750+ Catchy Dental Clinic Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you about to launch your dental clinic? Or do you want to rebrand your existing one because the original name does not seem fit anymore? Whatever your reason is, you must not treat this matter lightly.

It is better to take time and come up with an appropriate name that may go well with your dental practice.

Dental Clinic Names Ideas

Following are the dental clinic name ideas:

  • Tooth Fairy
  • Primary Tooth
  • Fill Your Roots
  • The Endodonist
  • Tooth Doctor
  • First Class Dental Care
  • Life Way Odonatists
  • Convenient Dental Care
  • Hope Dental Facilities
  • Sparkle Smiles Dental Care
  • Happy Smiles Dental Solution
  • Fabulous Dental Care
  • Dental Aid Enterprise
  • Teeth-Fit Solution
  • Ultimate Dental Care
  • Clean White Dentition Center
  • Active Teeth Solution
  • Smile Bright Dental
  • Downtown Dental

dental clinic name ideas

Teeth Whitening Business Names

Here are the best teeth whitening business names suggestions:

  • Glamorous Grins
  • Angel Dental Solutions
  • Beyond Grin Dentistry
  • CareSource Dental
  • Choice Dental Office
  • Crown Dentistry
  • Dimples Dental Care
  • Fruth Dental Clinic
  • White Pigeon Dental Clinic
  • Perfect Dental Clinic
  • Revco Dental Clinic
  • Denty Practices
  • Dento priority
  • Positiva Dental
  • Centre for Family Dentistry
  • Unified Dental
  • Majestic Dental Clinic
  • Protek Clinic
  • Gloss and Floss Dental
  • SeaCrest Dental
  • You Dental Clinic

Catchy Dental Clinic Names

These are the most catchy dental clinic names to get inspiration from:

  • Integra Dental Services
  • Prestigious Dentistry
  • Crowns to Roots
  • Delighted Dental
  • Joyous Dental
  • Pearlies Family Dental
  • Ethos Clinic
  • Grand Dentistry
  • Sunnyside Dental
  • The Smile Catchers
  • Neosmile Clinic
  • Happy smilora
  • 32 Dental Clinic
  • Shimmer Dentistry
  • Urbana Clinic
  • Oralsafe Clinic
  • Orallent Clinic
  • Dental Care
  • The Filling Station

Dental Office Names

Some of the best dental office names are enlisted here:

  • Molar Home
  • The Drill Bit
  • Floss On
  • Safe Tooth Inc
  • Exodontist Shop
  • Standard Dentition Services
  • Spotless Teeth Solution
  • Dental Facilities
  • Dental Solution
  • Tooth Specialist
  • Teeth Maintenance Service
  • Herbal Teeth Care
  • Global Dental Center
  • Pearly White Dental
  • Minty Fresh Dental
  • The Walk-In Dentist
  • The Cavity Cleaners
  • Shiny Dental
  • Tooth Fairies
  • Smile Sparkle
  • Scrub Club

dental office name ideas

Dental Pun Names

These are the cool dental pun names:

  • Sparkly Clean Dental
  • Mint Dental
  • Allstar Dental
  • Silver Dental
  • Platinum Dental
  • Gemstone Dental
  • Sparkle Dental
  • Your Local Dentist
  • One Stop Dental
  • Century Dental
  • Delightful Dental
  • Dental Diaries
  • Sparkling Smile
  • Mouth Maintenance
  • Urban Dental
  • Clean Creations
  • Magnificent Molars
  • Happy Hygiene
  • Oral Opulence
  • Sparkling Smiles
  • Fancy Floss

Dentist Instagram Names

Here are the Instagram usernames ideas for dentists:

  • Dental Delight
  • RX Emporium
  • NewDay Pharma
  • Femacare Clinic
  • Smile Center
  • Tee Tee Clinic
  • Whitepearl Clinic
  • Ardent Clinic
  • BayView Dentistry
  • Enameled Tooth Dental Clinic
  • Accessible Dental Care
  • Dentolab Clinic
  • Orion Clinic
  • Dentonext
  • Orawell Clinic
  • NuSmile Dentistry
  • New Way Dentists
  • Arise Family Dental
  • Expressa Clinic
  • Teebrite
  • Ireland Dental Clinic

Dental Laboratory Name Ideas

These are the best dental laboratory name ideas:

  • Apex Dental Clinic
  • Aspire Dental Center
  • Beam Dental
  • Biteworks Dental
  • Blossom Dental Spas
  • Brilliance Dental
  • Capital Dental Clinic
  • Centro Dental
  • Chosen Dentistry
  • Clover Care Practice
  • Coastal Dental
  • Crown Dental Clinic
  • Custom Dental Arts
  • Diligent Dental
  • MaxiCare Dental
  • Maxident Care
  • Mindful Dental
  • Centrico
  • Med-X Dental Clinic
  • Natura Dental Clinic

What’s In The Dental Practice Name For You?

Naming a business, be it of selling a practice or a commodity, is a primary branding strategy, and the first impression indeed. It helps the customers to identify the business. Also, the right name makes the marketing job easy.

Picking the perfect and suitable name for your dental practice is one of the major decisions that you are going to take.

While you are busy in conceptualizing the names for your dental clinic, here are some key points that you must consider;

Pick a short name so that your patients find it easy to remember the name of your office.

Let the name portray what your practice is. Do not hesitate in putting up the word ‘dentist’ in the name. It is a good local SEO practice.

The name must be definite, inspiring, and relevant so that you may stand out from the other dental offices in your area/city.

Strategies for Choosing the Best Dental Practice Name

Naming a business is an extensive process; however, it can bog you down too. To help you think through the decision, we are penning down some strategies that will help you in branding your business the right way.

1. Check the Legalities

It is better to research ahead of time to save yourself from the legal issues and related expenses. You can check the legality of your name through different resources such as the website of the Secretary of States or county recorder’s office or the Patent and Trademark office. Do not miss this step.

2. Do Not Think Short-term

Are you thinking to name your clinic after your name? This strategy is known as a self-branding strategy. Though it is quite simple and straightforward, it does not work all the time.

Your name will reward you the branding benefits more extensively if you descend from the line of dentists, who have already made their marks. If not, the benefits might get limited.

Also, if you have children and you know that in the coming future, they will take over your place; keep the family name as part of your brand. Otherwise, not.

Also, what if you decide to sell your business or share it with associates or partners in the future? They say, begin with the end in mind. Thus, going with a catchy and different name than the family name has always proved to be a better option.

You can add the town, street, neighborhood, or city in the name to make it easy for the patients to locate you. Some also prefer to relate the names of their practices to their communities, which also works fine.

3. Let the Name Present What You Practice

Create a point of difference from your competitors by representing your practice philosophy through the name. In this case, non-generic words work better to represent that your practice is unique from others.

If you intend to incorporate a spa-like environment in your office where patients can have a peaceful and tranquil experience, you can use Dental Spa or Serenity Dental Clinic, or the like to highlight your selling point.

You can also combine your specialty in your clinic name such as TMJ/TMD or pediatric services or endodontics or emergency services or cosmetic dentistry. It will keep your patients from guessing and reaching you for the right reasons.

Think about it. A wealthy single man would not like to go to pediatric practice. A middle-class family will not prefer high-priced dentistry.

Let your name speak directly to your patients. A compelling name will help you in creating a compeller brand that is directly proportional to a larger customer base.

4. Include Taglines

Sometimes a name does not send a direct message to the potential patients. In this case, you can use taglines to effectively differentiate your services and avoid confusion. How about ‘committed to dental perfection’ or ‘pretty smiles every day.’

5. Target the Feelings of Your Patients

Tell your patients why they must choose your services. Tell them the benefits that you can provide them. Send them the message about why they should see you, not other dentists.

For example, ‘smile’ is a popular word that most of the dental clinics include in their names as there is a direct relationship between the condition of the teeth and smiles.

This word sends the message to the patients that by seeing that particular dentist, they will have a beautiful smile. What an attractive thought for the patient? It surely works.

Look at another dental practice name; ‘The painless dentist.’ Most of us fear visiting dentists because of the fear of pain.

The painless dentist is totally changing the perspective of the prospective patients that they will not feel any pain by visiting the dentist.

6. Do Not Settle For an Ordinary Name

Why not try a name that may sound like an advertisement jingle? Or why not to play with double meanings to create a memorable name? Here are a few examples to consider.

The Whole Tooth


The Gentle Dental

Are not these names truly special? Yes, they are. Such names can help you stand out in the crowd.

Another benefit of choosing such names is that if in the future you decide to grow your business, you will be able to do it without rebranding yourself.

A Few More Points To Consider;

So, these were some general ideas regarding naming a dental practice. Here are a few more factors that you must consider;

Check for the Availability of the Domain

If you are planning to go online and create a website for your business, make sure to choose such a name that can let you claim the domain for your website.

Check If Your Name Is Meaningful or Not

Like we already mentioned that your name has to be concise and clear to your patients. If it fails to convey the image of your brand as per your target then there is no need of keeping that name.

Easy To Remember Name

Your name must be easy to say and remember. It must be easy to pronounce so that it may leave a good impression on the people who see it. The name has to be inviting, not clinical.

Keep It Short

Use only a few words to deliver meaning. You can also opt for abbreviating the name. Your tagline can further explain your specialty.

Think about the Logo and Signs

The right name will blend well with your logo and signboards. Let the people know your business intimately just by seeing a logo. It is crucial for creating a memorable brand.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to naming your dental business, there are plenty of factors to consider. Choose the wrong name and you will find it hard to grow and attract patients. A perfect name is a powerful tool. Think and plan thoroughly before trying your luck.

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