650+ Catchy Medical Clinic Name Ideas and Suggestions

If you are an expert medical professional, you might have done a lot in your field. This might have led to you working in many hospitals, attending many health-related seminars, and volunteering with some NGOs, etc. But now, this is the time you should aim to do something more beneficial.

Starting a health care clinic is not a bad idea at all. You have got all the rights of deciding how you can get the best out of your hard work done.

Now, that you have decided to initiate a health care providing service, you have to put your thoughts on how to name your clinic.

Naming a clinic might be very challenging for you because you are required to name your business in a way that it easily surpasses the others in your field.

For achieving this purpose, you have to be very considerate over it. Otherwise, you will fail to achieve your goal.

Clinic Name Ideas

Following are the catchy medical clinic names to inspire you:

  • We care
  • Mother care clinic
  • Caring hands clinic
  • Gentle care clinic
  • Caresse medical center
  • Mama Care Medical Services
  • Child Health Care Providers
  • Love n Care Clinic
  • Basic care clinic
  • Primary care clinic
  • Care Takers clinic
  • Care Delivers Clinic
  • Baby Care Medical Services
  • PediaCare clinic
  • Bonding Care Maternity Clinic
  • Maternity Care Clinic
  • Healthy Mama Baby Clinic
  • We are Here to Care Clinic
  • Health Providers Clinic
  • Health Secrets Clinic
  • Rock a Bye Baby Clinic
  • Jingle Bells Clinic
  • Chubby Cheeks Clinic

Names For Medical Centres

Here are the great names for medical and healthcare centres:

  • Mama baby care
  • Dental Health Clinic
  • Stary Smile Clinic
  • White Teeth Clinic
  • Dental Care Clinic
  • Strong Smiles Clinic
  • Keep Smiling Dental Clinic
  • Strong Teeth Dental Care Clinic
  • Happy Smiles Dental Clinic
  • All Dental Solution Clinic
  • Smile Big Dental Care
  • A to Z Dental Care
  • Happy Dentistry Clinic
  • Dentistry Here Clinic
  • Dentist for You
  • Dental Solutions
  • Smile Pride Clinic
  • Bye Bye Cavities Clinic
  • Perfect Smiles Clinic
  • Whitest White Dental Care
  • Shiny Pearls Tooth Care Clinic
  • Top Dentistry Clinic
  • No More Cavities Dental Clinic

Medical Clinic Names Ideas

These are the best medical clinic name ideas:

  • Skin Care Clinic
  • Derma Experts
  • Derma Glow Clinics
  • Rejuvenate Skin Clinic
  • Dermovation Skin Care Clinic
  • Dermalogical Clinic
  • Skin Vitals Clinic
  • Skinovate Clinic
  • Skin Renew Clinic
  • Magic Skin Dermatologists Clinic
  • White Skin Diamond Clinic
  • Lavish Skin Clinic
  • Mint Skin Clinic
  • Skin Shine Clinic
  • New Image Skin Care Clinic
  • Skin Care Reflections Clinic
  • Cosmo Care Skin Clinic
  • Cosmotique Dermatologist Clinic
  • SkinClin Clinic
  • Derma Shine Clinic
  • DermaGlow Skin Care Clinic

Clinic Name Suggestions

Here we suggest cool names for your clinic:

  • Physio Solutions Clinic
  • Ortho Repair Clinic
  • Physio Centers
  • Flexo Joints Orthopedics
  • Rehab Physiotherapy Center
  • Moving Bones Orthopedic Clinic
  • Fit and Fix Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Strong Bones Orthopedic Clinic
  • Pro Rehab Physiotherapists clinic
  • Flex well Orthopedic Clinic
  • Joints and Bones Clinic
  • Better Bones Orthopedic Clinic
  • Move Better Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Physio Ortho Clinic
  • Physiologix Clinic
  • Ortho Health Medical Center
  • Five Star Physiotherapist Clinic
  • Motion High Orthopedic Clinic
  • VitaFlex Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Ortho Care Clinic
  • Big Bones Orthopedic Medical Care Center
  • Comfort Move Ortho Specialist Clinic
  • Happy Bones Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Center
  • Healthy Flex Orthopedic Clinic
  • Moving Feet Physio Ortho Clinic
  • Spine and Joints Physiotherapy Clinic

Hospital Name Ideas

Here are the catchy hospital name ideas you can use:

  • Think Better Psychiatrist Clinic
  • Health Thoughts Psychiatrist Medical Care Clinic
  • Psycho Medicare Clinic
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Happy Brains Mental Health Solutions
  • Mind Health Clinic
  • Golden Health Sanatorium
  • Healthy Minds Sanatorium
  • Angels Sanatorium
  • Guardians Mental Health Care Center
  • Mind Health Asylum
  • Super Brains Health Care Center
  • Strong Minds Mental Health Clinic
  • Brainette Sanatorium
  • Train Your Brain Mental Health Clinic
  • Alpha Brain Mental Health Care Clinic
  • Psycho Therapists Mind Clinic
  • Brain Beta Mental Health Care Providers
  • The Brainers Mind Health Clinic
  • Brainy Health Care Center

Good Names For Clinics

These are some of the good names for your clinic:

  • All Care Health Care Provider
  • Doctors Hub Clinic
  • Trust Care Clinic
  • True Health Clinic
  • Comfort Care Health Services
  • Ultra-Care Clinic
  • We Care Clinic
  • Happy Home Health Care Clinic
  • Help Health Medical Center
  • Core Health Care Center
  • Restore Bio Health Wellness Clinic
  • Infinite Care Innovative Health Care Clinic
  • Ultra-Medical Associates
  • Life line medical wellness center
  • Directive Care Medical Associates
  • Positive Wellness Clinic
  • Health Care Provider General Clinic
  • Abundant Health Care General Hospital
  • Helping Group Clinic

Good names for clinic

So, we have got a lot of cool ideas for the name of your clinic. But you still might have many doubts about what important points should you focus on when you name a clinic.

Let’s make it clear.

Why is it crucial to have a good name for your Clinic?

There are many reasons why your medical health care providing clinic needs an appropriate name.

Your Clinic’s Name is its identity.

People will identify your clinic through its name. A good name will leave a great impact.

Name is the first Introduction to your Clinic

How would you introduce your startup to people? The first thing you will tell them about it is its name.

No Name no Fame

Do you want people to have conversations about your clinic? Do you want your clinic to be recommended by your patients to others? All of this can happen when your clinic has a suitable name.

You need a name to be recognized

You want your clinic to be recognized on national and international levels. The name you will choose for it will do a remarkable job for this motive.

Get into the Race

When you start a clinic, you enter into a race to success and growth. An appropriate name will help you attain the pole position through time. It may sound silly to some of you. But a heart winning name is the first stage you cross in running this race.

How to Name a Clinic

Now that we have done enough elaboration on the reasons why it is important to consider how to name a clinic, let us steer you towards some wonderful ideas on how to name a clinic.

Clinics are of many different types. These types are based upon what type of health care services they are providing.

For example, dental clinics, maternal and child care clinics, physiotherapy clinics, orthodontic clinics, orthopedics, pediatrics, gastrointestinal, maternity clinics, diabetics’ clinics, and many more.

We have divided the names list into various categories depending upon the types of services they are providing.

Important points to keep in mind when you Name a Clinic

Many factors may affect the impact of your clinic name. If you realize the importance of those factors you will, most probably, come up with a name that will boost your clinic’s startup. We will discuss some of those factors here.

But before we start putting light on them, there is one thing we should be well aware of.

Hospitals and clinics are images of care, love, health, life, and wellbeing. Whatever, the name you may choose for your clinic; it should enfold in it the essence of empathy.

1.      What is the specialization of your Clinic?

This is a very significant factor to keep under consideration. The name of your clinic should cover the specialty of your services.

If you are running a maternity clinic the name should be somewhat close to moms, babies, post-partum care, etc.

Similarly, if you are an orthopedic specialist or a physiotherapist, the name of your clinic should reveal that it provides services related to bones, joints, movement problems, etc.

If the name of your clinic does not indicate its services, people might get misguided or confused about what type of treatment they will get from there, or for what type of health problem they should consult you.

Therefore, you should select a name that is relevant to your specialty.

2.      Consider whom you want to target

When you start a new business, you target a specific portion of the masses. The name of your brand should also target the same crowd. Be vigilant in ensuring that the name you are choosing can attract the attention of your target.

The targets of a maternity clinic are women, the audience of pediatric clinic are parents and children, and the consumers of dental clinic could be very vast, and so on.

The clinic name you opt for must bring your target’s attention towards your business.

3.      Keep it simple

The more you keep it simple; the more people would likely remember it. A complex name is hard on brains. Hence, fewer people will remember it.

And even lesser will talk about it. You keep it simple and easy for them and they keep it running between them. What else do you want?

4.      Choose a unique name that is not overused

Just like any other field, in the medical industry too, versatility in the brand names is important.

Names like Lifeline clinic, Medicare clinic, Polyclinic, Prime clinic, Family medical center, etc, are very commonly used. You must avoid such names and look for something new and unique.

A unique name will catch more attraction of people. They would like to give a try to a clinic that sounds different from the older versions.

People get bored of the same old names and a unique name that is less used or heard for the first time urges them to explore.

5.      Keep your clinic name empathetic

You own a medical clinic. You must be well aware of the responsibilities of this industry. Patients expect love, care, and, empathy. These traits should be reflected in the name of your clinic.

 Avoid adding any terms that may reflect that your clinic’s top goal is to earn money. People should feel the essence of affection and kindness in your business name.

This objective can be achieved by adding terms like care, love, help, gentle, etc when you name a clinic.

6.      You may add a reference to your location

Your clinic name may contain a reference to where it is located. It will make it easier for people living close to the location to prefer you to the clinics that are away from them.

It may also help you in letting distant patients know where you are located and where to reach you.

For example, you can name your clinic as Mama Care Hospital, New Jersey, Dental Solutions Dentistry Hospital, Sydney, Healthy Minds Mental Health Care Sanatorium, Karachi, etc. In this way, you will help people locate you comfortably.

7.      Extract ideas through other famous names

There are many clinics around you. Many that you must have heard about and many that you might have seen or checked on the media. You may get ideas from their names. Think about the names that you like the most or the names that are most appreciated by others.

Be very careful while taking ideas from the names of other clinics or hospitals. You should not copy them. An easy way is to amalgamate two or three names that you like the most and make a new and unique one out of them for your clinic.

Copying someone else’s name will give a very bad impact on your clinic so, draw clear lines between imitation and inspiration.

8.      Domain name should be available

This is a very important factor. Today, the internet is the most used source through which people search for anything they need. Such as the best places to visit, good books to read, and recommendations for doctors, hospitals, and clinics too.

Hence, it is of great significance that you check the availability of a domain name for your clinic.

9.      Use some technical terms in the clinic name

People are more attracted to clinics and hospitals where the latest technologies are used. Add some technical terms such as Titan RejuveSkin, Digital Dentistry, etc.

10.  From where can you take help

If you are still stuck and unable to select a good name for your clinic, there are many recourses you can get help through. Ask your friends, colleagues, family, community, etc, to help you out. Check Google for new ideas.


Naming a clinic can be very challenging for a new set up of the medical center. Therefore, we have tried our best to guide you through all the important details that you might need to understand while you name your clinic.

We hope that after reading this guide thoroughly, you will be able to get a very impressive and catchy name for your new startup.


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