700+ Unique Event Company Names, Ideas, And Suggestions

How to name an event planning company is a big question in the industry of event planning, especially for the newcomers.

Before we get to find out the answer, we must realize some other important aspects of this industry. Only then we would be able to understand the tactics we should use in answering the question, how to name an event planning company.

Event planning is introduced as a process of managing parties, ceremonies, official meetings, conventions, functions, etc. It includes budget management, time management, site selection for event, food and activities during the event, developing themes or color schemes, etc.

The industry of event management has grown enormously in the last few decades. The monetary profits from the event planning industry have also increased manifold. According to a recent study, profit margins in this industry are as high as 40%.

Event Planning Company Names

Below are name ideas for event planning company that organizes promotional events for different brands, book launching ceremonies, exhibitions, etc.

After reading all the name ideas and suggestions, you’ll have an idea of how to proceed. Here are the catchy and unique names for event planning companies:

  • Wedding bells Event Planners
  • Heaven Match Event Planners
  • Desi Party Plans
  • Happy Memories Event Management
  • Wishful Planners
  • Smiles for You wedding Planners
  • Jingle Bells Event Designers
  • Happy Go Lucky Decorators
  • Let’s Invite Event Planners
  • Memories Event Designers
  • Sky Stars Occasions
  • Merry Around Wedding Planners
  • Wishes Event Management Specialists
  • Gatherings Management Event Planners
  • The Perfect Wedding Event Planners
  • Pop Up Party Associations
  • All Together Party Planners
  • The Dance Party Planners
  • Get Together Party Planners
  • Charming Event Planners
  • Perfect Life Event Planners
  • The Elegant Occasions Event Decorators
  • Perfect Party Designers
  • The Classy Occasions Associations
  • The Fab Dreams Managements
  • Primrose Designers
  • The Big Party Event Planners
  • The Charming Event Planners
  • The Elegant Butterfly Managements
  • Inspired Designs Associations
  • The Designers Event Planners
  • The Final Touch Event Planners
  • The Nightingale Managements
  • The Party Fusion Associations
  • The Charming Decors
  • The Unique Occasions Managements
  • The Big Decorators

Organization Company Names

Following are the good organization and event decoration business names:

  • Successful Event Planners
  • Meet in Minutes Event Associates
  • Meeting Management Event Planners
  • Happenings Event Management Organization
  • Business Event Planners
  • Business Meeting Event Planners
  • Success Dreams Planning Association
  • Epic Party Associations
  • The Party Mania Designers
  • The Global Happenings Managements
  • The Sparkling Events Decorators
  • Splendid Dreams Event Network
  • Trendy Office Parties Decorators
  • The Elegant Management Parties Associations
  • Dazzling Designs Management
  • Party N Fun Event Network Managements
  • Key to Success Offices Party Associations
  • The Workers Night Event Planners
  • Our Way to Enchantment Associations
  • The Planners Event Management
  • Modern Meetings Event Planners
  • Day n Night Planning Events
  • Day Meet Ups Event Planning Associates
  • V R Event Planners
  • Your Business Event Planners
  • Five Star Business Event Management
  • Hope Event Planners
  • Superb Event Management Masters
  • Linx Event Associates
  • Grow Business Event Planners
  • Happy Meetings Ceremony Planners
  • Hype Up Event Arrangements
  • Details Innovations Group of Event Planners
  • Time Design and Planners
  • Shine and Shimmer Business Party Planners
  • Plan the Party Events
  • Red Ribbon Event Organizers
  • V Make Events
  • Create Better Events Organization
  • Enliven Group of Event Planners
  • Highlife Planning Associates
  • Evens and Odds Business Party Planners
  • Great Plans Business Event Organizer
  • Let’s Plan Meetings

Event Planner Names Ideas

These are the most creative event planning business name ideas to get inspiration from:

  • Big Wave Events
  • Silver Lining Events
  • The Bliss!
  • DreamTeam
  • Party Curators
  • Platinum Living Events
  • Alive Dreams
  • Mayflower Memories
  • Star Spree Events
  • Morning Frost Events
  • Winding River Events
  • All-Season Events
  • Event Petals Events
  • Eventful Events
  • Little Adagio Events
  • Triple Time Events
  • Wide Jazzed Events
  • Primo Events
  • Blue Peony Events
  • Sculpted Memories
  • Highwood Terrace Events
  • Morningside Heights Events
  • Mayflower Memories
  • Royal Occasions
  • Grand Plan Events
  • The Clever Countdown
  • Legendary event planners
  • Crisp event planning organization
  • Beautiful evening planners
  • Star makers organization
  • Aurora event planners
  • Butter Cup Event Planning Organization
  • Seashells Organizers
  • White House Planners
  • Eventee Planners
  • Everest Organization
  • Half Moon Event planners
  • Cookies Event Planners
  • The Swaggers Planning Association
  • Fashionista Events Organization
  • Planista Organizers
  • Promote It Association
  • Bouquet of Roses Organizers
  • Evergreen Event Organizations
  • Hi End Event Planners
  • Honour Event Planning Organization
  • Skillers Event Planning Association
  • Promote U Organizers
  • OneTwenty 3 Event Planners
  • Anchor Event Planning Organization
  • Fire Ball Event Planners
  • Cannon Ball Event Planning Company
  • Xtra Ez Event Planning organization

unique event company names

Wedding Company Names

These are the cute names for a wedding planning business:

  • Little Bird Celebrations
  • Unbridled Solutions
  • The Newlyweds
  • All Season Weddings
  • Wedding Miracles
  • Wedding Wonderlands
  • Supreme Setups
  • Day Makers
  • Well Oiled Events
  • Posh and Polished
  • Vision to Reality
  • Glamorous Occasions
  • Helping Hosts
  • Dream State Events
  • Family Event Planning
  • The Local Event Planners
  • Neighborhood Event Planning
  • Seamless Event Planning
  • Eccentric Event
  • Wedding Wisdom
  • Wedding Wishes

Party Decorating Company Names

Here are the coolest party planner business names:

  • Making Memories
  • Serene Solutions
  • Checklist Conquered
  • Platinum Parties
  • Party Planet
  • Mammoth Events
  • Luxury Parties
  • Spectacular Events
  • Elevated Events
  • Event Executor
  • Every Step Events
  • Victorious Visions Events
  • Simply Suited
  • Showtime Events
  • Gemstone Events
  • Event Expo
  • Snap Events
  • Alpha Events
  • Planning City
  • Whimsy Weddings

Management Company Names

Following are the project management company name ideas:

  • The Party People
  • Natural event planner
  • Solely event planning
  • Heavy style Management
  • Front Row events
  • All Purpose Flower
  • Cater to You
  • Epic Events
  • Last Moment Savers
  • Organically You Events
  • Party Poppers
  • Plan Ahead
  • Storyboard Group
  • Style Savvy
  • Biz Bash Media
  • Dazzle Me Parties
  • Reunions Unlimited
  • Total Sound Productions
  • Dazzling Designers
  • Go Team Adventures
  • The Manor House
  • Blue Goose Events
  • Event Guard
  • Fete n’ Fiesta
  • Party People Rentals

Attractive Names For Catering Services

These are the attractive catering services names to inspire your ideas:

  • Sparkling Events
  • Sunshine Catering
  • Balloons N Ribbons
  • Royal Day Food Service
  • Monumental Event Planning
  • Purple Truffle Events
  • Diamond Daisy
  • White Swan
  • Reflections Events
  • Passion patch
  • Opulent Events
  • Royal Gala Events
  • Events Extraordinaire
  • Planning Pros
  • TheSharp Events
  • Victoria Glen Events
  • Event Fling
  • Essential Events
  • One-of-a-Kind Creations
  • Experience Spectacular
  • Even Better Events
  • Exceptional Events

What is Event Planning?

People often come up with this question. Actually, this question needs to be broken down further in two more questions?

  • What type of events need to be planned?
  • What areas come under Event Management?

Answer to the first part of the question is that events such as wedding parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, reunions, etc.

Moreover, official, and educational events such as graduation ceremonies, award distribution events, meetings and conferences, memorials, etcetera are also portions of event planning.

Marketing and promotional events also need professional management for their success. Fashion shows, book launching ceremonies, product exhibitions, political rallies, business launching ceremonies are few examples.

The industry of event planning is very huge. We cannot get an exhaustive list of events but the above given examples clarify that events that need consultation from the professional event management industry can be social, business related, marketing related, political, and educational events.

Now, let’s move to the next part of the question. The areas that an event planning company covers may vary according to the budget and demands of the client. Most commonly covered areas include:

  • Looking for the site for the event.
  • Theme and color scheme for the event
  • Food arrangements
  • Arranging for activities during the event
  • Arrangement of transportation
  • Accommodating the attendees
  • Inviting the attendees to the event
  • Providing on site supervision

Why do people hire planners instead of planning their events themselves?

We are living in a fast-paced world. Many jobs and duties keep us busy. Due to this, we do not get any extra time to make all the important arrangements for events which hold significance in our lives. Therefore, people find it easier to assign this job to someone else and keep themselves free of such headaches.

Secondly, business related events, educational events, political and, promotional events need many professional arrangements. For example, taking permission, hiring suitable sites, estimating food and, accommodation requirements need professional guidance.

A little mismanagement can ruin a big day. Therefore, event planners are hired to avoid any hassle and bleak outcomes because of the lack of professional assistance on such important occasions.

Another important reason for hiring event planners is that most of the event planning companies offer a complete package that includes food, transportation, catering, invitations print outs, decoration equipment, etc.

Hence, people prefer hiring one in all services. It saves time as well as energy. They want to avoid the inconvenience caused by going to different vendors for different services.

Now that we have shared enough information about the event planning industry. Let us move to our main question that is, how to name an event planning company.

As we have discussed earlier that there are different types of events that take professional assistance from event planning companies. We will now categorize those types of events and will then share with you the suggestions of names for each category.

Does your Name Affect your Business?

People sometimes fail to achieve their goals soon after they enter this industry. This happens because they ignore the importance of a good name. Do not forget that how to name an event planning company, is of crucial significance for the success of your business.

Strategies on How to Name an Event Planning Company

Let us now focus on the elaboration on the important factors that should be taken under consideration while naming an event planning business.

1. The name should be Catchy

A company needs to have a catchy name because that helps to attract the audience and assists in the growth of the company around the globe.

There is no doubt that a good name attracts a lot of people around and makes them invest in your company because these days they believe in the originality of the company and the name suggests it all.

2. The Value Proposition

It is essential for a company to have a sound and genuine proposition. The value proposition suggests that how close a company is to its customers. And the name should reflect this relationship. This is an important aspect of how to name an event planning company.

It helps to accelerate sales and ignite them for a better future. It is good to show others that what makes you better than other companies and why should people choose you for their work. The good name leads to good results which further results in good business with the clients.

3. The MISSION AND VISION should be Reflected in your Name

Mostly the customers look for their mission and then the vision. It helps them create a platform where people of likewise thinking and aversions are attracted. Keeping all these notions under consideration, they make the decisions to buy from you. Therefore, your name should reflect your goal.

4. Domain Name Availability

The website and the content are the most searched and asked for things. People looking to get their work done finds a website easier than anything. While you are in search of how to name an event planning company, you should check the domain name availability.

5. Your Name Should Portray Your Customer Relationship

Customer relationship management is the most important factor that a company has. This system helps them to see how their customers and clients are doing and help them regulate the quality of their work.

When you select a name that reflects that you are having a strong relationship with your customers it helps to attract people because all they want is a company that ensures customer satisfaction.

6. The Name should Attract the Specified Target

Companies should know about what type of people they are targeting and what age, group, class stands in their target. Companies with mostly no customer targets face consequences when they get vague responses about their product.

It is very much important to target your product into the right category and the right way. Additionally, how you name an event planning company, significantly needs to tell people about what type of customers you are targeting.

7. Come up to Your Customers’ Expectations

When you are looking for strategies on how to name an event planning company. You should keep in mind that your name should tell your customers that you are the perfect choice for their work.

Observe keenly what are the customers’ expectations from an event planning company. Then choose a name that reflects that your company will fulfill their expectations.

8. Take Ideas and Inspirations

Search for the most liked and highly appreciated names in your industry. Take inspiration from these names. Shortlist the names that you find most catchy. Narrow down your selection. After that, try to come up with a name that is enticing but unique.

9. Reflect the Uniqueness of your Company in its Name.

Do not forget that people will be attracted to your event planning company, only if they will find something unique about your services. How you name an event planning company is the easiest way you can tell people about your unique traits.

10. Ask for Suggestions

Your friends and family can be the best support in how you name your event planning company. Ask as many of your friends and family members as possible for ideas and suggestions. Narrow down the list they give to you.

Give them the list and ask them again to choose from those short-listed names. This way you will get closer to your goal of selecting the best name for your business.


If you have planned to initiate an event planning business you might confront many challenges in your race to success. For example, how to set up your office, how to advertise your company, how to come up with attractive slogans, and not to forget, how to name an event planning company.

There are many suggested ways you can get through this roadblock. Taking into consideration all the important factors that may impact your selection of the name. Looking for ideas. Taking inspirations from famous names of your industry, and other discussed strategies will help you to come up with the best name for your company.

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