110+ Handbags Brand Name Ideas to Inspire Your Ideas

If you are thinking of starting your own brand then choosing an excellent name for your brand is the first step. Everyone who is going to open a bag business needs attention-grabbing names for their brand.

Name of your brand is a crucial element of your business as it will be the first impression you give to potential customers. When it comes to the handbag business, people usually choose their own name.

But what if someone doesn’t want to follow this traditional rule or wants to make his /her brand name more unique and luxurious? If you are that someone and looking for an amazing name for your bag brand, then you are at the right page.

Handbags Brand Names

Here are the creative names ideas for handbags brand:

  • Bag Style
  • Great Bags
  • Tropical Totes
  • Clutch Closet
  • Super Sacks
  • Bag Giant
  • Bag Space
  • Earth Bag
  • Smart Sacks
  • Clutch Craze
  • Holy Handbags
  • High End Handbags
  • Haute Handbags
  • Bag Queen
  • The Bag Game
  • Beautiful Bags
  • Bag Bonus
  • The Bag Brag
  • Bountiful Bags
  • Bigger Bags
  • Star Bags
  • Carry Couture
  • Carryall Couture
  • Boat and Tote
  • Bag Bank
  • Specialty Bags
  • Best of Bags
  • Beholden Bags
  • Sack Full
  • Bags Plus
  • Bag Love
  • Main Drag Bags
  • Deal Bags
  • Better Bags
  • Bright Bags
  • Bag Best
  • Classic Carryalls
  • Crossbody Corner
  • Bag Source
  • Handbags Handled
  • Bag Bounty
  • Bag Happy
  • Bag Play
  • Style Sacks
  • Handbag Haven
  • Bag Answer
  • Gear Bags
  • Toteally Trendy
  • Carry On Couture
  • Crystal Bags
  • Rags to Bags
  • Bag Gallery
  • Bag Work
  • The Perfect Bag
  • Supreme Satchel
  • Bag Joy
  • Tote Temptation
  • Bag Basics
  • The Perfect Fit
  • Handbag Heaven
  • Snag a Bag
  • Bag Impressions
  • Bags to Basics
  • To Be Toted
  • Everything Bags
  • JLEW Bags
  • Longchamp

Handbags Brand Names

Name Your Handbags Brand

We have some amazing tips and ideas for naming a bag brand. A great brand name isn’t just something that appears cool on your card or is fun to mention. And it isn’t great because you like it. It is great because it communicates something to customers.

Here’s our four-step process to generate a name for your brand.

1.    Brainstorm your name ideas

Start by thinking, what words can fit your brand name. For example, for handbag brands, think of words like ‘fashion’, ‘fancy’, ‘luxurious’, ‘Purse’ and so on. Brainstorm your name ideas and think of as many words as you can. But all the words should be related to the services your brand will provide.

For example, if you’ll provide trendy and affordable bags, then try to add these words to your brand name. Then make a list of all the names you have come up with.

2.      Shortlist your ideas

When you have a big list of names for your brand, then the second step is short listing your ideas. Now, is the time to omit all the names that are very difficult to spell or pronounce.

Only keep those names in your list that are memorable, attention-grabbing and brandable. Don’t forget to choose only those names that are relevant to your brand.

3.      Get feedback

The third and the most important step is getting feedback on your names from your friends and family. Ask them to judge your names as normal customers. If possible try to get feedback from some professionals or from the people who are working in bag companies.

They can give you a better opinion than your friends and family. Ask them some questions like: What is the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing this name?

4.      Check its availability

At this stage, you must have 3 to 4 best names for your bag brand. Now is the time to check for their availability. It is a very important step. You must check that the name you are choosing for your brand must not be taken by someone else.

And also check availability of name for trademark and domain registration. And then, you can name your brand officially.

The choice of the name actually depends on your brand’s idea. For example, if you are opening a brand for a specific type of bag, then the name should be specific and short.

But if you are opening a brand with wide varieties of bags, then the name should be thematic and attention-grabbing. Here are some tips that’ll assist you in naming your bag brand.

5.      Choose the right keyword

Choosing the right keywords is very important. It will help you to rank better on search engines. If you are looking for a thematic name, then using the word ‘Purse’ is best. It may sound old-fashioned, but you can create very unique and catchy names using this keyword. For example : Princess purse.

You can also use the keyword ‘Bag’ for a thematic name of your brand. Combine it with adjectives and nouns to create a unique name for your brand.

For example Birdy bags or luxurious bags. And if you are opening a brand for a specific type of bag, for example handbags, then using the keyword ‘Handbag’ will be best. You can name your brand as ‘International handbags’, ‘Neo Handbags’ and so on.

6.    Use clear and descriptive words

Choosing weird names just for the purpose of grabbing attention can be a worst idea for your startup brand. Make sure your brand name doesn’t send wrong messages or mixed messages. Your brand name should be clear.

At first glance, people should understand what services you provide. Use words that can easily be connected with your brand. For example, if you will provide leather bags, you can use the word ‘leather’ in your brand name. It’ll help people know that they can find leather bags on your brand.

7.      Use rhythms or alliteration

Use rhythms and alliteration in your brand name to make it memorable. These types of names sound great and are extremely brandable.

For example; Blessed bags, bunny bags, bags bliss, buff bags and so on. Using alliteration will make your brand name attention-grabbing.

8.      Create names that appeal to the customer values

It is important to focus on creating the names that appeal to your customer’s values. Your brand name should reflect the services you provide. A brand name that shows people, what solutions you provide or what is your core value, makes your brand more trustworthy and reliable.

Use words like comfort, versatility, handy to create names for your brand.

9.      Use modern names

Naming can be a very difficult process for a startup brand. But using modern names can save you from this hectic process. Modern names are usually short and sound fresh that drive interest and excitement.

Modern names are very popular with fashion brands,for example: ‘Zara’ and ‘Hulu’. Using modern names can be the best idea for a startup bag brand as modern names are highly intriguing.

10.  Use foreign words

Using non-native words for your brand makes your brand exotic. It can make your brand name attention-grabbing. This technique is very helpful in creating a memorable name for your brand. Using foreign words for the name of your bag brand is a great idea to make your brand successful.

11.  Research on the internet

Creating a unique and catchy name for your brand is not enough; a certain amount of research is also required. You need to do thorough research on the internet about the name you have decided for your brand.

You must make sure that the name of your brand stands out from competitors. You also have to think about how it translates into other languages as you don’t want your brand name to be a hindrance to international market places.

We have offered a few ideas to help you with your brand name. Besides all these tips and ideas, you must understand that your brand name should connect with your customers at an emotional level. It ought to be distinctive, easy to recollect and clearly convey the temperament and message behind your stigmatization level.

Remember one thing that your brand name is merely the primary step in building a robust, memorable brand. From name to messaging, to your visual identity, you would like to approach your brand thoughtfully and strategically.

Once you have got your name, you have got a long way to go to make your brand successful.

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