App Name Ideas: 960+ Catchy and Creative App Names

There are dozens of apps that are here to serve many consumers in the fields of entertainment and facilitation. Ever since technology was introduced, different applications and App have been playing their parts to enhance and upgrade our lifestyle to a bigger level.

In today’s era, apps have made it possible for us to rely on technology in each and every field. You want to go out, but don’t have conveyance? Use Uber! You are a socialist bearing interest in contemporary situations? Go for using Twitter!

These are brands with great services. Their apps names are inspiring. It’s important that you enlist some great app name ideas and finally choose one from them.

Now, if we take a look at our daily routine, we will get to know that our lives are led by multiple apps with different features that make everything easy and enjoyable.

If you plan to develop an app, you need to take into consideration, that how important it is for you to name your app. If you notice all the apps which are globally used, then you will get to know that all these apps are named in an attractive and unique way.

Apps like Google (meaningless but attractive), Tinder (indicates a spark between relationships), Instagram (a combination of two words; instant and telegram), and many other apps are named in a distinct manner.

App name ideas

These are the creative and cool app name ideas:

  • Launchpad Web Developers
  • Bypass Space
  • Turbo Dynamics
  • Static Startup
  • Interstellar App
  • Element Web Development
  • Ringer App
  • Light Wave Empire
  • Trigger Mindscape
  • Spiral Forge
  • Outsource Magnets
  • Debug Entity
  • Symbolic Share Demons
  • CAMA Chronicles
  • Java Dalia
  • Fragile Technologies
  • Explode Legacy
  • 7th Tower App
  • Object Grind
  • Bot Interpreters
  • App Monsters
  • Kernel Ponies
  • Hoard Warriors
  • App Chasers
  • App Giant
  • Mind Optimizers
  • Identity Imbalance
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • Lava Matter
  • Peephole Slayers
  • Binary Beasts
  • Astray Applications
  • Skyline Web Solutions
  • Sage Solutions
  • Lint Whoppers
  • Boolean Autocrats
  • Bytecode Velocity
  • Robust Routine
  • Sinister Rewind
  • Lan Blast
  • Port Manifest
  • Algorithm Unlock
  • Mortar App
  • Acrobat Aztecs
  • Retrieval Sages
  • Adobe Priests
  • Revelation Applications
  • Genesis Systems
  • Sweep Collider
  • Cybill Technologies
  • Indie Profilers
  • Epic Virtual Boost
  • Hack Inversion
  • Oath Tentacles
  • Memory Inject Lamas
  • FrontPage Freebirds
  • Integrated Mind Herd
  • Celestial Interface
  • Zip Demons
  • Emulation Nerds

App names list

This is the comprehensive list of app names to inspire your ideas:

I pearl technologies Mextech
Florida tech Vibez
Ciesto technology Universal stream solution
Genusfit Level max soft
The code icons Endive app
Cube pearl technologies Liberto app
Makemusic Massdata delevopment
Creta byte technologies Syberry corporation
Mivi technologies Grand hands
Matrix build Code that speaks
Marsoft works Mojo tech
Safe seal technology Ruddyrex
Bookix technologies Eva web solutions
Imperial technology Developers thrill
Code creatives Tumoho technologies
Toegoguard Urbalneel app
Thoughtworks Coders computer
Tritech technologies Absolute ideas
Ringer the cool Mountain peak
Developers carrier Code red technology
Autopilot app Aurora apps
Mad mobile develment Insource it
App co & technologies Perceptive app
Hotwired web applications Just soft
Destiny technology The tower ideas
Hashtag web consultants Cyber infrastructure
Echo press applications Autodesk
Infotech app Orbinox
Ivorx app Nerdware technologies
Blue light interfaces Productive edge
Xtreem solution Bnl programmers
Superelite Mettleleaf

App name generator

These app names are handpicked from name generators:

  • Makemore
  • Skinner amadeus
  • Interstellar ideas
  • Parallax programmers
  • Novaly app
  • Maxed out
  • Heston way
  • Uptree
  • Galaxy technologies
  • Golden motor
  • Nebula web co
  • Cubex app
  • Fiscal analytics
  • Cruzing
  • Tri-tech international
  • Quantum comp solutions
  • Earth sound
  • Redhead app solution
  • Neueffex app
  • Lifepeak
  • Orbilon technology
  • Dynamo tech
  • Identic code
  • Qbaam technologies
  • Dev that speaks
  • Ironclad tech developers
  • Motion media llc
  • Duorriss app
  • Vintage technologies

Check out these pages to get more app name ideas:

Names for apps

These are the great names for app to use:

  • Touch hood technologies
  • Seer technologies
  • Intouch app
  • Exodus app &
  • Omatom tech
  • Lawson app
  • Iron clad codes
  • Inflex mobile
  • Pure
  • Radient spark
  • Comfortcourt
  • Grey hood technologies
  • Human concepts
  • Radiance app
  • Techmobile app
  • Creative codes
  • Autoapp developers
  • Your code artistic
  • Obliq app
  • Omnisoft technologies
  • Intective
  • Beta source app
  • High voltage app
  • Addon solutions
  • Cloudmind technology
  • Movements mobile app
  • Prostyle app
  • Nex tec group
  • Intellectsoft
  • Godfather analytics
  • Sim sam techies
  • Craftilo
  • Aardvark apps
  • Backspace technologies
  • Highlander tech
  • Suprix app
  • Global shop solutions
  • Int+ crew
  • Northquest app

Catchy app names

Here is the list of catchy app names for you:

  • Crytonix global solutions
  • Sublime analytics
  • Eden technology
  • Keensoft
  • Green dev line
  • Northern tech
  • App tring
  • Praying mantis marketing
  • Technoindia app
  • Hidden brains infotech
  • Softright
  • Sportle app
  • Titan techies
  • Nonapearl
  • Dytella app
  • Prestige solutions
  • Sigma works inc
  • Softiusprime
  • Green stream app
  • Quest app
  • All native designs
  • Astray traders and technologies
  • Green apple technologies
  • Alter technologies
  • Aeronbyte
  • Coders evoke
  • Guidance app
  • Winfeet app
  • Praying mantis app

Creative app names

The following are the creative app names to get inspiration from:

  • Farley technology
  • Golden analytical app
  • Iron clad app
  • The rest soft inc
  • Victory technologies
  • Tigerjones
  • Grow awe plus
  • High voltage ideas
  • Marine techies
  • Crazy web technologies
  • Derben craft
  • Teamcozy
  • Onex technologies
  • Intuit
  • Mentor graphics
  • Nextgen technologies
  • Quick jazz technologies
  • Repelizmo
  • Dev minimal
  • Abilogic
  • Omega mobile co
  • Byte this app
  • Quest webster’s
  • Tempworks app
  • Redone app
  • Austenn app
  • Golden analytics
  • Daryl technologies

Best app names

These are the best app names, ideas and suggestions:

  • Integrated web solutions
  • Mortar tech solutions
  • Wix pray developers
  • The code giant
  • Falcon adv solutions
  • Technidata analytics
  • Red light solutions
  • Fragile techologies
  • Ring of fire app
  • Master crew
  • Big machines,
  • Pervasive app
  • Burnt slash app developers
  • Starpoint
  • Orbixtar
  • Golden key
  • Verve innovations
  • Codex my project
  • Jocksog app
  • Spysock app
  • Indigo tech
  • Mobojoy
  • Encode
  • Sporiva app
  • Opensoft works
  • Mexi next
  • Bluebox suites
  • Rodexxo
  • Nova web designers
  • Source code app
  • Stylesport app
  • Mellena app
  • Nerdware

App names available

These are the available app names ideas you can use:

  • Embree
  • Ignite technology
  • Commutify
  • Stepstrong
  • Cryptware international
  • Cryptical app
  • Techno byte technologies
  • Code red app developers
  • Mortar code
  • Quest web developers
  • Solefeet app
  • Neptune encoders
  • Bluestyle
  • Yellowwood
  • Nautics technology
  • Giddy up applications
  • Orbalix worlds
  • Tophat app
  • Duratex app
  • Pixels developers
  • Cryptical tech developers
  • Mojowear
  • Ring of fire
  • Rapidtech
  • Debut infotech
  • Cool source code
  • Suitify
  • Twin apps
  • Harvester
  • Mindlinks softs
  • Alien 51 apps
  • Riversand technologies
  • The soft crafts

Travel app name ideas

These are the travel app name ideas:

  • Global app
  • Ellipse technology
  • Quantum parallax
  • Labelwendy
  • Smartsmyth
  • Technoloader
  • Alien firebird app developers
  • Spiritstride
  • Omega app
  • Sphinx solutions
  • Labelwind app
  • Bridger data solutions
  • Elitechamp
  • Titan tech developers
  • Trend micro
  • Delicate app technologies
  • Horizon pc professionals
  • Pixelship
  • Intelli esafe
  • Woolforce
  • House haute developers
  • Pixels technical solutions
  • Tangerine globals
  • Cryptical coders
  • Orion solutions
  • Motion way
  • Infoweb app
  • Master blaster
  • Compass app solutions
  • Program painter
  • Billionaire apps
  • Managemint data co
  • Herbert high
  • North vertical
  • Abbio technologies
  • Genesis app developer
  • Orion tech pvt ltd.
  • Maxed mobile apps
  • Beta sources
  • Brownframe
  • Square space technologies
  • Top hatrix
  • Vital technologies
  • Hopper technologies

App company names

Some of the great app company name ideas are:

  • True star
  • Jordenn app
  • The obliq
  • Hexabird app
  • One network enterprises
  • Codes in summer
  • Macro mobile app developer
  • Nutural dot
  • Innovative play
  • Digidom technologies
  • Rentilo
  • Fieldglass
  • Expressway ecommerce ltd
  • Madstick app
  • Pix programmers
  • Cards crafty
  • Cubic view technology
  • Collona app
  • Swift prosys
  • Wind river systems
  • App launchpad developers
  • Intelliware
  • Asphalt technologies
  • Aspire app consultancy
  • Twin apps app
  • Radiance vantage
  • Softomatic
  • Green stream
  • B plus data
  • Riviera global technologies
  • Encoders unlimited
  • Spice technologies
  • Aecna app
  • Solid app solutions
  • Digiavil technologies
  • Tritech international
  • Embossa
  • Majormind app
  • Launchpad web

Cool app names

Below are the cool app names:

  • Skinner app
  • Source arrowhead apps
  • Orange sky apps
  • Octane tech
  • Skyline asterix solutions
  • Edyssa
  • Hashtag consultants
  • Quest global technologies
  • Powersoft
  • Compass & computer
  • 7th tower technologies
  • Falcon high tech
  • Mayerflip app
  • Haute house data
  • Empire technology
  • Vantage point app service
  • Techmetix – web design
  • Bridger global technologies
  • Breathe in
  • Hot wired web applications
  • Omega mobile
  • Mission analytical global app
  • Meresta
  • Softwright
  • Japan technologies
  • Enesta app
  • Xestik app
  • Zealous system
  • Umbrella ignite
  • Threegreat
  • Plutoray
  • Orion infosolutions

cool app name ideas

Steps to come up with an attractive name for an app

Below are the steps which may help you in figuring out how to name an app:

1.     Discover the features that you offer

This is the first and most important phase of naming an app. When an application is developed, it bears some specialties in the form of features that make it different from other apps.

Being the owner of an app, you should know about all the functions of your app. So, before getting to the part of naming your app, you should thoroughly examine your app. This will help you in pinpointing the prime features which you can highlight in the app’s name.

2.     Assess your competitors

Depending on the type of niche your app bears, you should look for the other apps. It will help you figure out what is the main thing which needs to be highlighted, in order to get consumers and prospects. Therefore, assessing your competitors is a must to evaluate your targets!

3.     Compile strong and impactful terms

During the creation of the name for your app, the words that you opt for should be strong and impactful. They should leave the viewers impressed. That leads to the building up of curiosity which further directs the user to download the app. So, don’t forget to leave an impact!

4.     Know about your audience

Naming an app’s name requires you to be aware of the knowledge level of your audience as well. You need to know what the audience is into, so you can come up with a name that is trendy. You won’t want to come up with a boring name that doesn’t attract the consumers.

5.     Use relevant terms

While you are naming your app, you should make sure that the words you are using to name your app are relevant to the services that you plan to provide your customers with.

Most of the time, people search for that specific word that is related to their needs. For instance, if they want the service of transportation, it is more likely to happen, that they will search for words related to “car”, “ride”, or “conveyance”. So, the name of your app should be relevant to the niche.

6.     No confusing terms

While you are naming your app, it is important to note, that terms which are complex or complicated, can distract the consumers away. While suffering through Internet, nobody pays attention to words that are difficult to understand.

Come up with such a name that should be understood by the viewers in a second! It should be clicked in the consumer’s mind right away so that he/she can figure out whether he/she is in the need of your app or not.

7.     Make it short, but interesting

The name of your app should be short as short names are easy to remember. While you are thinking of a short name for your app, do bear in mind, that the name should be meaningful and descriptive. This way, people will be attracted to it easily without having to put effort.

8.     Focus of App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of adding common keywords that are used by most of the audience. These keywords should fit the niche of your app.

If you want more downloads of your app, you are required to keep it accessible for the audience that you plan to target. As most of the downloads take place from the search bar, you need to focus on App Store Optimization.

Being the owner of an app, you are required to think from the perspective of the audience. For Google Play, you will have fifty characters to make your app’s name whereas, for Apple, you will have thirty characters.

Therefore, you don’t want to leave accessibility to chances. You are needed to ensure whether your app is approachable or not. For this purpose, come up with such a name for your app that has the maximum number of relevant keywords.

9.     Check for its availability

After you have come up with a name that suits the features of your app perfectly, you are required to check for the availability of the specific name that you opt for.

In order to avoid any sort of disturbance in the future, you should check it from the search bar of the app store by typing the specific name. Before the application of all the legal work, you should know whether the name that you selected is taken or not.

If the name is not taken, you can have a right on it by reserving it which is only possible by getting through legalities. This way, nobody will be able to copy your app’s name once your app is divulged.

10.  Get a matching domain

For spreading awareness among consumers and prospects, you need a website that advertises your app. In order to be easily approachable by the audience, you should get a domain that matches the name of your app.

Getting a matching domain can prove to be very beneficial for you as this way, you will be conveniently sharing your app throughout the world. For advertising purposes, having a platform like a website can give a variety of perks!

11.  Get a decent logo

Like all the other apps, your app needs a logo to catch attention as well. After coming up with a suitable name for your app, you should get a captivating logo designed which makes your app’s name popped out.

You can be inspired by leading apps like Twitter. For instance, the name of the social media app Twitter means a bird giving light and subtle calls. Keeping the name of the app in mind, the logo of Twitter depicts the same notion.

The same case goes for Facebook, as its logo has the letter “f” which stands for Facebook itself. With Instagram, it’s a camera as Instagram means “instant camera”. Keeping all these ideas in mind, you should get such a logo designed which reflects the idea of your app’s name.

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