130+ Catchy Names For Your Architectural Business

Rightly naming an architectural service business means getting the success you desire. Great business names communicate well with business clients. The company that is in its early phase requires a lot of attention while naming it in the right direction. After all, it has to draw people’s attention and attraction.

Architecture business requires potential customers that help in expanding it. The booming business requires strategies and tips, among which rightly naming an architectural service business stands out.

Architectural Service Business Names

Check out these names ideas for your architectural service business:

  • Strong Foundations
  • Better Building
  • Structure Services
  • Confident Construct
  • Architect Association
  • Architect Alliance
  • Ground Up Solutions
  • Best Builders
  • Better Builders
  • Build it Better
  • Building Brothers
  • Successful Structures
  • Structure Success
  • Construction Instruction
  • Structure Services
  • Founding Framework
  • Careful Construction
  • Construction Designs
  • Forming Foundations
  • Foundations Found
  • Foundation Founders
  • Bring Your A Game
  • Strong Support
  • Creative Columns
  • Windows and Walls
  • Fabulous Floor Designs
  • Strong Architecture
  • Smart Architects
  • Beautiful Architecture
  • Able Architects
  • Beautiful Buildings
  • Beautiful Blueprints
  • Blueprint Designs
  • Basic Blueprints
  • Better Blueprints
  • Stylistic Symmetry
  • Arches Architecture
  • Classical Architects
  • Composite Designs
  • Amazing Architecture
  • Architectural Perfection
  • Decorative Details
  • Architect Ranch
  • Under the Roof
  • Basements to Attics
  • ABC Architecture
  • Applied Architecture
  • Picturesque Pillars
  • Wonderful Walls
  • Perfect Porticos
  • Sensible Structures
  • Stately Structures
  • Allied Architecture
  • Fine Form Architecture
  • Best Architectural Services
  • Whimsical Designs
  • Serious Structures
  • Visionary Architecture
  • Skillful Structures
  • Inspiring Architects
  • Building Blocks
  • Building Bottom Up
  • Bottom Up Building
  • Antique Architecture
  • Artistic Architecture
  • Archaic Architecture
  • The Building Boys
  • Building Beach
  • Architecture City
  • Architecture Atlantis
  • The Building Experts
  • Structure Station
  • Blueprint Beach
  • Blueprint Dreams
  • Blueprint Building
  • Blueprints to Life
  • Blueprint Basics
  • Back to Basics
  • Bringing Back Basics
  • Building Basics
  • Build the Basics
  • Beautiful Blueprints
  • Beautiful Buildings
  • Better Building
  • Better Blueprints
  • Best Blueprints
  • Blueprints to Life
  • Radcliffe architecture
  • Megasleek architecture
  • Keller architecture
  • Practicom architecture
  • Welleck architecture
Architectural Service Business Names

Tips for naming an architectural service business

There are several tips and techniques to be followed to get the desired and catchy business name. Some firms prefer the use of symbols, trendy phrases, etc. In comparison, others focus on complex names.

In the scope of exploring and finding the best suitable name, we’ll help you in getting the most catchy and unique name for your business that will make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s begin with the tips for naming an architectural service business that will pave your ways to success:

1.     Begin with brainstorming

There are so many ways you can brainstorm your business name for your architecture company. Following are some techniques from which you can get the best brand name for your services.

  • Make a list of specific keywords for naming your architecture services
  • Visualize the type of business you want to create and everything which comes along with the architecture firm’s business to bringing light to your business idea
  • Think of those adjectives and types of products/services which you are going to offer
  • Do experiment with your brainstorming and branding techniques

2.     Use your name

Founder or owner name is a very common practice for choosing a name for architectural business services. As the last name of the founder may carry a certain amount of notoriety in the architectural society.

This tip will help your company to grow faster. It could only be done when your name carries emotional weight in your niche.

3.      The modern catchy names

If you are not going for traditional business names, you should think of a catchy name. Most architecture firm names sound formal. Formal names are not an inspiration, as most firms do not give a sense of what the firm specifically does.

By a catchy name, you can easily convey the message or specific area of design. If you are not willing to have a fun, catchy name, you should choose your city name or mix up two different names and have your own unique and catchy name.

4.     Considering the architecture type

As architecture is a broad topic, it covers a wide range of styles and designs. Some types of architectural styles include Islamic baroque, Tudor, Bauhaus, Neo-classical, and modernist.

If you are specialized in any of these types, then you should think of giving a hint of it in your firm’s name.

So in that way, those looking for any of these styles will hire you for your expertise. But if you are going to deal in more than one style, so avoid mentioning only a single name for your architectural services because this will lose your clients.

5.     Naming on your location

The name of your city is one of the great ways to name your business services. You can name your architecture services on the name of your location/place. It will help you to know the people that you are open for business.

You can also think about the nicknames that your city or state is well known for. This will attract customers by using these types of slogans.

6.     Keep it simple and short

Don’t name your services with those words which are difficult to pronounce. Because the clients avoid those names, keep it short, simple, and unique.

Some names which are adopted from different cultures for the sake of attention or uniqueness may result in difficulty to pronounce for native speakers. It is likely to be spell wrong when typed in the search bar.

This confusion will affect the growth of your startup. Go for simple and easy names that are easily discussed in small talks and can be easily pronounced. By choosing a simple and short name, you will build an authentic brand identity in the architecture business.

7.     Connecting through emotions

Psychology plays a crucial role in connecting people to people and then to your business, which later on becomes your loyal customers who feel connected to you.

That is why words that evoke certain emotions are preferable for naming a brand.

Reminders of personal experiences and travel memories etc., are considered good for naming and branding. This tip will attract customers.

For example, names like delightful architectures, mountain facades, rousing architects group, etc., connect through the emotions of clients.

8.     Determination of goals for a business idea

What do you want people to perceive your business services?

So, the name for your architecture services should be small, catchy, memorable, and relatable to customers, and set clear expectations about your work and products or services you are offering.

You must be aware of your desired target market. How you will appeal to your clients, and what will be the specific emotions you want your brand name to evoke.

9.     Check the availability of name

While you picked a name for your services after brainstorming, it is useless if someone has already picked that name and registered it as a trademark. So don’t finalize the name until you check its availability.

You can check the name availability by simply doing google, that if any company is already registered with this name or not.

10.  Check its availability as a domain

The name must be available as a domain. This is a must because of putting your architecture services online. When you want to design a web page for your firm in giving information regarding your services to clients, the domain name is inevitable as your web address.

There should be no mismatch in company name and domain to avoid further confusion to your potential customers, who search your business online. Ensuring the availability of domain is the most important step.

11.  Testing it all across the platforms

When you are naming your business, you should think about all the things, as if your architecture business services name is too long, it will not fit on a small place on your business card.

So, while finalizing your decision regarding naming your services, you must test all platforms such as logos, websites, posters, brochures, billboards, etc. You can simply draw sketches to check how the name looks like.

As sometimes, the brand name’s visual appeal also matters in making an impression on the target audience.

12.  Get feedback

If you have finalized a name four services do not recommend it, you must go for the second opinion from some experts and in your friend’s circle and ask for some suggestions from them.

These suggestions may look basic, but they play an important role in naming your brand.

One more thing to remember is that naming a brand is not so much easy that you will complete this process in only one sitting. It may take more time, and the process goes on by canceling many names.

So have patience while opting for a name for your architecture services. But do not settle for any name that you have to change after some months.

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