to avoid sound like ‘just another one of those businesses’.

So your competitors are your best source of learning what you need to do and what to avoid when launching a grocery store.

Step 4: Focus on Naming not Describing

A typical drawback most of the businesses are that they start describing their business through their names; which sound off sometimes.

Using grocery terms like; store, market, mart and food sound boring as most of the businesses are doing the same.

So it’s better to come up with some unique and different name, which is just a name, not a grocery store. The more effective business name conveys a message to their customers that the business values them at some deeper level.

Try to catch some name which has a story behind it; to add spice and in it.

Step 5: Make it Memorable

Making a memorable business name is the crucial name to get inside a customer’s mind. This is an easier task said than done.

Your brand name must aim to stop the customer in their tracks so they can give some extra thoughts to your store.

Here we have some tips to create a memorable name;

  • You can use rhythmic pronunciation or alliteration
  • Try using a word that is not relevant when out of text
  • Keep it short and simple

Step 6: Name Generator Software

There are lots of free and amazing name generator tools and software available. You can use those tools to get some unique name or idea.

Follow three steps; search, select, and get!

These online tools help you to filter your naming suggestions by location, category, and domain name. So this is how you can get a more customized, creative, and unique grocery store name.

Step 7: Register Business Name

Once you decide on the final name for your grocery store, it’s better to check if the name is available in your state.

Go to a search engine and check whether its website or social media handles are available for you or not. If available don’t waste your time and money to get it to register for you.

Tips after Naming your Grocery Store Business

Once you get your grocery store name, and you get a domain name particularly if you want to go for an online business marketplace.

There are a few points that you need to take to establish your brand recognition, credibility, and loyalty:

  • Choose a business structure for your store; normally structuring a business like LLC or corporation helps you to reduce liability.
  • Design Logo and other Graphical stuff for your business; creating a logo, flyers, pamphlets, and run an online marketing campaign to let people know about your business is one of the most important things.
  • This helps in creating awareness among potential customers; also people will know that this brand some serious matter to share with them so be prepare and have a creative team at your end.
  • Develop a business website in your grocery store; it’s vital to get a domain and make it live. You can reach using an online medium to reach the maximum number of people and help in making your business more and easily accessible.

Bottom Line

Naming a Grocery store is not a tough job that one can take it on nerves and feel pressured thinking what would be happening if they could not get some unique and catchy name.

The name has its worth, but if you successfully create a good impact on the buyer’s mind; believe it or not they don’t care about the name.

For people, they are more into now organic and affordable grocery products. So try to put quality stuff at your store and let them enjoy some discount at the initial stage.

Once you successfully build your repute, you can settle down with the pricing. But the quality should not fall below the point.

There are ample options available for people; if they smell something bad at your place they know how and where to move.

Your competitors will be ready to offer them some more and acceptable favors to attract them and let your customers be there.


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