Naming a Food Business: 500+ Food Business Name Ideas

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with a creative food brand name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of food business name ideas to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with creative food company names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good food brand business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm food business names and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Food Business Name Ideas

These are the catchy name ideas for food businesses:

  • Golden State Foods
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Compass Group
  • Kerry Ingredients
  • Christos Family Dining
  • Scoops and Smiles
  • Al Basha Knightsbridge
  • Tongue & Brisket
  • Amrutha Lounge
  • The Gate Marylebone
  • Xi’an Impression London
  • The Modern Pantry
  • Bocca di Lupo
  • J Sheekey
  • Gymkhana
  • Bill’s Soho Restaurant
  • Koshari Street
  • Dinner by Heston
  • The Senate Bar & Bistro
  • Vue Bar
  • The Hydro Majestic Hotel Blue Mountains

Food Companies Names

Here are some of the good food companies’ names:

  • Market Hall Victoria
  • Scotchtails
  • Hotel The Savoy
  • Bala Baya
  • The Wolseley
  • Inamo
  • Roganic
  • Invita
  • Fico
  • Anam Restaurant
  • Xoong
  • Gerome
  • Le Chef
  • Scott’s
  • Viet Food
  • Garfunkel’s
  • China Spice
  • Gauge
  • Coast
  • The Bite
  • Hemp Foods Australia
  • Lotus Corner
  • Safran Cafe

Food Brand Name Ideas

Following are the coolest food brand name ideas:

  • Bakkavor
  • McCain Foods Appleton
  • Costco Business Center
  • Seneca Foods Corporation
  • Thomas Foods
  • Dot Foods
  • Padella
  • E Pellicci
  • Pepe Italian Street Food
  • Duck & Waffle
  • The Palomar
  • Dishoom Carnaby
  • BAO Soho
  • Hoppers Soho
  • Lahpet
  • Brigadiers
  • Roast
  • LEON
  • The Queen’s Head
  • The Ivy
  • John
  • Lyle’s
  • Thenga Cafe
  • Roti King
  • Sushi Tetsu

Homemade Food Business Names

Below are the name ideas for homemade food businesses:

  • Wild Honey St James
  • Dishoom Kensington
  • Rock and Sole Plaice
  • Masala Zone Covent Garden
  • The Windmill
  • Masala Zone Soho
  • The Quality Chop House
  • Trinidad Roti Shop
  • The Holly Bush
  • Cafe TPT
  • Chinatown Gate
  • Bread & Meat
  • Trinity Restaurant
  • Just Greek Gyros
  • Restaurant Orana
  • Bar and Dining
  • Supernormal
  • Nando’s Nedlands
  • Moon Rabbit
  • Endeavour Tavern
  • Celine Mediterranean Cuisine

Food Business name Ideas

How to Name your Food Business

You can’t run a business without a name! But the process of selecting the best business name; both catchy and communicates effectively what your business is about is by no means easy stuff.

We have seen ample businesses faced failure due to their name which just didn’t work for them, so getting a perfect name is very important.

Selecting a good name is a good option if you want your business to be successful and it’s a key to differentiate you from your competitors.

People used to associate a business name with the value it offers to them, so follow the vision and choose names accordingly.

Some legal considerations

Before starting a quest for choosing a perfect business name, you must have a clear idea of what kind of business structure you need to create.

This is important as rules regarding business name registration vary depending on the structure of any business. For instance;

  • If your business is a company; you have to register name by the time you register your company
  • If you are a sole trader or partnership, you need to register your business name with the ASIC; unless the business is after you or your partner’ name
  • One more obvious thing to do while naming a business is to check if the name is available or already taken by someone.
  • Technically but in some regions; a registered trademark can be used by multiple entities. Though considering the brand value your name carries it has to be unique and easy to distinguish from others.

How to find out if a business name is already taken?

You can check for name availability from online search engines also there are hosting providers go ask them whether the domain is available or not.

  • There is a global brand database; WIPO helps you find if your business is available or not.
  • You need to pay a few dollars annually and renewal purpose. Also, there is the option of transferring or updating the business name for free.

The Basics of Food Branding

No matter how much you think about branding a food business, it is a bit trickier to pin down if compared with other industries.

Food relies on natural urges and gut feelings; this is all your branding visualization that can make your customers feel hungry or lose their appetite.

People work in a food industry which is itself a broad category; includes manufacturing of packaged foods, beverages, food-related services, blogging, and much more.

But the nuances of food business strategies are not exactly obvious. Here in this guide, we are going to share an overview of food branding explaining what and how to name it to make the right impression on your customers.

Important Consideration when choosing a Name for your Food Business

1.      Outline the Guideline

Start with writing some guidelines for picking your business name. the instructions would be having some restrictions which you would not like to cross.

You will be the one telling at the beginning that the name must be like this or that influencing by the competitors or it might be based on your aesthetics.

For instance, you can make it compulsory for you to avoid names that are not familiar and abstract to the people.

2.      Brainstorming Session

Once you get the outline sketch, its time for brainstorming because this will help you in coming up with some creative ideas. Though keeping that skeleton outline in mind let your imagination flow frequently.

The more ideas you get, the more helpful it would in getting more names. Let your team members sit with you and do the exercise together. You may like to go for a series of brainstorming.

Also, you can write down names and stuff coming in your mind, and map the names also you can try some sort of word association.

3.      Go for a Simple Name

The name you select must have a feel of your food or beverage, so the customers know about the brand from its name and they don’t have to think about the products under your brand name.

For instance, if you have pizza that you would like to sell, a good brand has to depict their customers that you specialize in selling pizza or fast food.

Another example; if you sell food and soft drinks, pick a name that encourages people to consume that food.

And if some need to get dry fruits online, people will start finding them with their names or the main category like; dry fruit almond or pistachio.

A simple name fits well in the company logo which is the face of your business. So don’t rush and try to get some easy and simple name that portrays what you sell.

4.      Easy to Remember

Human minds store names in the short-term memory which is working memory. That is the main reason why we forget names that we heard a day before.

So if you want people to remember your names, try to get something that is easy to remember and people don’t want to forget in this competitive scenario.

Pick such a name and associate your brand name with some feeling and human emotions to attract more and more people.

Idea is to stimulate people’s emotional memory and physical sensation, this way they will remember the name. so get some unique, short, and familiar name.

There is a reason behind remembering some brands like Apple, IBM, and KFC so quickly; because they are all short, simple, and fluid.

One more thing to remember that if the brand name is unique and memorable, it will inspire your graphic design team and they will come up with something exciting when designing a logo, menu, interior décor and much more

5.      Trendy Name

If the brand name has some trendy vibes in it, chances are that people can easily connect with your company. However, a trendy name has some disadvantages what if the trend may fade away tomorrow; would you opt for a new name.

Thinking a popular company name, maintain a balance; pick a name that people can spell out comfortably, and don’t lose the uniqueness.

When such a memorable name is included in your food brand, there is no ambiguity in driving customer’s attention.

6.      Don’t forget the Audience

The target audience matters the most for the success of your food business; not only the name but also the marketing stuff including drinks and business cards and social media accounts. Everything should be created keeping in mind the target audience and this means to target audience.

This is you who will decide the target audience; if there is fast food so keep in mind the young people as they are the primary consumer of this kind of food.

Also figure out their preferences, style, age, gender, education so forth, and so on. You have to know whether customers are progressive, millennial, hipster, or belong to a conservative society.

Once you get a good amount of information about your sampling data who you want to target, naming your business will become much easier and focused.

Then name your food business which reflects the aspiration of your target audience.

7.      Go for Long Lasting Name

What do you think you would be able to change the name of your food business after a few years? If yes, this would not be a wise decision unless some other development like the merge with some other brand happens.

Because people establish a close bond with the names, and they build some indirect relationship with the name they are consuming for their regular use.

So pick the name which outlives the owner, the ideal name is the one which remains the same for generations.

8.      Check Domain Name

This is the digital age, no business can live if they have no presence on the social media platforms or have their domain.

You have witnessed this yourself that every brand has a website and live web page which projects the business uniquely.

But this is only possible if you have a domain available for your business. That’s why when you come up with some names, do check out the domain name availability.

The domain check sites are known as ICANN, go and find the name that you need to get register under your business. If it’s available, register it and get hosting as soon as possible because sometimes the domain providers buy your searched domain names and sell them charging you some extra amount.

9.      Don’t Forget the Legal Aspect

When you got a simple and memorable food business name, there are chances that you may not use it legally. Because some federal trademark laws might not allow you to use the name.

It’s far better to check the name with the Trademark office before you get into some legal issues.

10.  Have a Poll

Sometimes people suggest some amazing options; after all an idea can float from anywhere. There is nothing wrong with selecting 4-5 names which seems appropriate and put them on social media. Ask your followers and friends to fill the form and give their suggestions and name they like the most.

This is how you will be able to get people’s perspective about the name, you will get lots of ideas from the response.

Major Essentials of a Successful Food Business

Ten essentials a company needs for running their business successfully; a manifestation and deliverable of the brand the much need aspects to remember.

  1. Logo
  2. Website
  3. Brand message
  4. Product Packaging
  5. Mortar shops
  6. Social media
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Advertising
  9. Content & Influencer Marketing
  10. Merchandise

These 10 points are the main areas of any successful business strategy and the procedure you will use to create a cohesive consistent branding personality.

More Names:

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