950+ Cute Flower Shop Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

There are not plenty of people who own a flower shop that smells wonderful or displays a beautiful environment for their customers. As an incentive, florists must be innovative while setting up flower arrangements altogether.

Still, there is a massive burden in this line of work. Your customers rely on you to provide incredible, timely service, and you usually have no other option.

As a florist, you will be staging together arrangements for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, funerals and many other events that are different and sensitive at the same time.

And let’s remember that spouses and significant others may utilize your services to show love, respect, feelings or apologies to someone, so presenting a low-quality product would be risky for your business.

If you are a florist and planning to start a flower shop, keep on reading the article. We have mentioned the step by step procedure for naming a flower shop which will definitely help you in finding cute and catchy flower shop names.

There is no reposeful profession than this; everybody loves flowers which is what we all do. Thus, we have to make a profit from this.

If you have made up your mind to start a flower shop business and you are thinking to name your new venture then don’t forget that naming a flower shop is the topmost important step for a businessman as the business name should indicate what your shop offers.

You can start by going through the internet to discover an array of ideas of naming a flower shop; you can read guides, collect names from Google to understand how you can name your shop. If you are all set to begin your business, let’s have a step by step understanding of the procedure.

Flower shop names

These are the creative flower shop names to give you ideas:

  • Flying Flowers
  • Bicycle Blooms
  • Interflora
  • The Bouquet Shop
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Flowers 24 Hours
  • The Flower Studio
  • Artistic Blooms
  • Xpressions Florist
  • One Fifty Gift
  • Creations Florist
  • Decoration House
  • The Rose Boutique
  • Angel Blooms Florist
  • Affinity Floral Designs
  • Creative Floral Designs
  • Fresh Urban Flowers
  • My Secret Garden
  • Homeland Florists
  • The Village Florist
  • Artistic Surroundings
  • Fresh Cut Romance
  • All Occasion Flowers
  • My Little Posy
  • Paradise Valley Florist

Cute flower shop names

Here is the list of cute flower shop names of all time:

  • Brighten Up Flowers
  • En Vogue Flowers
  • Flowers For The Home
  • The Casual Florist
  • The Famous Florist
  • Mid-Century Flower Co.
  • Centennial Flowers
  • Flowers For The Ages
  • Gemstone Flowers
  • Vibrant Flowers
  • Pretty Stems
  • Sunbeams Florist
  • D Fab Flowers
  • Smell D Roses
  • Moonlight Florist
  • Perpetual Stem
  • Lovers Den Flowers
  • BuzyBe Florist
  • Flowery Bee
  • Bees N Birds Flowers
  • Happy neighborhood Florist
  • Dallas Flowers
  • High Crown Flowers
  • Bloomingdale Flowers
  • Girly Flowers
  • Tola’s Floral Designs
  • Blossoms in Beauty
  • Greenish Room
  • Pop’s Petals
  • Happy stories Flowers

Floral shop names

  • Beautiful Bouquets
  • Beaming Bouquets
  • For You Bouquets
  • Freedom Flowers
  • Foremost Flowers
  • First Come Flowers
  • Well Grown
  • Growing Glory
  • Morning Glory Flowers
  • Powered By Flowers
  • Petal Professionals
  • The Flower Fairy
  • Great Growth Flowers
  • Gypsy Flower Co.
  • Whimsical Flowers
  • Discount Flower Co.
  • Sunrise Flowers
  • Dewey Flowers
  • Springtime Flowers
  • Fresh Rain Flowers
  • Summer Rain Flowers
  • Flower Child
  • The Flower Whisperers
  • Hillside Flower Co.
  • Field Of Flowers
  • All Occasions Flowers
  • Fresh Scent Flowers

Plant shop names

  • Hills Satva
  • Jazzy Flowers
  • Marvell
  • Sunny Gump
  • The Flower Girl
  • White Flower Farm
  • Wild Wish Rosery
  • Altus Flowery
  • Fleurish
  • Flowers & Services
  • Greenhouse Flower Shop
  • Alive Organic
  • Amozz Box
  • Bitterroot Flower Shop
  • 12th Street Florist
  • All in Bloom
  • Downtown Flowers
  • Ever Wood
  • Flower Pulse
  • Prospect Flowers
  • Roses are Red
  • Rosewood Flowers
  • The Flower Lady
  • The Orchid Florist
  • White Oaks Florist
  • Blooming Business
  • Biz In Bloom
  • Bouquet Bounty

Flower farm names

  • The Secret Garden
  • A Plus Flowers
  • Crystal Flower Shop
  • Field & Florist
  • Flower Girl
  • Flower Stern
  • Flowers from the Heart
  • Gift Pantry Florist
  • Romance in Blooms
  • Royal Flowers
  • The Bloom Room
  • The Flower Bazaar
  • The Flower Wall
  • A Pretty Flower
  • Beautyness
  • Blooms – The Flower Shop
  • Flowers, Naturally!
  • Garden Gate Floral
  • Green Room
  • Nature Candle
  • Pro Gift Flowers and Gifts
  • Rose Hills Flower Shop
  • Same Day Flower
  • Spectry
  • Wallflowers Floral Services
  • Wall’s Flower Shop
  • Wow Florist

Flower shop name ideas

  • Enchanted Florist
  • Express Flowers
  • Flower Buddy
  • Flower Works
  • Flowers Unlimited
  • House of Flowers
  • Infinity Flowers
  • More Than Flowers
  • Green Shade
  • Rainbow Bouquet
  • Royal Blooms
  • The Clay Pot
  • The Garden Trough
  • A Classic Bloom
  • Ambassador Floral
  • Bonnie Flower Shop
  • Carriage Flowers
  • Flower Fetish
  • Flowers & More
  • Green Feel
  • Happy Stems Florist
  • In Bloom
  • Pansy Petals Florist
  • Pleasing Petals Flower Shop
  • Rainbow Floral Shop

Flower shop name generator

Here is the list of flower shop names enlisted by generators:

  • Ace Flowers
  • Garden Men
  • Green Thunder
  • Heights Floral Shop
  • Marion Florist
  • The Flower Bell
  • The Flowers Place
  • Toadstool Flower Shop
  • Truflowery
  • 9 Touch
  • Apples To Zinnias
  • BioGlow Flower
  • Classy Ethin
  • Flowers and Friends
  • Flowery Wave
  • Gentle Pink Rosery
  • Green Bee
  • Roses and Blooms
  • Stems Florist
  • Sweetie Pies Florist
  • The Flower Patch
  • Appry Over
  • Avalon
  • Balloons & Blooms
  • Birds N Bees Flower Shop
  • Fuchsia Sense

Flower company names

  • Petal Pusher
  • New Look Floral Design
  • Everyday Bouquets
  • Roses & More
  • Greenleaf Wholesale Florists
  • A Flower Matters
  • Preserved Art
  • The Orchid Design Florist
  • Florist Serving Sparkman
  • Tuscany Flowers
  • FloraGarden
  • Bloemen Florist
  • Dream in a Box
  • Plum Floral Arrangements
  • Ladybug Florist
  • Fresh Floral Creations
  • Flower Bros
  • Palings Flowers
  • Sincere Florist

Flower garden names

  • RosyDaily
  • The Floral Decorator
  • The Flower Crew
  • Floral Craftsman
  • Creative Events Flowers
  • A Pretty Flower Shop
  • Secret Garden
  • Flowers for Dreams
  • Happiness Bridal & Flower Shop
  • Blossoms Anytime
  • The Flower Cottage
  • Treasured Blossoms
  • Golden Gate Florist
  • Rose Garden
  • Succulent Concepts
  • Tiny Flower
  • Hunt and Gather

Plant nursery names

  • Heavenly Floral Designs
  • A Dreamweaver Florist
  • The Floral Basket
  • Lush Bouquet Flowers
  • Community Florist
  • Family Florist
  • Showcase Florist
  • Petals & Stems
  • I Love Roses
  • Fantasy Flower Shop
  • Florist The Seed
  • Green Wise Italy
  • Luisa Rocchi Flowers
  • Fashion Flower
  • L’Arte del Fiore
  • Flowers With Essence
  • Floral Expressions
  • Magical Flowers
  • Flower Room & Gifts
  • The Village Blooms
  • Flower Perfection
  • Botanique
  • Buds & Blooms
  • Field & Vase
  • Petal Pushers

Flower bouquet names

  • Star Struck Designs
  • Sublime Stems
  • Cutting Edge Flowers
  • Green Finger Flowers
  • Happy Petals
  • Simple Florals
  • Sweet Stems
  • The English Garden
  • Lynda’s Flower Shop
  • NatuPrime
  • Poppy Petals Florist
  • The Tilted Tulip
  • The Watering Can
  • Your Neighborhood Florist
  • Fab Beauty
  • Flower McBlooms
  • Heritage House Florist
  • Magic Burst
  • Busy Bee Florist
  • Classy Design Flowers
  • Designs by Rosa
  • Ether Secret
  • Rose Vibe
  • Spring in the Air
  • Vital Wish
  • Water Lily Flower Shop

Flower business names

  • Passionate Flowers
  • Rainbow Florist
  • Elegant Flowers
  • Sweet Pea Florists
  • All About Flowers
  • Weathers Flower
  • Distinctive Floral Designs
  • Simply Gorgeous Flowers
  • Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Heavenly Florist
  • Bloom Couture Floral
  • Bloomed Out
  • Blooming Box
  • Floral Lab
  • Floressence
  • Flower Power
  • Iris Lane
  • A New Leaf
  • Beautiful Blossoms
  • Buds Flowers
  • City Blooms

flower shop names

Define your business goals

How do you imagine your flower shop business to be comprehended by the public? The very first rule of finalizing a business name should be that it must be catchy and memorable, relevant to your customers/clients and set crystal clear expectations about the services, products or a casual sense of your flowering business.

Be confident that you know your target market and how would you try to attract your customers and the particular feelings you want your business name to conjure. If we think what a catchy name looks like or sounds like we can consider three things;

  1. It must be short and cute.
  2. It must be creative and straightforward.
  3. It must deliver a message about your services.

Words you can use while trying to finalize the name of your shop.

It would be best if you were specific about the services you are planning to offer and this thing should be visible in your shop’s name. You can use words like cute, fresh, aromatic, scented, glowing, happy, shining, happy, adorable, modern, dream, delicately made,  iris, lotus, bird of paradise, rose, orchid, cherry blossom etc.

Start Brainstorming

Multiple ways can be used to brainstorm business names for your flower shop; actually, this section of the naming procedure can be exciting and exciting. There are so many brainstorming techniques that can be used to get the innovative juices flowing and prompt you to discover the top brand names for your new business.

  1. Just make a list of particular keywords for your flower shop name.
  2. Envision the kind of business you are planning to create and everything that gets along with a flower shop to make this business idea work.
  3. Brainstorm and jot down those adjectives that would explain the purpose of your shop and the kinds of products you deliver to gain inspiration.

Brainstorming techniques

Brainstorming is not an easy task, but at the same time, owning a business is also tricky. So, why not you drive right in? These brainstorming tips will definitely help you in your brainstorming session;

1.      Start from the right headspace

Tune-up with some jumping jacks, do internet surfing, go for a walk and sit in a garden, call or sit with somebody who makes you feel good about yourself or watch funny videos to gather some positive energy. Positivity makes you feel better, and you can create things in a better way.

2.      Comprehend imperfection

If everything happens your way, you would have chosen your flower shop name that you could use for years. The procedure will take time, and you are going to bob up with a lot of names, most of which you will reject and never use. That’s okay. Your aim is to come up with some lovely and delicate names, and if some of them are bad and can’t be used, that’s fine.

3.      Follow some pattern or formula.

Formulas or patterns can be made of things like your name+ city name, type of flower+ adjective, things related to garden+ area name, noun+ your name. Each of these patterns can help you in generating ideas in little time.

4.      Be courageous

Be brave and admit that the names you have chosen or created are not extraordinary. Have a word with your creative friends and take their opinions for the brainstorming session. Don’t invite those people who are not enthusiasts. This is the time to paint a big canvas.

New Ideas to name a flower shop business

After using the general brainstorming techniques mentioned above, you can come up with numerous catchy and creative business names for a flower shop. To inspire you we have written some flower shop names as examples below;

  • Flowery patch
  • Floral world
  • The Bloom planet
  • Rainbow creations
  • Pink wonders
  • Delicate petunias
  • Spring Scents

The ideas to name a flower shop are unending once you wear your thinking cap. The aim is to bob up with the ideal strategy that will work for you and your business. The given tips will be beneficial for you to explore unique business name ideas which are relevant to your business industry.

After finding a list of phrases and keywords that highlight your business services, now you can expand your list. Using different patterns and ideas try to list at least 50 possible names of your flower shop.

Shortlist the names by envisioning a specific standard

Once after creating a list of possible business names of your flower shop, try to shortlist the best names. You can finalize the best five names. But while shortlisting the names do remember to ask yourself these questions;

  1. Is it simple and memorable?
  2. Is it easy to pronounce or spell?
  3. How does it sound?

You must be sure that the business name is not difficult to spell other those customers who use voice search features of search engines will not be able to find you on the internet. Secondly, the name should look professional. And thirdly, your flower shop name should convey a very delicate message about your services. Like if you are not only a florist but also offer services on events like birthdays, weddings and other celebrations you must have a brand name.

Check the legal availability.

Once you decide your business name, check the availability means some other florist does not previously take it. Check if it is legally available, check its domain name availability online and also check for the trademarks.

Lastly, you can ask branding experts and other florists to provide their reviews and opinions about your flower shop name.


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