850+ Creative Graphic Designing Company Name Ideas (2020)

You have already made up your mind about starting up your graphic designing business, but what’s the first and most important step to start a business? The graphic designing business name. It is the first step in framing and branding your business, and quite possibly crucial as well.

Your graphic designing business name will show up on your business email, cards, and website. The graphic designing business name is the first thing that your future clients will see and hear when you negotiate or present a work pitch.

Moreover, in today’s world, you have to consider how your name represents you and your business.

It’s easy to start a business using the internet, but it also means that your graphic designing business will have to stand out from an already active graphic designing industry. That’s an added pressure- right? We know you want to make it right. Let it stand out from the competitors.

In this article, we have come up with creative graphic designing company names and some useful tips on how to name your graphic designing business to make it stand out from the competitors, relates it to your audience, stand firm during harsh times, and is something that you can build your business around.

Graphic design company names

These are the most creative graphic design company name ideas to scroll through:

  • Animated Graphics
  • Luxe Logo
  • Aesthetic Apparatus
  • Good Graphics
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Cube Creative Design Inc.
  • Graphics Warehouse
  • Choice Image Inc.
  • Graphics Galaxy
  • VitaCreo Studio
  • Local Graphics
  • Pixxel Studio
  • House Industries
  • Alpha Graphix
  • Dependable Designs
  • A Graphic Slice
  • Comics Corner
  • Beyond Human
  • Creative Ally
  • Convention Connections
  • Out of Context
  • Bird Rock Designs
  • Top Quality Visuals
  • Brand Axis
  • iPrint and Design
  • Motionless Design
  • Work Reworked
  • Colart
  • Colorpix
  • UpShift Creative Group
  • Firebelly Design
  • The 5th Color Designs
  • Domani Studios
  • Sull Graphics Inc.
  • Dancing Fish Design
  • Dogtown Media
  • Conjure
  • Fly Kid Studios
  • AM Design
  • Black Leaf Signs
  • Concentric Design
  • Red Door Interactive
  • Spark Creative Design
  • Advantage Graphics and Signs
  • Creative Vision
  • Crossover Collective
  • Graphic Visions
  • Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.
  • Yellow Dog Marketing
  • Visual Asylum
  • Whack Media Design
  • Seedhouse
  • Ad Infinitum
  • Blackmore Design
  • Lift Interactive
  • Evoke Solutions
  • Graphic Flow Design
  • Elite Image
  • Monster Signs
  • FloodLine Printing
  • Papermoon
  • The Workbench
  • Fusion Technology
  • Royal River
  • BLACKBOX Graphic Designing
  • Edges Media
  • Fertile Frog
  • Right Lines Graphics
  • De Art Creations
  • Impression Studio
  • Elemental Studios
  • Blue Ocean Press
  • Branding Artist Agency
  • Capstone Creative Design
  • New Life Digital

Graphic Design company namesGraphic design names

Here are some examples of graphic designing names to go through:

  • Graphicsmith
  • Ultimate Design
  • Build A Vision
  • Composure Graphics
  • Deal Design
  • Gotcha Graphics
  • Raxa Design
  • Design Duty
  • Black Bear Design Group
  • Unit Graphics
  • Cornerstone Creative
  • Impress Designs Inc.
  • Invincible Creative
  • Underdog Designs
  • Simply Graphic
  • Your Creative Junkie
  • Kreate Tribe
  • Great Graphics
  • The Marketing Machine
  • A To D Designs
  • Prime Graphics
  • Hot Design
  • Visual Aspect Media
  • Digital Design
  • Miracle Brand Design
  • InDesign Graphics
  • Innovative Graphics
  • Sandbox Studio
  • Birdworks
  • Fresh Ink
  • Signature Graphics, Inc.
  • Findsome & Winmore
  • Brain Bend Media
  • Squirrel Media
  • Pivot Design, Inc.
  • Glory Bound Productions
  • Phoenix Graphics Inc.
  • Quad Graphics
  • Goto Design
  • Good Theory

Creative names for graphic design business

Go through these creative names for a graphic design business:

  • Graphic Creations, Inc.
  • Adhere Creative
  • Paragraph, Inc.
  • Alice Bernat Graphic Design
  • Prestige Graphics
  • Graphic Design Inc.
  • Mucca Design
  • The Print Shop
  • Chase Design
  • Brooklyn Graphics
  • Live Designs
  • Royal Graphics Design
  • Bad Rabbit Creative
  • Kelektive
  • Point Five Design
  • Limitless Design
  • Maxmedia Creates
  • Hipster Graphics
  • Creative Team
  • Mucho Designs
  • Click Here, Inc.
  • Golden Graphics
  • Tony Blake Design
  • Riot Creative Imaging
  • Brain Shine
  • Casta Design
  • Design Shop
  • Pixel Studio
  • Indigo Grafix Designs
  • Big Film Design
  • Finer Designers
  • Atlanta Graphic Design
  • Solar-Rise Designs
  • Paper Anchor Co.
  • Manual
  • Graphic Concepts
  • Rhythm Graphics
  • Vivace Graphics
  • Cappella Graphics
  • Dot Hot Graphics
  • Harmony
  • Madrigal Graphics
  • Opera Ox
  • Stanza Graphics
  • Daring Designs
  • Design On A Dime
  • Design Visionaries
  • Digitize Designs
  • Golden Graphics
  • Graphic Goldmine
  • Limitless Designs
  • Site Seekers
  • Take Five Creative
  • Victorious Visions
  • Primex  Graphics
  • Greyline
  • WhiteSquare
  • Derben Craft
  • NextPerk Graphics
  • Triction Graphics

Check out these 40 famous graphic design companies around the world.

Graphic design company name generator

AI-based name generators gave these graphic design company name ideas:

  • AArt Design
  • Five One Development
  • Pixel 1080
  • Creative Fusion
  • Alpha Graphics
  • Bizbox
  • New Life Digital
  • Joe King Studios
  • Bolder Design Studio
  • Orange Square
  • Pixel Bytes
  • Evolution Graphics Inc.
  • KUDOS Design
  • Whipped Dream
  • My Smart Shirt
  • Abstract Graphic Design
  • Illustrately
  • Lunar Media
  • Remixed Branding
  • Paper Switch
  • Granted Graphics
  • Noble Desktop
  • Psyop Inc.
  • Mentor Graphics Corporation
  • Schack! Inc.
  • Graphix Group
  • Oasis Graphics Design
  • MasterGraphics Inc.
  • Method Marketing
  • Union Design
  • Graphic Sense
  • Good Time Design
  • Magic Screen Graphics
  • Evolved Design
  • Suit And Tie Graphics
  • Hacker Graphics
  • Service Point USA
  • Go Overlay
  • Brand By Design

Graphic design business names

The following are the catchy graphic design business name ideas you can ever find:

  • After Dark Grafx
  • Graphica
  • Infinite Ideas & Designs
  • Feels Design Studio
  • Creative Corner
  • Creative Coalition
  • Tragic Media
  • Ink Invaders
  • The Logo Company
  • ModGraphic
  • Idiom Interactive
  • Scott Fuller Graphic Design
  • Virga Marketing, Inc.
  • Arora Designs
  • Breezy Borders
  • Zone Graphics
  • Rise Up Graphics
  • Promedia
  • Design Department Inc.
  • An Iconic Objective
  • Picturcation
  • Visual Deco
  • Digital Designs
  • Designage
  • Three Cat Media
  • Complex Creative
  • Tank Design
  • Real Thread
  • Minuteman Press
  • Speedpro Imaging
  • Designer Graphics
  • The Marion Group
  • Big Idea Advertising
  • Junior Coggins
  • Photostrations
  • Coffee Cup Design Studio
  • Creative 7 Designs, Inc.

Design business names

Below are the great design company name ideas for your inspiration:

  • Slide Genius
  • Bluelektric Productions
  • Prime Advertising and Design Inc.
  • Solid Design
  • Sundog Design
  • The Story Method
  • Q LTD Branding & Design
  • The Illuminators
  • South Yard Design and Digital
  • Pitman Graphics
  • Dragonfire Media
  • Full Moon Design Group
  • Atlanta Print and Design
  • Owen Design Co
  • Kate Keating Associates
  • Consilio Designs
  • Hacker Designs
  • 24 Seven Graphic Design
  • Future Primitive Graphics
  • Handmade Graphics
  • Rainfall Design Studio
  • Nth Degree
  • Vivid Design
  • Boss Creative
  • Vivid Graphics
  • Lure Design
  • Graphic House Inc.
  • Storm Brain
  • Studio Six Branding
  • Stevens Exhibits
  • Design Visionaries
  • Emphasis Design
  • Common Space Design
  • Let it Ride Design
  • Value Arc
  • The Art of Transmission
  • Sandhill Studios
  • Graphic Designs By Zero Designs

graphic design business namesDesign studio names

These are the attractive names for design studios:

  • Incisive Designs
  • Depictions
  • Sign Expo
  • Tell Your Tale
  • Oh Ok Creative
  • The Art of Places
  • Blue Ridge Graphics
  • World Graphic Design Inc
  • Good Theory Studios
  • Elite Designs
  • Two Twelve
  • Enhanced Opticals
  • Sparkle Be Design
  • Dog and Rooster
  • Pearlfisher
  • Build a Sign
  • Blu Skye Group
  • Crowded Pixels
  • Photostratus
  • Authentic Graphics
  • Creative Juice
  • Ideas on Purpose
  • Graphix Studio
  • One Design Company
  • Aqua Venue & Studio
  • Less + More
  • Fine Graphic Services
  • Mega Print Promo
  • Connected Dots
  • Media Storm Pro
  • Binocular Design
  • On Demand Graphics
  • Impress Ink
  • The Elements
  • Eclectic Studios, Inc.
  • Rainbow Graphix Design
  • The Design Firm
  • Designomotion

Creative design firm names

Here is how to name your design firm:

  • Graphic Color Design
  • The Imagination House
  • Design Manifesto
  • Design Tech Grafix
  • Bark Design
  • Motionless Graphics
  • Inspired Marketing
  • Superior Digital Graphics
  • Rave Creative
  • The Graphic Effect
  • Feels Design
  • Graphic Lab Inc.
  • Graphicology
  • Pride in Graphics
  • Vibrant Visual
  • Four Fin Creative
  • Retro Canvas
  • Abstract Symbols
  • Partners in Learning
  • Creative Hive
  • Red Rock Studios
  • GreyBox Creative
  • Graphic Traffic
  • New Rules of Design
  • Picmatic
  • Orange Juice Diaries
  • Color Reflections
  • Double Down Design
  • Designocracy
  • Fractured Pixels
  • The Beams Graphics
  • Go For Graphics
  • Image Indicator
  • Fastsigns
  • Nicer Collective
  • Studio One Eleven
  • Sun Moon Graphic Design
  • All City Graphix

Why is a Good Business Name Important?

A right business name sets the tone of any business before a person even pronounces it. The name leaves positive first impressions like professionalism, friendliness, fun, clarity, and shows whether the company is an agency or a single person working as a freelancer.

How to Name a Graphic Designing Business?

1.   Create a List of Graphic Designing Names

You can’t name your graphic designing business without first brainstorming and creating a list of names. Write down every and any name that pops up in your mind. You need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What would you want the people to think about when they hear your graphic design business name? Reliability, honesty, savings, etc.
  • What emotion do you want to convey to the public that they feel when they hear your business name? Peace, trust, happiness, confidence, excitement, etc.
  • What do you intend to do? Provide services to small or large scale companies? Would you want to create an affordable graphic design plan? Would you work for local brands?
  • What graphic design brand names do you like? Your preference will or can influence your naming process.
  • Who are you thinking of targeting? Tech lovers, freelancers, etc.

Remember that you are in the initial stages of coming up with the best possible name for your business, and nothing is set in stone. So, write all the words you can think of and then follow the next steps.

2.   Determine the Best Words out of the List

You have the list of the words you made of your graphic designing business. They may be more than 20 and maybe in the hundreds, all highlighting the services you will provide. Now it is time to move to the next step: it is time to cut down the names and only let the ones stay that are the most relatable.

Underline the words that fit best, circle the ones that are a second choice, and cut down the words you think don’t fit well with your graphic design business. While working through the list, keep in mind your target audience. In that way, you will focus more on them and will find the best designing names.

You can also pick the names from the list that will suit best and serve well in the long-term for the next ten or twenty years, depending on your vision for the business. You might feel intimidated while doing this and might feel stuck, but worry not. You can take your friends and family’s help.

You can ask them for some useful suggestions. Talk with your peers. Go through the list with them. They will be able to give better advice and help you make the naming process of your graphic designing business a bit more smooth.

3.   Uniqueness Matters, Competitor Analysis

The updated list you have now, focus on it, and ask yourself, is it unique enough? What about your competitors? Is there any trend they are following? Which competitor names do you like? Make sure you come up with a unique name, a name that stands out against your competitors.

The list of names you have left, let’s have some fun with it. Combine different words to come up with a new unique word. Big companies follow this tip and come up with some catchy business names. The companies Verizon, Facebook, Airbnb, Venmo, Groupon, etc., followed this tip and look where it took them.

Keep one thing in mind; your graphic designing business name doesn’t have to show your business’s accurate description and what it entails. As soon as you settle on a name, you can build your brand around it. Keep putting in your efforts.

You will get through the various name choices you have that will be unique yet distinct from your competitors. But don’t come up with a name that may sound clever but confuses the targeted audience. Clarity is essential more than being clever and confusing.

4.   Narrow Down to Three Names

It is time to narrow down the graphic design business names to three. Why three and not more? Because we want to put all your focus on narrowing down the names. The three best names you end up with will surely make you happy.

These names will fit all the criteria and expectations you have set for your graphic designing business name. If you don’t have three names, you can go back to the start and start the same process again and then fill in the blanks with the names you want.

You can even search through the internet and find different synonyms if you want.

5.   Easy Pronunciation

Take this tip very seriously: the name you choose should be easy to pronounce. If you don’t come up with such a name, you will make it harder for the targeted audience to learn and remember your graphic design business name.

They won’t be able to search you, talk about you, and refer your services to others. So, avoid names that you know will not sit well with the audience.

6.   Easy to Remember and Spell

After pronunciation, the graphic design business name should be easy to remember. Just remember, people won’t be able to search you if they don’t know the business name. How will they speak about you? Or look you up for the business social media accounts?

The name should have easy spellings because even if they search you, a single misspell will result in a “not found” search.

7.   Check for Availability

We believe that now you have the graphic design brand name you want. All you need to do now is that check for the name availability. The names you chose should not be in use by any other business. Search by checking for trademark or basic domain search.

The URL of your business name will be your powerful asset, and that is how the clients will find you. The URL may contain a graphic design blog or a portfolio showcasing your talent and projects, depending on the vision you have for your business.

The internet is full of domain searching tools to help make the process of checking name availability easier for you. If it is not taken, well and good. But if it is, you will have to buy it.

8.   Avoid Negative Connotations

It is best to avoid any name that would negatively present your graphics designing business. It can be a turn-off for your potential clients. Short, catchy, easy to remember, spell, and pronounce is what we are looking for in a name.


You may find it challenging and intimidating to name your graphic designing business, but it is not. It doesn’t have to be. We know the importance of a business name and its effects on the target audience. If you want to reap benefits for your graphic designing business, you will have to sow in a great business name.

We hope we have helped you enough to create a name that is unlike any other competitor’s name. Follow the steps mentioned above and make the most of the business naming process.

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