1450+ Beauty and Makeup Blog Name Ideas (and Suggestions)

You have the talent and the skill to become a beauty blogger, but the only thing stopping you from trekking on the path of your dream is the name of the blog. The success of your blog largely depends on the name you choose and then how you market it.

It is your blog name that intrigues visitors to read the content you put and purchase your services. Coming up with the best beauty blog name possible may seem with all the expectations of it reflecting your brand’s image and your personality.

You need tips to help yourself in coming up with the best name possible for your beauty blog. We have for you some beneficial tips you should follow to make the naming process fun. Without wasting another second, read our list of beauty blog name ideas and the tips to help you come up with a unique yet related name.

Beauty blog names

Here are some of the good beauty blog names to inspire your ideas:

  1. Glamour Lifetime
  2. Acne Skinny
  3. Excellent Cosmetics
  4. Beauty Treasures
  5. Fancy Sprays
  6. Beautician corner
  7. Fexmon
  8. Flawless Cosmetics
  9. Supreme Sparkle
  10. Beautyluxe
  11. Beauty Lighting
  12. Product Paradise
  13. Modern Green Beauty
  14. Hooked On Beauty
  15. Fifty Shades of Snail
  16. Timeless Glamour
  17. The Understated Beauty
  18. Glam Goddess
  19. Careful Contour
  20. Elite Spa
  21. Boxnip
  22. Cosmetic Talk
  23. Beautification Station
  24. The Beauty Regimen
  25. The Crave
  26. Highlighter Reel
  27. Beauty Curls
  28. Beauty Inside

Beauty Blog Names

Barbie’s Beauty Bits HairSpray and HighHeels
Beautywise Awareness Beauty Hub
Glow Recipe Beauty luxe
The Beauty Queen Beauty Inside
Glam Centre Beautiful Insight
Rural Beauty Hacks Ballerina
Totally of us luv d mirror Glaze
The Assurance Restoration Stories
Transfiguration beauty slash
Fingers Polish Mania Your glamour fix mag
Beauty Lair Serene Beauty
Out of box beauty Face Flawless Skin
Beautification Station Mellafex
Glowing Skin Tips Confession Closet
Stunners Hub Stairway To Heaven Spa
Beauty Skill Beauty Pros
Day Dreaming Glamour Becoming Beautiful
Pamper Yourself Box it right
TopNotch Glamour Pretty News
Deluxecare Spa mordern lace
Gold Tomato Secret Makeover
Burst Beauty Brotberg Makeup
Kontazio Suburban Style
Gloss Lady Ravishing Reviews
Beauty And Beyond Makeup Pro
sun sky Makeover Masters
Beauty Explore Skin Styling
Bonita Beauty Pink Mommy
Beauty Balance Creative Contour
Pretty Friends The Chic Place
Beauty Queens Stelllat Shoxx
pentaCrew Makeup Cosmetic Lounge
Beautiful Diva Beauty Lane
Fashion, Make Up & Me Glamour Attack
Bold And Beautiful Suburban Style Challenge
axe shine Cube
damn Beauty The Beauty Exec
Myvanityreviews Fixing beauties
CinoPex Beauty Wallet
Derma Muscle Beauty Basics
Beauty Kiss Beauty Secrets by
Aloe Health WowBeauty
Beauty Palace Grooming beyond ordinary
Core Beauty Twice Gloss
Barefoot Beauty Makeup Reviews Hall
Stardom Cosmetics Unicorn Beauty
Glo Skin Beauty Blog Chic sassy
Big Time Beauty Me Fabulous
Queen’s shine Face Help Blog
Curious Cutey London Beauty Queen

Beauty blog name ideas

These are the coolest beauty blog name ideas:

  • Beauty Hub
  • The Glamorous
  • Obsessed with Beauty
  • Beautician Corner
  • Cosmetic Lovers
  • Tutorials for Glamour
  • Rocking Makeover
  • Aesthetic Cuts
  • Natural Beauty
  • The Beauty Spot
  • Modest Attraction
  • Sensational Glow
  • Makeup Drive
  • One-Stop Beauty
  • Facelift Corner
  • Transformation Spot
  • Positive Beauty Vibes
  • Beauty Bargains
  • Shining Secrets
  • Fit for Vogue
lord bountique Beauty Adore
Brooklyn Beauty Queen ponds glame
Diamond Carrot The Skin Care Journal
Gorgeous You Midnight Beauty
Fantasy Beauty Beauty Style
Rock you fabulous Blushing Beauty
Beauty Love Contour Queens
Bangs and Fringes All About Face
glame queen Style Period
Southern Beauty Renewed Appearance
Unique Beauties Beauty dam
Beauty Bets Beautiful stories
Dreamy Skin Tips Beautifly
Aloe Sand Acne Spa
Cast Juice Diamond Colors
Silver Health Maximum Style, Minimum Dough
CV Skinlabs Acne Recovery
Glitter Mint Makeup Master
Diyou Bohemian Muses
Careful Contour Appearance mentor
Splendid Touches Pearlville Spa
Deacon Run Skin Care Arena
Organic Self Love The glamsoul
absolute beauty I and My Beauty Blog
Easy Beauty Beauty Black
Spectrum Spa plus touch
exotic axe Beauty Empire
Tell-All Tutorials Insteno Makeup Co
Lovely Skin Care Tips Beauty Charm
Beauty Queens Diverse skin tone
magic hands Fantastic Skin Care Blog
Sensational Uplift Glow Secrets
NeoDrive Glimmer gloss
angelina beauty Glitter Mind
marigold Colour Freaks
Beautiful You Twice Blessed
Alphen Makeup star dot
Glamorous touch Beauty Décor
My Pretty Skin beauty coops
Glitter Glaze Go Pretty
Blush Rush Talking beauty,
Behold Beauty antilope queen
Jewel Beautysalon slashed sense
Gilded Guidance Venus Spa
Solid Foundation The YesStylist
shine queen Guiding Guru
Routine Beauty behold beauty
Pamper you Beauty Trainers
Renewed Appearance Helpful Highlights
ProOne Makeup Co Pretty Mania

Makeup blog names ideas

Check out these catchy makeup blog names ideas:

Go Go Guru Diyou
cosmos beauty Smart Makeup
The Beauty Teacher Ireland special
Glam One Diyou
The Girlz Korner Helpful Highlights
Makeup Charm Sweet Spot
Review Preview Positive You
Beauty Bargain The Magic Touch
Beautyondistress All Skin Care Tips
younger skin Get Makeup And Go
Five dots makeup TeeAmo Makeup Co
Viva Woman heaven face
Just For You Theblissfulbeauty
Glamourholic Mom beauty queen
DexVento Moments
Nail Polish Lane Crystal Beauties
All Natural Hair Flonexx Makeup Co
Activletix Makeup Co Gold Wellbeing
Guiding Guru Pretty face
lankshire beauty Glamour Daily
creta beauty Beauty Resort
EliteWave hidden beauty
Contour Queens beauty drive
Shining Secrets Inner You Cosmetics
Derma Fit Zyondeg Makeup Co
Organic put on-s Beauty Stylr
Prime Beauty Blog Beauty Chest
Unicorn Beauty Hidden Beauty
Politics of cute The Wow factor
Encapture BeeTeeful
Glitter Gloss and Glaze Beautywise
Temptalia Everyday Shine
A Skin Care Blog Grungence
Dreams Of Glowing Skin Bronze Skin
Tea With MD Styles And Glamour
Zidan Modern Modest Beauty
Lisas Nail Obsession Beauty Basics
Yenten Makeup Co Elegant buzzword
hiputi It’s all in the brand
Classiest Clothing MagniZent
Fairbeauties Makeup Artist
Modern Wings sea scoop beauty
face queen Bright looks
Set Glow Natural Beauty
Vamy Tell-All Tutorials
Total Transformation Blissful beauty
skin trim Mascara flame-up
The Touch Xestik Makeup Co
Face Theme Beauty Blogger
Sassy Chic One Girls Obsession With Makeup
Damn beautiful Mademoiselle Nature
sun aura Glamour me
Imperia Makeup Cosmetic Thoughts
Skin’essencia Sparkle Spree
Delicate Symptom Perfect Products
Little Box Of Treasures Ultimate Makeup guide
abel beauty The Inbetween Girls
Create Confidence galaxy beauty
Max Makeup Pamper Yourself
Dermstore Beauty + Brains

Beauty page name ideas

The following are the great beauty page name ideas:

Makeup Journey Many Loves
Fantasy Beauty Kiss Your Makeup
A new Treat Content Face
paradise love My Beauty Bunny
hight lighten Makeup Maven
The Beautiful Truth Makeup Mistress
Beauty Full Buolleverg
salon treasures Rubber Spa
Makeup Master Skincare Bio
Beauty Vibe Curly Girl Beauty
Makeup Voice Creative Contour
Dress wid Me Firm beauty approach
white ocen Beautopia
Beauty Seed Style D
My Beautiful Skin Get Beautiful Skin
Charismatic finish Beauty Tips For All
Showstoppers Makeup Maven
Exotic appearance Unique Spa & Salon
Self Pretty Love Your Face
The Crave Mysterious Sensations
Beauty Harbor Indie prep girls
Quality Clinic Excellent Cosmetics
OneMinute Glitter Rock Me Fabulous
Glamour Valley fortuna queen
Hiyati Inner Beauty Tips
Skin Clinical Mascara lightup
A new Healthier Eyes Queen
Gorgeous faces Tropic Skin Care Blog
Rocking makeover My Women Stuff
Happy Skincare NeuTio Makeup Co
The beauty within Easy Beauty
Mastering Makeup Cherish Beauty Blogger
The Understated Beauty Skin Spring
Not Your Average Style Fix Crown jewel
Forever Young Renew
Strict looks Unboxing Beauty
Rummaged Musings Fashion In The Forest
D cosmetic lover Go beauty bunny
Pretty Little Things ocen door
Allenbren Makeup Mastering Makeup
Fibre Hospital Manageable Beauty
Channel Fashion Skin Tour
Healthy beauty tips Go, Go Guru,
Encapture Miss Gorgeous
Obsessed with beauty Indie Prep Girl
Enchantment Royals Cutie wonders
A State Of Ruins Sporiva Makeup Co
Kiss also makeup sunday girl
Musings cappers beauty
Be for Beauty Curly woman
Faithful to Nature Allure
Beauty Town Cherry blossom
How-To Beauty Styles in grip
Perfect Products Guiding Guru
Beauty Bargains Enjoy Beauty
Designer Wannabe Extraordinary Beauties
The Valued Face Pinkmom
Beauty North Blog Diy beauty blogger
New Age Spa Eminence Organic Skin Care
Sensational Glow contour queen
Outspoken Beauty Toner Minerals
Delicate Lift Time less beauty
Lavenders Love Realz
Ella’S Touch Babyboomers
A Blessed and Blissful Life Dazzling Beauties
Daylight Beauty Beautifly
Into the Gloss Effortless Beauty
Curly Styling Girly Stuff
Amazingly made up Deluxe Beauty Spa
Glossy Musings Mastermind Beauty
fish queen Gleaming Beauty
Cleopatras’S Makeover Like That
Real Beauty Tips Beauty Trainers
TeamCozy Exposing beauty Secrets
Recurring Glow Beauty Hub
B’Natural Beauty Spa Baby Face Beauty
parkside beauty Everyday Makeup
Prime Beauty Pretty Little Beauties
Top Beauty Beauty ornaments
The beauty Beauty Resort
Peace passion About Beauty Town
Glimmer N Gloss brain shine
Shine with Confidence Beauty Simple
Let Me Beautify You Enchantment Royals
Helpful Highlights Beauty Love
Eternal Glam one Too Much Gloss
Beauty & the Best 9 Face
Wiseshe Lashes Love & Leather
Go Go Guru Beauty Geek
My beauty Sing Diaries of a Fashion
The Beauty Exec RuddyRex
sea shine Makeupholic World
Makeup and Beauty Treasure Skin Care Tips
Awareness Beauty Hub You gotta glamour
real reel Makeup Motion
Face Obsession Skin Life
It’s beautiful Get Glamorous
Pretty Depiction amber lime
Blistering Shine Face Forward
Wonder Beauty Cute Skin Care Blog

Makeup blog names

Some of the good makeup blog names are here:

Getting Glamour Get Makeup And Go
Skin Vitality shine brain
Citizens of glamour orange beauty salon
Blushed And Beautiful Beauty Pen
Review Preview Unit Skin Studios
Pure beauty analysts ProStyle Makeup Co
Forest cover The Charismatic One
UrbanWood Makeup Transformation guides
Winfeet Makeup Co Beautify your imperfection
Old age shine Beauty Style
Beautyenzo Blue Pearl Spa
The Beautyholic One-stop beauty
Bountiful Beauty Next Level Glamour
Your Korner Bountiful Beauty
style line Confidence Make Up
Spotless Alluring Wardrobe
Becoming Beautiful Paper Yoga
The Beauty Teacher The Beauty Queen
Subtle Shimmer Zoe Zoe
Dliteful Trends Goddess Glam
Snow White and the Asian Pear All-round shining formula
Lifeline Skin Care Beaucoup Beauty
Deluxe Beauty British Beauty
RightZox Makeup Co Beauty view
Master Stories OneStep Beauty
Rejuvenate Awe Countenance
The Charis retreats She’s In The Glow
Organic Touch-ups mystiva queen
The Beauty Rules Confident Beauty
Flawless makeover My Many Loves
All About Beauty Qubix
Cryston A new Sports
Establishing beauty Kerruticles
This That Beauty MojoFeel
Hidden in Love Burst Beauty
Confessions of a Cosmetologist Magical brush
Which Beauty Box Bright light
Midas Touch Spa Get Makeup And Go
diya beauty Miss Whoever You Are
Albernon Makeup Pink pure
Create Confidence Amazing Skin Care Blog
Beauddiction Blushed And Beautiful
Beauty Junkies Unite Beauty Cat
Skincare Healthy Memorable Days
Royal Beauty Tips Love My Skin
Effortless Beauty beauty edge
Nuxe Derma Glue
Daylight Beauty Skincare Skinny
Beauty spot Cinderella’S Secret
Upcoming Styles dorra beauty
Beauty Academy True Face Beauty
More Style Modern Gloss
Grace And Elegance Skin Polymers
Darling Beauty Yes
Beauty Builder Just Another Beauty Blog
Baby Face Beauty Acne Herbs
Product Preview Cosmetic lovers
Makeup and Beauty Blog Glam Me Up
The Beauty Guru Gold Therapy
Manufacturing beauty Bluepearl Spa
Real Beauty Faithful Beauty
Cosbos aqua face
Blushing Beauty Bold Women
Bold And Beautiful CassaMessa
snooper shine Energy Glitter
PowerFeel How-To Beauty
Beauty Attack My Haute Couture
Confidence Make Up sun pearls
Magma bright tone Makeup and body
Glamourholic Mom Miss Messa
Serene Beauty Pretty Fix
Visages MoxieKnit
Beauty Studio LifePeak
Get Glamorous Beautiful Musings
Beauty Works A Model Recommends
The Beauty Rules Beauty Brigade
Polish and Paws Beauty bling
Works With Water Beauty Full
Closet Sky The Beauty Tutor
Hidden in Love rain drop

Beauty names ideas

Below are the examples of beauty name ideas to help you name your blog:

Glam Goddess Attraction Palace
LIttle Things Auburn Beauties
Face Fast Effeca Makeup Co
The Beauty Tutor Modern pink Beauty
Hey Aprill Beauty and the Scientist
MakeupMate mystiva sky
Snapbust GenusFit
The Ugly Duckling Wired Glitter
Stretta Makeup Co Eyeliner Queen
The Assurance Superb Makeover
beauty vespa Visages
Wonder lap Peace Love and Shimmer
Her Excellency Cosmetics Sheer beauty
YourAttire Latest in Beauty
Osmosis Skincare True Face Beauty
FiloWright gaze fashion
Ann About Town Transformation spot
Acne Yoga Makeup content
Max Make Crewmek Makeup Co
Mezzex Makeup Co Surprise yourself
WhiteMax Beautification Situation
Makeover stuff Beaucoup Beauty
Vogue Styles Smooth Transitions
Zang Awareness Beauty Hub
Myself Beauty Organic Beauty
Enjoy the Face Beauty Bounty
Wood Beauty sky triangle
Total Transformation magma salon
Rash Natural About Face Skin Care
Aesthetic cuts Glamorous Without the Guilt
Natural Salsa Dear Wallet
Glitter Seek hexa beauty
Beauty Pros Product Preview
Appearance first Funky Bells
Ramp You got d designer
Pretty Finds Face Express
heaven door lace queen
Exotic beauty StarPoint
Brushes For You Red Alice Rao
The Beauty Guru Bombshells and Beauty
Beauty Conscious SpySock Makeup Co
Wonderland Beauty Highlighter Reel
Quality Remedy barbossa beauty
Perfect Skin Care for you EliteChamp
The Beauty Expert Xoraten Makeup Co
Expert Musings Lather Rinse Clean
Face Hacks Whims and Craze
Bella Beauty skin villege
Infinity Beauty Maple Holistics
The Sparking state Beautiful inside out
beauty bounty Beauty Adore
Beauty Place Product Paradise
Turbotex Genuine shine
KeenFeel You gotta beauty!
Beauty Hub Beauty Community
Gold Heal Face Gift
Realz Funky Bells
Generous Glam Smooth musings
Manageable Beauty One point
The Skin to Love Clinic Skin Care Blog
Beau Figure Dynamic Beauties
Sense Paradise More Girly
Chendell Makeup Co Klassichic
Toner Polyester Glossy Lips Blog
Makeup Wave Whims and Craze
Be Beautilicious Beauty For Life
Beau Figure Beauty Bliss
YoungCatch Makeup Skin Care Central
Emerging Skin Care Methods Glamha
Tried True Beauty Beautyview
Exotic face operations creta doll
My Pale Skin DermaDoctor
Beauty That Walks Gilded Guidance
Shine of grace BeautySoul
Qubix Allure
Sparkle Vanity No Apologies
city scape Hidden Beauty
Beauty Recipe lips queen
visco beauty blushing bloom
Real Beauty This Girl Does It All
Welljade Makeup Co blusher queen
Haquiqa Just Skin Care Blog
Bluestar Spa JockSog Makeup Co
The Pai Life Fancy Francy
Glitter Life Beauty in Distress
Beauty Addiction Subtle Shimmer
Beauty Academy Beauty And Beyond
Makeover County Changer for all
Beauty Hotline Jazzy Attire,
Crazy Nailzz thing of beauty
Crownjewel Spa Renew
Beauty Bulletins Supreme Sparkle
The Air Force Wife Kara Spree
beauty view Makeup trends
Beautyview Dot Fusion
Lipstick Lounge Cosmetopia Digest
vanillicious Glossy Polish
True Beauty Barely There Beauty
Chloe’S Beautyspa Griping Style
9 salon secrets Aloe Energy
The Gorgeous WoolForce
Natural Beauty Sparking Wallet
Makeup drive Miss Pretty
The glamorous Glow On Your Face
Glowing Goals Pretty little stuff
Cosmetic stories SuperFirst Makeup Co
Sand Care bonita care
Slashing Queen makeover
Magic Smears Fashion at Its Finest
Elle’S Beauties The Sunday Girl

Catchy makeup names

Check out these catchy makeup, beauty and cosmetics related blog and page names:

Wonder land beauties Skin Fresh
The Demastore Blog The Valued Face
Style With ___ Generous Glam
Joy Of Better Skin Sparkle Specialists
The Assurance Beautifulicious
Brides And Grooms Make Overs Shinning Life
magma fairness Skincare Ability
Proven Beauty Vanity Chest
Product Paradise The Magic Touch
Skin Exercise Nail Obsession
PrettyAble Trusted Tutorials
ComfortCourt Enjoy the Journey
Showstoppers beauty balance
Facelift corner Curious Lily
Casual Chic Mom Beauty Tips For All
Aenogon Makeup Co Modest Beauty
urban way Positive beauty vibes
Bonita Beauty gleming green
Modest Attraction Elixir Of Youth Spa
beauty trends glam glow
A testy glamour Skyn Therapy
Ravishing Reviews Beauty + Brains
skin pearls Munings Makeup
Beauty Touch Transfiguration
Free People Blog Gleaming Beauty
Bipolar Life True Beauty
The Turn Around Brass Touch Spa
Goddess Glam Top Beauty
Bella Beauty Lavish Beauties
Beauty Charm jazzy bliss
blush rush Gilded Guidance
Cast Spa Style Coma
Home Skin Care Tips Stunning Chic
Beyond Makeup Women arena
Toner Pure burst queen
Sparkle Specialists Aloe Wellness
Candid Looks Amazing Women Salon
Her Little Space DynaDude Makeup Co
VitalWin Makeup Co heaven feel
Faithful Beauty Diamond Colours
Skincare Active Beauty Bomb
star shine Aloe Symptoms
Exotic Beauty NeuBelle
Hello Rigby The Natural Beauty Workshop
Pure Smiles Natural-beauty
Billabox Makeup Co Obsessed beauty
Your makeup solution Glowing hot
Trusted Tutorials Beauty Blog
Sporture Makeup Co My Beauty Tips
Twice Styled Obscure salonblog
Glam Centre Southern Beauty
Ping Parade Vivid gold
Renewed Appearance TrueSpirit Makeup Co
Eternal Sparkling Fancy Face
Becoming Beautiful Womens Blog Talk
Stories of an Insecure Mess The Turn Around
1Chrismatic aspire queen
Beyonda Makeup Sizzling you
Beautiful You Eye Catching stuff
Beauty digs Pibuu Blog
Trending beauty Best Beauty Blog
Wow Beauty Happen Skin Tips
Fashion Coma The Glam Life
Kiss and Makeup Obscure Beauty Blog
Designer Merge Brides And Grooms Make Overs
The Beauty Expert Barefoot Beauty
Proven Beauty Exotic Sensibility
Beauty Mom Beauty Styling
Spot Of Attraction Nia Patten Looks
Great Touches Sparkle
Skin By Lovely Spatacular
My Beauty Style Beauty Rocks
Thou Shalt Not Covet Dr Beauty
Lovely Organic Sparkle In Sequins
Aloe Treatment Hunter Lab
The Blessed Wardrobe Deacon Fitness
Beauty Community The Beauty Regimen
beautyandthegeek Vibe Blitz
9 Beauty Secrets Inhale N’ Exhale Spa
Spot Of Attraction Gemstones Spa
aspire shine Cute Curry
A Touch of Glamour beauty pixel
marvella beauty Beauty Bliss
Midas Brushes Road to Beauty
final touch Styles And Glamour
Kikaysikat Mascara Handling
Bold And Beautiful Beautification Situation
Mich Eats and Shops Self-Love
The Transformation Makeup theJourney
Facial Care Blog Grogeous Angels Salon& Spa
Beautification Station silver pearls
Routine Beauty Love Cents
The organic cosmetic Say serene
Magical Hands unibiq shine
The Magic Touch Sticky looking techniques
Confidence Make Up Dusking Beauty approach
So Chic Forever beautiful
The Beauty Department Beauty Obsessed

Tips to Follow to Name Your Beauty Blog

While going through all these tips, you need to brainstorm different names that pop in your mind and write them down on paper.

1.  Determine Your Beauty Blog’s Niche and Make a Word Bank

Without deciding the niche of your beauty blog, you can’t move forward. So, determine the niche first. Picking the niche will help you develop an intriguing name for your beauty blog and create killer content to stand out in the crowd.

There are a few beauty blog niches and examples (with words that fall under the category) that you can decide from:

  • Natural beauty blog- vegan, real, refined, pure
  • Skincare beauty blog- wrinkle-free, flawless glow, exfoliate, scrub, wash.
  • Hair beauty blog- straight, bob, blonde, waves, cut, long hair, brunette
  • Nain beauty blog- acrylic, nails, shape, polish, manicure, pedicure, file
  • Makeup beauty blog- eyeshadow, face powder, blush, highlighter, cosmetics, lipsticks, gloss, mascara

After determining your beauty blog’s niche and choosing the words related to it, it is time to move forward. Proceeding with the niche and words determining step will ensure that the visitors come in flow.

If you highlight what you provide, visitors will know what they are looking for and prefer you more than others. While brainstorming the names, don’t be scared or shy to put the words on paper. Jot every word that comes to your mind. Creating a word bank is to have enough words to choose the name from when the times come.

2.  Mix and Match Different Words

After you conduct the first step, you have created a word bank with lots of beauty blog names. Now is the time to start mixing and matching to come up with a catchy name. There are different techniques to create a catchy and unique combo of words for your blog.

One, you can combine unrelated or opposite words. Using this technique enables you to create an ambiance of intrigue and mystique around the beauty blog name.

Two, you can use alliteration. Alliteration is a combination of words that start with the same first letter or sound. Beauty blog names with alliteration are easy to remember and pronounce. So, visitors talk about them and get attracted to them more.

Blogs like Beauty Banter, Skincare Savoir, used alliteration and provide ease to the visitors, which makes them more successful than other blogs.

Third, last but not least, you can use catchphrases. Catchphrases stick to the tongue, are easy to remember and pronounce as well. If used well, this technique outshines a blog and puts it on top of the dedicated blog industry.

3.  Focus on Staying Unique and Snappy

Every blogger aims to achieve uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. You want to outshine the other too, and that’s your target. That won’t be possible if your beauty blog name is the same as the other blogs. You need that element of uniqueness.

A unique and snappy name will engrave itself in your visitors’ minds, and they will spread it and talk about it with the others. Let your beauty blog name stay uncommon. Let the world know you can deliver something that the others aren’t.

But make sure the name isn’t hard to pronounce or has tricky spellings. Otherwise, no one will come to you and forget you soon enough.

You aren’t selling something familiar. Be bold, stylish, and funky with the choice of words your brand has. Another thing you should consider- your beauty blog name should reflect your personality and style.

Adding your personality and style into the mix will help you eliminate the feeling of blandness to your blog. Most of the beauty blogs focus on staying funky and contain cool adjectives to it. Such a name will remain with you and your customers for many more years to come.

4.  Let it be Easy to Remember and Spell

A blog name that is difficult to spell and pronounce will frustrate the potential visitors. Suppose someone refers your blog to someone, but the potential visitor won’t be able to search you because of the problematic spelling and pronunciation.

That’s how you lose potential visitors and loyal customers. Stick with snappy yet straightforward words to make it easier for others to remember them. Your blog name will be memorable and not some foreign jargon. Plus, the words in the name will stay in between 2 to 3 maximum.

5.  Determine if You Want the Blog Name to Grow With You for Years

If you are looking to expand and grow your beauty brand in the future, you will have to consider the blog name. This means that the beauty blog name shouldn’t limit you in any way. Avoid words that are likely to change in the future.

Think of the future; don’t let the name put you in a box. Pick flexible words that fall under the niche you chose.


A name has the ability to make or break a brand. Keep yourself calm and give this naming process from two days to two weeks. If it takes more time, consult your family and friends, and ask for their opinion.

Pay attention to how they react when they hear your beauty blog name for the first time. Change the name (if required) according to the opinions they provide you with. If all else fails, you can hire a professional to name your beauty blog.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, there are several blog name generators on the internet to help you come up with the best name possible for your beauty blog. Remember, you are in charge. So, choose a name that satisfies you.

Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and think if the name you have chosen strikes that interest in your mind or not. Move forward with these thoughts, and all will be fine. The names we mentioned will also help you choose a name for your beauty blog similar to them or something else entirely.

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