950+ Cool Barber Shop Name Ideas and Suggestions

Barbershop is a must for the addition of facilities in a particular area or town. It is the only place which men consider a really important place to go for the sake of grooming. That’s how a barbershop is generally called “cave of men”.

If you own a barbershop, you’re required to think of the ways that can be useful in attracting the consumers and prospects towards your business. Although a barbershop is no doubt a business that produces a lot of dividends, yet there are a few factors that need your attention.

One of the most important factors that allows you to come on top of the charts is the naming of the barbershop. In order to get a successful approach in this business, you should think from the perspective of the audience.

Coupled with the high-end equipment and top-notch services, you can expand the perimeters of your hairstyling and grooming business with the help of a name that accurately defines what you offer!

The name of a barbershop should be selected while keeping some key aspects in mind. The name of a particular business can either be the reason behind its success or the reason behind its failure, so you are ought to stay careful!

Barber shop names

Here is the list of barber shop names to help you name your hairstyling business:

  • Crocker Barber Shop
  • Yankee Clipper
  • Chelsea Cuts
  • Classic Cuts
  • The Dover Honing
  • Clippers Haircuts
  • Cutter Shark
  • The Men’s Mane
  • Twin Scissors Barber
  • Hair Unlimited
  • Barbarossa
  • Groom
  • Barber Brains
  • Barber Side
  • Park Boulevard
  • Giant Barber
  • Old Days Barbers
  • The Men’s Room
  • Halftime Haircuts
  • Champ
  • English Barber
  • Peoples Barber
  • Amazon Barber Shop
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Premium Barbershop
  • Great Images
  • Clip Joint
  • Russo’s Barber
  • Knights Gather
  • The Million Hairs
  • Cut and Shave
  • Superior Cuts
  • Wash Away Salon
  • Simplicity Salon
  • Scissor Hands
  • Hairitage
  • Barber Box
  • Sunshine Salon
  • Nobel Barber
  • Clippers Combing Attractions

Barber Shop NamesBarber names for Instagram

These are the catchy barber shop names for Instagram:

  • Brotherhood Barbershop
  • Wolf
  • Grateful Head
  • Scissor Hands
  • Gentlemen’s Grooming
  • Sunny Side Salon
  • Born to Be Beautiful
  • Girolo
  • Well-Comb
  • Bold Barber
  • Shagro
  • Boar
  • Cool Cuts
  • Epic Barber Shop
  • Pall Mall Barbers Midtown
  • Lather Lover
  • Fade O’Clock
  • The Shave Cave
  • Sideburns
  • Short Barber
  • Public Barber Salon
  • Cavanio
  • Barber King
  • Tailed Cuts
  • Peoples Fixit
  • Original Crew
  • Sunset Clips
  • Perruque
  • Mister
  • The Comb Over
  • Gentmode
  • Made Man Barbershop
  • Barber Shop NYC
  • Fellow Barber
  • The Pristine Barber
  • Razed Right
  • Cut ‘N’ Shave
  • Fade O’Clock Barber
  • New Era Cuts
  • Sportsman Barber Shop
  • Picture Perfect
  • Hunk
  • The Greatful Head
  • Tapered Men’s Salon
  • The Fade Shop
  • Chop Shop
  • Barberhood
  • The Cutt’n Edge
  • The Humble Barber
  • Dreads
  • Bombastic Barbers
  • Blades of Gold

Barber shop names ideas

The following are the creative barber shop names ideas:

  • The Cutting Dudes
  • Neck & Nose
  • Cut ‘N’ Shave Barber
  • The Original Barber Shop
  • The Barbershop Vergara
  • Tailored Hair
  • Better Bubbles
  • Barber Blues
  • Foam & Blade
  • The Clippers
  • Tidy Hairs
  • Creators
  • The Mustached Man
  • Fine Grooming
  • Mobile Barber
  • The Masterpiece Cut
  • The Refinery Grooming Club
  • One-Stop Barber
  • The Grooming Club
  • Follicle
  • All-Star Hair Cuts
  • Style O Rama
  • Uboco
  • Cutting Edge
  • Indulgence Salon
  • The Raze Books
  • Barber Express
  • Beautiful Body Salon
  • Liberty Barbershop
  • Pro Style
  • Dame and Dapper
  • Style Street Salon
  • Heads Up Barber
  • Cobra
  • Noir
  • Buzzed Basters
  • The Mustache Man
  • Gold Comb
  • Spotted Man Salon
  • Golden Door Barbershop
  • Golden Touch
  • The Hair Port
  • Blade Barbershop
  • The Pristine
  • His and Hairs
  • The Process
  • Silver Bullet Barbers
  • Locals Barbershop

Hair cutting shop name

The best hair cutting business names are here:

  • Thor
  • Luxurious Locks
  • Gentlemen’s Salon
  • American Barber’s
  • The Mad Barber
  • Cut & Dry
  • Estimen
  • Man’s World
  • Barbados Social Barber
  • The Pope
  • The Hive
  • Umbra
  • Lux Barber
  • Old English
  • Creative Ways
  • Russo’s Barber Shop
  • Legends the Barbershop
  • Game Day Barber Shop
  • Band of Barbers
  • The Classic Cut
  • Hestory
  • Who’s next?
  • Off the Top
  • Freedom Barber
  • Ivy League Dresser
  • Trendy Fella
  • Great Image Salon
  • State Street
  • The Comb Over
  • Beards & Shears
  • The Grooming Lounge
  • Serenity Salon
  • Salon Zeppelin
  • Next Level Barbershop
  • Normal Heights Barbershop
  • Fast Fades
  • Necks
  • Gentlemen
  • Hometown Salon
  • Lighthouse Barbers
  • Twisted Scissors
  • Rich Blends

Funny barber shop names

Here is the mix of funny and inspiring barber shop names:

  • Cut N Edge
  • Sanctuary Salon
  • Corner Barber
  • Keystone Barber Shop
  • Well-Combed
  • Making Waves
  • Upper Cuts
  • Crypto Cuts
  • Upper Cuts
  • Choice Cuts
  • Rusty Blade
  • Master Barbers
  • One-Stop Barber
  • Lucky Barbers
  • Hair Port
  • Love and Bubbles
  • 5th Ave Barber
  • Hombre
  • Times Square
  • Barbershop Alvarado
  • Barber Book
  • Normal Height Cuts
  • The Urban Shave
  • Hair-O-Dynamics
  • Cutting Edge Cuts
  • Well-Comb All
  • Fine Line Shop
  • King Cut
  • Style Street Barber
  • Creative Cuts
  • Elegant Barber Shop
  • Salon Solitude
  • Comb Over
  • Hair Drive
  • Big Mouth Barber
  • Cut to Contrast
  • Razzle Dazzle Barbershop
  • Prestige Barbers
  • Barber Blaze
  • Manolo

Cool barber shop names

Have a look at these cool barber shop names and suggestions:

  • Young House Barber
  • Couture Barbars
  • Pure Indulgence
  • Cut ‘N’ Shave
  • Baseline Barbers
  • The Barbery
  • Twisted Scissors
  • NYC Barber Shop Museum
  • Barbershop Deluxe
  • Bulls & Barbers
  • Tank
  • Los Santos Barbershop
  • NYC Barber Shop
  • The Humble Barber
  • The Second Space
  • Cut Cat
  • The House of Handsome
  • The Barber Chop
  • Ace of Cuts
  • Touchdown Barber
  • Zip Zap Hair Salon
  • Razor Cuts
  • Grandpa
  • Wave Hello
  • The Humble
  • Parting Ways
  • The Art of Grooming
  • Roosters
  • Dutch
  • A Cut Above
  • Echos Hair Design Salon
  • State Street Barbers
  • Old Town
  • Style Cave
  • Cut Creations
  • 5th Ave Shop
  • Pit Stop Barber Shop
  • My Cut Shop
  • One-Stop Salon
  • Westside Cuts & Style
  • Goodness Glamour

Barber shop name generator

These are the best barber shop names fetched by name generators:

  • Bolt Barbers
  • Groomify
  • Iced Out Barbershop
  • Fading Away
  • The Cutter’s Love
  • Smart Ideas
  • Scissor Tangles
  • Bold Bloke
  • Barbers R Us
  • The Men’s Style
  • Hot Rod Barber Shop
  • Hair Affair
  • Dope Barber
  • Cut Above the Rest
  • Looks Smith
  • Freeway Barber Shop
  • Dressing Shop
  • Crew Cuts
  • Artisan Barber
  • Luxuriate Barber
  • The Men’s Mane
  • Barber Boss
  • Abe Barbershop

Haircutting and barbershop business namesValuable Tips for Naming a Barbershop

There are some key pointers that can allow you to come up with a name that can display a perfect impression of your barbershop in front of potential clients. Below is the illustration of these major key pointers that can be beneficial in all regards:

1.     Explain your business

As there exists diversity in businesses, you are required to specify the niche of your business that lets people know what you have to offer. Through a sweet and descriptive name for your barbershop, you can make it happen!

2.     Target right audience

As mentioned above, a barbershop is generally regarded as the cave of men. Thereby, you can have the option to target the audience while you are naming your barbershop. For instance, you can add words like man, guy, gentleman, boy, or anything which specifies the audience.

This way, you can provide more transparency for the audience. People are able to determine the availability of your services that are present in a particular area.

3.     Include relevant words

What do you come up with when you hear the word “Barbershop”? While you are naming your hairstyling business, you are required to make sure of the inclusion of the relevant terms like scissors, cutting, blow dryers, gels, sprays, hairstyles, or other terms that specifically define the niche of your business.

4.     Option of using alliteration

If you want to come up with something unique and different, you can give a try to use of alliteration as well. In order to make the name of your barbershop with alliteration, you are required to come up with two to three words that have the same initials.

Below are the examples of alliteration:

  • Razor Rangers
  • Mustache Musketeers
  • The Treasury Tools
  • Classy Clippers
  • Dashing Dads
  • Cut Crop
  • Styling Store
  • Wizards Workshop

5.   Create a cool mashup!

Why not come up with a cool name for your barbershop that leaves the customers impressed. So what are you waiting for! Think of two terms that are relevant to the niche of your business and mix them, so the name of your barbershop gives a sparkly outlook. Some of the examples are given below:

  • Beardyman
  • CutYo
  • Sprayin’ Saga
  • SmirkyMustaches
  • StylingTools
  • ClassyMen
  • Puff n Ruff
  • Vintagemen
  • SlayRazors

6.     Things you should say no to

There are a few things which you should strictly omit while you’re naming your hairdressing salon for men. Below is the list of such things:


Using absurd or irrelevant terms may end up distracting the customers away. Absurdity can leave the customers thinking, “What does this even mean!”

Therefore, make sure that the terms you use should be relevant, so the customers can understand the name of your business in a snap. Avoiding absurdity allows you to easily share your business name with other people.

Moreover, if you keep limited to the niche of your business, it also increases the readability of your content. Come up with such a name for your hairdressing salon that is attractive as well as relevant.

Long names

Read, “Revolution of Hairdressing Corporation”. Boring and long, right? You don’t want to come up with such a name that leaves the customers bored.

If it doesn’t stay in the memory of an individual, then it will be really difficult for you to spread awareness and market your services. A short and simple business name can be memorable when it comes to interacting with consumers.

Negative terms

While you are coming up with a name for your barbershop, you should be aware of the fact that using negative connotations can make some people offended.

While you’re setting up a business that is based on a commercial scale, you should make sure that you depict positivity. If you aim to facilitate the citizens around you, you should maintain a perfect reputation for your business.

Complex vocabulary

There is no need of adding high and complex vocabulary to the name of your barbershop. The words that are widely used by the general audience can make up a name that is suitable for your business.

Using complicated vocabulary can restrict your business to a particular extent. That way, only a few people will be able to understand the name of your barbershop. In order to prevent that from happening, keep such a business name that is accessible to everyone.

7.     Use name generating tools

If you can’t brainstorm ideas on your own, then you have the option of using name generating websites as well. These websites provide you with multifarious ideas that can help you in making up a name that comes up to your preferences!

There are different websites with different packages. You can choose a website that suits your budget. After that, begin scrolling down the list of names provided by the website. If you like a name, you can purchase it and own all rights to it.

8.     Make use of feedback

To make sure whether your business name holds importance or not, you are required to gain feedback from the audience. You can make use of social media platforms to determine whether your business name is likable or not.

Another option includes summoning up of options from friends or co-workers. This can let you know what others think of the name of your barbershop.

9.     Enter the digital world

After you have come up with a suitable name for your barbershop, you can make a website of your own in order to attain customers through the digital world.

For that purpose, you are required to get a web hosting and domain name. Try getting a domain name that matches your business name. This way, everyone has a convenient approach to your services.

10.  Get a logo

To highlight the name of your barbershop, you have the option to get a logo designed. Make sure that the logo designed for your business is relevant. For instance, it can be a graphic representation of scissors, mustaches, hats, dryers or anything that indicates your services.

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