1300+ Scentsy Candle Company Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

So, you are finally set to launch your candle business but, wandering to name it rightly. Don’t worry; we are here to provide you the most workable tips and ideas to create a candle business name that you and your clients will love.

Coming up with a perfect business name is challenging, but there is nothing much to worry about. Whether you are dealing in decorative, aromatherapy, or votive candles, you’ll need a name that will set you apart from your competitors. Let the title, along with the candles’ scent, inspire you and your customers.

Candle company names

Here is the list of catchy candle company names and suggestions:

  • Laguna Candles
  • Fragrance De-Lite
  • Pink Worthwhile Collective
  • Foggy Notion
  • The Flaming Bougie Works
  • Fragrant Jewels
  • Making Scents
  • The Burning Standard Candle Chronicles
  • Pure Light Candle Studios
  • The Light Wax Works
  • Glowquest candle
  • The Country Candle Company
  • Lit Life
  • DreamScents
  • Time to Twinkle
  • Sierra Dawn Products
  • The Scented Candle Holder Chronicles
  • Rush Censer
  • The Inch Brazier Collective
  • Lighted Wheel
  • Discount Candles and Blessings
  • Flickers
  • Warm Phoenix.
  • Brazier Works
  • The Lighted Menorah Works
  • Ink & Peat
  • Little Electrolier International
  • Firebrand Candle Company
  • Candle 79
  • Incense Works
  • Large Gratitude
  • Miserable Torches
  • Moonlight candle
  • Elite wiks candle
  • MoveMore Candles
  • The Spent Stove Works
  • Kandle Kids
  • Triple Cannel Coal
  • Path light candle
  • Burnt Kerosene Lamp Designs
  • Candle Cabinets
  • Pacifica
  • Zoom Chronicles
  • Purple Candelabra Co
  • Olde City Candle Co.
  • Pacifica
  • Spoil Wax.
  • Can Delites Candles
  • Yellow Christmas Tree
  • Lit Flame
  • Candle Secrets
The Electric Candleholder Designs Candelabrum Collective
Lovely Lights Kerosene Lamp Co
Scented Swan Soap & Candle Co. Thumbwick Candles
SmartView Dio Candle Company
Curling Iron Collective Home Sick
The Pink Sail Works International Shammes International
Brief Struggle Candelaria
Electrolier Co RejoiceFrame
Unlighted Snuffed Scent City Candle Company
The Flickering Light Group Extra Yule Log
Two Guys Golden Bee Candle Co.
EarthGlo Kandle Kingz
The Lit Stove International Miserable Worthwhile & Company
Blue Mercury The Lighted Candlewick Group
Match to Flame Cup of Ceremony
Spirit Lamp & Company Time to Twinkle
The Holy Flare Group Wicks n’ More
The Thin Sconce Group Herbs & Arts
Green Bougie & Company Braided Wicks
Solitary Sconce & Company Snoff Works
Flaring Incense Collective HappyHest
The Lone Worthwhile Chronicles Small Pinwheel Collective
Tall Chandelier Calla Lily Soap & Candle Company
Seawicks Wreathes & Company
Candle Kids Lighted Hanukka International
Big Yule Log Candle Consultants
The International Fireplace Works Bedwax candle
Golden Flames Company The Candleberry Candle Company
Oceans Boutique Inc. Playmount
PrimeCrown Braided Toaster
AmourTime Candle Co. Roman Cd
The Miserable Potholder Collective The Distant Remembrance Group
Woodstove Co Tall Trivet
Wooly Wax Candles Lil’ Flickers
Classic Candles The Extinguished Lamp Collective
Quiet Oil. Elegant Radiance
Rush Chandelier International Worth Electrolier Chronicles
Bath Soap & Candle Company Citizen Supply
Yellow Candlewick Co Candle Antiques
Earth Scents GoodLens Candles
Golden Flames Finished Electric Lamp
Flame Candy Aztec Candle and Soap Making
Mole Hollow Candles Wretched Worthwhile
Cali Custom Candles Paschal Wicks & Company
Big Torches Lantern & Company
Southern Lights Candle Shop Fondell Candle Co.
Even Better Scents Votivo
Consecrated Taper & Company Candle Holder Works
Vision Candles Living Flame Candle
Old Dudes Candle Co. Heaven Scent It Candle Co.

Scentsy business names

Read these scentsy business names while naming your candle business:

  • Superlyn Candle Co.
  • Yellow Kerosene Lamp
  • Potterwyx
  • Mysteva
  • Worth Wicks Designs
  • Rejuvenation
  • Rose the Candlemaker
  • Taper Works
  • Crusader Candle Co.
  • A Little Candle Co.
  • Comfort Candle Company
  • Cool Candles
  • White Torches & Company
  • Worth Curling Iron
  • The Candied Candle
  • Braided Candelabra Designs
  • Portland Candle
  • The Blue Lamp International
  • Dim Candleholder
  • Elume
  • ScentJoy
  • Brief Electrolier Co
  • The Yellow Charcoal Burner Group
  • Shorties Candles Co.
  • Braided Fairy Light
  • Braided Shammes Works
  • Mile High Soap
  • Source Of Illumination Chronicles
  • Auroma
  • White Burn
  • MadGlimer
  • Brief Menorah & Company
  • Candlewic
  • Urban Burn
  • Welcomed Wicks
  • GlowQuest
  • International Candela
  • Candle Holder Co
  • Candle Kings
  • Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Company
  • Glow Home
  • The Paschal Worthwhile Chronicles
  • Blessed Fluorescent Lamp
  • Living Flame
  • Clever Candles
  • Tall Taper
  • The Spent Candlewaster Collective
  • Shadowlight Candles
  • Standard Snoff Collective
  • Candle Flame Collective
  • Fresh Stove Works
  • Original Candle
  • Candlewick Collective
  • Korona Candles
  • CandleDesire
  • The Electric Candlebomb Collective
  • Brite Shine
  • Single Tube International
Electric Fireplace Stove Designs
Wishful blaze candle Starlight
Alchemy Arts Occult Standard Wreath Collective
Cd Co The Unlit Hanukka Designs
Shaded Light Designs Madewell
Beeswax Pink Cupcake Candle Co.
Mia Bella Candles Tallow Yule Log
Go for Glow Cd Group
Wooly Wax Krown Kradles
Essentrix Wax n’ Wicks
Gas Mantle & Company Small Standard Candle Group
Dadany & Sons Tiny Bougie Works
McPlay Candles Just Candles
Mia Bella The Red Sconce Works
Wicks & More Inner Flicker Candles
CandleWave Candle Warmers
Hudson Grace Electric Spirit Lamp International
Illumine Candle Co. CraftShades
Lit Torches Group Thin Wreathes & Company
Hello Spring Flame Allure
Feeble Menorah Frostbeard Studio
Simple Body Products Flare Group
Misty Burning Toaster Designs
Wax Light Designs The Solitary Lamp Chronicles
Tall Fluorescent Lamp Colonial Candle
Lamp Shade Group Purple Sun Candle Company
Waxjack candle Almond Cookie Group
The Roman Candlelight & Company Cup of Ceremony
Consecrated Firelight Zip Pop Candle Co.
Sweet Breath Candles Candle Creations
Topanga Cupcake Candle Co.
Lighted Fireplace International Sweet Dish & Darling Candles
Bed Electrolier Collective Red Electrolier & Company
Twinkle Time Romance Candles
Rainbow candle LuBella Candle Company
Ordinary Luminaria Chronicles Struggle Group
Vigil Collective Thick Wax Light
Candle Berry The Little Luminaria Co
Sixth Sense Wax Light & Company
White Kerosene Lamp Purple Cannel Coal Works
Little Struggle International Chinese Lantern Co
White Sparkler Works Vigil International
The Captivating Candle The Little Censer Co
Family Candle Blessed Pyre
The Laughing Candle Torches Co
AeroNext Candles The Perfect Candle
The Votive Christmas Tree & Company Fragrant Jewels
Brite Shine Candle Co. Consecrated Shamash Collective
Old West Candle Company Candle City
The Red Candlestick & Company Beeswax

Candle shop names

Check out these candle shop names:

  • Small Kerosene Heater
  • Signex Candles
  • Vision Candles
  • Candle Flame International
  • Rush Candlelight Designs
  • Prosperity Candle
  • Kandle Queens
  • Electric Lamp Group
  • The Tall Gratitude & Company
  • ClassyTwist
  • The Unlit Christmas Tree Designs
  • FlameCandy Candle Co.
  • Creative Candles
  • Foggy Notion
  • The Roman Trivet & Company
  • Luminaria Designs
  • White Pillers Candles
  • Flaming Effort
  • The Unique Candle
  • Charcoal Burner Collective
  • Classic Candles
  • Bridgewater Candles
  • Trapp Fragrances
  • Chandelier Co
  • Shaded Arc Lamp Works
  • Knight Light Candle Co.
  • Candle Cave
  • Distant Chafing Dish
  • VA Candle Soap Supply
  • The Huge Candlebomb Co
  • Holy Fairy Light Collective
  • Flaring Wicks
  • Rimports
  • LAFCO Candles
  • The Distant Cd International
  • Soy Works Candle Company
  • Copal & Company
  • CraftTrance
  • Unlighted Sparkler
  • Lit Coffeepot
  • Finished Candlelight
  • Unearth Candles
  • Scents from Heaven
  • Triple Copal
  • The Votive Cierge Co
  • Hello Spring
  • Big Sail
  • Distant Flame
  • The Purple Wreath Chronicles
  • Southern Scents Candles
  • Wisdom Products
  • The Lit Kinara Co
  • Ashman Candle Company
  • Ordinary Fluorescent Lamp Chronicles
  • Village Candles
Great Bear Wax Co. Raging Bull and Cheeky Cow
Home Glow Cathedral Candle Company
More Than a Candle Scentsability Candles
Burned Wreath The Bright Remembrance Group
Candle Light Lighted Torches Works
The Paschal Charcoal Burner Designs Brief Light Collective
Rejuvenation Trouble Designs
Lit Light Decocandles
Grandma’s Candle Shop The Melted Candle
Light Lamp Shade & Company Extra Kinara Chronicles
The Finished Light & Company Candle Crew
Burnt Christmas Tree Sweet Light Candle Co.
The Triple Almond Cookie Co Candle Corner
Big Dipper Wax Works NorwichBerry
FunThrive Yellow Sconce
Yule Log & Company Broken Top Candle
Large Hanukka Designs Flickering Pyre
Athenian Candle Co. The Foot Nightlight & Company
Lux candle Luminaria Group
Red Flower Stinky Candle Company
Candle Cove Voyageur Candle
Candle Place Candle Attraction
Large Sparkler The Flaming Candle
The Braided Gratitude Collective Grass Roots Candles
ScentJoy Time & Again
The Spent Source Of Illumination Co Good Smells
Scents n More International Taper International
Candelabrum Works The Flickering Trouble International
Trivet Works Flickers Candle Co.
Holy Hanukka & Company Large Flame
The Lucky Candle Wild Berry Incense
The Candle Lab Olde City Candle
The Last Argand Lamp International Twinkle Time
Dim Hanukka Designs Flame & Wax
Paschal Christmas Tree Happy Nest Candles
Bright Glow Candle Flaring Wheel & Company
The Thick Chanukah Group Flaming Cierge
Tallow Chandelier Group Seasons Candle Co.
Kandle Queens Living Flame
Candle Flame Co Pink Cupcake
Purple Broom Company The Flaring Bougie Collective
Mile High Soap & Candles Aromatic Fillers
Burnt Light Bulb Works Flicker to Flame
Bright Wheel Group Pink Wheel
Plymouth Bay Mystic Harbor
Worth Kerosene Lamp International Perfect Wick
Continental Brief Hanukka Collective
Star Brite Illuminations Flickering Gratitude Group
The Ordinary Toaster Group Twin City Bee
Wildflower Candles Waxxy & Co.

Candle company name ideas

The following are the candle company name ideas:

  • Time & Again
  • Maccaboy Co
  • Little Fireplace
  • Tall Candlewick
  • Incredible Candles
  • Nest
  • Rush Lamp Designs
  • The Foot Trivet Group
  • DreamCandles
  • Finished Lamp Designs
  • Reed Candle Company
  • Athenian Candle Co.
  • Me Time Melts
  • Flaming Effort Co
  • The Last Cd Collective
  • Sweet Cakes
  • Red Nightlight Collective
  • The Last Candleholder Designs
  • The Bed Worthwhile Designs
  • Snuffed Candlestick Chronicles
  • Classy Twist
  • ClassyCraft
  • Burn Brites
  • CraftBuddy
  • Butter Homes
  • Candle Royalty
  • Yo Soy Candle
  • Colorful Candles
  • Mystic Harbor Candles
  • The Single Candlestick & Company
  • The Candle Crew
  • Sunshine candle
  • Wheel Designs
  • Huge Zoom
  • Standard Chandelier
  • White Barn
  • Melted Wax
  • Huge Toaster Co
  • Candle Cabinets
  • Candles Luminere
  • Lit Torch Collective
  • Finished Fireplace Works
  • Blue Mercury
  • Flaming Fireplace
  • The Brief Gratitude & Company
  • PlayCloud
  • Candle Place
  • Diamond Creek Candles
  • Lone Pinwheel & Company
  • Hibiscus candle
  • Diptyque Candles
  • Four R Candles
  • Votive Remembrance
  • Worth Light Bulb Co
  • Candle Joy
  • International Lamp & Company
  • Lit Lamp Shade Works
Village Candle Green Candle Holder
Worth Candle Holder Zen Den Candles
Large Arc Lamp Burnt Spirit Lamp
Aroma Naturals Swan Creek
Moutain Lux Candles Original Soy
The Votive Wreath Designs The Primitive Candle Company
Little Light The Snuffed Snast Works
Paschal Sailing International Flaming Snoff
Pink Snast Co Wax and Wick Candles
Pink Cupcake Candle Co. Coffeepot Designs
Last Joss Stick Group Paschal Fluorescent Lamp
Candlefish Pink Torches
Electric Charcoal Burner Collective Burnt Vigil
Diamond Creek My Fragrant Home
The White Fireplace & Company Argand Lamp & Company
Swan Creek Candle The White Barn Candle
Multi-brand candle Burning Vela
Making Scents Finished Wheel
Rustic Candle Co. Classy Twist
Lighted Censer Collective Glowjack Candle Co.
PartyLite Miserable Sail
Caroler Group Solitary Truism
The Crafty Candle Elegant Radiance
Huge Firelight The Little Incense Works
Pine Meadows Tall Torches
Korona Candles Finished Yule Log Works
The Feeble Fairy Light International The Burned Chandelier Collective
The Snuffed Candlewick Chronicles Red Zoom Group
Huge Flame Co Vase & Company
Tube International Trouble International
Bowes Signature Candles Tall Argand Lamp Works
Candle Love Brief Brazier
Tallow Chinese Lantern Kerosene Lamp International
RetroFrame Burnt Snast
Consecrated Snast Night Glow
The Roman Nightlight International Single Trivet
Tiny Ornament Shorties Candles Co.
Trouble & Company Unique candle
Kringle Candle Company Flare Works
Solo Season Shammes Collective
Herbs & Arts Finished Fairy Light Chronicles
Dreams & Rainbows The Burning Charcoal Burner Designs
Pink Cupcake The Feeble Candle Holder Group
Bliss Nation The Yellow Wreath Designs
Thin Lantern Group The Burned Joss Stick Group
Yellow Streetlamp Co Unlighted Joss Stick
LoveJest Candles Unlighted Light Group
Cheeky Bee Candle Celebration special
Extinguished Candlewaster Chronicles Wax & Wix
Bright Hanukka & Company Candle Co.
Miserable Gratitude Flame Flair
Perfect Match Votive Ornament
BetterCross Virginia Aromatics
Snuffed Group Heritage Candles
Yummi Citrus Blossom Soy Candles
The Spent Wreath Collective Goose Creek Candle
Glisten and Glow Red Gratitude
The Consecrated Lantern Collective Vigil Co
Tallow Electrolier Chronicles The Unlighted Arc Lamp Works
The Blessed Source Of Illumination Co Pure Light Candle Studios

Words associated with candles

Play with these words associated with candles:

  • MadWax Candles
  • Candle Collective
  • Modern Candle
  • Glowquest candle
  • Lit Joss Stick & Company
  • The Extinguished Zoom Collective
  • Dazzle Berry Candles
  • Waxxy & Co.
  • Ordinary Effort
  • The Standard Luminaria Collective
  • Wax Secrets
  • Wicks & More
  • Flame & Company
  • Thymes
  • Knight Glow
  • Thick Sail Group
  • The Worth Potholder Works
  • Maccaboy & Company
  • Eagle Rock Candles
  • Little Sparkler Chronicles
  • Secret Forest Books
  • Braided Light
  • Southern Elegance Candle
  • Triple Cd Designs
  • SereneStixs
  • AccoWave
  • Electrolier Group
  • Illuminations
  • Brief Pinwheel
  • The Extra Tube Works
  • The Inch Menorah Collective
  • Perfect Match
  • YellowMist
  • Brief Worthwhile Chronicles
  • Purple Candlebomb
  • White Candle Flame Works
  • The Roman Bougie Designs
  • Candles Luminaire
  • Chafing Dish Chronicles
  • Big Candelabrum
  • CanDelites Candles
  • The Thin Gratitude International
  • Thick Fluorescent Lamp Collective
  • Honeymoon candle
  • PartyLite
  • Beartooth Candle Co.
  • Marlowe Candle Company
  • Burnt Snuffed
  • Homestead Candles
  • House of Intuition
  • Quick Wick
  • Purple Broom
  • Copal Co
  • Elevated Elegance
  • Two Guys
  • Kindred lite candle
Vase Co Light Cd
Illuminax Candles Foot Sail
Flambiance Candle Co. Bright Nightlight Co
Lucca Great Finds Inner Flick Candles
Spent Sconce Roman Spirit Lamp
Effort Chronicles Light Light
Scent City Candles & Soaps The Spent Chinese Lantern Works
The Triple Vase Collective Bright Glow
Standard Lightbulb Trusted Twinkle
YLC Candle Almond Cookie Chronicles
The Red Candlebomb Chronicles Big Ole Wicks
Sconce & Company Yellow Truism Co
Solitary Lightbulb Feather and Wax
Pine Meadows Holy Shamash Works
Bag O’ Wicks Home Glow
The Lucky Flicker of Light
Blue Candlelight Designs Menorah Chronicles
Bright Trivet Co Lil’ Flickers
Wicks & Wax Flikker Candle
LovelyLights The Light Chinese Lantern Collective
Lights on candle Fabulous Flame
The Melted Candle CraftHood
Melted Wax The Spent Potholder Co
Burnt Gas Mantle WhiteCurves
Candle Delirium Nectar Republic
Thin Woodstove Works Glass Wax
A Little Candle & Bath Shop Falling into Place
Swan Creek Mason Jar Candles
Ordinary Christmas Tree Co Yo Soy Candle
The Lit Candlebomb Collective VoilaFlame
New Flame Candles Soy Delicious
Sweet Cakes Green Vase
Motive Votive Wooly Wax
Star candle The Feeble Vela Chronicles
Huge Lightbulb Bridgewater Candles
Diptyque Candles Well-Wicked
Foot Spirit Lamp Waxman Candle Shop
Called Out Candles Lightbulb International
Discount Candles Star light candle
Blessed Curling Iron Designs The Unlighted Potholder Co
Tall Cd Collective Ordinary Flare International
Braided Ornament Wicks n’ More
LuxyLum Candles Miserable Wheel
ActivePleasure Lantern Group
Starlight Torch Chronicles
The Worth Taper & Company YourEnjoy Candles
Rainbow candle The Electric Roman Candle International
Standard Candle Designs The Consecrated Lightbulb Designs
Wicky Flame Candle Co. Candle Creators
Sweet light candle Foot Bulb
Capri Blue The Standard Lantern Works
US Candle Co. Seven Sisters Soap and Candle
Flamecast Candles The Standard Vase Group
HappyStar Candle Candelabrum International
The Melt Harvest. Flyckers Candles
MagicMoon Bedford Basket
Huge Bougie Designs Paschal Candelabrum Collective
Candle-Lite Electric Caroler Collective
Thumbwick Candles Granny Novelty Candle Shop
Lightsource Candles Electric Woodstove Collective

Scentsy group names

These are the cool scentsy group names:

  • Spent Christmas Tree
  • International Roman Candle Collective
  • KnightGlow
  • Candelabrum Designs
  • Cannel Coal Co
  • California Candle Co.
  • Botanica Lucky Candles
  • Topanga
  • Charlotte Candle Company
  • Big Trivet Works
  • Glassy Baby
  • Truism & Company
  • Olde City Candle Co.
  • Tiny Bougie
  • The Small Sailing & Company
  • Maple Village Scents
  • The Frosted Candle Company
  • Blessed Flame International
  • Budd + Finn
  • Acadian Candle Co.
  • The Brief Candlewaster International
  • Candle Queens
  • Standard Candle Co
  • Tobi Tobin
  • Shammes Group
  • Wretched Shamash
  • The Foot Almond Cookie Collective
  • Flourishing Flames
  • Candle Kings
  • Love Stillness.
  • Scentsy
  • The Consecrated Copal Collective
  • Face Body Soul
  • Aroma Flick Candle Co.
  • Waxy Wonders
  • Small Curling Iron International
  • Ink & Peat
  • The Inch Pinwheel Group
  • Lighted Hanukka Group
  • Flame Game
  • Desert Sage Candles
  • Unlit Vase Co
The Miserable Candlelight Chronicles Tall Joss Stick
Menorah & Company Voluspa
Flaming Lightbulb Collective The Lit Flame Chronicles
Candle Cradle MoreMania
Soothing Scents Candle Co. Archipelago Botanicals
Christmas Tree Collective Red Flare
Long Life Beeswax Candles Porch Light
The Lighted Streetlamp & Company Tallow Candle Flame Designs
Paddywax Candle Bar Aromatic Fillers
Yellow Maccaboy Candle Code
Wax Works Inch Vela International
Midway Candles The Tall Menorah Chronicles
Silver Leaf Bath & Candle Co. Glorious lite candle
Flaring Struggle Empire Candle Co.
Consecrated Candelabrum The Braided Vigil Works
Candlewic Moutain Lux Candles
Voluspa Quick Wick
Elixir Lamp. Last Argand Lamp
Candle Warmers Nightlight Designs
HappyNest Candles Toaster International
Heziglow candle High End Candle Companies
Coal & Canary The Unlighted Kerosene Lamp Works
Brookstone Candle The Red Copal Designs
The Solitary Coffeepot Co Fruity Festives
Root Candles Candle Caddy
Lighted Candlewick & Company The Lit Streetlamp Group
Big Cannel Coal Bougie Group
Argand Lamp Chronicles Wax n’ Wicks
Kai & Co. Candles Holy Snast
Candles Burning Candles R Us
Snoff Co Bulb & Company
Stone Candles Bright Lights Candle Co.
New Flame Candles Royal Candles
Flicker The International Candleholder Group
Thick Curling Iron & Company Standard Candle Holder
Candle Code Habersham
Perfect light candle Unlighted Candlestick
Effort Group Four R Candles
Frostbeard Studio Big Vase
Small Candelabrum FlameCast
Mia Bella Sweet dream candle
Voila Flame Candle Desire
Rooted wax candle Magic Fairy Candles
Worthwhile International Light Up Life
Finished Effort Collective Light Bulb International
General Wax & Candle Company Wax n’ Wix
Flame Candy Lantern Chronicles
AstroShade The Lighted Spirit Lamp Group
All About Candles MoonMist
Inch Wheel Chronicles Lone Kerosene Heater Chronicles
Roman Candle Co Burning Candlewick
Extra Flare Group WoodWick
The Candle Company F. Candle Co.
Flikker Candle Co. Armadilla Wax Works
Cd Chronicles The Unlighted Brazier Designs
Tipsy Candle Company Ornament Co
The Paschal Worthwhile & Company Fantasy Candles

Scentsy VIP group names

These are some good scentsy VIP group names:

  • Blue Caroler Designs
  • Botanica Mama Roots
  • Empire Candle Co.
  • Misty
  • Flickers
  • Lighted Caroler
  • Candelvana
  • CandoArbor
  • The Solitary Wreathes Chronicles
  • Capri Blue
  • Spent Trouble
  • Electrolier & Company
  • Tiny Toaster Group
  • Earth Gifts
  • Candelaria
  • Trawick Candle
  • Fragrant Passage Candle Company
  • Potholder Designs
  • The Pink Wreath Works
  • Just Candles
  • Shaded Cd
  • Taper & Company
  • Robertet
  • Homefront Candles
  • The Tallow Luminaria & Company
  • Extra Firelight
  • The Perfect Candle
  • Candle Collection
  • The Electric Spirit Lamp International
  • Burning Curling Iron Designs
  • ScentLove
  • TruJass Candles
  • Green Wreath
  • The Small Charcoal Burner Collective
  • Tallow Candleholder Works
  • Our Own Candle Company
  • Soy Selection
  • Foot Kerosene Heater
  • Wretched Shammes Co
  • Tyler Candle Company
  • Shining Sol Candle Company
  • Unlighted Chanukah
  • Creative Candles
  • Woodfire Candle Company
  • The Big Woodstove Chronicles
  • Spent Joss Stick
  • Mystic Harbor
  • Wonderful Wicks
  • The Inch Kerosene Lamp Co
  • Extinguished Yule Log & Company
  • Red Trivet International
  • Consecrated Vela Works
  • Serenity Candles
  • Light Up Life
  • Kai & Co. Candles
  • Lighter candle
London Candle Company Green Pyre
Divine wax candle Miserable Truism
Northstar Country Candle Image Glow
Kandlestix Chesapeake Bay Candles
The Pink Candle Flame Works Well Whirl Candles
Soy Serene Botanica Renacer
EarthGlo Candle Desire
Ample Bow Candle Co. Purple Bulb
White Snuffed Yankee Candles
Rosabelly Cape Candle
Magicglow candle Continental
Tin Roof Candles The Light Sconce Group
The Extra Shamash Chronicles Slow Burn
Pink Candelabra Bright light candle
CandelBerry Candles Southbeach Candle
Solitary Luminaria Wax Works
Shorties Candles Plus
Inner Flick Candles The Tiny Source Of Illumination Works
Lit Toaster The Red Source Of Illumination Designs
KC Candle Company Votive Roman Candle
Mad Glimmer Waxmax candle
Chafing Dish Collective Lavish by Nature
The Tall Almond Cookie Co The Tiny Candelabrum Chronicles
The Lit Chinese Lantern Works Spent Vela
The Lighted Snuffed Co Inch Ornament Designs
Topanga Candle Company Lovely Lights Candle
Wreathes International The Purple Torch Designs
Lone Candlebomb Renegade Candles
Golden flame candle The Unlighted Candlestick International
Extinguished Worthwhile The Purple Gratitude Works
Extra Cd Co The Small Kinara Chronicles
Flaming Candle Flame Heaven Scent It
Pink Pyre International Bow and Arrow Candles
Solitary Chanukah Joy Candles
Kinara & Company Braided Vigil
Wicky Flame Candle Co. Fantasy Candles
Sierra Dawn Products Citizen Supply
The Flaming Candle Bee Healthy Candles
Fireflair candle Lovely Lights
Fabulous Flame All About Candles
Set The Mood The Shaded Candelabra Chronicles
Distant Pinwheel Collective The Bed Almond Cookie International
Thymes The Tall Lamp Shade Works
The Shaded Fairy Light Group Pyre Collective
Fresh Candle Flame Wretched Flame
Zerrola Candles Get Up and Glow
NorthNova The Snuffed Flare Works
Holy Wreathes Works Wax & Wicks
Circle E Candles The Votive Sail Designs
Original Candle Co. My Fragrant Home
Burnt Candelabrum Fresh Standard Candle
Zip Pop Candle Co. The Scented Shamash International
Dadany & Sons Candle Wave
The Solitary Chandelier Designs The Rich Unwind.
Illuminax Candles Continental Candle Co.
Life-light candle Strout Candles
Crave Candle Company Candle County Candle Co.
The Candlestick Ordinary Torches & Company
DazzleBerry Candles Thin Woodstove
Candle Joy The Candle Carvers

Catchy names for scentsy business

Below are the catchy names for scentsy business:

  • The Thymes
  • Milk Jar Candle
  • Beartooth
  • The International Trouble Co
  • Royal Candles
  • Aroma Naturals
  • The Burned Candlewick Collective
  • Candelvana
  • Incense Group
  • Holy Electrolier
  • High flair candle
  • Lamp Shade & Company
  • Bed Gas Mantle
  • Huge Snast Designs
  • Shaded Sconce International
  • The Braided Light Collective
  • Fierce Flames
  • Waxy Wonders
  • The Bed Kerosene Heater Collective
  • Gold Canyon Candles
  • Big Mountain Candle Collective
  • The Huge Firelight Designs
  • Aroma Candles
  • Candle Flame Group
  • The Holy Light Group
  • Holy Ornament Chronicles
  • Aroma tender
  • Holiday Candles
  • Flicker of Light
  • Beeswax Candles
  • Unlighted Kerosene Heater
  • CandleCrew
  • Kandlestix
  • Calla Lily Candle Company
  • Candle Light Shop
  • The Bed Incense Designs
  • Gentle Glow
  • Belle Fleur
  • Distant Bougie
  • Extra Flame Group
  • Fierce Flames
  • Thin Maccaboy
  • Consecrated Trouble
  • Wax Collective
  • Lovely look candle
  • Trivet Designs
  • Green Electric Lamp Group
  • Solitary Zoom & Company
  • Unlighted Lamp Designs
  • Bullfrog Candles
  • Brite Shine
Flame Fame Feeble Fairy Light
Candle Connection City Candles
The Crafty Candle Purple Candlewaster
Stone Candles Tall Cd
Candle Couture Citrus Blossom Soy Candles
Bright Candela Chronicles FunRiver Candles
Perth Candle Supplies The White Wax Designs
Candles R Us Pink Candela
Hope’s Mystic Scents Candle Creators
Wax Quest Creative Candle Co.
F. Candle Co. The Braided Wheel Designs
Burned Tube Group Fragrant Home Melts
Dark Room Candles Enlightenment candle
Feather and Wax Melted Candles
Extra Candelabrum Triple Candlewick
Lighted Flame The Burning Incense Chronicles
Sweet Cakes Candles Keystone Candles
Brazier Chronicles Flame Candy Candle Co.
Unique Candles Solitary Chafing Dish Collective
Fluorescent Lamp Collective The Shaded Wreathes Co
Paschal Incense Columbus Candle Supply
Vivente Candles The Paschal Snuffed International
Flame Fame The Yellow Chanukah Works
WaxWenky Bee Lucia Wellness
Dim Yule Log Wild Bee Candle Company
Candle Couture Coco Bella
Trouble Co The Paschal Lightbulb & Company
Nice Smells Gel Candles
The Inch Lamp Chronicles The Purple Hanukka Works
Big Incense Group The Miserable Candlelight International
The Paschal Curling Iron International SoyBrite Candle Company
Inch Fireplace The Distant Snuffed Designs
Green Trouble Bow and Arrow Candles
Pinwheel Chronicles Light Gas Mantle
Candle Light Sailing Works
Village Candle Candle Collective
Christmas Tree & Company Chandler Candles
The White Candlebomb Chronicles The Roman Worthwhile Group
Candle Breeze Wishful Blaze
Joy Scents Worthwhile Collective
Pyre Works The Frosted Candle Company
Vivente Candles Factory Direct Candle
Incredible candle Decocandles
Earth Scents The Burnt Vela International
Flaring Chandelier & Company White Coffeepot International
The Votive Incense Designs Paschal Incense Co
Lit Candela Shammes International
Source Of Illumination Collective BurnBrites Candle Co.
Nature’s Breeze Candles Candle Enchantment
Gurley Candle Company Vela Chronicles
Serenity Scents Trouble Collective
Hope’s Mystic Scents Brighter candle
Moonlight candle White Barn
Beartooth The Dim Charcoal Burner Collective
Extinguished Almond Cookie Electric Lamp Designs

Candle business names

Scroll through these candle business names:

  • Foot Pyre Chronicles
  • Large Nightlight Designs
  • Mole Hollow
  • Star Candle
  • Virginia Aromatics
  • Candle Artisans
  • Effort Works
  • Wax and Beyond
  • The Bed Arc Lamp Group
  • Wax Wenky
  • Wick Pick
  • Single Flare Chronicles
  • Sparkler Designs
  • Waxwenky candle
  • Candle Cradle
  • Fabulous candle
  • Burning Chanukah Group
  • Stinky Candle Company
  • Bed Cd Designs
  • Soy Delicious
  • Cannel Coal Chronicles
  • Lone Torches & Company
  • BriteShine Candle Co.
  • ScentsnMore
  • Fragrance De-Lite
  • Life-light candle
  • Things that Make Scents
  • Misty Candle Co.
  • The Tallow Charcoal
  • MetroSpec
  • Miserable Arc Lamp
  • Venue
  • Candelvana Candles
  • Grace Direct
  • The Candlestick
  • Spent Incense
  • Fluorescent Lamp Works
  • Wreath & Company
  • Light Lamp Group
  • The Braided Vela Chronicles
  • Gurley Candle Company
  • Beanpod Candles
  • Face Body Soul
  • Huge Wicks & Company
  • Little Toaster
  • The Foot Candle Flame Co
  • Magicglow candle
  • Chinese Lantern Chronicles
  • Remembrance International
  • Beautiful candle
  • The Flaring Copal Designs
Flickering Caroler Lit Christmas Tree Chronicles
Consecrated Fairy Light Group Light Christmas Tree
Wreathes Chronicles The Extinguished Wheel Chronicles
Thin Sail Spirit Lamp Group
The Scented Candle Superlyn Candle Co.
Large Tube The Consecrated Sail & Company
Moremist Candles Circle Shadow
The Braided Candle Holder & Company Wreath Designs
Light Standard Candle The Tallow Woodstove Works
Large Fireplace Collective Skye Candle
Worth Shammes Collective Bright Lights Candle
PingQuest The Tall Remembrance Chronicles
Magic Moon Urban Burn Candles
The Inch Lightbulb Co Tiny Candle Holder
P.F. Candle Co. Flamecast Candles
Worth Wheel Shaded Streetlamp Designs
Roman Fireplace Group Crave Candle Company
Incense International Incredible Candles
The Shaded Kerosene Lamp Chronicles Bright Glow Candle
Candles Plus Candles Luminaire
CapriBlue Candles Hudson Grace
Homestead Candles The Flaming Luminaria Collective
CraftDots Candles Glow Home
Finished Snoff Group Wax Bling
Miserable Luminaria Milkhouse Candle Co.
Natural Creations Candle Co. Flourishing Flames
Roman Wheel Designs Flame Game
Royal wax candle Flickering Sparkler Works
Flame wax candle Maccaboy Collective
Potterwyx Can Delites Candles
Things that Make Scents Urban Burn
Triple Roman Candle Feeble Bulb
Extinguished Candleholder Co Sensuous Smells
Huge Incense Chronicles Brief Fluorescent Lamp International
Magic Moon The Foot Truism Group
California Soap Candle Co. Lone Joss Stick Collective
Redline Steel Mia Bella Candles
Joy Scents White Chafing Dish Chronicles
Shinning candle Candel County Candle Co.
Beeswax Candle Co. Love & Aesthetics
Circle Shadow The Bed Vigil Collective
Cali Custom Candles The Blessed Candleholder Chronicles
The Foot Wheel Collective Amaziya Candles
The Votive Sparkler Designs Lighted Luxury
Sweet light candle Bougie & Company
YLC Candle Good night candle
Collective Candle VA Candle Supply
Bright Glow Triple Lantern Designs
Candle Cottage The Bright Toaster Collective
Worth Caroler Tiny Truism
The Red Gratitude Group Wretched Gas Mantle Chronicles
Downtown Candle Company Glowry Candles
RootCandles Remembrance Collective
Midway Soap & Candles Sensuous Smells

Candle business name generator

These candle business names are picked from AI based name generators:

  • Lone Standard Candle
  • Bag O’ Wax
  • Knight glow candle
  • Burnt Toaster Collective
  • Decorlight candle
  • Lighted Luxury
  • Candlebomb Designs
  • Light Censer & Company
  • Consecrated Worthwhile
  • Luminous Glow Candle Co.
  • The Inch Chinese Lantern Designs
  • Rustic Candle Co.
  • Miserable Snuffed Works
  • Feeble Electrolier Works
  • Worth Spirit Lamp Co
  • Great Bear Wax Co.
  • Worth Luminaria Collective
  • Kandle Kids
  • Flaming Lantern Designs
  • Soft Serenity
  • Okie Candle Shop
  • Make Scents
  • Woodwick Outlet Candle Store
  • Bougie International
  • The Candle Carvers
  • Snuffed Collective
  • The Tallow Wreathes Co
  • Wax Light International
  • Candle Royalty
  • Lantern International
  • Paschal Wreathes Works
  • Earth Gifts
  • Common Scents Candle Co.
  • Flickering Wreathes
  • The Dim Vase & Company
  • Cupcake Candle Co.
  • Chafing Dish Co
  • Rush Menorah
  • Small Kinara & Company
  • Serene Stixs
  • Bulb International
  • Braided Coffeepot
  • Slayerberry
  • Thin Cd Group
  • The Huge Luminaria Designs
  • Everlasting candle
  • MagicGlo Candle Co.
  • Standard Trivet
  • Grass Roots Candles
  • The Scented Fireplace Co
  • jadeSpace Candles
  • Bullfrog Candles
  • The Purple Curling Iron International
  • Single Cannel Coal
  • Ornament Works
  • Wicked Wicks
  • The Burnt Incense & Company
  • The Finished Cd Collective
  • Amebiya Candles
  • Wretched Candle Holder
  • Miserable Streetlamp Group
  • Foot Kinara
  • Kandle Kings
  • Thin Vela
  • Flaring Caroler
  • Pink Gas Mantle Group
  • Grace Direct
  • Gentle Glow
  • Standard Effort
  • Shaded Candle Flame & Company
  • ElassaEye Candle Co.
  • Fart Candles LLC
  • Archipelago Botanicals
  • Stinky
  • Magic Candle Company
  • Starlight Candles
  • Trusted Twinkle
  • Extinguished Curling Iron Designs
  • Stone Candle
  • Yellow Lamp
  • Welcomed Wicks
  • Coco Bella

candle business namesHow to name your candle business

Considering the ongoing market competition, settling a unique name for your business is not an easy task. A correct business name gives potential customers about the products you offer.

Moreover, an inspiring candle business name creates a good impression and make you stand out from the competition crowd.

Let’s dive into the tips that we are going to explain in detail below:

1.      Choose a name style for your business

The first and most crucial step is to choose the naming style for your candle company. What type of name you want for your business? Go through different styles and search for the best and unique title which suits your candle business.

It will help you in having a different and unique name for your candle business, attracting customers.

2.      Location-specific names

Mostly, businesses tend to name their companies on their geographic service areas. Likewise, if you have planned to stick to a specific geographic location, consider adding a location-specific name for your candle business.

You can consider the following terms:

  • City names
  • Anything famous about that particular city
  • City nicknames
  • Your city neighborhoods
  • States and regions
  • Any other descriptive terms

However, don’t forget to consider your business’s future growth. What if you expand outside your city? Do not choose a name that limits in the future.

Therefore, this tip is not suggested if you are going to expand or change the geographical location.

3.      Try your name

Struggling to make a business successful is hard. Why not name the business on your name?  Consider your name or the name of some important family member. Doing so will be successful if that person also plans to be a working hand behind the venture.

However, selling the business in the future will be challenging if you apply this tip to name your business.

4.      Don’t choose a name that limits your growing business

Some business owners don’t even know the importance of selling their products online. Companies like Alibaba and Amazon are earning billions of dollars online with a simple idea.

So, it will help if you think about selling your candles online.

You don’t need a website for this purpose; you can sell your candle business products on Facebook and other social media networks.

However, while selecting a name for your candle business, try not to choose the names that are city or country-based. Instead of them, go for those names which are easy to turn into brands.

5.      Use allIterations and rhyming words

Most people remember those names that are catchy and simple. That’s why rhyming words are easy to remember and play a crucial role in the growth of a business.

Choose some best and your favorite terms from the list you are considering to choose a name from. Afterward, make alliterations and search for the rhymes on search bars and come up with great titles for your candle business.

It might look time-consuming, but indeed it is a great idea to start.

Don’t overthink; just enlist whatever name idea comes to your mind. You may spark some better ideas later with these words.

6.      Brainstorm ideas

Start brainstorming words that could fit into your candle business name. Use those words which are related to candles like “radiance,” “glowing,” “sparkling,” etc. It will also show that you can get radiant candles, etc., from this business.

Please make a list of all the names that come to your mind and brainstorm them. If you are confused about choosing a name for your business, you can also use a business name generator.

7.      Shortlist the ideas

You have to develop a list of the best possible names for your candle business. The shortlisting step comes right after making a list of names and, after that, shortlist those names which are suitable and perfect for your business.

By analyzing the names in the list, remove those names which are hard to remember for customers. Select those names that are brandable, memorable, and add value to your product against your target audience.

Following is the quick checklist which will help you to shortlist your brand name:

  • Is the name being different from your competitors?
  • Is the name being easy to say aloud or spell?
  • Does the name have relevant meaning?
  • Is the name easy to remember and simple?
  • Does the name avoid the overuse of words and cliches?

8.      Ask for suggestions

You can use your social media accounts as a source of help by asking your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can ask for suggestions from your dear and nearness, including your friends. They will probably give you some incredible ideas for naming your new candle business.

9.      Conduct a thorough internet search

Finding a unique name for your business is not so much easy. It would help if you had a lot of effort for this purpose. So, go to Google and conduct a thorough search for your candle business name. There are a lot of websites from which you can get your candle business name ideas.

Ask Quora questions: how you can name a candle business and what you have to do while naming your business. You will get a lot of help from many experts on Quora regarding naming your business or having ideas about how to name it.

10.  Do a trademark search

After selecting an appropriate name for your candle business, your struggle to register it will be real. If your chosen name is trademarked, you’ll not be allowed to use it.

Therefore, do a trademark search and consider the names that are not registered.

11.  Check for the availability of a domain

After choosing a name for candle business, you must have at least 2-3 best names for your candle business. In case your names are already taken, you have another option available in such a way.

You can go for a quick business search online to check out the domain’s availability of the name you are considering for your candle business.

12.  Social media profiles

Next, check and see if the name you are considering for your business is already reserved on social media profiles or not. Start with those platforms where you want to introduce your candle business.

Furthermore, you may also need to shorten your business name, for some social media platforms do not allow characters beyond their limit. For instance, Twitter only allows up to 15 characters.

If no one uses the profiles with your business name, that means you are good to go.

13.  Try business name generators

Suppose you are confused about naming your candle business, then you should take help from business name generators. In that case, they usually use artificial intelligence for choosing a name for your business, but they are not as accurate as human beings.

But you can get some catchy candle business names from the following name generators:

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