700+ Facebook Page Names, Ideas, Examples and Suggestions

With more than 2 billion monthly active Facebook users; it is the major player in the world of networking.

This century businesses looking to market using Facebook have one major tool at their disposal and that is a Facebook page.

Generally speaking, Facebook pages were designed for businesses; allowing them to publish their content and receive comments and feedback from their customers.

Choosing a Facebook page or any other social media handle seems impossible at first. It more like that you are stuck with what you pick, so it is better being something you will need forever.

Facebook Page Names

Following are the good names for a page on Facebook:

  • Binary Diary
  • Spectrum
  • Right Tune
  • Outreach Media
  • Social Shout
  • Medium Share
  • Tell Tale Tweet
  • Rapid Response
  • Wide Reach
  • Social Options
  • Instant Informant
  • Linked Up
  • The Latest Scoop
  • Advice Now
  • The Numbers
  • Post Now!
  • Insta News
  • Fit Traveler
  • Olive Media
  • White Lighthouse
  • Walkable
  • Xtra Mile
  • Outer Route
  • Bookpad

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Social Media Name Ideas

Here are the cool social media name ideas:

  • Crowdly
  • Inbound Media
  • DigiCupid
  • BuzzTalk
  • Media Maker
  • Social Outlet
  • Fearless Follows
  • Cited Social
  • The Influencer’ Delight
  • We Mean Media
  • Copycat Media
  • The Rundown
  • Full Disclosure
  • Influence Me
  • The Bulletin
  • Life Lolling
  • Digital Pyramid
  • Revived Media
  • Globetrot Tech
  • Dolce Surge
  • Social Sways
  • Link Drum
  • Red Lava
  • Mobospace
  • Artconnect

Facebook Page Name Ideas

Here are the catchy and creative Facebook page name ideas:

  • Designer Merge
  • Dream
  • Dress Me
  • Dynamic Beauties
  • Edifice
  • Effortless Beauty
  • Elegant buzzword
  • Elixir Spa
  • Embrace
  • Encapture
  • Enchantment Royals
  • Exotic Cosmetics
  • Expert Musings
  • Fancy Sprays
  • Fashion fix Coma
  • Fillipiano
  • Forest cover
  • Freshness
  • Gemstones Spa
  • Generous Glam
  • Genuine Glamorous

Unique Names For Facebook Pages

These are the unique name ideas for Facebook pages:

  • 7 Secret Ideas
  • All About glamour
  • All Town
  • Accustom
  • Attraction Palace
  • Auburn Beauties
  • Awe Countenance
  • Bangs Fringes
  • Beauty Décor
  • Beauty Balance
  • Beauty Inside
  • Beauty Lane
  • Beauty Pros
  • Beauty Resort
  • Beauty Touch
  • Beauty Beyond
  • Bliss
  • Blissful beauty
  • Blurr
  • Blush
  • Bold bloom
  • Brass Spa
  • Careful Contour
  • Citizens glamour
  • Classiest Clothing
  • Closet Sky
  • Confident you
  • Daylight Beauty
  • Dazzling Beauties

Digital Media Company Name Suggestions

Here are the creative digital media company name suggestions:

  • Sephora
  • Snapbust
  • Space
  • Sparkle
  • Spotless
  • The Rules
  • The Touch
  • The Transformation
  • The Tutor
  • The factor
  • Tidbits
  • Totally Touch mirror
  • Transfiguration
  • Trusted Turn Tutorials
  • Turn Blessed
  • Twice Understated Gloss
  • Unleash
  • Upfront
  • Venus Spa
  • Vibrance
  • Vogue Styles
  • Wonder out
  • Wonder Beauty
  • Your Youth Korner

Fan Page Name Ideas

Below are the best fan page name ideas ever:

  • Mysterious N’ sensations
  • Natural Obsession
  • Natural Salsa
  • NeuBelle
  • Newsin
  • Oblique
  • Myself Beauty
  • Omnipresent
  • Over out
  • Panaora
  • Plum
  • Plush
  • Prada
  • Pure Smiles
  • Quick work
  • Rejuvenate
  • Renew
  • Review Preview
  • Revive
  • Royce

facebook fan page name ideas

Facebook Page Username Ideas

Here are the coolest Facebook page username ideas:

  • Get shine
  • Gilded Centre
  • Glamour scientist
  • Glaze
  • Glimmer
  • Glitter Life
  • Go Guru
  • Great Touches
  • Habibi
  • Her Cosmetics
  • Infinity
  • Kara makeup
  • Magnum
  • Master Stories
  • Midas Make
  • Metallica
  • Modern Gloss
  • Miracle
  • Moose
  • More Girly

A Simple Tool for Businesses

Facebook pages are the simplest tool yet they allow for lots of interesting business opportunities. Many companies take advantage of this Facebook business page option.

They connect people, engage them, delight, and drive them to their website for specific purposes.

But it’s not quite the case; rather there is a room for error when you start working on it. In this post, you will learn something new about how to choose a name for your Facebook page; as sometimes decisions are too hard.

Tips for Choosing a Facebook Page Name

Before we move towards the tips; let’s first check out what means by Facebook page name or title.

A page title is the first thing that people notice when they land on your page. Also, this is what they see when someone else suggests them your page to see.

So it is very important to choose a page name wisely.

1.      Keep it Timeless

There might be a chance that your Facebook page remains active for 20 years. Would it still be cool then, what do you think?

If you want to keep its worth after a long time, so it would be better for you if you don’t go for some trendy name.

I would recommend picking a name like authors pick a title for their book. You have seen yourself that it remains alive for decades.

So think wisely and pick a name for your page that sounds good for later years.

2.      Keep it Simple

Facebook page isn’t the place to show creativity. So stick to the business name, blog, or TV show name without adding any cleverness to it.

Think about your customers what they will search for. Page title must match popular search keywords, and if they are recognizable with your business or blog, they can easily type in your business name.

Moreover keeping your Facebook page name simple will ensure long-lasting relevance. Being too much trendy might go wrong in the years to come.

Facebook doesn’t show signs of slowing down, so choose a named user might be able to associate for years.

3.      Keep it Short

The title of a page must clarify what users will find on the Facebook business page, but this should not be more than a few words.

Don’t stuff your page title with keywords so as not to appear spammed. People don’t like to share content from Pages like that which can eventually hurt your growth rate through Facebook.

The shorter or simpler your Facebook page name the better it will look in an ad. Creating and running ads is imperative in building your audience.

And shorter page name will fit the ad more clearly and neatly. Secondly, people won’t take the time to read too long names.

There is a general rule of thumb for an online marketplace that shorter is better. Picking the right name at first is so important.

Do you know of a well-named Facebook page? Leave us a comment and let us know too.

4.      Keep it Ad Friendly

Make sure that your Facebook page title looks good in an ad even if you never expect to advertise on Facebook.

You might be surprised down the road and you don’t want to get bound by a poor page title. Know any poor titled page name? Let us know in the comment section.

5.      Be Specific

It would be much better if you avoid using some completely generic names like; ‘Sports’ or ‘Running’. Because Facebook has been putting updates with generic names out of the action.

Because the entire network wants Facebook pages to genuinely represent businesses, celebrities, and other brands.

So go for the specific names associated with your business and brand page.

6.      Choose Name & don’t change it

Choosing the right name for our page is the key component. Don’t give in to the temptation to choose some generic page name.

The bottom line for you is to choose your business’s real name as the name of your Facebook Page. And once you decide with one name; don’t change it.

The Facebook algorithm uses your Page name in the title of the Page. Since Google got confused with the pages when their title changes or their name modified. You will be the one whose page will cost SEO scores.

7.      Choose Best URL

Facebook recently launched the ability to choose a vanity URL for your Page. This is one of the most amazing tools for SEO on Facebook to date.

Because when you choose a username; your Page’s URL becomes ‘facebook.com/username’. So the user gets a better opportunity to consider incorporating generic keywords for SEO purposes.

Though Facebook has created a list of some generic usernames that users cant use while registering. But you can use these generic words with your names and go for wordplay.

8.      Don’t Forget your Competitors

Almost every second person seems to suggest going for brainstorming when naming a company or a page; which is correct but this should not be done on an extreme level.

Rather go for some positive exercises that can help you bring some good names. You should consider your competitors while naming or making strategies.

Go for a hunt which would be very deep; dig out the names of your nice and see what they are doing. What sort of products or services they are offering.

Know from the feedbacks or review about how happy their customers are? Look into the factors which annoy their customers and make you strong on those points.

Also, you can avoid using those names which your competitors are already using; but this exercise is just for getting some ideas.

You never know doing such exercises can help you in deciding some potential Facebook page name. When analyzing a competitor; keep these points in mind;

  • What values are they conveying to their business name?
  • How does that work?
  • Is there a trend about how such businesses are meaning themselves?
  • It would be better to avoid sounding like “just another one of those businesses”.
  • Who is doing in a better way?
  • Why does it work and how can I come up with some best name ideas for Facebook Page.?

9.      Focus on your Business

While naming a Facebook page; you should be well aware of the fact that this 40-50 character’s name is not able to describe your whole job.

So let the name remains “Name” of the business, and don’t try to tell a story for your business. But if you can use limited words and explain a story; you are good to go.

A more effective business name should convey to customers of your business and value your service provides. Try to name your page in a way that has a story behind it.

10.  Memorable Name

Having a memorable name is an important and foremost step in getting into your customer’s minds. Also, this is a task that seems easier said than done.

Your Facebook page name must aim to stop a customer in their tracks and give some extra thoughts on the services or products among a wave of competitors.

Some tips to create memorable names;

  • Go for rhythmic pronunciation or alliteration
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use words that wouldn’t be relevant if out of context

Important tips for Creating Facebook Page Username

Now Facebook is asking people to set up their Page username in a setup process; that people are setting it up in earlier stages.

So be very careful when setting up your username as Facebook only permits you to change it one time. And afterward, it can be very challenging for you to change again and again.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a username;

  • There should be no spaces or underscores when choosing a name for Facebook Page
  • There is no ‘.com’ at the end of your name; this would be a great confusion if you put it
  • Capital letters would help in reading, and this is not going to affect people if they type in lower case for the address
  • The username can be of 50 characters though shorter can be better to prevent mistakes

It is not easy to transfer username but if you ‘release’ a username, there is a chance that it can be reclaimed by some other Pages or profile. It happens when someone sets their profile up with a name that they need to use for their business. Normally there is a short time of span which seems to vary.


Building and expanding your business over Facebook needs a proper creative planning and consistent execution.

A good name can help you in boosting the repute, branding helps in generating leads which end up with sales.

Here you can use some techniques to boost your page organically or paid. There are SEO and digital marketing that you can do.

Also, you can use ad posting services that cost you but not too much. But for this, you need an appropriate strategy to follow.

So these are the points that you can use and follow when naming a Facebook page for yourself or any business.

Today and the future is all about online business, so never miss this opportunity.


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