Art Name Ideas: 1700+ Art Channel Names Ideas for YouTube

Your art is reflected by your artsy channel and your channel is represented by its name. Therefore, it is very important to name your artsy channel properly.

The name of your artsy channel should be good looking and give creative meaning. Especially on YouTube, naming is a very important factor for your success.

There would be thousands of artsy channels on YouTube the only thing that’ll make your channel stand among others is your channel name.

In this article, we have explained in detail how to name your artsy channel. Plus, we enlisted hundreds of art channel names and ideas to help you name your channel.

Art channel names

These are the best art channel name ideas you’ll ever find:

  • Unlimited Fun Art
  • Happy Crafts Designs
  • Great Thou Art
  • Wire Crafts
  • Art Vista
  • Crafty Kids
  • Crafty Nails
  • Creative Classic
  • Greenlight Creations
  • Heddy Freig
  • Brain Arts
  • Zen Craft Shop
  • Black City
  • Creative Mass
  • Gifts Galore
  • Imagelust studios
  • Painting Experts
  • Raft Home
  • Slipstitch
  • Dream Crafters
  • Splash Masters
  • Art Connection
  • Arnolds Scrapbook & Crafts
  • The Art Roll
  • Crispy Vision
  • Inspire Crisp
  • Painting Perfection
  • Art Dream
  • Cute Eyes
  • Fast 7 Creative
  • Blue pegasus art shop
  • A Crafters Heart
  • Assemble Kings
  • Boost Comic
  • Collective Arts
  • The Ink Pad
  • Open Arms Arts
  • Clever Mores
  • Urban Crafts store
  • Cool Cat Crafts
  • Soft Designs
  • Time Travels
  • In the Arts
  • All in One Apron
  • The Hanging Arts
  • Knack Knock
  • The Portrait People
  • Trumpet arts
  • Stone Art Gallery
  • Blessing in Design
  • Classroom Arts
  • Art Master
  • Kitty Bloom
  • Painting Lounge
  • Painting for the Future
  • Creative University
  • Pebble Wave
  • Act Of Crafts
Kremer Pigments Home Crafts
Haberdasher’s Craft Closet
Patsy Ince Decoupage Craft n’ Creations
Piece O Craft The Gallery of Love
Smart Splashes & Ink Watercolors+
Anybody Can Art Fine Arts
Daily Creations Re-creation
Flying Designs Hanging Arts
Mama Mo’s Homemade Treasures City View Created
Eckersley’s Wizard Art Time
Brooklyn Craft Company Brico Craft Studio
Flexible Paint Rose Wood Crafts
Art Plus Land Of Hobbies
The Craft Machine ProArtistry
Just A Rumor Michaels
Boutique The Crafty Kids
Art Prints Factory Direct Craft
Take Part in Part Living Scenes
Urban Grace Sunny Skies Creative
Start with Art Creative crafters
Produce Inspire Hanging the Dreams
The Craftsman Inks & Pots
Connecting Art ProTechniques
Tricky Drawing Diva Treva
FrameWorx Art Rhythm
Pacific Trimming & Buttons NY Art Drawn
Daring Displays Land Art Design Inc.
Capricious Creations Friday Ideas
Artistic Moves Cosmetics
Blue Ribbon Crafters Hands & Tools
Purple Vibe Pretty
Cowling & Wilcox jingle smile
Gothiclife studios Mindscream arts
Magiecreatif studios Rice Art Study
Craft Nook The title Art
Your Stitch Fix Inspired Creations
Smart Art Crafts Scrap Yard
More Inks Art Amour
The Splashed Solution Make
Gallery Goods Original Express
Art Experts Pens Pencils and Paper
The Little Art Boutique DIY Designs
Color Your Dreams Golden
3-Min Crafts The Splash Specialists
Handicraft Home l’uccello
Ink & Splashes Little Art n’
Monogram Central Cryptic Hatter
Acclimate Artists Beauty Crafts
Social Lover & Artist The Craft Tree
Art Management Abstract Fantasy plan
Shop4Gold Retroract galleries
Painted Yeti City Helpers
All Tied Up Crafts Elegananta concept
Sassy Folks Vow Fun
Easy As Stencil Macramé Crafts
Treasure Foxy Fare
Honey Sinful Soaps
Teen Crafts Bedazzled
Cagey Crafts Jerry’s Artist Outlet
Graphic Art Supply Cook’s Arts & Crafts Shoppe
Clip n’ Snip Crafts Art People Gallery
The Craft Girl Amazon Artworks
Clay & Paper Lion Brand Yarn Studio
Big City Crafters ProPaint
Second Time Around Huge Art Show
Digital colorful Array Artistry
Hobby Lobby XYZ Innovations
Hand Skill Creativity with Ally
Qurious Sasa Cool Competence
Stonegate Candle Creations Artistic Flair
The art in Motion The Art Factory
Blue Art Gallery Art Center Manatee
Z Design Ideas Hidden Talent
Shady Deal Ages of Concept
MetalEdge Crafty Girl
Pinpoint Printable Crispy Keepsakes
Paint display Bespoke Bits
Craft Doctor One-Of-A-Kind Krafts
Crafty Night Out Moniker Marvels
Facial Art Colo City Arts

Art gallery names ideas

Some of the good art gallery names ideas are here:

  • Random Studio Crafts
  • Paint Experts
  • Bee Creative
  • Princess Embellish
  • Custom Craftly
  • Art from the Heart
  • Visions and Variety
  • Art Thrill Fine Pieces
  • Cobwebs
  • The Art Box
  • Art Siren
  • Rose Petal Pottery
  • Artful Dodger
  • The Old Guys Art
  • Graymist Studio & Shop
  • Fairy
  • Arbee
  • The Artisans Club
  • The Craft Superstore
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Design your Thoughts
  • Shimmering Sand Art
  • Ambitious Agency
  • Get Craftin’
  • Crafty Kid
  • Abstract Arts
  • Sketchbook Bros
  • Artists Abstract
  • Hobby Repertoire
  • A Cool Strategy
  • Souldepthexpressionist
  • Inspired Studio
  • Custom express
  • Imagination Nation
  • ArtsyWish Fine Art
  • The moving Scenes
  • Corner Store
  • Cadence studios
  • Bells and Whistles
  • City View Crafters
  • Insight studios
  • Tape-Rite Co
  • Color Secret
  • Handy Crafted
  • More Like Artists
  • Peeps Keeps
  • The Splash Master
  • Creatively Crafty
  • Crystal Ball Crafts
  • Painting Passions
  • That’s Sew Crafty!
  • El Greco
  • Crafter Jacks
  • Gift Tent Karama
  • Essence of Designs
Tannery NYC Knitty City
A small Gallery Sea of Beads
Spotlight Townsville Peace Of My Art
Build A Brand Ark Animals
Reflection Club Just Sewing
Chic Slick Savvy Stitchery
Paintings from the modern world The Craft House
Creating Crafts Blue Ribbon
Magic Novelty Co. Inc. Graphics Glamour
Paint Doctors Artist & Craftsman
Custom Maven State-of-the-Art
Krafty Girl Amaze Decors
Shrewd-Tech Co The Craft Supply
Open Heart Black Market Art
Personify Gifts Button Bar
Quality Artwork Lavender Heart
Worldly Crafts Diestro Arts
Beautify ME Luxury Artistry
We the Designers Cleverly Creative
Shirt Art Purple Duck Products
Creative Dream The Splashing Angel
Daily Grind The Art of Expression
Dream inspire Craft Plus
Retro Fit Precious Pearl Crafts
The Thrilling Arts State-of-the-Arts
Inside Joy Moving Minds Inc
Junk Into Beauty Inspirations and Aspirations
Crafting Critters Happy Crafts
LuxArt Dream Inks & Tools
Blue Market Arts Colour Floyds
Greer Gallery Inc Still Life
Artist Gallery Combined Crafts
Platinum Gallery Everything Art
Handcrafted Flair Superb Studios
Art View Draw Me
Studio Art About the Artist
D&L Craftworkz Inside Impressions
Next Level Crafting Opulent Keepsakes
Great Craft Works Optimal Knowhow Co
Hope Stone Art & Ink Knotty Knitters
Creator Arts Crescent Crew
The Society Drawing Dudes
Bead Kraft Take Heart in Art
The Puppet Farm Kittycats Store
Swift Hands Button Down
Prolific arts studio Painters
Blick Materials Absolute Clarity
Capital Design Gallery Bayco Corporation
Back to Basics Artistry Ultimate craft
La Keep Shop Creative Space
Delightful Hands Julia’s Crafts
Artful Concepts North Grid
Express Yourself Craftiness
Golden fleece artshop Paint of Heart
Earth Wind Power Design Art
Artists in Action Kissable Lips
Embellished Life Art Enchantment
iCandy Crafts Aptly Crafty
The Art Elephant Just Craftin’ Around
The Golden Box Blue Market Art
Memory Sprite The Two of Us
Big Splash Eggshell Artistry Gallery
Creative Minds Art Parts
Drafting Drake Simply Chic
Happy Crafts shop Artist Amour
Personal Eyes It Pen & Paper
Reynolds Advanced Materials Me and Mom
Kickstart Art Castle Crafts store
New Angle Crafters Crow Market
Timbuktu Get Crafting’
Riot Art CraftWorks
Art-World Collection Classy Art
Medium Author Arts & Letters
Gerald Bland Casper’s Craft Castle
Hand Gifted Alpha Designers Club
Hope’s Chest Art Producers
Inspiring Crafts Complex Creativity
Arts on the Horizon Brilliant Brushes
Active Like Agent Angel Crafter
Professional Craft Decoration Artists with Heart

Names related to art

These names are all related to creative art and craft:

  • The Seashell Company
  • Salvador Dalí
  • Colorest Supplies
  • Drawings Direct
  • Moore Arts and Crafts
  • Art Stylize
  • Crazy Crafty Chicks
  • Cosmic Creative
  • Learn To Craft
  • Dynasty Arts Inc
  • Essex Corner
  • Red Frebb Fine Splashes
  • Colours edge
  • Practical Skill Enterprise
  • Crash TV
  • Remedial Arts
  • Art In Sew
  • Double Craft
  • Crafty Results
  • Offbeat Boutique
  • Creative Dancers
  • Glory in arts
  • Big Production.
  • The Art shack
  • Adapt Shape
  • The Village Haberdashery
  • Diamond Needle Corp
  • Artful Things
  • Tmesis
  • Lenix photography
  • Craft 51
  • Glue Stick Crafts
  • Greenlight
  • Black White Gallery
  • Arts Are Us
  • Art Relief
  • Loudpen maniacs
  • Colour Trails
  • Fired Up Pottery
  • The Scale of Art
  • LeftBrain Creations
  • Luckier Creations
  • Standard Knowledge
  • Caravaggio
  • Shine Trim
  • Making Masterpieces
  • Raphael
  • Art for fame
  • Ecstatic Arts
  • Girl Crafting it
  • Artistic Girls
  • Clever-Hands Co
  • Two Can
  • Toe Ringer
  • Slippery Soaps
  • Bundles of Flair
  • Scatters
Stillvision arts Beauty & Inks
Butter Me Up Energize Your Flair
Take Part Art Expressions Express
ClassArt My Craft Box
DIY Doctor Lady Painter
Simply Art Sketchy Guys
Raw Knowledge Bright Mate
Needlepoint And More Arts is Clever
XYZ Dream Arts Spy Corp
Unique Treasure Boxes Art Abstract
The Noble Collection Cherub
The Ink Beast Crustacean Creations
Artists Alike Collaborative Corp
Skill-Will Heavenly Handmade
House of Arts Crafting Mom
Clever Craft & Design Grand art studios
Design Explained Park Life
Necessary Arts Craft Adapters
Arts in Motion Fanciful Artwork
Build A Bang Creative Tales
Desire studios Trending and Arty
Sprinkles Painting Pals
Trinity Hands Delight Art Studio
Ink Masters Crispy Graphic
Spectacles studio Aurora Brands
Art & Ink A Part of Art
Dream Makers Metal Edge
Icing Boutique Art 2 You
Aspired Personal Flair Frosted Saddle
White Sand Ember Horizons
Art Lovers Adams Stained Glass
Brainy Bella Crafts Lightsey’s Wooden Toys
Ignorant Genius Seashells Sequins
Waterwise Plants The Art Mart
Creative Egg Designs Couture Crafts
Jan van Eyck Material Magnificence
Upstart Art Artistic Expressions
Crafting Raft Crafter’s Room
Decoration Trio Cade
Form Sculptor Conatser
Madison Shop Dream Edit
Fashions Cut Intertwined Hands
Art Awe Handy Doll
Small Town Let ‘Em Shine
Fun On Paper Punching Designs
Vincent van Gogh Artfibers
Delicacy The Bonds of Art
Toxic Headshot Art Mystery
Smoothing Skins Cooked Cousins
Cornerstone Crafts Moore Sew
Info Layout Angelic Fragrances
Painter’s Veil Beauty Boutique
DesignawArts Crafty Skills
Exotic Craft Illusions Green Crafts
Craft Angels The Modern Art
Crafter’s Cottage Art Pure
The Yard Supplies Creative Concoctions
Old Age Crafts Pinot’s Palette
Handy Crafts Blue Fab Fine Art
Bonke Crafts The Amazing Art
National Arts & Crafts Dreamation Designs
Cute as a Button Crafts Masquerade Makeup
Art Monkey Happy Artists
Beautiful Ears Solid Wall Designs
Pieter Bruegel the Elder Magicstore
Artist Abode Exclusive Benders
Arty Love Blick Art Materials
Motion & Waves Domestic Art Club
Buttons and Bows Art Originals
Emblem You Bench Craft Company
Brand builders Creature All
Retro Painting Class Artbeat Creativity Store & Studio
Designs with Reason Dream Designs
DrawSchwa The Molded Cave
Think & Brand Shinning Gold
Embrace Artistry Outside The Box
Small Art Gallery Sun-Mar Textiles
The Craft Hall Neighborhood Crafts
Color Creations Restart Art
Golden Scissors Adrift in Gifts

Art channel name ideas

For artists, these art channel name ideas will be an inspiration:

  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Hands-On Creativity
  • Hot Glue Gifts
  • Gallery 460
  • Curly Creations
  • Fancy Flair
  • Shefine Art Store
  • Snowflakes Winter Shop
  • Splash Center
  • Splashing Designs
  • Art for Everyone
  • Art Anneal
  • World of Wonder Designs
  • Pearls & Gemstones
  • Art Quality Inc.
  • Desi Craft Fun
  • Find Inspiration
  • Art Bond & Company
  • Adorn Yours
  • Riverside studios
  • Crown Royal Prints
  • Dedicated Diy
  • Mood Designer Fabrics
  • Perfect Printables
  • JOANN Fabrics and Crafts
  • artville
  • Print Art
  • Campus Art League
  • Pencil heroes
  • Fairy Fresh
  • Real Art
  • The Crazy Artists
  • Design On A Dime
  • Art Fine
  • The Craft Artist
  • Dreamy Designs
  • Little Piggy Rings
  • King & Queen
  • Art and Soul
  • Claymation Creations
  • Art Flow
  • Bees are Creative
  • Fancy Art
  • Collage Cottage
  • Rose Studio
  • Real and Tangible
  • Lincraft
  • My Art Box
  • Jungle Arts
  • Clever Crafts
  • Ingenious Arts
  • Magic Brush
  • Capstone Ideas
  • Been There Craft
  • Pretty Paints
  • Sunset Candles
  • Crafting Angels
  • Color Me Craft
  • The Craft Brothers
  • Casey Rubber Stamp
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Craft House
  • Foundry Creations
  • Karma Fine Crafts
  • Crafter Capsule
  • Colour valley
  • Little House
  • Birds and Bees Crafts
  • Curly Q’s Creations
  • Professional Artistry
  • Kiddy Krafts
  • Art Pretty
  • Fairy Craft
  • Imaginative magic arts
  • Pencil & Paper Creations
  • Art Advance
  • Beaded Beauty
  • Silk Moon Gallery
  • Charlie Creations

art channel namesCool names for artists

These are the cool artistic names for your YouTube channel:

  • Purple Crow
  • Lady Flair Kecia
  • Shape Vision
  • Fantasy Inspire
  • The Art of Artists
  • Hobby Happiness
  • Golden Box
  • Art Fan
  • Perfect Paintings
  • The Drawing Center
  • Hourglass Press
  • Painting for Purpose
  • Ladybug Fashion
  • Turbo Slayer
  • The Canvas Life
  • Dust the Scenes
  • Crafter’s Hall
  • Spotlight Art
  • Keepsake Gnome
  • Yugo Horse
  • Express Lane Expression
  • Festive Gallery
  • Dreamworld art studio
  • Handmade with Flair
  • Real Sculpture
  • Baroque arts
  • Moraga Art Gallery
  • Bizarre Bazaar
  • Art Banners
  • Joy Box Design
  • Fairytoons
  • Art Start
  • Artistic Band
  • The First Piece
  • The Craft Corner
  • CleverPatch
  • Playhouse
  • Cohort Work
  • Get Creative!
  • Allure Art Center
  • Cosmic Artistry
  • The Magic of Art Studio
  • Social Art Blog
  • Mind artist
  • Creative Buddy
  • Build A Vision
  • Fashion Intellect
  • Heaven Secrets
  • The Chic Fashion
  • Sugar
  • La Mano Pottery
  • Creativity Flair
  • Dare to Flair
The Paper + Craft Pantry Art Machine
Minna Gallery Master Jeweler
The Love Gallery Flipview studios
Main Street Crafts The Art Guild
Harmony in Design Calico Crafts
Splashes and Designs Hobbyist Heaven
Impressing Gallery Mintvalley studios
Creative Venture White House Designers
Brushes & Painters Craved Beautifully
Craft Valley Zuma Design
Get Animated Creator Gifts
Tactical Ideas Creative Draw
Captivating Canvases Collage Years
Art Creations Creativity in Space
Smooth Work Elite Craft Inc
Killer Crafts Make Unique
Let’s Get Craftin’ Save-A-Thon Stores
Hobby Hub Esther’s Linen
Functional Footwear Crisp Travel
Kashmir Fine Arts & Crafts Impact of Beauty
Mind Form Classful Artwork
The Truth Designs Eccentric Arts
Impact Input Yellow Crafter’s
Boston CraftWorks, LLC Rice Art Gallery
Painting Pros Cabana Crafting
Minutes Crafts Go Bellish Art Store
Kitchen Chef Craft Warehouse
Art Expo Creative Crew
Blossom Susy Q’s Crochet
Craft Online Butterfly
Brilliant images gallery Good Art Company
The Art Connector La Maison d’Art
Look Like Artist Olde Art Store
Makeup and Lotion Charm of Delight
Be Part of Art Jewelry Elf
Jewelry Exchange Ring Craft Design
The Craft Emporium Craft Makers
Ideas Decorator Stylize Unique
Top of the Charts Arts Lady Liza
Crystal International Enterprises Tiny Abstract
Rembrandt Build a Hive
Pure Dreams Brand Alliance
Portrait Perfection Art Beauty
Classex Novelty Game Day Designs
Northvibe Art & Ink Get Glued
Grey Impress Whole Art Company
Claude Monet A Life on Canvas
Petite Boutique Tienda NY
Inspire Studios ArtWorks
Studio Sculpture Ink Attack
Cass Art Spring Crown
Coup Drew Pencilmaniacs
Left-brain Creations Art People
Quality Creations Smoking Glue Gun
Moxie Crafts Creative Streak
Paula’s Tie Dye Catchy Creations
Art Decadence Colorful Creators
Puriview studios Aptitude Icon
City Spruce Novelty Soul Gems
Five Senses Art Macramee Crafts
Krissy’s Art House You Better
Shinning Stones Arts and Yarn
Art with Genius Wendy Bell Framing
Hobby House Victorious Visions
Honeycomb The Ocean Vibes
Art Ambush Cent Art
Magic Ink Dare To Diy
The Art of Amour The Craft Kids
Loving Little Pencil & Paper
Fenni’s Jewelry Hot Art
Creative Colors Unique Infusion
Live Arts A To C Creative
Boom Vibrations Fuzzy Wooziest Crafts
ArtOutDoctor Top of the Stairs
Stylish Art Brice Craft Studio
Trempee FineArt Ancient Techniques
The Art Cart Yellow Town
Silver Crafter Adorn Store
Cornerstone Designers New Age Crafting
Living Art Angel Girl
Crafting Corner Critter Crafts
Women Skill White Jasmine Arts
Clip n’ Snip High Sky
Pen & Paper Creations Inspire For Hire
Arts for Beast Vision Victory
ProArt 360 Creativity
Modern Artwork Clever Craftworks
Grace Shower Little Rosebud
Picky Imprints Moniker Mementos
Minna Glora Out of the Box Crafts

Art Name Ideas

The following are the creative art names, ideas, and suggestions:

  • The Craft People
  • Art Acquisitions
  • Craft Coach
  • Urban Art
  • Delightfully Crafty
  • Smart Crafts
  • Mint Monikers
  • Limitless Designs
  • Dreams Explained
  • Glory Bee Design
  • Craft Bearing Company, Inc.
  • Lace & Trace
  • Creative Crissy
  • Artistry Basics
  • Smart Art
  • More Inks & Arts
  • Fun & Crafts Mixed
  • Lion Ribbon Co
  • Stunning Studio
  • Personal Picks
  • Hot Hands
  • Art Love
  • Dusty Modern
  • Perfect Pin
  • Brain & Hands
  • Viberant Dash
  • Purple Cow
  • Culture Fix
  • Boundless Ideas
  • QualArt
  • 5th dimension concept
  • Silverworks
  • Art Channel
  • Admiratio productions
  • The Creative Pod
  • Limitless Designs Art Studio
  • Fancy Pens
  • Supra Crafts LLC
  • Unique Art
  • Knitted Ideas
  • Lovely Lady Crafts
  • Green Father Station
  • Drawing Outing
  • Art Every Minute
  • Capture the Art
  • Callidus arts
  • Perfect Paints
  • Art Inspiration
  • Cotton Bunny Funny
  • Transpicuous
  • Glitter Goddess
  • Soho Art Materials
  • Artsy Fartsy
  • Suit and Artist
  • Smart Studio
  • Stimulating Sculptures
  • Mama’s Art Club
  • Le’ Keepsakes
  • Pioneer Masterpiece
  • Cossora Art & Ink
  • Pens for a Cause
  • Bugs & Mugs
  • Urban Smith
  • Mulberry paper flowers
  • The Creative Crafter
  • Imagination Station
  • Canvas Creations
  • Applied Arts
  • Five Creates
  • Inner Interpretation
  • US Craft Company
  • Slanchogled Arts & Crafts
  • Head2ToeFashionista
  • Better Eyes
  • Snowflake
  • Vibrant Pictures
  • Orchid Art Gallery
  • Knit-n-Purl
  • Express Expressions
  • Eccentric Designs Inc
  • Arty Trails
  • Dream Originate
  • Bling Me More
  • Canvas Art Store
  • Art Machines
  • Liable Club
  • Craftin’ it
  • Rave Creative
  • Lemon Flair
  • Crafters Inc
  • In Good Hands
  • Studio Magic
  • Bold Touch
  • United Crafts
  • From the Art
  • Capital Creative
  • The Fabricators
  • Dyed in Heaven Crafts
  • Finest Art Around
  • Crafting Girl
  • Delight Paintings
  • African Paradise
  • Armoured Artists
  • Cool Boys Art School
  • Madrone Art Bar
  • Ellie’s At
  • SmartGeek
  • Focus Art
  • Arts & Acts
  • Creatively Customizable
  • Queen Emerald
  • Do Your Part
  • Needle Pointer
  • Creativity Coalition
  • Color Secrets
  • Informal Skill Co
  • Creative tongue
  • The Craft Box
  • Framemonkey
  • FrameMakers
  • Golden Gate
  • Care to Flair
  • Smart Moves
  • Handle with Flair
  • Art Ark
  • Art Mass
  • Cinnamon
  • Crazy Artsy
  • Nifty Thrifty Crafts
  • Smoking Caterpillar
  • Trim Your Dreams
  • Fame Monkey
  • Crafty Clever
  • Improvised Beast
  • Pioneer Think
  • Color Moon studios
  • Blatherskite
  • Do Creativity

How to Name an Artistic YouTube Channel

1.   Get creative

If you have an artsy channel it means you have a creative mind and for naming your channel you just need that creativity. Get creative while naming your artsy channel so by reading the name people should eventually understand that they are going to watch some creative stuff on your channel.

Use different techniques to come up with a creative art name. You can use alliterations, rhythms, puns, or compounding(mixing two words to create a new one). All these techniques will help you make unique and remarkable names.  You can name your artsy channel as:

  • Inspirations and Aspirations
  • Breathing studios
  • Magic studios
  • Superb studios
  • Breathing sculptures
  • Art unlimited
  • Pro paint
  • Painting for the future

2.   Use your tools names

To give your channel name a more artistic touch use your art tools. It means use the name of the tools that you use in your artistic work in your channel’s name. It’ll give your channel a more realistic and artistic touch.

First, brainstorm the keywords that best define your work. For example, if you work on canvas you can use keywords like colors, brush, paint, or canvas. And if you work with sculptures then you can use keywords like sculptures, carving, or expressions.

And if your channel is all about sketching then you can use keywords like paper, pencil, or sketch. So basically you need to make your channel name relevant to your work. And this technique will help you make a very unique name for your artsy channel.

Here are examples of art channel names in which tool’s names have been used:

  • Captivating canvases
  • Brilliant brushes
  • Canvas creations
  • Creative colors
  • Colors creation
  • Sketch guys
  • Pencil and paper
  • Perfect paints
  • Portrait frames

3.   Use the word “Art”

By using the word Art in your artsy channel’s name you can create the most relevant name for your channel. Whatever you do in your channel from sketching to painting all comes under one category that is art.

Using this word Art in your channel name will broaden the criteria of your channel services. It won’t limit you to just one type of art, you can upload content about whichever art you want to do.

However, if your channel is about one specific sort of art then avoid using this technique for your channel’s name. As the name should well define your services, it should be relevant to your work.

If you are good at sketching and only want to upload content about sketching then using specific keywords like sketch will be better. It’ll help people better understand what sort of art they are going to watch on your channel.

But if your channel doesn’t revolve around just one specific kind then go for this technique. Here are art channel name ideas with the word ‘Art’ in them:

  • The Art cart
  • Arts for all
  • Top of the art
  • Art of Artists
  • Art advance
  • Art start
  • Focus art
  • Art abstract
  • Real art

4.   Connect through emotions

Art is deeply connected to the Artist’s emotions. Usually, artists try to reflect their feelings through their artwork. There are a lot of popular artworks in the world with extremely emotional stories as their background. Even though psychiatrists recommend their patients to do some art as catharsis. It relaxes the mind and gives inner peace. You can use the same trick with your audience.

Give your channel a very emotional sort of name that’ll evoke a certain emotion in peoples’ minds or make them remember an emotional story. This will make your audience feel connected to your channel.

They would love your work and come again and again to watch your artwork. You can use words that’ll connect with your audience’s emotions and combine them with keywords that define your work. Here are some examples:

  • Five senses Art
  • Life on Canvas
  • Sketching with heart
  • Painting with passion
  • Living Art
  • Inspire studios
  • Painful painting
  • Free mind sculpturing
  • Artistic expressions
  • Living with brushes
  • Coloring the life
  • Painting the hearts

5.   Use short, easy, and catchy name

Don’t forget that the name of your channel is for your audience. And people would only come back to your channel if they would remember your channel’s name.

However, people can’t remember long and difficult names which means they might not come back for your content. Therefore, it is very important to create names that are easy to remember.

The first step here is to create short names. Long names are difficult to remember. If you can’t think of a long name then make a word-combination of the long name that you have decided.

When you have finally decided on a name ask your friends or family members to pronounce and spell the name. It’ll help you check that the name will be easy for your audience or not.

But don’t forget that the name should be easy but not common. Only a unique name will help you stand out among your competitors. Focus on creating an easy unique name that’ll attract the audience’s attention. Here are some examples of short arsty channel names:

  • Ancient gallery
  • Anybody can art
  • Artfibers
  • Artville
  • Art paradise
  • Clay and paper
  • Classful Artwork
  • Creative Crayons
  • Hand skill
  • Happy Arts

6.   Use funny names

You can leave the serious names for businesses and all the other kinds of channels. For your artsy channel find a funny name. Art is for relaxation, people watch artistic content to feel relaxed and free.

]Using some funny words in your channel’s name will give a funny and calm vibe to your channel. It’ll help you create a unique and remarkable name for your artsy channel as people can easily remember funny names.

You can use any funny word and combine that with the keywords related to your channel.

However, don’t go for too cheesy or weird names. Even after using a funny word in your channel’s name it should give an artistic and sophisticated vibe. Here are some examples of how you can use funny names for your channel without making it sound cheesy or weird:

  • Crazy Artsy
  • Hanging Arts
  • Monkey frames
  • XYZ dreamy Arts
  • Art is clever
  • Boost comics
  • Chic slick
  • Crafty clever


After starting your channel the only thing that is holding you back is naming. Naming is a long and hectic process, it requires your time and efforts but it is all worth it.

As the name has a great impact on the success of your channel naming your channel right will bring a lot of success to your channel.

By following the tips and using the techniques mentioned above you’ll come up with the best name for your artsy channel.

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