500+ Cool Craft Business Name Ideas for Your Inspiration

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you come up with cool craft business name ideas.

  • You’ll have hundreds of craft business names to get inspiration from.
  • You’ll know how to come up with catchy craft store names.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of a good craft business name.

In short, if you want to brainstorm craft business names and name your business, you’ll find it useful.

Let’s dive in.

Craft Business Names

Here are the name ideas for your craft business to get inspiration from:

  • Craft South
  • Imagination Creations
  • Paper Source
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Dallas Fay Creations
  • Krafting Keke
  • Nona’s Creations
  • Dollar Tree
  • Grimes
  • Aaron Brothers
  • The Candle Station
  • Hot Handicrafts
  • Handicraft Home
  • Hobby Bounty
  • Crafty Cart
  • Craft Castle
  • Craft Central

Catchy Craft Store Names

Following are the most catchy craft store name ideas:

  • Painting Passions
  • Land Of Hobbies
  • Daring Displays
  • Quality Creations
  • Hobbyist Heaven
  • Funky Hobbies
  • Hobby Repertoire
  • Cool Cat Crafts
  • Creative Cahoots
  • Haus of Yarn
  • Tricky Talents
  • Gift Horse
  • Metropolis Gifts
  • Craft ‘N’ Go
  • Creative Solutions
  • Daily Creations
  • Creative Flair

Cool Craft Names

These are the coolest craft names you’ll ever find:

  • Calico Crafts
  • Yarn Barn
  • Uncanny Crafts
  • Cosmic Connections
  • Cabana Crafting
  • Chad Art supply store
  • Pinnacle Colors
  • Southern Roots Crafts
  • Phillips Toy Mart
  • paper craftes
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • The Great Escape
  • Music City Crafts
  • Family Dollar
  • Craft Vapor
  • The Opry Shop
  • Craft Brewed

Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas

Some of the great handmade craft business name ideas are:

  • Inspirations Crafts
  • Hobbycraft
  • Crafty Cutter Limited
  • Memory Crafts
  • Hobbies And Handicrafts
  • Webster Wood Craft
  • The Crafty Potter
  • Arts On First
  • Art Assembly
  • Needlepoint And More
  • Material Magnificence
  • Hobby Hub
  • Arts And Absurdities
  • Art Ark
  • Hall Of Hobby
  • Canvas Craft
  • Chapel Lane Flowers

Pun Craft Business Names

These are the pun craft business names to get ideas from:

  • Lincraft
  • Quilters Quarters
  • Hobby Hut
  • Cozy Hobbies
  • Crafts Everywhere
  • Lancashire Witchy Crafts
  • Arts And Yarn
  • Artisan Alley
  • Tower Of Tapestry
  • Kookie Crafting
  • Krafters Cart
  • FibreSpace
  • Made Marion Craft
  • Spotlight
  • Scrap N Chat
  • The Ribbon Rose
  • Spotlight Hastings
  • Craft Haven
  • Lincraft Upper Hutt
  • Eggshell Art
  • Patchwork Panda Trims
  • Ashford Craft Shop

pun craft business names ideas

How to Name a Craft Business

Arts and Crafts market is pretty large which includes lots of handmade stuff as needlework, candles, toys, woodwork, paintings, jewelry, and much more.

Starting a business is more like a dream for many but you are going to make it real. You are about to open a craft business.

You might be aware of the fact that you will be the one facing payroll, rent, taxes, and the like. But before start working on all this stuff; you need a name for your business.

The decision of choosing a name is pretty important and this represents you and your products; with this in mind choose wisely.

A craft business is relatively easy to start but it depends on what type of business you are looking to have. If you are planning to make your crafts, you can start your home.

And if you are going to have s craft shop; either selling crafts pr running a consignment for other makers, you have to get a retail location.

You can use your name or the name of the place where you are located; also there is the option of choosing a simple business name with a creative tagline to go along with your brand name.

Some examples of taglines are;

  • Rustic home décor
  • Creative needlework

Better go with the name for your crafts business that is easy to remember and not hard on spellings, but be very informative about the name that it’s not used by any other crafter anywhere.

Some important ingredients to come up with a catchy and trendy craft’s business name;

First of all, we will look at the best ways to brainstorm; if anyone of you is not aware of it. We have got some good research which changed experts thinking about how to effectively brainstorm.

You should know those techniques before diving into it to get some business names. There is no reason to sit back looking at a blank paper waiting for some inspiration to strike.

There are ample of effective methods you can use to find names for your small or big businesses. Hang on!

1.      How to Brainstorm Effectively

When this word brainstorming comes to your mind, you might imagine that a group of people calling out ideas and someone writes it on a whiteboard.

People getting inspired by each other’s ideas; creativity and productivity are at peak and ideas flow freely there which is wrong.

Here’s a list of best ways to brainstorm;

  • Brainstorm alone, not in the group
  • Note everything that comes to your mind
  • Focused brainstorm session
  • Brainstorm on more than a few days

These are the most important tips that you should take seriously to get some good ideas.

2.      Remember Future Expansions

Adding a particular cake; cake, lamps, bags, etc in a business name can make people confuse in case if you expand your business by adding more products.

While we understand that you can start selling online using any social media platform without bothering a brand name. But right from the first product, you sell; your product will be associated with you, your business, and brand of course.

Try to spend time with it; keeping on thinking about it and take down notes and concepts hit your mind. Jot down a complete idea; pros and cons also.

Now you can start looking for words against those ideas and concepts; keep a dictionary or thesaurus to go beyond the limits.

3.      Going Eponymous

One of the simplest approaches that craft makers or sellers take to name their business is calling it with their name. It is no doubt a very effective approach as long as this works for your crafts business.

Because at the end of the day your business has to represent what you do and what you sell it must be easy and attractive.

Naming a name after one’s name creates a strong association in the customer’s mind about the craft, which is a good thing.

But this can be possible that your brand name doesn’t say anything about the craft you are going to sell. However, with time people will learn to connect with your name and what you do.

This way you can build an identity for yourself and your craft at the same time and lots of designers pick this route.

But make sure that only the name has nothing much to do except showing the reference; but if your product or service is not up to the mark, people will forget your brand name.

Every craft business owner thinks and feels differently about putting their name on the business side; some love the idea of it and some prefer to be more inconspicuous or go with the name that the field represents their craft in a far better way.

There are still many ways and methods that you can use for selecting a name.

4.      Creative Business Name

Remember that we would like to create a lasting impression on the customer’s mind and give them a strong association so they can recall value.

There is nothing with this association directly; for example, Mr. Brew can be the name of the bakery; when you hear this name for the first time you might not guess which business is this. But when you got to know the business, probably you will agree that this sounds right.

5.      The good business name creates and Image

Good names look prettier on letterheads, business signs, packaging; in fact, a logo plays a very important part in these matters. Sometimes the logo is a business name itself; Apple is a real-life example.

6.      Niche-Specific Terms

Get a glossary of terms for your niche and look phrases that might be a good option for your crafts business name.

Go for online searching option and see what your niche has options there for you;

If someone makes handmade bags could be looking for leather craft glossary for business ideas. This practice might give you some good pictures.

Keep trying a few different variations on your specific craft until you get a good list of words.

7.      Go for Image Searches

You can try image search by using your keywords because this type of search can be handy for finding some more conceptual and less literal interpretations of your business concept.

Keep on noting down once you start getting ideas and good concepts to pursue. There are ample of websites where you can get some good results; Google is the primary option, Deposit Photos, Pinterest and Instagram are some other options that no one can neglect.

8.      Combine a Business Name

Combining a business name means that you are going to come up with a new name by mingling with a word that doesn’t exist and there is no specific meaning but they can add on some vale.

You got some name for your business, says a lot about your business and this would be more often and derivation of the unknown word.

9.      Get a Domain

This step is highly recommended by the professionals; as a sole proprietor, you don’t have much to do. But getting a business register will cost you around $50 to $100.

The main point that we are focusing on here is to ensure that your business name is unique and it’s taken by someone else.

Conflict with other businesses could lead you to confusion and complicate things in the future. Ideally, the name you think must be available as a domain name.

Every business must have a domain name, and build a website so the customers can see what products or services you are offering to people.

Above all, your domain name should match the actual business name and don’t add something else to get the domain.

Let’s have a quick list of Dos and Don’ts for naming your craft business name;


  • Choose a name which is not taken by anyone; even nor has any similarity to any small or big business
  • Go through a search engine and all social media platforms and check the businesses with the same name; if you can’t find the name look for a trademark database. If you can’t find out your name luckily from any place; use it.
  • Keep your craft’s business name and sweet; the shorter the easier for customers to remember.
  • Pick a name that can grow with your business
  • Try to secure domain once you got a business name; I recommend get .com version if possible.
  • Pay thorough attention to logos, branding, and colors; they must go with your brand name
  • Get feedback on your potential name from those who are close to you
  • Make your brand name memorable; if this is too run of the mill, it will also be hard for clients to remember.
  • Go for acronyms, as people can easily remember it and they like to recall it


  • Don’t ever talk about your business name online before you secure it
  • Don’t overuse words like design and sew in your business name
  • Don’t go for creative in your brand name; whereas Kreations, Designz seems interesting but search engines don’t like misspell words and also such words are hard for people.
  • Don’t put the business name after your kids if there are some uncommon spellings.

Bottom Line

They say a business can make or break your business and they are quite right. A craft business owner should always name his brand as unique as his crafts are. Don’t rush if you can’t think of the perfect name today; there is nothing to do with stress.

Just keep it in the back of your head for a few days; something you like will eventually pop up.

More Names;

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