950+ Catchy Cake Shop Names, Ideas and Suggestions

Cake businesses are really fun to have! Are you planning to have that sweet bakery leaving a mouth-watering aroma for passersby or are you having a cake business on a big scale?

Either way, you can attain a huge amount of cash in form of revenues and dividends by investing in professional staff and grabbing some pastry bags!

But this doesn’t end here. If you plan to set up a business, then you must know, that your cake business should be named in such a way that it can be identified through towns, cities, or even farther.

A business requires a name that only the business owner has rights on, regardless of what the niche is. Keeping the facts and figures in view, the world of business goes on.

In order to be part of it, you should come up to the branding standards which include the phase of naming as one of the most important phases of the business development.

Therefore, when you think of landing a cake business, don’t forget to give it a captivating name. This will lead to the enhancement of consumers and prospects. If it’s a sweet corner with an attractive name board on top of the building, then people are definitely turning to spoon in some cake!

A List of Some Lovely Name for Your Cake Business

You can add a touch cuteness while you select a name for your cake business. Below is the illustration of interesting name ideas which can help your cake business grow:

  • Bakery Prism
  • Cake Cuppa
  • Pastry Planet
  • Sweets and Pops
  • Barge of Cake
  • Cake Utopia
  • Sweet Addicts
  • Fantasy Cake
  • Cloudy Bite
  • Creamy Galaxy
  • Cake Treasure Box
  • Munchy Cupcakes
  • Dreamy Creamy Cake
  • Fodder Cake
  • Magma Cake
  • Presto Cake Workshop
  • Orchid of Cupcakes
  • Carte Cake
  • Marshmallow Palace
  • Chocolate Mustaches
  • YummyLand
  • Kingdom of Elixir Cake
  • Land of Sweetness
  • Awe Cake
  • Spring of Cakes

Cupcake business names

  • White Surprise
  • Neon Caffe
  • Urban East Cakes
  • More Surprise
  • Cakes Elements
  • Red Aroma
  • Mood Lift Cakes
  • Impressio Cakes
  • Riverside Cakes
  • Green Acres
  • Urban Grind
  • Purple Surprise
  • Urban Arabica
  • StillWater Cakes
  • Skip roots Cakes
  • Split Berry Cakes
  • Street Essence
  • Still Latte
  • The Cube Parlour
  • Hot Rock Cakes
  • Cakes Weller
  • Fresh Flip
  • Los Gatos Cakes
  • Cakes Lyft
  • Cakes Feather
  • Joe Jazz Cakes
  • NatureTrio

Catchy cake shop names

  • Central Perk
  • The Daily Grind
  • The Bux Cakes
  • TruBit Cakes
  • Vibe Sip Cakes
  • CrestMind Cakes
  • NatureClap Cakes
  • MushMist
  • Roomberry Cakes
  • Naturefest Cakes
  • FunFlex Cakes
  • Liberton Cakes
  • Alphamate
  • GrowVilla Cakes
  • NatureShades
  • GreenSpore
  • WestCoast Cakes
  • NaturelleCakes
  • WoodBerry
  • naturenest
  • Twisted nature
  • Blue Vampire
  • Meadow Mint
  • WhiteBeach Cakes

Cheesecake business names

  • Space Cakes
  • Happy Cakes
  • Cake Fabulous
  • Fantastic Cakes
  • Cake Mountain
  • SweetCakes
  • BeefyCakes
  • Cake Designs
  • DaisyCakes
  • Perfect Poundcake
  • Angel Cakes
  • Celestial Cakes
  • The Cake Factory
  • EZ Cakes
  • Frosting Pals
  • The Iced Cake
  • Triple Layered
  • Double Layered
  • Chocolate Layered
  • Iced with Love
  • Passion Cakes
  • Delicious cake
  • Anytime cake
  • Wild honey cake
  • Delightful cake
  • Sticky butter cake
  • Natural flour cake
  • First taste cake
  • Yummy cake

Cupcake bakery name ideas

  • UpperCrust
  • Nature Sputnik
  • UrbanFest Cakes
  • GreenSpruce Cakes
  • MayMashroom
  • Delight Cloud
  • GrowSpace
  • DelightCrowd
  • UrbanBello
  • WideSpread Cakes
  • Cake Creations
  • Buttercream Dreams
  • Cakefections
  • Candle Cakes
  • Candlelit Cakes
  • The Cakery
  • Cake Colonel
  • Caked and Baked
  • CakeTown
  • Crafty Cakes
  • Cakes Galore

Cupcake shop names

  • 1 Smart Cookie
  • Baker Wee
  • Cake Alchemy
  • Cake Power
  • Confetti Cakes
  • Cupcake Creations
  • Extraordinary Desserts
  • Frost Me Gourmet
  • Green Goodies
  • Holy Cupcakes!
  • Indulge Cupcakes
  • Milk Jar Cookies
  • PURE Cupcakes
  • Simply Desserts
  • Sugar Shack
  • The Art of Cupcakes
  • The Frosted Fox
  • The Rolling Pin
  • The Sweet Side
  • Angel Food Bakery
  • Butter Cake Shoppe
  • Crumbs Bake Shop
  • Cupcake Craze
  • Dream Day Cakes
  • Frosted Crown Cupcakes
  • Homeland Bakery

Cupcake company names

  • Pearl Bakery
  • Polka Dots
  • Sensational Bites
  • Sprinkles and Sweets
  • The Cake Pop Shop
  • The Twisted Baker
  • Totally Baked
  • Breads Bakery
  • Cakes N Shapes
  • Colossal Cupcakes
  • Cupcake Glory
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Oak Mill Bakery
  • Sensational Cakes and More
  • The Cake Zone
  • The Elegant Truffle
  • XOXO Cake Pops
  • A Cake Occasion
  • A Simple Cake
  • Baker & Spice
  • Cake Bash
  • Cupcake Couture
  • Old World Cone
  • The Butter End Cakery
  • The French Gourmet

Cake shop name ideas

  • Alliance Bakery & Cafe
  • Butterfly Bakeshop
  • Charm City Cakes
  • Cupcake Bakeoff
  • Cupcake Queen
  • Little Pie Company
  • Naturally Delicious
  • Sprinkles Bakery
  • The Cake Gallery
  • The Protein Bakery
  • Vanilla Bake Shop
  • Wednesday Cake
  • Beautiful Cakes
  • Cupcake Cafe
  • Cupcake Royale
  • Cupcake Seduction
  • Desirable Cake
  • Empire Cake
  • Nine Cakes
  • Red Velvet Bakery
  • Sweet Cakes
  • The Cake Maker
  • The Yellow Leaf
  • Urban Icing
  • Angels Cakes

Cookie shop names

  • Holy Cannoli
  • Holy Dishes
  • Honey n Cakes
  • Cupcakin’ Around!
  • CakeCrafty
  • the Delicacy
  • Crazy Dreams
  • The Sweet Spot
  • The Fluffy Buns
  • The Memorable Cakes
  • Mighty loft
  • Spring Tap
  • The North Park
  • Soft Stella
  • Segment Pie
  • The Cake baker
  • The Magma Cake Co
  • Cake Doodle
  • Dellasy
  • Eastern Taste
  • Good Measure
  • Better loft
  • Sugar Plums
  • Sweet Sensation
  • Sweet Young
  • The Great Rolling
  • The Breadline
  • Born Sweet
  • Confection Cakes
  • Absolute Pies

Bakery shop name ideas

  • Sunrise Pies
  • Super Buffet
  • The Bread Box
  • Breadline
  • Cake Corner
  • Cake Fairy
  • Cake Time
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Cooling Rack
  • The Dough Knot
  • The Dream Pies
  • The Gingerbread House
  • The Mix-Up
  • The Slice
  • The Smiths Bakery
  • The Sweet Corner
  • The Sweet Sensations
  • Valley Bakery
  • Waive the Grain
  • Wake and Bake
  • Warm Delights
  • Pie Baker
  • Pretty Baked
  • Grateful Bread
  • Heavenly Donuts

Pastry shop names

  • Dream Puffs
  • Drive-By Pies
  • Finest Donuts
  • Flour Shower
  • Front Season
  • Frost Me Cafe
  • Golden Donut
  • Modern Bakery
  • Mom’s Bakery
  • Nutty Creations
  • Pan and Pin
  • Queen of Tarts
  • Quick Bakes
  • Royal bakery
  • Semi Sweet
  • She Bee
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Sprinkles
  • Sticky Buns
  • Street Sweets
  • Sunrise Bakery
  • Sweet Cakes Shop
  • The Sweet Tooth
  • Tasty Bakery
  • The Bagel Center
  • The Baker’s Table
  • The Boxing Bread

Best Names for cake shop

  • Artsy Tarts
  • Bake in Care
  • Baking Corner
  • Cookie Encounter
  • Creamy Creations
  • Creamy Pastries
  • Doughnuts Shop
  • Tiny Delight
  • Twisted Cakes
  • Bake n’ Flake
  • Blissful Bites
  • Blue Dream
  • Break O’Clock
  • Breaking Bread
  • Bunnie Cakes
  • Cake & Cream
  • Cake and Spoon
  • Cake O’Clock
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Confection Connection
  • Cookies & Milk
  • Cookies Tonight
  • Crave Clean
  • Cupcake Paris
  • Daily Delights
  • Disco Danish
  • Dream Pies

Cake shop name ideas

Pointers Which Help in Generating Name Ideas for Cake Business

Below are the pointers which can help you choosing the right name for your bakery:

1.     Explore what you offer!

In order to come up with a unique name that matches the business of cake-making, you should know what kind of products you serve to the customers. In every business, there is something that makes it unique from the other companies out there.

You need to figure out what makes you distinct. Try making a list of your services which include the type and shape of cakes you serve. You are required to display the types which can include cakes, pastries, and cupcakes.

Moreover, you should list down the names of cakes like pound cake, butter cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, red velvet cake, moose cake, etcetera. Keeping all these things in mind, you can hit upon multiple ideas that can help you generate a captivating name for the cake business.

2.     Do some blending

For the purpose of generating name ideas for the cake business, you can play with the words. That can lead to you having a funky name that may be helpful in impressing people.

Using blending techniques like rearranging words or changing the order of spellings can lead to the invention of a unique business name. This can help you come up with names that give off a bizarre outlook.

3.     Brainstorm ideas

As a business of cake is the source of spreading happiness, you should come up with funky and attractive name ideas that are topped with uniqueness and creativity. In order to achieve that, you are required to brainstorm ideas.

Give some time to yourself while you are sitting at the study table. Another tip is that you should give yourself a break every once in a while as it eliminates stress and produces productivity. It is really essential in the process of gaining ideas.

4.     Create anagrams

While you’re in search of an attractive name for your cake business, you can have the option to create anagrams. Make a list of common words and then make anagrams out of them.

Given the niche of your business, anagrams can really work out for you as they give off a trendy and capturing outlook.

5.     Use catchy terms

Try to use those terms which seem to be attractive to the customers and viewers. Try to pair up captivating words by making them look like a single word.

For instance, Yummicious is derived from yummy and delicious. In this case, yummy and delicious are the words that typically have an impact on the customers.

The benefit of creating such a business name leads to you catching attraction toward your business which may increase the sales and revenues.

6.     Go through books

In order to create an eye-catching business name, you are required to go through books and dictionaries. This can lead to you having a diversified vocabulary with multifarious options.

Try to look out for such words which give out a popping impact on a blank page. Using these strategies allows you to come up with such a name that entirely matches your business.

While going through new words, bear in mind, that you can’t use words that are out of other people’s understanding capability. You should be understandable to people in the first place. Using complex words will not be in your favor.

7.     Look for ideas on the Internet

There are a lot of internet sites which can help you gather a lot of ideas. On the Internet, you can find some sort of inspiration. You can utilize a source of inspiration. Other means include the usage of business name generator websites.

These online means are very effective for you to get different ideas. These tools are really handy as they provide name ideas per the requirements. They provide the option of rhyming words as well. Therefore, searching on the Internet is a good idea!

8.     Be imaginative

While you are thinking of a suitable name for your business name, you need to have ideas that are imaginative. For instance, you can name your cake business as Cloudy Bite. Now, Cloudy Bite is a term that can’t be used in a literal sense, but it refers to eating something soft.

Use these tips and tricks in order to make your business name pop out in the midst of a competitive marketplace consisting of other bakeries.

9.     Get the same domain name

After you have selected a name for your cake business, now you should begin to shift your services online as well. This can give a boost to your business. In order to make that happen, create a website by getting a domain name and web hosting.

Try to opt for a domain name that matches the name of your business as it helps people find you virtually as well as substantially. This can increase the spreading of awareness among consumers and prospects.

10.  Work on fonts and logo

The last part comes to the decoration of a name which you have selected in order to introduce your business to others. For this part, you need to have a logo designer who can craft a colorful logo for your business name.

Different fonts can help the specified business name stand out the most. So, do not consider skipping anything and pay attention to each and every phase.


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