Gift Shop Names: 840+ Creative Name Ideas for Gift Shops

A business name is the first impression of your brand on your customers and investors. Names have the power to attract or offend clients. Your business name communicates your business strategy and is also a foundation of trademark design which can be of great help if you want to sell your business.

Your business name is your sole representative; therefore, naming your business carefully is very important for the growth of your business.

Indeed gift-giving makes people smile and if you are someone who loves to give, then going to a gift business is a great idea for you. You can earn money while sharing joyful feelings around the world.

But the first step of starting a business is to think of a great name for your business. We have a list of great gift shop names, ideas, and suggestions from where you can better understand naming your business.

An ideal business name should be remarkable, simple, and convey a specific meaning. It should be relevant to the services you are providing.

Gift shop names

Here is the list of catchy gift shop names to inspire you:

  • Goodposs
  • The Coffee Mill Gift
  • CorbyCrew Gift
  • Gift a hand
  • Spotlight Gifts
  • Simply Beautiful
  • Eden Gift
  • Sugar Cookie Sweet
  • Riverside Gift
  • Peterboro Basket
  • Paper Essence
  • Gift Certificate
  • Token Gift
  • Cute World
  • Pro Gift Flowers
  • Country French
  • Life Of Gifts
  • HappyString
  • LevelGrid
  • StreetSecrets Gifts
  • Little Ducklings Children’s
  • Gift Closet
  • Lovely Creations
  • Everyday Occasions
  • Willow Tree Gifts
  • Antiques and Gifts
  • The Family Tree Gift
  • Lots of Love
  • Paperish Mess
  • The Gift Fairy
  • Giftville
  • Special Days
  • Le Messa Gifts
  • White jasmin
  • FusionGrade
  • Gift
  • Green Axel
  • Sunset View Ideas
  • Veronica
  • Better Dream
  • From The Heart
  • The Gift Basket
  • The Giftery
  • Souvenir City
  • America Basket
  • Ten Over Six
  • Gift Enterprises
  • Blossom Gift Baskets
  • Crown Trophy
  • Downtown Market Store
  • Trias Flowers & Gifts
  • red Muffin Gift
  • Charming Gifts
  • Oh My Gosh
  • Averren Baskets
  • Greetings World
  • AeroCrest Gift
  • The Thousand Villages
  • Mesmering
  • GreatVista
  • Townsend Gift
  • LottoLove
  • Gift Thanks
  • ApuriMac Gift
  • Black River Gift Baskets

Gift wrapping business names

Some of the cool gift-wrapping business names are:

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts
  • Surprises Inside
  • Gift me a Break
  • Vogue Gift
  • Thistle & Clover
  • Hillside Watches
  • Clara’s Cupboard
  • Spacebase Gift
  • Gift a Damn
  • Dreamy Eye
  • Happy Place
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
  • King’s Bounty
  • Sunshine Greetings & Gifts
  • Twinkle Twinkle Trinkets
  • A Cupcake Queen
  • Serafina Ceramics
  • 202 Whimsical Gift Way
  • Lift Up Gifts
  • Can Guess It?
  • The Gift Table
  • Magma Bags
  • GreySpace Gift
  • The Chocolate Market
  • Charming Treasure
  • Next Space
  • Gifter’S Garden
  • Executive Baskets
  • Rare Find
  • Rainy Day Hobby
  • Easterly Gift
  • Gifted Up
  • GreatStex
  • Huberton
  • The Flower Market
  • Gift Boutique
  • Posh Presents
  • Grab A Gift
  • Hickory Farms
  • Gift Card
  • BoxLunch
  • better & happy
  • Made 2 Infuse
  • Wrap Song
  • The Gift Den
  • Big Jade Florist
  • Main Street Ideas
  • awish
  • Big tender
  • Met Opera
  • The Coolest Pot
  • Simply Seattle
  • Always Floral
  • Inkling

Creative names gift shops

These are the creative names for gifts shops:

  • East Start Gift
  • Lifted Gifts
  • Hompom Gift
  • Beyond Baskets
  • Hidden Gem Gift
  • Lily Pad Homemade Spa Products
  • Silverstone Gift store
  • Lovely Gifts
  • Terri’s Treasures
  • Plenty of Presents
  • Gift Way
  • Happy String
  • The Gift Bag
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Isabel Gifts
  • Better And Happy
  • Walk In Gifts
  • Shiny Gift
  • The Gifting Lifestyle
  • Escetta Gifts
  • EyeWynk Gift
  • Ever Present
  • Rustic ray
  • Furry Friends
  • Giftoholic
  • Best Feeling
  • Basket Ideas
  • Dreamica Gift
  • Avenues Gifts
  • Show Pony
  • Divine Floral
  • Inside Story Gift
  • Provo Floral LLC
  • Inside Joy
  • floral ideas
  • Serenity Gift
  • Grateful Gifts
  • Gifts Wholesale
  • Better Waves
  • Dreamy Flirt
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets
  • Mossmerry Gift
  • Merry Treasures
  • Happy Salmon
  • That’s A Wrap
  • PaperCrest Gifts
  • CaptaThrive
  • Gadgets Gift
  • Edge of the Circle
  • Granny’S Gifts
  • Mind Curves
  • Bon Voyage Vintage
  • Still House
  • Clock Tower Gifts
Accent Fanciful Gifting
Gold Bug All Present
Gifts And More Paper Source
The Gifting Tree Magpie
Scaredy Kat Crystal Dragon
Worthy Circle Gift Merlyn Gift
Havemotto Gifts Gift art
Kiddie Corner PaperCurves
Snappy Gifts Frank herdzdog
Love Box Lucca Great Finds
Avenue 52 Gifts Splash urbanwave
Treasure Box The Scarper
Cleonett  Gifts Smitten Boutique
Quality Circle Palm House Gift
Wrap Around Zales
DazzleBerry Magic Star
Papyrus Flyelle Fun  Gifts
Think Geek WhiteCurls
Almond wish Lowa Leys Gift
FloraFun Gift SuperFront Gift
Buy Me a Present White Jasmine Boutique
Parcel Perfection Le Gift Boutique
Something Different Party 321
jackSpot  Gifts Gifts for All
Love My Gift Gift from God Baby Boutique
SmiggySin Gift Holly’s Handmade Gifts
Bound by Sky Uptown Essential
Hands of the World Sparkle seige
Blue Planet Bond Party Supplies
A Thousand Words Greeting Cards Drunken Muffin
Hillside Floral Lots of Love Gifts
Inspire Yellow I Present You
Dreamica Show Don’T Tell
The Flower Petal Florist & Gift GoldMax  Gifts
Sunset Gifts Yolk
In The Present Sensy Gifts
The Pink Ribbon Foursided Card + Gift
Artsy Antiques and Gifts Given With Love
Olive & Cocoa LLC PentaSun Gift
Flipclips Gift peach Tree Gift
Going Nuts Gourmet Gifts Gift People
Perfect Parcel Stone Gift
Townsend Bags Bow & Arrow Collection
Wish Upon a Gift Not Just Presents
Pipe Palace Mississippi Gift

Vintage gift shop names

Check out these vintage gift shop names to have more ideas:

  • Lowe Wang Gift
  • Heaven Sent
  • Yesterdo Gift
  • WhiteStaples
  • CityMagma
  • Amegma Gift
  • Mysteva Gifts
  • Hopscotch Toy
  • Gifts To Give
  • Once Upon a Trinket
  • Peach Blossoms
  • Glorious Gifts
  • Paige’s Bookstore
  • Wrapped In Bows
  • Holly’s Handmade
  • Express Flowers
  • Knick Knack Paddy Whack
  • DailyVibe Gifts
  • Bliss Cards & Gifts
  • Paris Blooms
  • Gift of gab
  • Basket Galore
  • Cog & Pearl
  • Gift and Occasions
  • Baskets ‘N’ Joy
  • Gift And Be Gifted
  • Brown Paper Packages Gift
  • Avenue 52 Gifts
  • The Popcorn Bag
  • The Purple Store
  • Matter
  • Hidden Gem Gift
  • Presents of Mind
  • RiseRest Gifts
  • Reposson Gift
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Diamond in the Rough Gifts
  • Tiny Treats
  • Tinytrex Gifts
  • SplashBox Gift
  • Sandy Hills Souvenir
  • Bee Crazee
  • The Flower Pot
  • Fit to Gift
  • The Warm House
  • Joy Inside
  • CastleCrew
  • Silver Leaf Handmade Jewelry
  • Well Joy Ideas
  • Basket’s Charm Gift
  • Midtown Gift

Catchy names for a party shop

These are relevant and catchy names for party shops:

  • Campus Floral
  • Golden Age Collectibles
  • Homebody Boutique
  • OMG – Oh My Gift
  • Swiss Dream Gifts
  • Seattle Spice
  • Latest Trend Gifts
  • Mighty Scales
  • Lily Pad Homemade
  • Perfumania
  • Rossy Gifts
  • ThirdWave Gifts
  • Charming Treasures
  • Ettission Gift
  • The Gift Corner
  • Sobe Gift
  • Gift and Take
  • UrbanSpace
  • ArtSquare Gift
  • High Five Ideas
  • Very Merry Unbirthday Presents
  • Return Gift Corner
  • StatioSense Gift
  • LifeWaves
  • True smile
  • Forever Finds
  • Cappaberg Gift
  • Glorious Gifting
  • Gift Lift
  • Wrapped Heart
  • Thats a Wrap
  • Rep-resent
  • NorthMan Gift
  • Little Ducklings
  • Gift Giver
  • Heart for Heart
  • The Fig Tree
  • Gift a Darn
  • Uptown Florist
  • Gift it a Whirl
  • Evergreen Corporate
  • After School Matters Gift
  • Kiddie Corner Gifts
  • Friend
  • Rings N Things
  • A2z gift center
  • Perfect Present
  • Every Occasion
  • CappaCale Gift
  • Secret Admirer Florist & Gifts
  • Allstar Gifts
  • Gift
  • Golden Gifts
  • Cross-Eyed Owl Gift
  • Grandma’s Choice
  • Tiffany
Hearts of Gold Divine Gifts
To You From Me Creative Gift mart
Stumble & Relish Office Trails
Wrap iT Up Gift it a Try
MindCurves Gift Present Day Gifts
SplishSplash Handmade Soap Gift Mantra
The Gift Library Made With Love
Pylones Harry and David
Action Gift Boutique Happy Strings
Nerdy Parsler Giant Fling
A Kindred Spirit Gift Precious Moments
Sassapan Smiles for Miles
Cascaddex Gift General Store Gifts
Glamour Gifts Gift ones best
Spruce Street Gift Matrix Box Gift
The Hot Plate Kitchen Gifts The Gift
Gifts R Us Bountiful
Nile Gifts Paper Rock
Coronna Gift Get Gifted
Furry Friends Gift Twinkle Trinkets
antique gifts MInute Fusion
The Crescent Lucky Eyes
The Scribe paperRock
Top Gifts Wrapped Wonders
Seaside Gifts Artsy Antiques
Lyssa’s Florist Ye Olde Curiosity
Made for You Personalized Gifts Magnolia Garden Center Gift
CassaWave Gift Elletro Gift
Aventen Gift Teacher’s Pet Gift
The Flower Spot 1st Step
Trinket Tree The Island
Pulse Gift The Good Home
Memories Store Sparkle Siege
This Old Attic Young Ignite Gift
Mr.Secret Gift Highfive
Fabulous Store Gift Fairy
All About Gifts UrbanVital
Stapleberry Black River Ideas
Premier Gifts More Than Words
Delightful Deliveries In Your Presents
Gorgeous Gifts Be Charmed
Gift Guides Library Of Gifts
Yours Love Box Things Remembered
proppella Gift Sweet sandy Gift
Brown Box Noah’s Ark Gifts

Gift shop name generator

These are some of the great gift shop name ideas by generators:

  • Gift it Up
  • Gift Givers
  • The Gift Shelf
  • CandidClay
  • Travertine Gift
  • The Evolution Store
  • Person To Person
  • Gifts of Love
  • Making Memories
  • Adam & Eve
  • Young yell Gift
  • Golden City
  • Sky High Gift
  • The Flower Lady
  • SassySerene
  • Open Joy Gifts
  • Moon Trims
  • Knicks And Knacks
  • TruSmile Gifting
  • Made For You
  • Kid Smart Gift
  • IdentaTale Gifts
  • Fernwood Candy
  • Dust Muffin
  • Corner
  • Made to Inspire
  • Cherished Memories
  • Last Minute Gifts
  • Present Yourself
  • Prestige Identity
  • Knack
  • Poss Presents
  • Guilded Cage
  • Gifted Treasures
  • Gaggles Of Gifts
  • Time for Love Gifts
  • DealGifts
  • Passion Play Gift
  • More Edge
  • Royal Gift
  • Cozy Corner Keepsakes
  • Luxxora Gifts
  • Golden memory
  • Transit Tees
  • Flora sense Gift
  • Fashion Factory
  • Gift Horse
  • Wrap Corner
  • love 4 you
  • Artsy Wrap Corner

Gift business names

Write down more gift business names and ideas from below:

  • Badge of Honor
  • Craft Gifts
  • Silver Pennies
  • CopyCarry
  • Gift Season
  • The Treasure Box
  • This and That Gifts
  • Gift our Basket
  • Global Gifts
  • Figurefrey Gift
  • Crazy Fibers
  • Give A Gift
  • Guess It
  • Rocket Fizz
  • Flora Fun
  • The Gift Palace
  • WestCurves Gift
  • The County Gift
  • Gift Town
  • The Gift Box
  • From Heart Gift
  • Hobitro Gift
  • Spencers
  • Present Itself
  • Sunshine Gifts
  • Blossom Gift
  • The Gift City
  • Treasure Box Gifts
  • gift secret
  • Ganz
  • High Five Gifts
  • Furry Friends Gift Spawt
  • NorthElite Gift
  • Candy Tyme
  • Wacko
  • Happy Cross
  • Random Crafts
  • Golden Dragon Gifts
  • Secret Box
  • Tree Of Hearts
  • Wrap Me Up
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Ravensgoods
  • Alley Gift
  • Gift Solution
  • The Gift Secret
  • SecretNeons
  • Cherished Memories Gift Store
  • CitySliders Gifts
  • The Heart
  • Drygoods Design
  • Mane Elegance
  • Vogue Floral
  • Gift Emporium
  • SilverShades
  • Charmed
  • Sprinkles
  • Sweet Tooth Bouquets
  • Travel Traders
  • Shen Beauty
  • Epigona Epex
  • Arpels Baskets

gift business namesHow to Name a Gift Business

Naming can be a long and hectic process but we are here with some amazing tips that’ll help you find the best name for your gift business.

1)   Determine your goals

The first step is to determine your goals regarding your business. Ask yourself what kind of gift business you want to establish? What kind of audience will you target? How do you want your business name to be perceived by people? What services will you provide? Set your goals and then move forward to the next step that is brainstorming ideas.

2)   Begin brainstorming

Use different techniques to brainstorm ideas for your gift business. Make a list of specific keywords that you think are relevant to your business. Use adjectives to describe your brand more clearly and make it look professional. Think of the gift shop names and start jotting down your thoughts.

3)   Do a competitor analysis

Doing this as your first step will save you a lot of time. Competitor analysis will let you know what names are already taken and you should avoid using them. It’ll help you understand what sort of words are used in the names of gift businesses and what kind of names work better for gift businesses.

4)   Focus on naming not describing

Some people describe their business name way too literally. Your name should reflect the services you provide, but it shouldn’t be that descriptive to sound boring.

For example, there’s a gift business called “Lime Tree Kids”. From this name, we understand two things: this is for kids, and gifts are made from wood. Rather than using ‘kids wooden store’ they have used a cool name with a deeper meaning to help people understand the services they are providing.

5)   Create a memorable name

Creating a remarkable name is very important to get into your customers’ minds. You can use alliterations like ‘Glorious gifts’ or ‘perfect presents’, puns like ‘Slam-Dunk gifts’, and compound words like ‘Wraptastic’ or ‘Presentedible’ to create a catchy name for your gift business that’ll stick to people’s minds.

6)   Capitalize on your business location

To brand your business and connect with your community it is a good idea to use your location in your business name. You can also use slogans or historical accounts that define your location to create a unique and remarkable name for your business.

For example, ‘Georgia gifts’ or ‘Connecticut cute gifts ‘.

7)   Use short and easy gift names

Try to choose names that are short as long names are difficult to remember. For a gift business or any other business, short and easy names are best.

For example, you can name your business ‘Treasure box’ or ‘Majestic gifts’. Short names will stick to customers’ minds increasing the chances of getting them back to your business.

8)   Connect through emotions

Psychology plays a great role in connecting with people and people who can feel linked to your brand becomes loyal customers. Try to use words that arouse particular emotions or memories to attract more clients.

For example, ‘Care gift co’, ‘Bundled joys’, ‘Gifts from Paris’, ‘Giving gift box’ and so on.

9)   Choose a cute name for your gifts business

Instead of using general terms and formal names try using cute names for your gifts business. Cute names can make people remember your brand more readily attracting more clients to your brand.

You can use names like ‘From Heart Gift Shop’ and ‘Wrap and go’.

10)               Create a unique gift shop name

It is very important to create unique names for your gift business to make your business stand out among other businesses. Try to choose a name that’ll best define your specific brand. To create a unique name you can use compounding techniques, mixing two words to create a new word.

For example, if you have a business that has candies or food to give as gifts, you can name your business as ‘ Presentedible’. By reading the name people will understand that you have edible e things to give as a gift.

11)               Balance creativity and relevancy

Use creative thinking to name your business. It’ll help you to come up with a unique name. You can use many tricks and techniques to find a unique name for your business. It is important to choose a name that is relevant to your business. Just for a unique name don’t choose an irrelevant name for your business.

By reading the name, people should eventually understand everything about your brand or at least the services that you are offering.

For example, name your business ‘Wrap and Go’. It is a very unique name but completely relevant to your business. By reading the name anyone can easily understand that you are running a gift business.

12)               Be patient to get it right

You must be very excited to name your business. However, you shouldn’t rush the process. You won’t be able to change your name in the future as changing your name again and again will make your business suffer a lot.

So it is better to name your business very carefully at the first attempt.  Spending your little time and effort on naming can do a great help for your business growth in the future.

13)               Use a business name generator

You can also use business name generators that are available online for free. Just add keywords related to your business and generators will show many unique names for your business. You can either choose a name from there or take an idea for your business name.

14)               Shortlist your ideas

Once you have a big list of unique and catchy names, then it is time to shortlist your ideas. Omit all the complex names that are difficult to pronounce or spell. Only choose names that are unique, catchy, remarkable, and sound professional.

15)               Get feedbacks

When you have shortlisted three to four names for your business, get feedback from family members, friends, or your team members. Ask them questions like, Does it sound professional? By reading the name, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it easy to pronounce and spell?

16)               Register your gift business name

Before registering your business name, check its availability. If the name is available, then the last step is to register your gift business name.

After registration, choose a business structure for your gift brands, create a logo design, and build a unique gift business website for your gift brand.

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